Eco Van Lines: Not the Right Move

February 12, 2013

Eco Van Lines: Not the Right Move

[February 13, 2013 – Nashville, TN] BBB warns consumers of the business practices of Eco Van Lines located at 3624 Trousdale Dr. Suite E, Nashville, TN 37221.

BBB has received 14 complaints over the past 12 months alleging consumer's items were damaged, missing, or final invoices were much higher than originally quoted.  In addition, complaints indicate delivery of consumer’s items was received many days, sometimes months, after the scheduled delivery date.

One consumer stated, “The Company lied to me repeatedly in the initial booking. They told me that it would take 5 days (it took 20). They told me a quote was all in (it wasn't and got raised by about 40%), and they told me my point of contact would not change (it did).”

Eco Van Lines website continues to claim that they are “the right move” but they failed for many consumers who received items late, damaged or missing.

BBB sent certified correspondence to Eco Van Lines requesting their voluntary cooperation in eliminating the pattern of complaint; however, the company failed to respond.  Consumers should also be aware that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration revoked that this company’s Household Goods Common Carrier license in October 2012.

BBB offers the following general advice when hiring a moving company:

  • Plan ahead - Start planning your move at least six to eight weeks before your targeted moving date.  Ask friends or neighbors to recommend companies they have been happy with for past moves, and check out the company¹s record with the BBB.
  • Obtain estimates - To assist movers in calculating the cost of your move, show them every item to be moved, including the contents of your attic, basement and garage. Ask the mover to explain the estimate in detail, and reach a clear understanding about the amount of packing and other services you'll require. Also, be sure you receive a copy of the estimate.
  • Take Inventory - Since the inventory record is one of your most important shipping documents, make sure all copies are legible, and that all items are numbered, listed and described correctly.
  • Insurance - Some consumers mistakenly assume that the moving company is insured to cover the full value of their goods at no extra charge. That is not the case. Unless the consumer makes specific arrangements, the mover generally assumes liability for the shipment at an amount equal to $0.60 per pound per article. The consumer may obtain additional liability protection, at an extra charge, from the mover. The levels of liability and charges for each option vary. Consumers should assess the various options; check to see what might already be covered under their homeowner's insurance policy, and then purchase the coverage that best meets their needs.

To locate a list of honest movers, Start your search With Trust by visiting and clicking on the BBB Accredited Business Directory. 

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