Beware TRX Software Development Inc

February 27, 2013

TRX Software Development, Inc. = Tax Preparer's Nightmare

(February 28, 2013- Nashville, Tennessee) – BBB warns tax preparation consultants of the business practices of TRX Software Developers Inc., aka TRX, Tax Refund Xpress, and Tax Exact, located at 906 Dashiel Street, Murfreesboro, Tennessee, phone numbers: 855-880-1040, 866-829-9777, and 615-355-0705.

Over the past twelve months, BBB has received over 60 complaints from tax preparation consultants that outline hundreds of dollars in revenues lost as a result of TRX’s faulty tax preparation software. TRX provides a software program designed to assist independent tax preparation consultants in filing tax returns for their clients; however, complaints allege the software is incomplete resulting in the inability to properly file returns with the IRS. This has also resulted in additional damage to the independent tax consultant, such as loss of business and profits, as their clients are seeking tax filing assistance from other tax preparation consultants. Complaints also allege:

  • Failure to provide vital support to resolve program operating issues
  • Failure to respond to calls and emails asking for assistance
  • Leaving consultants on hold for lengthy periods of time
  • Refusing to provide refunds for unusable software

Although the company’s website claims the software is “accurate” and “user friendly,” consultants contacting the BBB say otherwise.

One tax prep consultant indicated the IRS rejected his tax filings due to the software issues.

Some complaints indicate the software did not contain the correct information to file state income taxes, while others allege they had to buy another tax preparation program to save their reputation and clients.

If you have had an unsatisfactory experience with TRX Software Developers, Inc. please contact Tim Sneed at 615-250-4223 or

To avoid becoming a victim of a software nightmare:

  • Ask around. Get referrals from friends and business organizations and check out the company’s BBB Business Review at  
  • Look for credentials. Find out if the company is affiliated with any professional organizations or licensing agencies and check their status.
  • Make sure they are properly authorized. In the U.S., tax preparer software must be authorized by the IRS. In Canada, the software must be authorized by the Canada Revenue Agency.
  • Read the information carefully. Read agreements closely to ensure you understand how much it is going to cost for the program and how the cost will affect your business. Be sure you understand the program, if refunds are given, and what is required for a refund.
  • Look for Reliability. Look for companies who have a proven track record for providing reliable products.

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