Misleading Advertising Products and Services Middle Tennessee Can Do Without - June 2014

June 09, 2014

Your Better Business Bureau has identified the following businesses as offering services and products, which have resulted in numerous complaints alleging misleading ads/offers, unsatisfactory services and misrepresented products.

Each business identified in this BBB Accredited Business Member/Media Update has been contacted by BBB concerning their business practices, unresolved customer complaints, and failure to discontinue the cause of customer complaints.

Katie’s Pools – BBB Rating: F
931.264.8170 (formerly 931.535.3114)
1024 Broadway Ave, New Johnsonville, TN 37134

There are many different ways that swimming pool ownership can improve happiness, health, and family social time, but several customers of Katie’s Pools tell BBB they haven’t had the luxury of enjoying these benefits.   

Complaints on file with BBB allege consumers paid thousands to this company for pool installation and/or pool repairs, but the company failed to complete the job as promised.  One consumer paid the company $16,500.00 to install a pool, but after learning of the all the problems the company was causing, they decided to cancel the contract and seek a refund.  The company, however, refused to refund monies paid, failed to complete work as promised, and has ignored BBB’s attempts to assist with the resolutions of all complaints on file.  This is one pool company that will “drain” your wallet and summertime happiness.

A-1 Exteriors – BBB Rating: F
931.398-5154 – 402S Main Street, Mount Pleasant, TN 38474

Keeping up with the exterior maintenance of a home can be a daunting task, and many consumers rely on the expertise of somebody who is properly trained and licensed to provide such services.  

Nearly a dozen consumers in Columbia Tennessee and surrounding areas thought they could trust A-1 Exteriors to get the job done, but most were left with incomplete work - roof repairs remain unfinished, siding was not hung, gutters remain in despair, and more.  Others report failure of the company to honor warranty work, and some indicate additional damage was caused as a result of poor workmanship. BBB’s investigation also revealed this company is not properly licensed to offer many of the services contracted for.  This is definitely a business Middle Tennessee can do without!

Royal Energy of Tennessee LLC – BBB Rating: F
(800) 619-9080 – 424 Church St., Fifth Third Center, Suite 2000, Nashville, TN 37219

Would you like to make thousands of dollars in monthly revenues from existing oil and gas well leases?   Royal Energy of Tennessee LLC says they “have 40 years of experience and know how” in buying and selling existing mineral rights, mineral leases or working interest in producing oil and gas wells and properties.  By investing in their royalty interest offer, investors can expect over 50% annual ROI with payment to occur within two years.   Sound too good to be true?

BBB’s investigation revealed many troubling issues – the advertised wells have never been in production, the company is not licensed to sell securities, has never been located at 424 Church St, and has failed to substantiate advertised claims.  Red Flags are all over this too good to be true offer!

US Freedom Foundation, LLC – BBB Rating: F
(615) 615.865.0919 – P.O. Box 232, Madison, TN 37115
What would you do if a loved one were thrown behind bars and needed your help?  It’s a difficult situation to be in.  Many consumers would hire a professional to assist with the case, but BBB warns consumers to steer clear of US Freedom Foundation.   

BBB files contain numerous serious complaints alleging consumers paid the company hundreds, and sometimes thousands, in advance for assistance with sentence reductions or other court related services, but the company failed to complete the services as agreed upon.  The Supreme Court of Tennessee issued an order temporarily suspending the law practice license for the attorney who worked with US Freedom Foundation and is currently seeking a petition for discipline against him for "ethical misconduct and violations of rules of professional conduct."

TechNetMicro.com – BBB Rating: F
(888) 242-1602 – 401 Commerce St., Nashville, TN | 9160 Hwy 53, Ste 12, Unit 333, Lakeland, TN | 312 S Fourth St., Louisville, KY 37201

TechNetMicro.com claims to be “a leading software distributor and retailer” offering consumers online access to computer software programs, such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, and Windows 8 downloads.  Their website boasts about providing “customers the guaranteed best prices, the guarantee of providing only legitimate software, along with the industry’s best customer service,” but complaints on file with BBB outline a very different experience.

This company has earned an F rating based on complaints alleging the software products did not work, disks were blank, key codes for activation of the software were incorrect or already redeemed, and difficulty contacting the company for assistance or refunds.  BBB’s research further indicates the company is not located at the advertised address in Nashville, the return address in Lakeland, TN is non-existent, and the address in Louisville, KY is a virtual office.  Looks like this company’s guarantee of legit software and “best” customer service have disappeared along with their customer’s money and promised products.  

Carrying Concealed Weapons Association - BBB Rating: F
(615) 869-8345– PO Box 11543, Murfreesboro, TN 37129

The Right to Bear Arms is one of our constitutional rights that many gun owners take to heart, and with owning a gun comes much responsibility.  Carrying Concealed Weapons Association offers services that could assist with knowing your rights and obligations as a gun owner, such as handgun carry permit seminars and manuals, ID pouches, travel guides, wallets and more, but before jumping too quickly to order that wallet for your gun permit, BBB has a warning for you.
Carrying Concealed Weapons has developed a pattern of complaint alleging failure of the company to deliver products that were paid for in advance. When trying to reach the company to resolve complaints directly, consumers indicate the company was unreachable. Looks like the only thing this company is good at is concealing its customer’s money and products.

Summerstone Nursery, Inc – BBB Rating: F
(931) 668.7991 – PO Box 274, Morrison, TN 37357

BBB has issued numerous warnings regarding the business practices of Summerstone Nursery, owned and operated by Sam and Melinda Womack.  Hundreds of consumers have complained they paid for live trees and plants; however, all they received were dry, dead sticks.  The Womacks also operate USA Seed Store (931.815.7333 – www.USASeedStore.com) that also maintains an F rating due to similar complaint issues.

TRX Software Development Inc – BBB Rating: F
(855) 880.1040 – 906 Dashiel Street Murfreesboro, TN 37129

TRX Software Development continues to be a tax preparer’s nightmare.  BBB warned tax preparation consultants in early 2013 of this company’s faulty tax preparation software; however, BBB’s complaint file has grown to over 225 complaints since then.   

BBB has recently learned that the company is selling the same tax software under the name “Over the Top Technologies,” which is also the subject of similar complaints.

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