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1Green Lawn & Landscape Service

Phone: (615) 603-8334

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4 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 0 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Problems with Product / Service4
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints4

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Complaint Resolution Log (4)
09/24/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Failure to honor contract: I gave 1Green more than $200 for 7 lawn treatments during calendar year 2014. 3 treatments have been given (Feb,Mar,May)
1) Paid more than $200 early in January or February 2014 for the promise of 7 lawn treatments during calendar year 2014.
2) Three treatments have been made: February, March, and May. No subsequent treatment has been made.
3) Our yard has gone from being considered by neighbors as the best in the neighborhood to the worst.
4) I spoke with ********** last week (09/18/2014). He advised me that he had left the company and gave me ***** *****'s phone number.
5) I have left ***** ***** at least 5 voicemail messages at various times (day, evening, weekday, weekend) and have heard nothing from him. That is poor customer service and violates his voicemail greeting that promises a response "as soon as possible." That failure to respond also violates the Standards of BBB accreditation.
6) I found another phone number on Facebook for *******. I just left her a voicemail message at 10:28 a.m. on Monday, September 22, 2014.
7) I want a refund of all my money. Missed treatments in June - September cannot be corrected by a treatment in September or October.

Desired Settlement
Return my purchase amount and apologize for ruining our lawn.

Business Response
I'm sincerely sorry this happen but our records show a previous manager who is no longer with the company cancelled this account earlier in the year. It does not list a reason why the account was closed, but there have been several customers in that area that he knew sign with him and he services those lawns. I can only assume since we have dealt with a number of similar problems from actions of this past employee including embezzled money that he did this in hopes of obtaining the customers business as well. We did try and contact our customers but if this customer showed cancelled we may not have called. Since we have not serviced the lawn since the beginning of the season we could not have ruined the lawn through our treatments, but understand that if no service was rendered or if the previous employee handled the lawn after leaving the company it could be in poor order. We are happy to issue a refund at once, since apparently that did not happen, or offer a free aeration and seeding service to repair the lawn but we no longer service this area due to the number of cancels we took when employee left. So we could not continue on going service. I will personally contact the customer in the next 48 hours to discuss. Again we are sorry some customers experienced these problems. We were victims our self and posted to warn customers on our facebook page back when we first experienced the issues asking customers to contact us. Many customers were contacted directly, since we received threatening phone calls from the disgruntle employee claiming he would ruin us and take all our customers. Again my sincerest apologies. I only wish I would have known sooner. We will make good on a refund or restoring the lawn to its original condition. We have learned a valuable lesson in who we trust to keep records and how we deal with cancels moving forward in the future. It was just this manager brought a lot of people he knew to the company only to leave and take them with him. We are sorry to hear this happen to this unsuspecting customer. If anyone else see's this and has a similar experience please let us know in writing what happen.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
I am satisfied with this response. I just received a phone call from the company, and ******* promised to write a refund check and put it in the mail. She will call me to advise me of the amount and the date of the check.
The disgruntled employee who left (**********) never contacted us and never tried to take our business. We called him just last week (Sep 16 or so) to ask him to look at our lawn and advise us how to correct it. It was then that we learned that neither he nor ***** had been treating the yard. It was then that we learned he was no longer with 1Green.
I never thought to look for a Facebook page until I was desperate in my inability to contact them.
I now understand that 1Green did not know we were expecting service even as we did not know that they saw the account as canceled.
Thank you for a prompt and gracious response.
**** ******

08/27/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I paid in full for 6 turf apps.July service never occurred per contract. Unable to contact ***** *****. By telephone or e-mail.
2/27/14 I paid in Full for 6 turfs apps and core aeration. Total of $310.00 Check #1318 which was cashed. Apps @$45.00 each Aeration $75.00 less 10% for senior discount.

Turf apps to occur 1 Feb 2 March 3 April 4 July 5 Nov 6 Dec
Aeration to occur late Aug/early Sept

When no one came for the July service I called ***** *****. Starting Aug 1 to Aug 12. Out of the 36 times - only 6 messages for a return call was left. The remaining call did not go thru due to message box full. I e-mailed 4 time.
Still no reply.

I would have preferred to have the work finished - but now I doubt his work ethic.

Desired Settlement
The remaining balance amount is $189.00.

The remaining balance should be returned to me. Since the work has not be completed and I have not heard anything from ***** *****.

Business Response
A previous employee who was the Manager over Lawn Care at the time sold this service and recorded the sales data on a sales sheet that was recorded in our system and should have been provided to customer as:
A BASIC 5 Step Program with services to occur 6-8 weeks apart in the Spring and again late summer through fall. No Mid summer application! An additional service was sold for December as a kill off of blue grass and other weeds. Also a core Aeration was sold and no date specified at the time but normally would occur late August through October. Our service is based off of this sales sheet and we do not deviate from it unless requested to. Since this is the only information I have this is all I was aware of. If there was something discussed or left that deviates from this I would like to know. We do not have contracts and the customer or the business is free to cancel service at anytime. In the event we are notified, preferably in writing to prevent confusion, the customer wishes to stop receiving service we will refund any balance unused from any prepayment for service. Refunds can take up to 6 weeks to process and return. Often not the case but this would be a general time frame to expect.
I'm sorry there was trouble getting in touch with me. I've looked for an email from the customer and could not find one, but if he was emailing the previous manager that could be why. My voicemail has been giving me problems and I can only remember one voice mail that could have been the customer that was broken up and I could not make out the call. It was received around 10:30pm at night. Thought with the time frame it was a wrong number. Because our call volume has increased so much recently, we are working to hire a call service provider to help handle the calls and make sure no one goes ignored. We certainly apologize if this was the case and will make sure its a learning experience that we better ourselves at.
I will contact this customer in writing and return the prepayment balance he is requesting providing him with an offer to continue service and pay as he goes or accept the prepayment and cancel the service. We certainly hate to lose customers and have deliberately slowed the growth of our company this year to insure we meet the needs and expectations of the existing customer base. Our goal is excellence in service and although we may make mistakes, we hope to resolve issues in the customers best interest and resolve them quickly.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I feel 1 Green Lawn & Landscape needs to see the copy of my contract. Where it clearly states the dates for fertilizing.
Yes, I did call 10:30 at night and several other times. Even if the many messages I left were garbled called ID would have shown my phone number.
As for my emails I even sent two thought BBB website. Is your email broken too.
As of yet I have not heard from you.
I would never continue service with 1 Green Lawn & Landscape.
I find this company completely and utterly lacking.
I want my remaining balance of $189.00 returned.

Final Business Response
We have already refunded the money and sent a letter regarding this, with offers to address service issues as well. We do not have contracts with any lawn care customer. The service is set to re-occur on 6-8 week intervals from year to year with the only gap between services being the plan you choose and works best for you. We call the night before service to let you know we are coming. We reserve the right to discontinue service at anytime and for any reason and you have the same right. If you received something in writing other than what we have on file I would love to see that. Please send us a copy. The employee that signed you up was terminated, but we may want to open criminal charges for this if he is misrepresenting our company policy and I need to know this. A policy he was familiar with and was to follow. Again we have shared what we have and nothing shows any dates that were promised. You can cancel anytime and we do give back the money, just like we have here, if you have prepaid for any service. I've reviewed my emails again today and nothing. We get a lot of phone calls and often I cant respond to all the sales solicitations and people looking for work on a day to day basis. If the call comes in after business hours and is not attached to a name it often does not take priority, but already we have set things in place to have a service answer our calls and take messages rather than voicemail. I'm not sure what more I can do to help but I apologize you had a bad experience when it comes to contacting us. I've refunded the money in full by check and US Mail. We have offered to discount the service going forward, free services, and to fix the problem and you refused. If you have not or do not receive that check please let us know via US mail so we can confirm your address and we will cancel and send another check. For the record I've never had anyone tell me they e-mailed me and I did not get the email, please review you have the correct e-mail: ***********
I would hope that this would resolve the issue and sincerely wish you the very best with your future lawn or landscape projects.
In closing I am a hands on operator, meaning I'm in the field working on the lawns. There are many advantages to this and some disadvantages. I'm not always easy to reach, but as my business grows and I'm able to hire more people I will have more office time. I always want to be hands on to as much extent as possible and there are other business out there that the owner never see's a lawn that is worked on. He rarely leaves the office. This may be a better fit for some, but if you can be patient and work with me I will bend over backwards to help you and do all I can. Its why I am in business. To do this better and feel good about what I do.

01/26/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I paid in full for 9 treatments and received only 3 of the 9. After repeated attempts to contact Mr. ***** ***** (Owner) i could not get a return call
On 2/7/14 I excepted a quote from 1 Green Lawn & Landscape for 9 all in one care applications plus a fall seeding for $455. with a pre paid discount of $45 which made my total out of pocket costs $455. check #4381 written on 2/07/14. I received a starter treatment on 2/14/14 Inv.#166. Next treatment Inv. #.1444 on 4/28/14. 3rd treatment Inv.# 1688 on 6/12/14 at that time i was told my yard had a case of disease call ***** patch and to treat it would cost $40. which was not included with the 9 all in on care applications. I agreed to have the application and paid $40 on 7/01/14 check #4381. The ***** patch service was completed on 6/14/14. This was the last time I was contacted by 1 Green Lawn & Landscape. I made several attempts throughout the months of July and August to contact ***** ***** the owner on his cell phone and at his office number. The office number XXX-XXX-XXXX was disconnected and Mr. Clarks cell number XXX-XXX-XXXX would not take messages due to the voicemail being full every-time I called. After repeated attempts with no avail I was left with no other impression than 1 Green Lawn & Landscape had abandoned my yard and our agreement. With the concerns of my yard and keeping it healthy i found another company to complete the 2014 season. On September 12th 2014 I was able to locate a email address for Mr. ***** *********** at that time i emailed and sent a copy of the correspondence to PO Box XXXXXX Nashville, TN XXXXX this was the only contact addresses i could locate. This being my last ditch effort to get compensated for the service that 1 Green Lawn & Landscape did not provide. In the letter it provided Mr. ***** with all pertinent information and my request for a refund due to them abandoning our agreement. In that message i also mentioned i had replaced 1 Green Lawn & Landscape with another service. On September 14th 2014 I received a call from a lady at 1 Green Lawn and Landscape. I can not remember her name but she stated they would be out that day to do my fall aeration and seeding. I explained to the lady that i had made multiple attempts to call them and had not heard from them for 3 months therefore I had come to the conclusion they had abandoned my account. The lady on the phone said she had no idea she was new and did not have any information for me other than they were in my area and were going to be out to aerate and seed, I told her i was under the impression they had closed or abounded my account she said no they were just really busy and asked if I wanted them to come aerate? I asked he to have Mr. ***** call me at XXX-XXX- XXXX I never received that call. In November i made one more attempt to contact Mr. ***** on his cell phone at that time my call was sent to voicemail where i asked him to call me to discuss the refund that was owed. I also mentioned legal action if necessary. To date i have not heard from any representative of 1 Green Lawn and Landscape or Mr. *****, nor have i received a refund.

Desired Settlement
I am requesting a refund of only the 6 treatments I did not receive. The total of the 6 remaining treatments is $292.30

12/29/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Asked for refund on 9/15/14 and still have not received it. That was almost 9 weeks ago.
As others here have stated, I also have an issue with my agreement not being honored. I pre-paid at the beginning of the year for a service plan, $180 for 5 services. He did four of those services. We scheduled the fifth service, and he never showed up. I contacted him many times via phone and email and never got a response. As this was an ongoing issue, I emailed them on 9/15/14 saying that I would like to cancel and get my remaining $36 back (a pro-rated refund was offered as part of the pre-paid plan) for the fifth service. I got an email from his wife, as it sounded like ***** had health issues, saying that they'd note the account. I kept inquiring about the refund periodically because they stopped returning my emails until October 7th, at which point I got an email from ***** saying that he is only going to refund me $20 (not $36) and that he's pushing all refunds until November 1st. I let ***** know that this isn't fair or legal to "postpone" a refund for a month and a half after it was requested. In return I got a hasty email from him saying that I was attacking his character (?) and a lot of other gems that I will spare him from repeating. Bottom line is, it's November 14th, a full TWO MONTHS since I cancelled my service, and I still have not received my refund.

Desired Settlement
$36. It was a pre-paid plan, $180 for five services. $180 divided by five is $36, not the $20 he is saying is all I get.

Final Consumer Response
Hi, I received an email from BBB desiring to know if I've heard from the business yet. I have not heard from them, unfortunately.


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