Beware Fake Publishers Clearing House Scams

January 31, 2013

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Every year at the end of January  Publishers Clearing House begins their national ad campaign...YOU COULD WIN $5,000 FOR LIFE....  It’s the advertising build up for the big February 28 Reveal of the Sweepstakes winner

Scammers are already tagging on to this famous Sweepstakes promotion making calls to consumers stating they are from Publishers Clearing House, the consumer is a winner and that the Sweepstakes check will be delivered within weeks by UPS

All the winner has to do is call a phone number with an 876 area code within 24 hours to confirm their address and schedule the UPS delivery.

When the victim calls the 876 area coded number the person answering identifies himself with Publishers Clearing House and attempts to delay the conversation keeping the victim on the line as long as possible.  Why?

The 876 area code is for Jamaica.  When the victim makes the call to Jamaica the person who owns the number receives payment for the incoming call.  The victim in Tennessee is then charged for the international call and high per minute fees.

The victim has also provided  scammers their name, address and other personal information that opens the door to many more bogus offers.

January and February is peak time for fraudulent sweepstakes, prize award scams...the tricksters have moved away from asking for taxes in advance, credit card # and other familiar ways to get payments in advance....

These scammers trick consumers into making a simple phone call and victims won’t know until the phone bill arrives that the call cost several hundred dollars and they didn’t win the Publishers Sweepstakes  

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