You Better Watch Out for Holiday Scams

December 20, 2012

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BBB has a few reminders for you while they shop during the last few days before Christmas

Remember criminals and scammers don't take a holiday they work extra hard during the holidays to get our money.
(1)   Pay with a credit card, instead of a bank debit card: If it’s a scam you’ll have record of it and are more likely to get your money back by disputing the charges if you don’t receive the item or dispute false charges made to your account. No other form of payment offers this protection.
Never ever let your debit card out of your sight, which is a common occurrence when dining at a restaurant and paying with a debit card. BBB is receiving numerous reports from consumers who say that within hours of eating at local restaurants fraudulent charges were placed on their debit cards.  Don’t forget, these fraudulent charges take money out of your checking account instantly.

This fraud is committed by restaurant service staff, often hired only for the holiday season, who record customers debit card & security code # on back of the card and sell the card numbers to international crime rings in China.
The FBI says consider scratching off the security code # from the back of the card and memorizing the # or storing the # in your cell phone or other location.
(2)Here’s a new Internet Fraud:  SCAD, is a new internet term to describe scam ads that lure consumers to click on their site using a brand name or an outrageous deal while in turn providing misleading products and offers.  The technique is called ‘bait and click’ a first cousin to bait and switch used by brick and mortar, main street advertisers in print ads
Consumers should be wary of scads because they divert unsuspecting online searchers from what they are looking for and can send users to unsecured or malicious sites – exposing them to fraud, viruses, trojans, malware, and spyware.


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