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Shelbyville Auto Sales, LLC

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Customer Complaints Summary

7 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 1 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues3
Guarantee / Warranty Issues1
Problems with Product / Service3
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Total Closed Complaints7

Additional Complaint Information

This company has provided BBB with the name and phone number that consumers should call prior to filing a complaint with BBB. BBB suggests consumers contact Joseph Young, Manager, at 931.684.3238 to discuss any concerns, and allow him 72 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) to resolve the matter before filing a complaint with BBB.

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Complaint Resolution Log (7)
05/22/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Truck was missing e-brake assembly on left rear. Right rear e-brake assembly locked up causing the caliper not to release and damage break assembly.
Purchased a 2009 F250 Ford P/U on May 1 from dealer. Drove truck home and approximately 1 mile from home the right rear break assembly locked up and was smoking. Emailed dealer and advised that I believed the right rear break caliper had locked up. Received email Saturday morning to take truck to a mechanic and forward invoice to the dealer. I paid out of pocket to have the truck towed to ************* in Murfreesboro. They looked at the truck and said that the e-brake assembly on the right rear had malfunctioned and caused the break caliper not to release. ************* also stated that the backing plate and e-brake assembly was missing from the left rear. I am checking with the state to see if the condition of the truck made it even legal to sell due to the missing e-brake as this is a safety issue. Called dealer and spoke to *****, she gave me ****'s cell phone number and advised to call him. I called **** and explained the issue. He said that what I explained made sense and to have the estimate sent to him. I also gave him price in a text at 1pm on Monday, shortly after that ************* faxed the estimate. During this time **** also spoke with **** at ************* and the cost was told to him. **** also asked for the dealer information so that he could place the work order under the dealer name. **** at ************* asked me to have **** call him back as he forgot to include the right side e-brake backing plate. I had also advised **** that I was going to pay for the work on the left side, even though the truck most likely should not have been sold with a missing left side e-brake. At approx. 2:45pm, **** received authorization to start the repairs. At 10:22am on Tuesday May 5th, I received a text from **** stating the he spoke with the owner and now they will help with the repairs. I sent and immediate response asking what they were going to cover. **** responded by saying that he would have to figure that out. I responded to **** that he had previously authorized the repairs the day prior. **** responded that he was waiting for the estimate. He had and acknowledged having the estimate the previous day. I advised **** that I was out of pocket for the tow bill and that he had said in an email for me to take it to a mechanic. I also advised **** that work had already started on the truck per his authorization and asked him if I needed to have the repairs stopped. **** responded saying that he was going to try to work it out and call **** at *************. Waited until 12:08pm for a response from ****, at that time I sent him a text for an update, ****'s response was "working on it now". No word from **** for over 3 hours and at 3:55 I contacted **** at ************* to see if he had heard from ****. **** advised he had not. I sent at text to **** at 3:58pm asking him to call **** at ************* to resolve the issue and that I was headed to ************* then to pick up truck. Arrived at ************* at 4:45pm and spoke to ****. **** had never called him he advised. I called and spoke with **** who said that they had given me too good of a deal on the truck and would only pay $300 of the total repair bill. I asked him why he had not discussed this with me prior as we had been in contact all day. He said he had not received the estimated until Tuesday morning. I told him that I have the text that I sent him on Monday with the cost and he had spoken to **** at ************* on Monday also. At this point **** became very defensive and told me he was not going to do anything, at which point I asked him why did he authorize the repairs. He would not answer except to say the he was waiting on the estimate. He finally said that he would pay the $300 and he needed to find a credit card and hung up on me. He did call back ************* and gave a credit card number for the $300.

Desired Settlement
The Dealership to pay for the remaining portion of the right side e-brake, caliper, rotor and brake shoe repairs.

Business Response
We as company try to make sure all vehicles are in proper working order, but these are man made and vehicles do tear up. *** didn't purchase a extended service contract which would have covered the truck from repairs such as stated.
So we felt the right thing to do was help *** with some of the repairs. *** told us in the email that the caliper was messed up and we did say we would help with the repair of a Caliper!
Fast forward to a $1000 estimate that included many more items other than a caliper! This estimate included parking brake kit, new brakes, new rotors, etc. So we go from a caliper to all this extra work that was not discussed in stated email. After discussing this new bill, with the manager of the repair facility we had a new estimate of $600 which we didn't receive until Tuesday morning for review! We can also provide proof via phone records that no fax was received on Monday! After finally getting the estimate and pricing, we priced the parts and could save *** over half the costs just by using our pricing. The tire store then stated we couldn't send our own parts that they only use their parts and no discount allowed. After all of this it was determined to split the bill which was $300.00 our part. *** was demanding on when he was picking up his truck and told us we were going to pay all of the bill. At no time was the entire bill authorized, nor was a signature captured for the complete estimate by the repair facility.
All vehicles are AS-IS unless you purchase a extended service contract. We basically just gave away $300 to a customer who wasn't thankful for what did pay, and knowing we didn't have to pay for anything! Most dealers would have laughed and said your truck! We try to do the right thing in cases like this. In our opinion, we did more than most other dealers would have done.

08/25/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

**** ***** sold me a XXXX XXXX X.7 Dodge Cummins which has had NOTHING but problems since I drove it off the lot.
I purchased a XXXX X.X XXXX Dodge Cummins that's had 148k miles on it in May 2014. I traded my 2008 Altima in and paid 20,00 for the truck. When I test drove the truck it seemed to have no problems, but when I bought the truck it was a whole different story. The day I drove the truck off the lot, the fan clutch and blower motor for the air was not working. An hour and a half after I bought it, the "lift pump" went out and the truck broke down 3 times in the middle of the road. The steering wheel locked up, the brakes locked up, and I barely limped the truck back to shelbyville auto sales. They gave me back my Altima to drive until they could figure out what was wrong with the truck and the next day he told me it was the lift pump, so two days later the truck was finished and I returned the car and got the truck. I drove the truck as a daily driver from my house to work every day in La Vergne. Two weeks after they fixed it, I was driving down the road and the truck started blowing ***** smoke and the motor began to violently shake and I barely made it home. I lost all power and all oil and the truck threw a code for the crank case filter, so I called **** at Shelbyville Auto Sales and he told me they would take a look at it at one of the mechanic shops they used in Wartrace, TN called********** auto repair. I had it towed there. He gave me a car off his lot to drive until my truck was fixed. And in about two days they had informed me that it was rocker arm and the piston in the motor. About 3 days later I picked up the truck at********** and only 3 days later, I was driving home from work and the truck started vibrating uncontrollably and blowing ***** smoke into the cab. I got out and looked and there was a huge hole in the back left side of the motor and parts had blown off everywhere. I called **** again and I had to have the truck towed back to********** and about 2 or 3 days later I was informed that the motor was blown and I had to have a new motor put in which Shelbyville Auto Sales paid for. They told me it was a brand new motor and they paid $7,000 dollars for it. I was the one that had to keep calling and checking up on the progress while they were putting the "New" motor in which took 2 weeks while I was out of a vehicle during those two weeks and **** told me he was not going to give me another vehicle to drive. I was not notified of anything by********** or Shelbyville Auto Sales when the truck was done, I saw it fly by me down the road so I headed to********** to see what was going on and they told me they were test driving it to Shelbyville Auto Sales, so I headed there and the truck was not there, and **** told me it was at their shop and I could pick it up the next day. That day I had my girlfriend pick up the truck while I was at work and he told me he wasn't going to release the truck until I paid $150 for the tow bill from having it towed to**********. I did not pay that tow bill and I don't plan on it. He gave my girlfriend the truck and tag and I didn't have any problems with the truck for about 2 weeks, until recently the gears have been slipping and now I don't have 5th or 6th gear. The truck is running on limp mode so I had it looked at by a professional transmission mechanic and his results were that when they put the motor in, they did not drop the transmission and now my torque converter is messed up. I informed **** of this and he said he was no longer helping me due to me not paying the $150 tow bill. Ok. So then comments were made on ******** by **** on a status that he had paid $6,000 to help me out and it was my fault the truck was the way it is and that I hadn't paid a dime for it. Not to mention the 20,000 dollars I spent on the truck. I am now stuck with the truck because I cannot sell it for retail price because my bank won't release the title until I get $25,000 for it. **** also told me he won't even buy the truck back

Desired Settlement
I would like my money back

Business Response
I will address the many inconsistencies in ********'s statement.

We tried in every way to help ********* and not turn our back on a local customer. In this case, ********* did not purchase an extended service agreement so therefore this was sold AS-IS.
Although this was sold AS-IS, we still chose to help ******** and spend over $7,000 for a motor, lift pump and tow bills.
We had noticed a problem with the air before he bought it and found the problem could cause the truck to overheat. ********* insisted on driving the truck and not waiting for us to repair the problem. This is when he first had problems and had to return it.
After this was fixed ********* then had motor problems which we again paid for the repair.
We loaned ********* a car which he returned with bumper damage, but never admitted that.
A few days later after ********* had been driving the truck, he stated the motor just blew up. After diagnoses from our mechanics and repeated phone calls from *********, we were told by the mechanic that ********* must had deliberately held the gas to the floor and make the engine blow a hole through the block. Keep in mind this is an AS-IS vehicle.
After finding this out we STILL PAID FOR THE MOTOR! ********* then continued to call the mechanics on a daily basis which was hindering the speed of the process. He also asked the mechanic to roll the miles back on the odometer to match the used motor because it had less miles. AT NO TIME DID ANYONE TELL ********* THIS WAS A NEW MOTOR. HE KNEW ABOUT THE MOTOR AND SPOKE WITH THE SHOP EVERYDAY.

We sell over 600 vehicles a year and have very few complaints. In this case we spent in excess of $7,000 on a truck that by law was an AS-IS vehicle. We feel we went above and beyond what was required to do but we felt the need to the right thing.

We will always stand behind our vehicles, but we can't stand behind the people that drive them in this way.

08/21/2014Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Truck was represented as very good. We drove 400 miles each way.The truck had 4 bald tires a broken fog light would not pass ********* just smiled!
I spoke to **** ***** over a period of 4 days about a 2007 Dodge XXXX Xx4 diesel that was on his lot for sale. He said that the outside tires on the rear weren't as good as the rest but they would be fine for a while. He did not say anything about the broken fog light on the front, or the pealing chrome on the front grill or the fact that the 4 rear tires where so bald
that they would not pass *********** He got my trust by installing a free brake box and a ball in the bed, the rest of the hitch in the bed was already there. He should have been honest about the overall condition of the truck, I would have kept looking. My wife and I took off time from work and drove 400 miles to buy the truck, we where very excited and talked the whole way about how much fun we would have camping. When we got there we where met by a women I did not know and introduced to **** *****, he is the manager......the manager lied to me

Desired Settlement
We lost time at work, paid for 2 hotel rooms and spent over $250.00 in gas. I want $750.00. For being mislead, lied to, and wear and tear on my truck and trailer. ***********.

Business Response
These are pre-owned vehicles. Mr. ****** wouldn't even let us address his concerns. If had given us time instead of rushing off we had a new fog light and a grill that could have been installed. The tires measured 4/32 and we did tell him that they were not new! All the questions he asked were answered prior to him making the trip.
These are cosmetic issues and the truck was 7 years old. I don't think Mr. ****** realized that.
Mr. ****** took one look got mad over minor issues that could have been fixed, but chose not to give us a chance to fix them. He didn't even drive the truck! He not one time asked for close up pictures of the truck or grill which by the way is a common issue and about 50% of these trucks have the exact same problem!
If no one came to look at vehicles we would just ship them all over the US and our job would be easy. Customers do come just to drive and look at vehicles to see the condition. Mr. ****** wouldn't even drive the truck over $100 in cosmetic issues? We always stress these are pre-owned and not new! But in this case we were not given the chance to make this right.
Mr. ****** just left without saying anything.
We really don't see the validity in asking for money after not even driving the truck or asking if these issues could be addressed.
We wish Mr. ****** luck in finding a 7 year old truck with 160,000 miles in pristine condition.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I looked at 6 more trucks with the same grill at shelbyville auto that day and only one of them had the same problem. There was no offer to make any repairs from ****, the manager, just a offer too look at other trucks. I left with out a word because those words would not have been nice, and any response other than silence from **** would have landed him in the hospital. It is very clear from ****, the manager, that this was all my fault for trusting him and taking his word about the condition of the truck. I have been a motor head since I was about 6 years old and I know that a 2007 truck with that many miles is not going to be perfect. Looking at the pictures you can't see those problems, check it out for yourself on their website. Hey ****, the next time you get to southwest Virginia give me a call......I'd love to buy you lunch.....**** ******.

Final Business Response
Being a " motor head" **** should know cosmetic issues could be addressed. The most important part is the powertrain! Of course when you don't take the time to even drive a truck, it is hard to know that. We don't believe in this type of behavior and threating statements, instead we will just say that the issues that **** was concerned about could have been addressed. Even his wife stated " lets drive the truck". **** didn't give us a chance to do anything. He was here maybe 15 minutes. We have always tried to make these pre-owned vehicles in the best shape possible. We sell many trucks and this is the first time in 4 years, someone has left over such minuscule issues. Some customers just can't be satisfied and we understand that. We also wish every time we bought a truck online and it's not as good as it looks online, that the Auction company would give us our money back! Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way for anyone.

07/08/2013Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Dealership attempted to rush deal through to acquire the signature and title to my paid off vehicle. Made bad loan promises.
When dealing with Shelbyville Auto Sales they rushed my deal through with almost no explanation of contract. After having trouble with the bank who was financing the truck I was informed they were going to cancel the loan. I then told the car lot that I just wanted my vehicle back and was told that was not possible because I had already signed the paperwork. They continued to push the bank to make them push the loan through. I essentially feel like I had my truck forcibly stolen through somewhat shady legal ground.
All around this experience was extremely unprofessional and shady.

Desired Settlement
There is no possible way that anyone can satisfactorily settle this issue. I have been cheated out of a paid for vehicle and there is no way that they can undo the damage that they have done.

Business' Initial Response
Mr ********** purchased this vehicle over a week ago on a Saturday. He was in no way rushed or hurried. He bought the truck after being at our store a total of 4 hours and left and came back in. He signed a contract and his title over to us and took his new truck home. We went out of our way to get this deal done for him because the truck had over the amount of miles for the lender to approve. Also *******'s income was mostly cash due to his landscaping business which we overcame for him. But if he thinks we rushed funding though ** ****** ***** I appreciate his thought of us is so high. Lenders don't rush contracts for anyone for any reason unless they see fit. Bottom line he has buyers remorse and signed a contract and is a owner of his new truck!

06/25/2013Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

This complaint involves Shelbyville Auto Sales promising a repair on a vehicle before sale, and not making the agreed upon repair.
We purchased a 2004 Nissan Frontier Pickup from Shelbyville Auto, May 6, 2013. During the initial test drive the check engine light came on. It was determined to be a knock sensor. They agreed to either reduce the price $300 and let us fix the sensor or add $300 and they would fix it. We agreed to pay the $300 to have it fixed. My husband questioned them about the repair, the salesman offered to produce a receipt, so he believed the work had been done. After the purchase was complete and we had taken delivery on the truck, the check engine light came on again. It was determined that the knock sensor had not been replaced. When my husband questioned the salesman about it, he indicated that they replaced the spark plugs and wires instead, and he would do what he could to make it right. Subsequent text messages were made and the salesman offered us a $300 check to have the repairs done ourselves, then later indicated that he had sent our complaint to the owners and they would have to decide.
After we received no response from them, I sent an email expressing my disappointment in our buying experience. I told them why we initially did business with them, but that we were now feeling cheated, and they had dealt with us dishonestly.
Their reply was that they did a 'tune up' on the truck at a cost of $250. I was accused of insinuating that they were liars and thieves and was told that "I do not want to offend you, but there are some customers you can't satisfy in this world".
Their solution to the problem: Since we agreed to pay $300 for the repair, they would deduct the $250 for the 'tune up' leaving a balance of $50. We bring the truck to them (a 2 hour drive, one way, and a day loss of work) they apply the $50 balance toward the $315 cost of replacing the knock sensor - which would leave us paying them an additional $265.
My complaint is this:
We paid them $300 to replace a knock sensor. They didn't.
Their salesman promised a $300 check to make it right. They didn't pay it.

Desired Settlement
The Salesman at Shelbyville Auto Sales promised us a $300 check to have repairs made to the truck. While it would be nice for them to acknowledge that the whole ordeal was a result of ineffective communication. All we want is the truck fixed, this time by someone we trust.

Business' Initial Response
We diagnosed the truck after the initial scan and the mechanic felt the truck needed plugs and wires not the sensor. We replaced the plugs and wires. The customer took vehicle home and then service engine light came back on. Customer then proceeded to make accusations toward us that we didn't do any repairs. We offered to fix sensor, but customer stated they wouldn't let us fix problem unless they could be here and watch mechanic perform work. Due to insurance policies, there was no way this could take place. We had offered a $300 credit for the repairs and we spent almost all that but the customer still had $50 left over. These are general maintenance items not major engine or transmission problems that would covered by warranty. We would be pleased to fix the sensor for the additional cost of the sensor and labor minus the $50 credit ($265). If customer doesn't want to accept the resolution we understand, but this is our offer.

Consumer's Final Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
What I understand here is that you're refusing to stand behind an offer made by your sales staff because of what you perceive MY attitude to be. And that the issue with the truck is because it is a high mileage truck that was sold AS IS.
We bought it in good faith, based on text messages from YOUR salesman. He told us you were doing a particular repair, and you just simply didn't do it. He even offered to produce a receipt.
So we've paid $300 for $250 worth of repairs - Repairs that we understood to be a knock sensor. We were not advised that the decision was made to do a different repair until after the purchase was complete and the check engine light came on again, and we had to question you about it.
Your salesman tried to accommodate the situation and offered to pay to have the repairs done. But now you want us to bring the truck back to you and pay you an additional $245.

To the best of my knowledge this is the conversation via text messages:

"didn't make 50 miles before engine light was on. scans shows same code as before. Thought this issue was to be resolved with a new knock sensor."
"Had mechanic look at engine a said maybe 2 bolts had a wrench in them recently but still trash around other bolts which would have had to be removed."

May 8, 5:18 pm "They diagnosed it said it was plugs and wires...So we put all new on it... I apologize will have to make it right"

"OK so i paid you over 300 dollars for plugs and wires? I have a text where u stated u had receipt for sensor"
"I put new plugs in last night and those wires are not new"
"How and when will it be made right?"

May 8, 5:52 pm "I will have the manager call"

May 8, 6:04 pm " It was showing a misfire so the did plugs and wires the light went off is why they thought that fixed it...just bring it back and we will do the knock sensor."

"That's a 70 mi trip. what about my fuel and time? I will have to take off work unless its saturday or sunday and this time I will have to witness"

May 8, 7:07 pm "We will just send u a check for 300 u can have it done."

"If u will recall u said i didn't have the time and resources to do it. the whole point was to take the problem off my back the whole point is being defeated."

Sent: May 9
"Wife and I agree to accept 3hundred dollar check. do i need to make sure its a certified check sent by certified mail or can i trust you with this?"

"And I dont want to hear anything like you only cut checks on wednesdays or the first or 15th. you take checks everyday so you can cut checks every day."
"When can i expect check?"
"Really would appreciate a response."

May 9, 2:33 pm "I have forwarded your responses and statements to the owner and general manager. It will be up to them...

"Whos decision was it yesterday when u made the offer?"
Sent May 15
"It has been a week since I made you aware of the problem with the truck. What is the status of your decision?"

We received no response until after I sent an email expressing our disappointment with our buying experience

I will be happy to forward a copy of the email to the Better Business Bureau. I won't duplicate it here because it has personally identifiable information in it.

It is my opinion, and I suppose that's all it is... that if you wanted to maintain your integrity, you would have stood behind the word of your sales person, regardless of how you felt about our attitudes.

According to you, we've paid $300 for $250 worth of repairs. You've made it quite clear that you won't be "bending over backwards" for us. Why would we be inclined to come back to you for anything?

Business' Final Response
******'s POV is her own and there are some other things she is leaving out like insinuating we were liars never doing the initial work. Which we do have documented. Also demanding they be witness to the watch the mechanic do the knock sensor repairs, which is against their insurance policy. Bottom line if she hadn't been so disrespectful we would have been more apt to bend over backwards for her. We did $250 in repairs, they only paid $300 which we did at our dealer cost. The sensor with labor and parts cost an additional $245 than they paid. We will honor our offer of replacing the knock sensor at our cost at $245. If they fixed it at any other retail price it would be over $500. If they choose to not do the work with us it is there right not to, but once again this is our offer. Cars are not a science it is a high mileage truck that was sold AS IS. The fact we are still trying to accommodate the situation should show our integrity.

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