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4 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 0 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Guarantee / Warranty Issues1
Problems with Product / Service3
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Total Closed Complaints4

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Complaint Resolution Log (4)
04/29/2014Guarantee / Warranty Issues | Read Complaint Details

Employee broke microwave door while cleaning; she took pics, and they were going to turn in to insurance. A month later, the issue stands unresolved.
On 2/28/14, the cleaning authority came to my house and cleaned my house. I had used their services for several years. When I walked in the house, the employee informed me that the microwave door which she was cleaning broke. Her initial reaction was to say that she didn't do it, even though the pieces were on the counter where she was, and they couldn't be "reattached". She proceeded to tell me that she was taking pictures, and that she would turn them in to the owner and advised me to call the office as well. I did, and they sent another manager to come over to my house and take additional pictures, model number, serial number and year (estate by whirlpool corporation)- 2004 serial- tr r XX XXXXX and the model is TMH14XMB-0 (it was provided on 3/7 when she came). I have saved voicemails from the manager that confirm that ******, the owner of the company, was going to turn it to their insurance and go from there. At the time, we both agreed that they would not have to replace the whole microwave but the part of the door that was damaged. The manager asked me if I would continue my services after it was fixed which is irrelevant to them fixing what they broke since I am not under contract. I told her that we would not until we see how the case was resolved first (why would I risk them break something else even more valuable if they can't fix something small that was damaged). On 4/8/14 I called the company again to inquire because I had not heard anything and an employee calls me back the next day with a voicemail that they would need to turn it to the insurance and that she would need the serial/model number again, that the microwave was dated and that they would give what it was worth now, that they would need to evaluate how the microwave door broke, and that they would need to know if I was going to continue my services with them. Basically confirmed that they didn't do anything because I had suspended my services as it appears.

Desired Settlement
I believe that they should be responsible for replacing the damaged part and putting it together. I don't know anything about putting microwaves together and I don't want to risk damaging something else when putting the part back on. While my microwave is older (XXXX) it was not damaged! It is one that is mounted on the wall above the stove and that matches all of my other appliances therefore I agree with them that I do not need a new one.

Business Response
Our team performed routine cleaning on this home. When the cleaner opened the microwave door, a piece of the corner fell off. This team has cleaned approximately 510 microwaves in the past 6 months with no incident and are proficient in the process which includes...opening the door, wiping inside, closing the door. The customer was home in the next room and the cleaner informed her of what happened. Customer states the microwave was purchased with the home 10 years ago, making it at least that old. It is an Estate microwave ( a subsidiary of Whirlpool). I believe there was no negligence of the part of the cleaner and was caused due to the age of the microwave with normal wear and tear. But I always give the benefit to the customer. We tried to call this customer several times and left voice mails both before and after this was filed with you. Two days after it was filed, she returned our call and said she did receive the messages. I will reimburse $70.38, the cost of the replacement part and $50 for installation. Total is $120.38

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
I have not received any reimbursement as of yet. While I think that at least they are trying to resolve it, it is taking a unnecessary long time. Btw, while the company indicated that accidents are rare, they have broken my microwave plate and had left me a note that it was going to be replaced (they did confess to that one); they broke one accessory in my bathroom at another time and I told them not to worry about it and have scratched by brand new dresser by dropping a decorative candle holder while dusting (gave me a free cleaning to compensate). There has been a lot of accidents in the same home.

09/23/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I hired this company for full house cleaning to prepare for staging and listing to sell.
I am selling my home, and arranged for full house cleaning, specifically targeting washing windows, window wells, baseboards and light fixtures, for an agreed price of $200. I scheduled this cleaning for 8/29/13 for 11:00am. I was told by Office Manager ************* there would be 3-4 coming. I advised her that a photographer was coming at 4pm that day for house adviserting, and I needed the job to be completed and cleaners out of the house by 3:45pm. This was agreed to verbally.
At 11:30am on 8/29/13, I called to see where the crew was. I was advised by ***** that the crew was delayed, and would be there within the hour. I again verified they would be cleaning windows, baseboards, etc and ***** confirmed that would be completed.
The crew of 2 arrived at 1:40pm. I asked the ladies where the others were, and they said they were the only ones coming. I explained the timeframe to them and they said they would be finished. I went to the bonus room to be out of their way.
The ladies were finished by 3:45, but had completed a "Rotation 1" cleaning, concentrating on the kitchin, eating area and laundry room. No windows, light fixtures, baseboards or window wells were cleaned.
I called the office on 8/30/13 to complain. I was told the ladies did the job they were supposed to do. When I mentioned the specified areas, ***** was they were done. I asked that owner, ***** ****** call me. I called 2 times after that and never received a callback.
On 9/4/13 a withdrawl of $175 was made on my debit card by The Cleaning Authority. I went to the neighborhood ******* bank on 9/4/13 to see if payment could be reversed for work not completed. Unfortunately, this cannot be completed on a debit card. However, the officer of the bank, ****** offered to call The Cleaning Authority regarding this issue. She talked to *****, and then put me on the phone. ***** advised me the work was completed, the ladies called in from my home phone at 12:30 to report they were at my house. I advised her I have never had a home phone, and no one used my cell. She then advised me I "ordered them out of my house" at 3:45pm, which is not true. I asked her why $175 was taken from my account instead of the agreed upon fee $200. She advised me the ladies were at my home for 3 hours, and that was the charge for 3 hours of work.
I again asked for the owner to call, but as yet have not heard from him.

Desired Settlement
Refund of $175.00.

When I previously had this company on a bi-weekly basis, I was involved with Rotation 1,2,3 and 4 and paid $75 each visit, and know what that entails. However, in this instance I did not receive the specified service I had requested. I specifically asked if they did whole house cleaning, and was advised by ***** they did.
I have already set this house for staging, with people already scheduling viewings, and even though ***** claimed they would "make it good even though it was my fault", I would rather not have to tear the staging down for a possible full house cleaning, then re-stage again as well as postpone possible buyers. I have spent alot of time trying to get this issue resolved with no results.
Friends have asked why I went to this company for this service. Mr ****** is a veteran, and even though this is a national company, he owns the franchise and I want to support our local business.
In this instance, I am not sure Mr. ****** is even aware of this situation since I can't seem to get past the office gatekeeper.
Thank you.

Business' Initial Response
Contact Name and Title: *************** Owner
Contact Phone: 615-758-9994
Contact Email: *************
This is not my customer. I do not service the Murfreesboro area.

Consumer's Final Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
I do accept this resolution of full refund.

Please advise ********* the only work scheduled were the windows washed, window wells cleaned and baseboard washed. If this is not a service Smyrna Cleaning Authority provides I should have been informed on the intial call. This would have saved a lot of aggrivation for both parties.

Business' Final Response
Contact Name and Title: Wylie N. McNair
Contact Phone: 615-459-0262
Contact Email:************************
This customer had used our regular bi-weekly service from Oct 24 2011 until Oct 13 2012, or one year and is very familiar with our system and how we operate as teams of two. In the 21 cleans she received from us, this was our standard team. She also is aware we do not clean the glass on windows, we thoroughly wipe the window sills, ledges, frames, blinds as we did for our one year of regularly scheduled service.

I always schedule an in home estimate, even on One Time Only cleans, to insure I can see what the job entails and give the prospect an exact quote so there will not be any surprises on either end. Since she was a long time satisfied customer and already knew our program very well, and since my manager went over the pricing and amount of time we would clean for that price, we agreed to go ahead and schedule her over the phone. We told her if we did not stay the full time quoted, we would not charge her the full amount.

Our customers receive a "rotation slip" with each clean that explains which area of their home is on "detail" that week and what additional items would be done in those areas. The entire home gets a great clean each time, but one area is on special emphasis. Since this was an old customer getting an extra cleaning, the system generated this "rotation slip" instead of the "One Time Only" letter that explains we detailed all areas of the home. My manager did not catch this, but it was explained very well to the team this was a One Time Clean and also to the customer. (Statements on file from employees and manager)as to knowing what was to be done in home. They also explain in these statements they did all of what was supposed to be done. This was an experienced team, one employee having been with me for over 4 years.

We use a very sophisticated software system for clocking in/out of homes. The team leader dials an 800 number to both clock in and out of the home. By entering the customer account number, the system recognizes through GPS their location to insure they are at the customer location and clocks them in to home. Their team color changes from white to pink on our computer day screen to indicate they are in home. When they clock out, it changes to gray to indicate they have completed the clean and left. If they use their cell phone to clock in, we also have them call the office at that time to let us know they are there. The team clocked in to this home at 12:37 PM and clocked out at 3:14 PM. When we initially spoke with this customer on Sep 3, she indicated they did not arrive until 2:45 PM. Her recollection changed later to 1:40.

We cleaned this home on Thursday, August 29th. We did not process her credit card for payment until the next week. We did not hear from this customer at all during these 5 days as to any complaints. As a long time regular customer, she is also aware of our Satisfaction Plus Program, which states if she is not happy with any thing about our clean, she can contact the office within 24 hours and we will be back out same day to fix to her satisfaction.

She contacted our office after she went to her bank and tried to stop payment. When they told her she could not (the bank called us and we explained we would be happy to take care of her concerns if she would call us) my manager spoke with her and she stated she was fine with us coming back out to meet her and fix whatever she felt was not right. I wanted the same team to go back out to this home, along with my manager and myself, so she could state to my team they were "lying" as she put it about when they arrived and what they did. I wanted to get this cleared up and to insure she received everything she paid for and was happy with the clean. The customer was supposed to call back and arrange this time with the manager.

The next day a man entered our office while I was out and identified himself to my manager as a Private Investigator?? but did not provide ID. He stated if the money was not returned to this customer by noon the next day, they would haul us all to court the next Wednesday. My manager explained I was out of the office with prospects, but if he returned the next morning between 8:30 - 10 AM I would be there. He said he would do so. He never returned.

Even after this bizarre and unusual incident, my manager tried to call the customer again to get resolved and set up a time to redo the clean. She would not answer her phone. I decided it best to not have further contact and wait for this "court date"?? to explain our case.

The next I heard from this customer was just a couple of days later in the form of this complaint.

I pride myself on making sure every customer gets what they feel they paid for, but also hold steady to the belief that I do get paid for our services. I believe if she would have contacted us immediately upon my team leaving her home with her concerns, we could have resolved that very same day.

My company's reputation is very important to me. I will refund this customer the entire amount of this clean ($175) as long as she states this is satisfactory arrangement and will not impune this company in any form going further.

Thanks. I can forward the statements from employees and manager via email if you would like. I would also like to provide additional information and can be reached at 615-459-0262. PLEASE CHANGE CONTACT INFORMATION FOR THIS OFFICE!! YOU SENT TO THE MT JULIET OFFICE OF THE CLEANING AUTHORITY.

06/24/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

***** ****** $250


Desired Settlement

Business Response
We had cleaned this home once before after his renters moved out. It was a challenging job that had things such as a completely blue bath tub that we are unsure how it got that way, but when we were done it looked new (have before/after pictures). The only thing we could not get completely clean was one eye of the kitchen stove. The team scrubbed on it but it was too damaged, it should have been deducted out the renters deposit in my opinion. He was very happy with clean and asked us to COME BACK AND CLEAN AGAIN several months later as he was putting on market to sell. I told him we would try again to get this one eye of stove clean but where unable to on first clean and could not guarantee. After the clean was finished, he called the office to state he was unhappy about this stove (rest of home completely satisfied). I sent the team back out again the next day to scrub on it again (this will make a total of 4 hours scrubbing one eye of stove). He was at the home and saw it would not come clean. He took a cleaning tool from one of my employees that is very abrasive and not meant for glass top stoves and tried to scrub it. Of course it did not come out then either and if he had damaged his stove I am not sure he would have admitted doing it himself. He then called the office to complain again at 4 PM and my manager told him I would have to call him the next morning as I was not in office. He stated he wanted the clean to be free. The next morning I come in to find this complaint. I will not send bill for additional time spent above what was agreed to.

11/30/2012Problems with Product / Service

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