Google Wallet Scams On Craigs List

February 28, 2014

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Watch Out For Google Wallet Scams On Craig's List

Google Wallet is a handy app feature that allows consumers to store all loyalty shopper cards in one virtual place, make purchases online via stored credit and debt cards and even send money securely

While using the app, all of your financial information is protected and encrypted and the Google Wallet Purchase Protection covers 100% of eligible unauthorized Google Wallet transactions

This popular and useful feature has been exploited recently by scammers hoping to steal money from unsuspecting Google Wallet users by creating fraudulent invoices that look similar to Google Wallet Checkout invoices.

You are looking to purchase a item on Craig’s List or you find a great looking used car online for an exceptionally good price.

You contact the seller who suggests that you use Google Wallet to make the purchase because of  Google Wallet Purchase Protection

The seller sends a fake invoice which looks like a Google Wallet Invoice, instructing you how much to pay and how to make the payment VIA WESTERN UNION, MONEYGRAM OR BANK TRANSFER.

You’ve been scammed, there is no car, the seller is a con artists...The transaction is fraudulent and has nothing to do with Google Wallet

HERE are some important RED flags

  • Google Wallet used to be called ‘Google Checkout’, and some scammers still use the Checkout logo and trademarks in their spoofed emails.
  • Scammers may suggest that high dollar transactions be broken down into smaller payments....
  • If a seller suggests payments by wire transfer, bank transfer or Money Gram...It’s a SCAM

*Google Wallet supports payments made by credit or debit cards only

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