Key Staff

Business Accreditation Department

Staff members listed below are representatives of the Better Business Bureau who are charged with the responsibility of calling on or visiting business owners and general managers to further the BBB mission.

BBB Accreditation isn't offered to every business.  Only companies that meet our Accreditation standards will be accepted.

Please feel free to contact any of our BBB Business Accreditation Representatives.  Our Representatives will be happy to review the finer points of BBB Accreditation as they apply to your industry and especially, your company.

Janelle Angel            615.250.1099       (mob) 615.975.2643

April Boyd                 615.250.1089        (mob) 615.582.6759

Daniel Brabson         615.250.1092        (mob) 615.756.5181

Jim Furbush              615.250.4224        (mob) 615.397.3052

Taylor Milam             615.250.4233        (mob) 615.924.2068

Kevin Morrow            615.250.1091       (mob) 615.812.0545

Rick Rury                  615.250.1093        (mob) 615.426.9007

John Zaccardi           615.939.1677                               

Representing the Accredited Business Directory 
& Search Engine Solutions (SES)

Lori Bernstein              (mob)  615.852.1085


Representing the Central Tennessee Branch (Murfreesboro)
Terrie Page    615.867.0032

Representing the Tennessee Valley Branch (Columbia)
Kari Chunn
Jim Couch    931.619.2207

Representing the Tenn-Tucky Branch
Melanie Thompson    931.503.2210

Representing the Upper Cumberland Area Branch
Elaine Smith    931.520.0008

Representing the Williamson County Branch (Franklin)
Rene Gould