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EcoWater Systems of Middle Tennessee

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3 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 1 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues2
Guarantee / Warranty Issues1
Billing / Collection Issues0
Problems with Product / Service0
Delivery Issues0
Total Closed Complaints3

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Complaint Resolution Log (3)
01/09/2015Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

told i would recieve $20 gift card if they showed there product and when they showed up and did the presentation was told it would be mailed. no card
started in late Oct. when i was contacted by the company saying I won a $20 gift card from a drawing and i would receive it when they came and did a demonstration. They came and when i said i did not want there product I was told they would mail me the card. I called 6 times before they answered the call on XX-XX-XX and was told they mailed it and give it time.called 2 times on XX-X-XX and was told they mailed it and i would have to wait for them to talk to the manager and the would call me back never called back. So I called again on XX-X-XX and again given a run around and was promised a call back and again no call back. called again on XX-XX-XX and was told the manager had a family death and would get back with me on the following Monday again no call back. Finally on XX-XXXX i get a call from a blocked number telling me they are putting another card in the mail and they would call me the following monday again no call back and today XX-XX-XX i still have not received a card.

Desired Settlement
All I ask for is the card they promised me and my wife if we allowed them to come in my house and show there product. I would ask they send it to me with signature required to receive it so they know I received it. And for them to not take advantage of people with there tactics.

Final Consumer Response
From: ********* (mailto:*********
Sent: Friday, January 09, XXXX X:XX PM
To: *****
Subject: BBB Complaint Case# 37115723 (Ref#XX-XXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXX-X-XXX)

company contacted me and problem has been solved

11/30/2015Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

I was charged a trip charge of 80.00, and installation carge of 125.00 that's 205.00 of just service fees alone.
I have a problem of being charged excessivley for service fees for only 1 hour that it took to install the water softner. I was not explained of the trip charge. That is ridiculous to add an additional service charge.

Desired Settlement
I want the company to explain why they charge a trip charge and never told me about it.

Business Response
To Whom It May Concern:

This response is regarding the complaint received from ******** ****, in which she was charged a trip charge for a service call, and claims she was never informed of that charge in advance.

The water treatment system in reference to the complaint, was originally located at Ms. ****'s, mother's home. Ms. ****'s mother is the actual owner of this equipment.

In June of 2015 her mother called and scheduled a de-install of the equipment and asked to have it boxed to prepare to move in the future, to the home of her daughter, Ms. ****.

The service call to de-install the equipment took place on 06/25/2015. Ms. **** actually paid for the charges for the de-install of the equipment by ****.

It was explained to Ms. **** at that time what the charges would be to move the system and re-install it in a different home and location when she chose to do so in the future.
Ms. ****'s mother called our office twice during the month of October 2015 and was given pricing information again, regarding the charges to re-install the system that was originally de-installed in June.

Ms. ****'s mother finally called to schedule the re-install of the equipment at Ms. ****'s home on 10/19/2015.

Our service technician went over the charges again with Ms. ****'s mother and also asked if it would be possible to contact Ms. **** directly. Her mother responded that Ms. **** was already aware of the amount of the charges.

The appointment was then scheduled for 10/22/2015 with an arrival time of our service technicians between 10:00 -1:00.

The re-install was completed at Ms. ****'s home on October 22, 2015 as scheduled. Our service technician, Nathan talked to Ms. **** at this time and went over the charges for the re-installation of the system AGAIN.

Ms. **** was fine with the charges at that time and authorized payment for the re-install charges by credit card.

So to summarize:

1. Ms. **** was aware of the charges to re-install a system as referenced multiple times above.

2. Ms. ****'s mother was also aware of the charges as well, and Ms. ****'s mother is the owner of the equipment that she requested to have moved to her daughter's, (Ms. ****'s) home.

3. Ms. **** authorized payment for the charges to re-install the system and they were broken down for her again, by a different service technician.

4. Ms. **** called our office within a day or so after she had authorized the charges for the re-install and I personally tried to speak with her to address her concerns. This was unsuccessful due to her demeaner on the phone. I finally had to inform her I was going to have to end the call if she could not "talk" appropriately.

Ms. **** then threatened to call the Better Business Bureau . She was told at that time that we would be happy to respond if she chose do so. At that point she ended the call by hanging up on me.

5. Ms. **** was charged a standard trip charge, the cost to re-install the system and the cost of a new bypass valve for her system.

She had no problem with anything when she authorized her credit card to pay for the charges, which were broken down for her again at that time.

6. We have nothing further to add regarding this complaint, now or in the future.

Lynn S***

04/13/2015Guarantee / Warranty Issues | Read Complaint Details

Broken Bypass ***** & cracked water head. The head is still under ten year warrant however company would only replace part if I paid for it.
On Sunday February 1, 2015 around 1:30 p.m. I heard a loud pop sound in my garage. When I went to check to see what caused the noise I discovered that our ECOWATER Softener was gushing water from the Bypass ***** (the valve is patented and can only be purchased by a ECOWATER distributer). When I called the local company at (XXX) XXX-XXXX I discovered that they were closed and only operated Monday through Friday. I let a message stating the problem. On Monday Febreuary 2, 2015 at approximately 9:16 a.m. I received a call from the company stating they could come and take a look at it for a cost of $80.00. I agreed and the service technician (***) came to my house and looked over the equipment. ***. explained that the bypass ***** was out of warranty by 3 years (purchased the water system on 3/1/2006) and it would cost $125.00 to replace it he also said that the "Head" had cracks on the interior caused by wear (This item is covered by a 10-year warranty). However, ***. stated that he could not get ahold of his boss "*****" and it would cost me $102.00 to have the warranted item replaced. ***. also discovered that an "Outlet Disk" located inside the "head" was bad and needed to be replaced for $90.00 (However this part also being part of the head is covered under the 10 year warranty). As ***. finished his inspections and taking digital pics of the parts he explained to get the water system back up and running it would cost me $535.82 which included approximately $200 in warranty parts and a $125 part that can only be purchased through ECOWATER Systems. When I asked ***. why I would have to pay for the warranty parts he explained the Head had a broken piece on the outside (still covered under warranty) and because he was not able to get ahold of his boss (*****), that he attempted to call "17 times. Due to the times being in question about warranty coverage I refused to have the work completed for $535.82 and paid the $80 plus $7.80 (tax) for the service call. All of the broken parts on the ECOWATER System 3000/375 (model) occurred under normal operation of the equipment and failed causing the garage to flood, soaking the drywall, and costing more repairs.

Desired Settlement
I am asking the company to make it right by fixing the warranty items, replacing the system, or refunding us the purchase price of the water softener system.

Business Response

Upon review of our service work order from 2/2/15 here is my response to the complaint of **** ********.

Someone had removed / un-installed the system from his home upon our arrival. The cause of his leak is difficult to determine because of the condition of the unit upon our arrival. Several external components have been broken. The bypass ***** and valve housing were damaged in a manner that had to been caused by an external force. Normal operating conditions could not have caused such damage. This unit was not found in it's normal condition, based on pictures and service call notes it appears as if this unit was damaged by forceful removal.

Since this unit had been removed from and not left in the manner in which it was installed, it is difficult to determine why it was originally leaking. Based on our findings and statements from Mr. ********, we can only speculate that a bypass ****** had cracked and thus caused a leak. This apparently happened on a Sunday when we were closed. We responded first thing on Monday 2/2/15, when we received Mr. ********'s messages.

This unit was installed on 2/28/2006. We have not had one service request on this unit during this time. The valve housing does carry a 10 year warranty but not in the case of external damage caused by force. After reviewing statements and pictures I must agree with our service tech that there simply isn't any way that this valve housing was damaged from normal operation of the unit.

Mr. ******** is requesting that we fix the warranty items. We have offered to fix the entire system and honor all warranties for any parts under warranty that were defective. The valve housing warranty is as follows: "for a period of Ten Years, the valve body will be free of defects in materials and workmanship and will perform its proper function". This valve housing is NOT defective, however it does have damage which had to be caused by an external force which is not covered under warranty. All other parts that were found in need of repair are not currently under warranty.

I am more than willing to assist Mr. ******** in any reasonable manner that I can to resolve this issue. I am even willing to discuss a discount on his repair bill, but I can't warranty parts that aren't defective. I have no records of Mr. ******** attempting to contact me to discuss a resolution other than what I received from the BBB.

****** ********

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I do not accept the response from ECO Water Systems. He clearly stated that the parts are covered by a ten year warranty (unconditional). The system had to moved or my garage would have continued to floor and the hose would have been without water for more than 24 hours do to the faulty parts. The pieces that broke were all external and even the technician stated "that shouldn't of happened."

Secondly the technician would never provide me the owner's phone number to contact him and stated that he attempted to call him 17 times and all his calls went unanswered. So the attempts to contact the owner went unanswered leaving me only option and that was to go through the BBB. Below is the warranty for our system. I will remind you once again when the technician saw the broken internal piece he stated "This is covered under warranty" However since he could not reach his boss by phone he explained I would have to pay for the warranty parts to be replaced. All I asked for is the Company adhere to there own warrant as it is stated below. There technician said that it was internal pieces that were broken causing the problem. Instead I get the runaround of how I will have to pay for it and the excuse that the boss is unreachable.

In closing based on the response from ECO Water Systems I was suppose to allow my garage to continue flooding and not touch the water softener until they could make it to my house when they do not offer a 24 hours response. Additionally no where in the warranty does it say we have to have the device serviced to maintain the warranty. Finally I still had to pay the company $80 to come out and tell me that the parts were under warranty however I would have to pay for them to be replaced. Below is the warranty provided to us when we had the device installed at our house.

Why is the company attempting to add conditions to the warranty so I have to pay?

Why will the company not honor the warranty?

Once again the parts under warranty were internal parts that the technician stated were covered by the 10 year warranty! Instead I am handed an itemized estimate stating I wold have to pay for the warranty parts plus the labor to install them.

All I want is the company to honor their warranty and fix the defected parts.

EcoWater Systems LLC
Advantage Warranty
Series ECR & ERR 3500 Water System
Congratulations! You have just purchased the highest quality water conditioning
product on the market. To register your warranty, complete the enclosed Warranty
Registration Card and mail it within 30 days of purchase.
To whom is this warranty extended?
EcoWater Systems LLC warrants its products to the original owner and guarantees
that the products will be free from defects in materials and workmanship from the original
date of installation.
How does my warranty work?

**If, during the respective warranty period, a part proves, after inspection by EcoWater,
to be defective, EcoWater will, at its sole option repair or replace that part at no
charge, other than normal shipping, installation or service charges.
What is covered by the warranty?
EcoWater Systems LLC guarantees that,
for the LIFETIME of the original owner, the SALT TANK and the MINERAL TANK will
not rust, corrode, leak, burst, or in any other manner fail to perform their proper functions
and that,
for a period of TEN YEARS, the VALVE BODY will be free of defects in materials and
workmanship and will perform its proper function and that,

PARTS, including the HYDROLINKTM REMOTE will be free of defects in materials
and workmanship and will perform their normal functions.
Only on models designated as ERR on the rating decal, is the resin bed guaranteed,
for the lifetime of the original owner, to be free of defects in materials and workmanship
and to remove chlorine taste and odor from a municipal water supply.
How do I obtain warranty service?
Should you need service, your local, independent EcoWater Dealer is only a phone
call away.
To obtain warranty service, notice must be given, within thirty (30) days of the discovery
of the defect, to your local EcoWater Systems dealer.
If I need a part replaced after the factory warranty expires, is the replacement
part warranted?
Yes, EcoWater Systems LLC warrants FACTORY REPAIRS as well as all REPLACEMENT
PARTS for a period of 90 DAYS. This warranty does not include normal shipping,
installation or service charges.
Are any additional warranties available?
We are pleased to say, YES! EcoWater Systems LLC sells an EXTENDED, PARTS
ONLY WARRANTY for the ELECTRONICS portion of your product. This warranty is
called the "Perfect Ten" and extends the five year warranty on the electronic FACEPLATE,
SENSOR HOUSING, and MICRO SWITCHES to a total of TEN YEARS from the date
of original installation. Your local dealer will provide details regarding this warranty or
will refer you to the factory for additional information. In addition, the 3500 SERIES
product carries the CREST OF EXCELLENCE GUARANTEE that, should you experience
a repetitive problem that remains uncorrected, EcoWater will, during the FIRST
YEAR OF INSTALLATION, replace the product with the exact or comparable product.*
This guarantee may be subject to normal shipping and installation or service
General Provisions
The above warranties are effective provided the water conditioner is operated at
water pressures not exceeding 125 psi, and at water temperatures not exceeding
120°F (and on a municipal chlorinated water supply - models designated as ERR on
the rating decal); provided further that the water conditioner is not subject to abuse,
misuse, alteration, neglect, freezing, accident or negligence; and provided further that
the water conditioner is not damaged as the result of any unusual force of nature such
as, but not limited to, flood, hurricane, tornado or earthquake. EcoWater Systems LLC
is excused if failure to perform its warranty obligations is the result of strikes, government
regulation, materials shortages, or other circumstances beyond its control.
Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts or exclusions
or limitations of incidental or consequential damage, so the limitations and
exclusions in this warranty may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific
legal rights, and you may have other rights which vary from state to state. This warranty
applies to consumer-owned installations only

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Once again I see the confusion and how my words were once again twisted and changed. I have attached the company's response and answered them directly.

(Valve Body: 10 years. As I responded previously: The part is covered for defects, it is not defective. This valve body was damaged externally, obviously by some form of force. There is no possible way that normal operation caused this damage. It would take human force or some act of nature to have damaged the outside of this valve in the manner it is damaged. The entire unit has been removed, is not in it's normal position or condition, and has clearly been handled in a forceful manner.)
My responce: First, I never asked for all of the parts to be covered under warrant because I know that some parts are no longer covered i.e. O-rings. The service technician who came to my residence stated "the valve body is defective and is covered under warranty." However because the technician could not reach his boss he stated "I will have to charge you for a new valve body." Why would the technician tell me a part will be covered under warranty but then tell I have to pay for a new one? The technician specifically said the valve body's is defective because of internal problems. Once again I explained EcoWater does not provide 24 hour service and to stop the flooding I had to move the device and cap the water line. Not once have I seen the company offer to pay for the water damage yet that their device caused.

(Bypass ****** Inlet and Outlet Seals, O'rings, Outlet Disk: 5 years. These parts are all covered under "ALL OTHER PARTS". These have been out of warranty for 4 years.)
My response: Already new that, this is why I provide a copy of the warranty and I never asked for these parts to be covered under warranty. Despite that the bypass ***** is the main issue that caused the flooding in my garage. Also note that the bypass ***** is patented by the company and a person cannot simply run to home Depot or Lowes to get a replacement. Secondly, the Bypass ***** broke internally causing my garage to flood. Lastly I have only asked the company to honor the parts under warranty not one time have I expected for the entire service to be free. I find this ironic because the company offered a discounted price to fix the problem but never put anything in writing. By the way we have had the device for 8 years simple math 8-5 is three years not four.... (from the time of the incident).

(Based on Mr. ********'s latest BBB response I can only assume that he thought everything fell under the VALVE BODY warranty of "TEN YEARS". This simply isn't the case. The internal parts are separate. They are not part of the valve body.)
My response: Once again you assumptions were completely incorrect you have all of my contact info on file and have never once attempted to contact me to straighten this out! Per the technician the valve body is one unit that contained internal damage seen in normal use. Why do you think I had to resort to filing a complaint through BBB.

(Mr. ******** requested that "all I want is the company to honor their warranty and fix the defected parts". We are an authorized EcoWater Dealer. We do not make the warranties or the equipment but we have always and will always honor customer warranties. Mr. ********'s accusation that we are not honoring warranties is not correct.)
My response: Valve Body 10 year warranty.... But your technician wanted to charge me for a new one after he told me it was under warranty.... What type of business practice is that? Technician "Your valve body is covered by a 10- year warranty let me get call my boss to verify." Technician "I attempted to call my boss 17 times and he did not answer so if you want me to repair your device I will have to charge you for a new valve body."

(Mr. ******** has also suggested that we attempted "to add conditions to the warranty so I have to pay". This also is not true. It is obvious that Mr. ******** made a mistake in his interpretation of the warranty. We have added no conditions whatsoever. I am real clear on EcoWater's warranties, and the parts in need of repair are not under warranty.)
Mr response: By not covering the parts under warranty you are changing the conditions. Your technician attempted to charge me for a part that he said was under warranty all because he could not talk to his boss after 17 attempts. If conditions were not added then why was the valve body not replaced under warranty? Secondly if the part was not under warranty why would your technician tell me that it was under warranty and the only reason he had to charge me was because he could not reach his boss by phone? So yes i expect that if a representative tells me that a part is under warranty means I do not have to pay for it. So wither your technician miss spoke and told me the wrong information about the Valve Body being under warranty or the company is trying to to get double paid for one part once by the customer and then again by the manufacture. Either way the Eco Water System technician told me that the part was under warranty i.e. the customer should not have to pay for the replacement part. Especially since the warrant part failed to operate correctly.

(As I have offered previously, we are more than willing to work with Mr. ******** to resolve his issues. However, I have no authority or control over EcoWater warranties.)
Eco Water never once attempted or was "willing to work with me" Talk about a bold face lie!! Your technician gave me a price including the cost of the parts under warranty and stated "I can't reach my boss so this is the price." (Approximately $600). I can get a brand new unit for around $300 Why would I want to pay that all for a patented part (Bypass ****** that will probably fail again in a few years. Again why did I purchase the unit initially well partly because of the warranty on the equipment, guess I got the wool pulled over my eyes on that characteristic.
(To imply that we aren't honoring warranties or that we attempted to add conditions is false.)
Once again your technician attempted to charge me for parts that are under warranty so if that is false I will be more than happy to give you a copy of the itemized price list to repair the water softener.

Final Business Response
Good Afternoon:

My name is **** **** and I am co-owner of EcoWater Systems, responding to the complaint made to the Better Business Bureau by:

**** ********

When this complaint was forwarded to us by the Better Business Bureau, I turned it over to my business partner who oversees our Service and Installation Department. He responded and his response was not accepted by Mr. ********.

After I read Mr. ********'s latest response I determined that I needed to get involved to resolve this situation.

This morning I had a very long meeting with the Service Technician that handled the call at Mr. ********'s home.

These were the findings of the service call upon his arrival:

1. The bypass ***** had broken, which caused the water in Mr. ********'s garage. The bypass ***** carries a 5 year warranty. The water treatment system was installed on 02/28/2006.

Bypass ***** (1)
$125.00 5 year warranty (Expired)

2. The system had been put in bypass ** the customer previously. It is my understanding that the customer told the service tech that he had put it in bypass ******* he noticed that there was water constantly running down the drain. We were never informed of this problem when it occurred.
Water constantly running down the drain is a symptom of a cracked disc.

Upon inspection the technician found that the disc was indeed cracked and the following repairs needed to be done for this issue:

Outlet disc (1)
$90.00 5 year warranty (Expired)

Seal Kit (1 kit)
$50.00 5 year warranty (Expired)

End Cap O'ring (1)
$13.50 5 year warranty (Expired)

Drive Shaft O'ring (1)
$9.00 5 year warranty(Expired)

3. Disc Valve Housing (1)
$102.72 10 year warranty
The Disc valve warranty covers defects. The disc valve was not defective. It had been forcibly removed from the system which is what caused the damage and broke the head of the valve. Therefore the warranty that would have covered the Disc Valve housing is VOIDED.

When speaking with our technician, I also discovered that he called my co-owner to "see if we could do anything". This confused me because his findings were very clear and we do not discount service work.

He could not reach the co-owner so he then told the customer that he would have to pay the cost for service of $535.82 which was the original quote.

After hearing this, I as a consumer can completely understand why the customer got upset at that point. I explained to our technician that he inferred that he might be able to get the customer a discount and then that possibility went away when he couldn't contact the co-owner. Of course that would be upsetting to a customer.

My main issue is that the costs were very clear on this and even if our tech had reached my co-owner those costs would not have changed.

The possibility of a discount should have never been put out there and a call to the co-owner should have never been made.

I also determined, in my opinion, that the service work that needed to be done was not explained in detail in relation to the warranties, and was not properly documented on the service ticket for the customer.

All of the above are huge issues to me and I have covered this with the technician and explained how these things ultimately caused the customer to become very angry and I'm sure confused.

The issues with Mr. ********'s system were not caused by any fault of EcoWater and were no longer covered under warranty, but I do feel that this service call was not handled by our technician as I would have expected, and therefore I would like to suggest a resolution that hopefully will satisfy Mr. ********.

This is the cost quoted to repair Mr. ********'s System:

(1) Disk valve housing $102.72 Warranty voided
(1) Seal Kit $50.00 Warranty 5 years
(1) End cap o'ring $13.50 Warranty 5 years
(1) Outlet disc $90.00 Warranty 5 years
(2) Bypass ******** $18.00 Warranty 5 years
(1) Drive shaft o'ring 9.00 Warranty 5 years
(1) Bypass ***** $125.00 Warranty 5 years

Sub total $408.22
Tax $ 39.80
Total $448.02
Our service call fee of $80.00 was paid by Mr. ******** when we made the service call so that is not included in the above cost.

Due to my determination that this call was not handled per my standards, a possible discount was inferred, the warranties and service work needed to be done was not explained in enough detail verbally or on the service ticket in my opinion, this is what I would like to propose to Mr. ********.

Let me make very clear that the proposal to follow has nothing to do with warranties. The warranties are very clear. This proposal is a goodwill gesture to Mr. ******** because I am unhappy with the way the service call was handled by our technician.

My proposal is as follows:

(1) Disk valve housing $102.72 Warranty voided
(1) Seal Kit $50.00 Warranty 5 years
(1) End cap o'ring $13.50 Warranty 5 years
(1) Outlet disc $90.00 Warranty 5 years
(2) Bypass ******** $18.00 Warranty 5 years
(1) Drive shaft o'ring 9.00 Warranty 5 years
(1) Bypass ***** $125.00 Warranty 5 years

Subtotal $408.22
Refund for service fee paid by customer -$80.00
Subtotal $328.22
Minus cost of bypass ***** -$125.00
Subtotal $203.22
Tax +19.81
Total $223.03

This is the cost I am authorizing to repair Mr. ********'s system if he chooses to do so.

Because of the damage that was caused to the valve head and the problems with the cracked disc that we weren't notified of previously, everything listed above would have to be done to get Mr. ********'s system working properly again. This discount would apply ONLY if all repair work needed is performed. It is important to us that all issues be taken care of so the system is again working properly.

This is a savings to the customer of $224.99 that I have authorized and I hope Mr. ******** decides to take advantage of.

I take great pride in our customer service and my apologies to Mr. ******** for any confusion or frustration caused to him.

Please ask Mr. ******** to talk to me directly if he chooses to have this work performed.

Thank you,

**** ****
EcoWater Systems

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As a matter of policy, BBB does not endorse any product, service or business.

BBB Business Reviews are provided solely to assist you in exercising your own best judgment. Information in this BBB Business Review is believed reliable but not guaranteed as to accuracy.

BBB Business Reviews generally cover a three-year reporting period. BBB Business Reviews are subject to change at any time.