"Got Concrete" Fails to Complete Contracted Work

July 14, 2014

Consumers Beware: “Got Concrete”
Fails to Complete Contracted Work

Company owner served prison time for fraud

(July 14, 2014- Nashville, Tennessee) – BBB warns consumers of the business practices of Got Concrete, owned and operated by Michael Lewis Leffingwell, located at 5800 Hearthstone Ln, Brentwood, Tennessee, phone: 615-603-8708.

BBB has received 2 serious pending customer complaints that allege this business has received over $6700 in payment for services that have not been completed. Both consumers attempted to contact the business multiple times to complete the contracted labor but have not received the services that have been paid for in advance.

One consumer advised, “the only work completed are the holes in the ground” and another consumer advised,” he cancelled twice stating rain, I have not had the rain he is sighting”.

In April 2007, the United States Attorney for the Western District of Missouri announced that Michael L. Leffingwell was sentenced to three years in federal prison without parole and was ordered to pay $249,900 in restitution.

According to the news release, Mr. Leffingwell approached business owners claiming to have NASCAR credentials and offered to advertise the business's products and sell merchandise displaying the business's name during NASCAR events. Interested businesses paid several thousands of dollars for the promised services; however, Mr. Leffingwell kept the money and never performed the promised service.

If you have had an unsatisfactory experience with Got Concrete or Michael Lewis Leffingwell, please contact Tim Sneed at 615-250-4223 or tsneed@gobbb.org.

To avoid becoming a victim of a contracting scam:

  • Ask for references and contact BBB to check the company’s trustworthiness.
  • Do not pay for the entire job in advance or pay cash to a salesperson or contractor.
  • If you get a quote over the phone, compare it to the contract and resolve any discrepancies prior to signing.
  • Be sure to understand what the contract covers including the exact cost.
  • Be sure to ask if the company performs background checks before letting someone in your home.
  • Make sure that the written contract includes the contractor's full name, address, telephone number and professional license number.
  • Don't sign a completion certificate for the job before it has been inspected and properly completed as agreed to in the contract.
  • The contract should also include the agreed upon starting and completion dates, and the method for debris and material removal once the job is finished.

Start your search for contractors With Trust by visiting BBB’s accredited business directory http://www.bbb.org/nashville/accredited-business-directory



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