Spring Break Scams

March 21, 2014

Update from Ralph Bristol Morning News - BBB Middle Tennessee can be heard Fridays at 7:35am on the Ralph Bristol Nashville Morning News, WTN 99.7 (FM Radio)

This is the time of year BBB is watchful for spring break scams.  Most often scammers target college students by email, internet ads, or simple postings placed in pizza restaurants, clubs, and other place college kids tend to frequent.  


Make money on your spring break by simply driving your car to the beach advertising RED BULL.
Red Bull seeks college student to go about their spring break with an auto wrap for Red Bull on their personal vehicle
This program can last 3 months, you will be compensated $600 per week
Advance payment of $300 for accepting this offer immediately, no application fees,
Interested persons call or email immediately, Mackie Wells, Manager, Red Bull

The email or ad is not from Red Bull and the supposed offer of employment is entirely bogus. Those who fall for the ruse will soon receive a check for substantially more than the promised $300 initial fee, and instructed to bank the check and then deduct $300 and send the remainder to a specified third party via google wallet or a green dot money card.

The scammers  claim that the "extra" money will be to cover graphic design cost of the auto wrap for the student’s vehicle.  In reality, the money will be transferred directly back to the scammers who sent the email or placed the internet ad in the first place.

And as for the check the college student deposited....it will turn out to be forged or stolen. Soon or later, the bank will discover the fraud, but by that time the criminals have converted proceeds from fraudulent checks into untraceable cash.

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