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Local Company Name Hijacked in Email Scam
June 19, 2014

[June 19, 2014– Nashville, TN] BBB warns consumers of malicious e-mails that appear to come from Community Health Systems located in Franklin, TN.  BBBs from Hawaii to Canada have received numerous calls from recipients of these emails concerned about its contents.

These e-mails claim to be confidential and legally privileged and entice consumers to click on a link to read a message. The spammer’s goal is to get as many e-mail recipients as possible to click on a link in the email which redirects them to a website affected with malware.  If you clicked on the link, your computer is more than likely affected.

BBB has come across two variations of the emails.  The first is a welcome email indicating the recipient has been assigned a secure mail account that includes a clickable link to “Activate your personal account.”  The second email says, “You have a Secure Message from” and includes a clickable link to read the message.   To build confidence and remove doubt, the scammer has spoofed a Community Health Systems employee’s e-mail address, and they displaying the company’s name and logo.

BBB contacted Community Health Systems who indicated these emails were not sent by their organization and that they are investigating the matter.

Because these messages are fraudulent, BBB advises recipients of these emails to take the following precautions:

  • Do not click on any links or reply to the emails,
  • Completely delete these messages from your inbox, and
  • Run a full virus scan on your computer if you clicked any links.

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