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Murfreesboro Volkswagen Hyundai

Phone: (615) 898-0700

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06/02/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Undisclosed damage/repair to like-new vehicle has now come undone.
In July 2013 we purchased a certified pre-owned 2013 Passat *** from this dealership. The vehicle had a perfectly clean Carfax report and we were told by the sales assoc, *************, that it had been driven by a VW exec from Chattanooga, where the VW mfg plant is located. They also offered to reduce the price to beat another dealership's price for a similar vehicle. This all sounded great, so we completed the purchase and drove away happy.
On April 22, 2015, I noticed that a large piece of paint on the roof, right above the center of the windshield, had cracked open and broken off. The next day, a service rep at the Cool Springs VW dealership said it appeared to be bondo filler coming loose and that I should take it to SE Signature where it was purchased. The service manager at SE Signature, *************, said that it appeared as if something had caught the lip of the roof and ripped the paint loose. I assured him this was not the case. He said the material under the paint was not bondo, but a polymer used under all of the paint. He said paint is not covered under warranty, that I would have to pay out of pocket and referred me to his friend at the collision repair business across the street. The guy at the collision center immediately identified the material that was coming loose as bondo and also pointed out that the metal underneath had been ground down. With the aid of a paint mil gauge, he determined that the hood, roof and other portions of the vehicle had been repainted, with the area between the windshield and sunroof being significantly thicker. He suggested I go back to the dealership.
I returned to the dealership and Blake agreed to have the service rep, *****, open a case to have the vehicle repaired under warranty. ***** took pictures of the affected area and said they would contact me soon. On 4/27, ***** called and said the case was denied. I asked to speak to someone else and was directed to ***, the ops mgr. *** agreed to contact their dealer rep and pursue the repairs. He also told me that the current Carfax report now shows an accident that occurred prior to our purchase being reported more than 2 months after the purchase. On 4/30, ***** contacted me and said the repair coverage was approved and told me to get an estimate from a local repair shop.
On 5/1, I received a repair estimate that included the entire roof being replaced and costing nearly $4,000. The guy that performed the estimate did a simple feel test around the door openings and stated it was obvious the vehicle had been repainted. I emailed the estimate to SE Signature and was notified via phone on 5/8 that the repair was approved. I expressed concern over now being faced with owning a vehicle that will have had extensive repairs and significantly reduced value and requested to have some amount of the original purchase price refunded. I was told to contact VW Customer CARE about my concern and did so the same day. They told me I was misinformed about them handling refunds, but that they would investigate the issue. After several days of VW Customer CARE calling and telling me there was no response from SE Signature, I was informed on 5/14 that only the repair and a rental vehicle for the duration of the repair would be covered.

I find it difficult to believe, seeing as both repair centers immediately identified repainting, that the dealership was unaware of the same. I also now notice the Carfax report I was given was from 6/4/2013, a month prior to purchase. I recall the sales mgr, **** ********, telling me the vehicle had been with them more than a month, so "I knew it was safe." I feel that the dealership was dishonest and pushed for a quick sale in hopes of ridding itself of a vehicle requiring extensive repairs. While I appreciate the offer of repairing the vehicle, I did not purchase a CPO, 100% clean Carfax vehicle from a seemingly reputable dealership so that I could drive a car with a replaced roof.

Desired Settlement
I am requesting that the entire cost of repairs, the cost of a rental vehicle for the duration of repairs and a $2,000 refund from the original purchase price be provided by SE Signature.

Alternatively, I would also accept a complete vehicle replacement with a New 2015 Passat ****

Business Response
Unfortunately, because CARFAX relies on the reporting of damage by insurance companies, and therefore there can be a lag of up to a year or more in reporting, we had no way of knowing that the vehicle had been damaged when we sold the vehicle to Mr. ******. The CARFAX representative told me that they are a live site and update continuously as they are provided with information, but in this case the data wasn't available to them until after the sale date. The current Carfax states that the accident/damage reported occurred on 2/19/13 but "CARFAX began reporting this information on 10/07/13." Due to this lag in information reporting we had no reason to believe there were any issues with the car as the CARFAX report was clean on the date of sale in July of 2013. The fact that the body shops were able to notice the defect in the paint does not mean our technician's, who are not body/paint experts, could have seen the issue almost 2 years prior. Mr. ****** himself did not notice any issues with the paint for the 21 months he owned the vehicle before the paint peeling began.
The fact that Mr. ******'s CARFAX report is dated 6/4/13 would not make any difference as CARFAX states that the information was not begun to be reported by them until 10/7/13 so running a new CARFAX on the date of sale would not have shown the accident/damage reported.
All this being said, I personally felt for Mr. ****** and reached out to our VW Regional Manager to inquire about assisting with the repair and VW readily agreed to cover the cost of repairs and a rental vehicle for the duration.
We had absolutely no intention of duping Mr. ****** into buying a vehicle that had damage as we had no knowledge whatsoever of the damage. We have never made any attempt to hide any damage/accident information from a customer and always willingly provide a CARFAX report for any used vehicle we sell. Again, due to the lag in information reporting to CARFAX, which is completely beyond our control, we had absolutely no knowledge of any accident/damage with the vehicle and therefore will assume neither liability nor responsibility for compensation to Mr. ******. The repair is being completed, at no cost to Mr. ******, due to our good intentions and our efforts to contact VW to assist with the repair to help the customer who is in an unfortunate situation. If Mr. ****** is interested in trading the vehicle in we would be more than happy to discuss any options available to him.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
I understand the dealership's position. I guess that's the chance you take when buying any used vehicle. I would like to move forward with the repairs and also discuss future trade in options. I would like to speak to someone knowledgeable in the dealership's policies though. When I brought this up before, I was referred to VW Customer Care and was then told that I had been misinformed.

03/10/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

paid to have my drive belts changed on 06/14 belts became very noisey I went to ******** Hyundai in 12/14 and they stated belts were not changed
date of service 06/12/13 invoice no. H1CSXXXXXX service advisor is *********** Paid $719.71 to replace the timing belt tensioner, and both drive belts and a oil change on a bank card. Drive belts became noisey so I went to ******** Hyundai for service and they showed me the belt and said it was not changed and is coming apart aiso if they did not change the drive belts they are not sure if the timing belt was changed

Desired Settlement
to pay ******** Hyundai to replace my belts

Business Response
Mr. *******'s timing belt, tensioner & both drive belts were replaced on 6/12/13. I have no reason to doubt that the work was completed as recorded at that time as we have never charged anyone for work we have not performed. The work was completed 19 months prior to Mr. *******'s complaint and it is highly unlikely that anyone could tell, 19 months later, if a belt was not replaced. In addition Mr. ******* is in New York state and is not willing nor able to bring the vehicle in to our dealership so that we may verify his complaint. Without the chance to inspect the work ourselves I can not refund anything. There is no way to know that what Mr. ******* is claiming has happened is legitimate without personally inspecting the issue. I called Mr. ******* to disucss the issue the same day he called me and I never heard back from him.

01/06/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Dealer refuses to repair vehicle purchased three weeks ago
In the process of purchasing the vehicle and test driving it, the oil level light came on and off. When I questioned the salesperson, he explained it was due to the weather change. I liked the vehicle and it appeared to ride smoothly, so I decided to purchase it for the advertised price of $14,488.00. When I went to complete the paperwork the finance representative had the price at over $16,000 (what I was approved for). When my husband spoke to him and told him it was false advertisement he changed the price back to $14,488. We purchased the vehicle on 11/10/14; when proceeding to leave the lot the vehicle had to be jump started. The salesperson stated it was because of the cold weather or a light left on. When I questioned about the sensor lights coming on, he again stated that the low engine oil light was on then off because of the weather change; and the tire pressure light was on but would reset itself when driven for a longer period. I contacted the salesperson at one week and I was told again the lights were on because of the weather; then at two weeks I was told at that point that I should have the oil checked and take the car to a dealership to have the tire pressure sensor reset. After doing so, there was hardly any oil in the car (1/4" on the dipstick) and the rear driver side sensor needed to be replaced on the vehicle. Very disappointing that I was lied to! Now here it is the third week and the right side of the vehicle is vibrating vigorously when accelerating from 30 MPH. I took the vehicle back to the dealership and they advised there is a leak in the front passenger **** and the driver axle may also need to be replaced as well, but to replace the passenger **** first. They proceeded to tell me that this will have to be paid for by me. When I inquired about the inspection performed on the vehicle and that it was not disclosed to me verbally, on paper nor in the CarFax that there was a problem they informed me that "As Is" means "As Is". I again stated that this was not disclosed to me and had I known the axle would need to be replaced I would not have purchased it "As Is" unless it was repaired. The experience at Southeast Signature Motors in Murfreesboro as a female was of the utmost disgrace, unprofessional and full of lies to sell me a car. Where is the honesty? Why inflate the price to what I was approved for instead of the selling price? Why lie to me about the oil level and tire pressure sensor lights coming on and blaming it on the weather? Why is it when I have only had this vehicle for three weeks and have not even paid one car note I am told that I have to pay for the repair? What happened to good faith? I was very honest with my information when I went to purchase the vehicle. I did not try to fast talk anyone and I did not lie about anything.

Desired Settlement
I would like for Southeast Signature Motor to make this right and replace both the driver and passenger **** axles. I can understand if the tire sensor pressure is not repaired, because I left the lot knowing that the light was on.

Business Response
Mrs. ********** purchased the vehicle in question, 2007 Lexus ES350, as a used vehicle with approximately 87,767 miles on it. She purchased this used vehicle As-Is.
The vehicle was sold at the advertised price of $14,488, as stated by Mrs. **********. At times the Finance Manager may not know that a vehicle is an internet special, or may have offered added products such as an extended warranty; this is common on a used, as-is, vehicle purchase. But, as stated by Mrs. **********, we sold the vehicle at the advertised price of $14,488.
The issues of the need for a jump start and the lights coming on are both symptoms of cold weather and are not uncommon. Mrs. ********** did not bring the vehicle back to us to inquire about the oil level and therefore I have no proof that the vehicle was indeed as low as she claims. In order to have been able to verify this claim we would have requested the vehicle be brought back to us in order to verify.
When Mrs. ********** brought the vibration issue to our attention she had owned the vehicle for 3 weeks and had put nearly 3000 miles on it, including a trip to Texas as stated by her husband to me on the phone. When purchasing a used, as-is vehicle, with nearly 88,000 miles on it, the customer has to assume the inherent risk of something possibly going wrong at some point in the future. I spoke with Mr. ********** on the phone about this and he agreed that purchasing a used vehicle with this kind of mileage includes the risk of problems arising in the future.
At the end of the day Mrs. ********** bought a used car, as-is, that is almost 8 years old with nearly 90,000 miles on it which carries the possibility of future problems. We cannot be held liable for anything and everything that goes wrong, especially 3000 miles later, on a used car with that kind of mileage.

Final Consumer Response
I would like to add to my original complaint that I would like to be reimbursed for replacing the axles.

12/16/2014Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

The dealership sold me a 2009 Hyundai Santa FE on 12/31/2009 as "new" but was actually a demonstrator and did not disclose that it was a demonstrator
On October 28,2014, when I took my vehicle in for repair,I discovered that my vehicle had been placed in service on October XX XXXX as a demo even though I purchased it new on 12/31/2009 and it was never disclosed to me that it was a demo or that it did not have the full manufacturers warranty. This is in violation of TCA Title XX XX XXX Sub b Sub 1 Sub B & C.

October XX XXXX - I took my vehicle in for repair and received a telephone call from service advisor ********** that he needed authorization for $110.00 diagnostic fee. I asked why because my vehicle should be under the 5 year warranty and I purchased it on 12/31/2009. He said he would call me back. When he called back he said it appears as though your vehicle was placed in service on 10/19/2009 as a demonstrator and it is 9 days out of warranty. I asked him how that was possible since I purchased the vehicle as new and it was never disclosed to me that it was a demo. He said he didn't know and all the managers were busy but he would work on it and try to get me a goodwill repair. I told him I would pick up the vehicle and that something must be wrong. After that, I looked at my sales agreement that shows the vehicle as "new". The title states "new" and there is no indication that the vehicle is a demo or that it does not have the full warranty. That same day, before I went to pick up the vehicle, I telephoned the service manager *************. I told him about my discussion with the service advisor and asked him how it was possible that my vehicle was not under the manufacturers warranty. And I told him that I was upset that I was sold a demo as new. He said that they do that all the time. I told him that I bet your customers ***'t know that and that's a dirty trick. He became agitated and said well I can just tell you that your vehicle is out of warranty and your claim is denied. I picked up my vehicle up shortly thereafter and told the cashier I was not happy about my discovery and she gave the telephone number to Hyundai USA. That same day I telephoned Hyundai USA to complain. I spoke to ***** (no last name) Claim #XXXXXXX dispute resolution person. She said it was probably just an error with the Retail Delivery Report (RDR) date and asked me to email a copy of my sales agreement and title which I did shortly thereafter. ***** telephoned me late that same day and said I'm sorry but we cannot help you your vehicle was placed in service as a demo on October 19. 2009. I asked her how that was possible because I bought the vehicle as new. She said I ***'t know your issue is not with us but with the dealership. The next day on October XX XXXX I received an electronically generated email from the Operations Manager at the dealership *** ******** asking for my feedback on their service. I telephoned Mr. ******* and told him I was unhappy that I was sold a vehicle as a new that was a demo. I gave him the info and he said he would look into it. A half hour later he telephoned me back and said I was absolutely correct and that Hyundai USA had messed up the paperwork because the dealership had sent in an amended RDR (to change the in service date) on my vehicle and Hyundai never change the date. He went on to explain that it is a common practice for the dealership to place vehicles "in service" and then go back and amend the date when actually purchased. He said they do this because of certain moneys involved between the dealership and manufacturer. He went to say that their criteria is that if the vehicle does not have more that 2 000 miles or has been in service for 120 days then they do not consider it to be a demo. I told him I did not think that was fair to the customer and I wanted my vehicle repaired and my warranty restored.
On 10/30/2014 I telephoned the Motor Vehicle Licensing Commission to find out if this was an acceptable practice and was told it is not. My vehicle was repaired on November XX XXXX at no charge. I still ***'t know about my 5 year warranty.

Desired Settlement
I am requesting that my full manufacturers warranty be restored.

Additionally I am requesting a $2,500 refund off the original purchase price because if I had known that this vehicle was a demonstrator and not new I would have negotiated a lower purchase price.

Business Response
The vehicle sold to Mr. ****** on 12/31/09 was originally received from Hyundai Motor America under a Service Loaner program. This program offers a discount if the vehicle is kept in service for 120 days or accumulates 2,000 miles. We have the option to opt out of the discount and immediately sale the vehicle. At the time of sale to Mr. ****** the vehicle only had 131 miles and so we reported to Hyundai Motor America that this vehicle would not be utilized under the service loaner program, all vehicles are sold as new if not previously titled. This cancelled any discounts that would have been received and we in error thought that the warranty coverage would begin at time of sale to Mr. ******.
Mr. ****** brought his vehicle into our service department for a dome light issue and at that time we discovered that the warranty coverage had begun on 10/19/09 and not the date of sale to Mr. ****** of 12/31/09. We immediately contacted Hyundai and got Mr. ******'s dome light issue covered under warranty. Although there was no malicious nor intentional action to misrepresent the warranty on this vehicle, we are willing to provide warranty coverage of 5 year/60,000 (whichever comes first) to 12/31/14 and the limited power train warranty of 10 year/100,000 mile (whichever comes first) to 12/31/19, which will coincide with his date of purchase.
As we did not receive any discounts under the Service Loaner program for this vehicle, we do not feel the customer would have been able to negotiate any further discounts at the time of sale. Although we did not act in a malicious manner or intentionally deceive Mr. ****** during the sale of this vehicle, we would like to offer Mr. ******, in addition to covering the factory warranties as stated above, $500.00 for his inconvenience and in the interest of customer good will.

Below is a copy of the letter regarding warranty coverage we have sent Mr. ******:

November 21, 2014

Mr. **** ******
Murfreesboro, TN XXXXX

This letter is to provide warranty coverage on your 2009 Hyundai Santa Fe, VIN 5NMSH13E09HXXXXXX. Southeast Signature Motors will provide coverage of the limited 5 year, or 60,000 mile (whichever comes first) bumper to bumper warranty from 10/19/2014 through 12/31/2014 and will provide coverage of the limited 10 year or 100,000 mile (whichever comes first) powertrain warranty from 10/19/2019 through 12/31/2019 due to the in service date of the vehicle being prior to the sale date.


****** ********
Operations Manager
Southeast Signature Motors, Inc.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
It is interesting that the business is now using the term "service loaner program" when in all previous verbal correspondence with the dealership and Hyundai USA they always used the term "demo" about this matter. Here again this makes me the customer feel they are being deceptive.
I am rejecting their offer for a diminished value of $500.00. After speaking with a reputable dealership manager he said $1,500.00 would be a more reasonable discount on a demo. I would accept that my manufacturers warranty be made whole since it was never disclosed to me and $1,500.00.

**** E. ******.

Final Business Response
Concerning Mr. ****** and the sale of his 2009 Hyundai Santa Fe, VIN: 5NMSH13E09HXXXXXX, upon pressing further with Mr. ******'s case, we have been able to fully restore his original manufacturer
5 year / 60,000 mile & 10 year / 100,000 mile warranties to his retail purchase date of 12/31/09. This warranty is good at any Hyundai dealership in the continental U.S.
The verbiage of service loaner program and demo is an issue of semantics, they are one in the same and both terms are used interchangeably. The vehicle was put into demo and/or service loaner status but was never operated for demonstration purposes as evidenced by the fact that the vehicle had only 131 miles at the time of sale. Because the vehicle was never operated as a demonstrator, sold as new and titled as such, we forfeited any and all dealer incentives on the vehicle so there were no discounts available.
As we have now fully restored Mr. ******'s original factory warranty we feel we have satisfied this complaint and no monetary compensation is due.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Obviously the vehicle was in a demonstrator status for 131 miles. And now that the dealership and manufacturer have discovered some way to "cook the books" to restore the manufacturers warranty to the purchase date, still does not compensate me for them not disclosing that this vehicle was a demonstrator vehicle when I purchased it as required by Tennessee law. Because of the aforementioned I am still requesting monetary compensation as well as the manufacturers warranty.

04/28/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Service issue on parts covered under warranty.
I have an 06 Passat **** than 100k miles on it and has been to this shop 3 times in the last 2 months and a few times in the past few years. As soon as I drove off lot, the check engine light came back on now one month later the light back on yet again. All the parts repaired were under warranty however I was advised by ************* that the car is old and has a lot of miles on it. I was told it would be an additional 5 days before they would even consider looking at the car to see that the issues still are with their parts under warranty that they fixed. I was also told they do not offer loaner vehicles as it is not under manufacture warranty just all the parts are still under warranty.

Desired Settlement
I want a refund of all the money I have put towards labor on warranty parts since the car itself is not a warranty and the work they do on cars is not a priority. I also want the car fixed right for the last time

Business Response
The vehicle, with 98,000 miles, was brought in on 2/28 for a "tune-up" due to misfires. We changed the spark plugs as requested to address misfires but the engine still had misfires. Our Master Certified WV technician with 12 years of experience traced the active misfire to an ignition coil and noted faults found in ECM P2293, P0303 & P0300. The remaining faults were traced to a failing intake camshaft and high pressure fuel pump. We replaced the faulty ignition coil and the intake camshaft, the camshaft follower and high pressure fuel pump, cleared the fault and retested ok. The vehicle came back on 2/25 with a check engine light on again and we found code P0455 for a faulty Evap Purge Valve and recommended a replacement of the Evap Purge Valve and retest of Evap system. We replaced the Evap Purge Valve and did a lube, oil & filter to resolve concerns. This was a completely separate issue from the coil and plugs done on 2/19. The vehicle returned again on 3/31, again complaining of a misfire. On this visit we found faults in ECM P0333 Knock Sensor 2 Circuit High Input, P0300 Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire, P0304 Cylinder 4 Misfire. We recommended a replacement of the remaining 3 coils for cylinders 1,2 & 4 which was done and the vehicle has not been back.
The customer has to understand that repairing a vehicle is a process, we have to start with what we find and start the process. In this case the second visit was for a completely separate issue so in actuality the vehicle has been in twice for the misfire issue, not 3 times. The first time it was in for misfires we did the work necessary to fix the immediate misfire problem in the most complete and cost effective way with the understanding that the misfire issue may not be completely fixed as all 4 coils could be bad. The second visit shows that the remaining 3 coils needed to be replaced which has apparently corrected the concerns. Instead of having the customer replace all 4 coils as we didn't know for sure on the first visit that all 4 were bad, only the one for cylinder 3 was definitely bad as it was throwing the code, we started the process with one coil in the hope that that would correct the concern but it did not and we had to replace the rest.
We do not have loaner vehicles unfortunately for vehicles that are out of factory warranty.
To the best of my knowledge at this time the vehicle is working correctly as it has not been back since 3/31.

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