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AAIMS Property Management

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Customer Complaints Summary

15 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 7 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Billing / Collection Issues3
Problems with Product / Service12
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints15

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04/11/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Delayed completion of repair

Complaint: Won't fix our stove/oven/broiler. It won't turn off and is dangerous. It's been 2 weeks. Not the 1st time either last time it took a month.
Our stove/oven/broiler will not turn off and informed AAIMS property management of such. A day or two later they sent someone out to look at it and the repair guy said it would most likely make sense to replace it due to cost of repair. Since then, there has been no follow up by AAIMS even though I specifically asked them to. We are unable to cook meals. This isn't the first time we had an issue with the stove, and the last time it took AAIMS a month to fix it even though we expressed that we couldn't cook ourselves meals due to the issue. For them to fix our stove last time it took extreme measures. We had to talk to military housing repeatedly and luckily they got them to fix most of the issues we were having. AAIMS was on the brink of getting blacklisted by not only military housing but also by my battalion commander. We've had many other repair issues that took many months to fix and were forced to live with. I dropped off lists in person, sent emails, and we set up meetings with our property manager, ******, and were subjected rude and harsh treatment and told that we were winers. She yelled at my wife and pointed her finger in her face and insulted me, all in front of the manager, and the manager did nothing. Finally, because of military housing they got the owner, *** *****, involved to fix repairs. Most of the repair issues were fixed and one of the major ones that had been repeatedly reported he tried to get me to pay half for, the stench of the carpet that still stinks. I lost several days of work and had to use leave/vacation days. Not ever did I get a single apology for the nightmare we had to deal with for the last year and a half from anyone at AAIMS Property Management, including the owner himself, *** *****. In fact we requested and demanded that we did not want to deal with our property manager, ******, who had been extremely rude not only to my wife but to myself as well, and that was not honored. Some of those repairs weren't fixed well enough but the fact that they were somewhat fixed was something we had to accept to be able to put the nightmare behind us and stop losing work time/vacation/leave days. I am so tired of wasting time with them. I am writing this on my day off instead of enjoying it! The cycle continues with AAIMS Property Management.

Initial Business Response
We are sorry it took so long to get the stove replaced. Because of the cost to replace this stove we needed to get the owners approval before spending the funds. I am sorry we could not act more quickly but we are not the owners and we need the owner's approval before incurring expenses over our authorized limit or we must at least give the owner a reasonable amount of time to respond to our request for maintenance.

I had previously talked to Mr. ***** about some issues he had months ago. I wish he would have called me when he did not receive follow up from my property manager. I would have made sure he received an update on the status of the repair. Lack of follow up is not acceptable. When one of our residents has a necessary repair we must get it completed in as timely a manner as possible. Because we were required to get approval from the owner before we could do this repair it took much longer than I would want.

We received the work order from Mr. ***** on Saturday March 1, 2014 stating that the stove would not turn off. We told him to turn the breaker off to the stove until we could get the repairman out to fix it. We contacted the contractor that day and gave them Mr. ***** contact information to schedule the appointment. My understanding is that he got out there that same day or the following Monday.

On Tuesday, March 4, 2014 the contractor notified the property manager that only two eyes on the stove worked and the oven did not work. The cost to repair would cost nearly as much as replacing it. The cost to repair or replace the stove was more than the amount the owner allows the property manager to spend on repairs without authorization. The owner is deployed out of the country and can only be reached via email. An email was sent notifying her of the situation and requesting a quick response.

We received a response on March 11th from the owner apologizing for the late response and explaining that where she is currently located she didn't have regular phone or internet service. She also stated in the email that she was trying to decide on the brand and color of the replacement stove but hadn't made a decision. After a few more days and no other response from the owner and considering two weeks was the limits of a reasonable time to require Mr. ***** to wait, the property manager ordered a replacement stove. Mr. ***** was notified on March 17th to schedule the time the stove would be delivered. This complaint was apparently filed on March 18th. The new stove was delivered and installed on Wednesday, March 19, 2014.

Making this decision without the owners approval, to provide Mr. ***** with a working stove has already caused another problem because the owner recently emailed us stating the model of a new stainless steel range she would like installed. As previously stated we already replaced it with a new flat top range but we did not purchase a new stainless steel flat top range because of the cost. We felt we had given the owner ample time to make a decision and notify us and we could not expect Mr. ***** to wait any longer for the owner to reply.

Mr. ***** mentioned in the desired solution of his complaint that the blinds in the home are falling apart as well. We are sorry but one thing has nothing to do with the other. The mini blinds were in generally good condition when Mr. ***** moved in with any damage noted. The move in inspection states "good mini blinds all parts intact". Dining room says there is a chip on right edge and Mr. ***** wrote "hard to maneuver gets stuck", the bonus room says one cracked slat and dirty and in bedroom #2 Mr. ***** wrote "1 plantation blind". The owner is not willing or required to replace the blinds at this time. As I remember I authorized the replacement of two mini blinds because as stated above there were a couple mini blinds noted on the move in inspection as being slightly damaged when Mr. ***** moved in. I am sorry but at this time we can not authorize replacement of all remaining mini blinds.

In regards to Mr. ***** statement "Fix it on my time now. I am not going to lose anymore leave/vacation days on this". We have little control over the contractors schedules. Mr. ***** will have to cooperate with the contractors in order to get necessary repairs made unless he wishes to authorize us to allow the contractors to use a key and enter the house when he is not there to complete any necessary repairs.

Again I am sorry for the delay in getting Mr. ***** stove replaced but we as property managers are not authorized to spend the owners money over the set limit without authorization or at least giving the owner a reasonable time to reply and give us authorization. I am reviewing our policies and procedures to speed up some of these repairs when we do not receive instant authorization from the owner but there are limits to what we can do without authorization.

Complaint Resolution: Company addressed the complaint issues. The consumer failed to acknowledge acceptance to BBB.

03/17/2014Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: None of the Above - Credit, Billing or Collection Complaint Issue

Complaint: We gave over 30 days notice and were out the 31rst of August as promised. Still charging us for September rent and a late fee.
In July 2013 we were on a month to month rental agreement as we had already stayed at the rental property over a year. We gave them written notice that we would be out of the property before August 31rst and gave more than the 30 days notice to vacate. The property manager refused to schedule a move out inspection two weeks prior saying I should have called before. They changed the locks and charged us for that so they had possession of the property. The property manager had also known the condition of the property as a routine inspection was done and is still trying to charge for September 2013 rent for *** ******* ****** Fayetteville, NC and an additional late fee charge. They were given more than 30 days notice and we were out before the date we had given notice too. ************** manager) was always very rude including the time I replaced my air conditioning filter two days prior to her coming and she ripped it out and chucked it on my floor throwing dust all over near my newborn child. She also stated that I couldn't schedule a move out inspection until after the date we were moving out even calling two weeks prior to schedule a move out inspection. We were charged for things like scratches on baseboards and a laundry room according door that the magnet was not fully in the door handle when we moved in. We went 6 months without a working upstairs shower and another full month without an upstairs bathroom. We also had two occasions where we went without AC in the summer, again I had a newborn in the home. The AC was fixed, but it did take a week on both occurrences. We replaced the front door knob and made copies immediately and gave a new key to AAIMS Property management hand delivered at our own expense worried someone would break in to the house before AAIMS would send someone to fix it. We were then still charged $70 for them to replace one door lock. I do own up to some damage that occurred and we had over a $1000 deposit. I did not feel we were treated as human beings and that ***** felt she could be rude and add charges on to our bill for things that were her own fault.

Initial Business Response
Mr. and Mrs. ***** postmarked their 30 day notice on July 31 to be out August 31. The property manager did not refuse to schedule a move out inspection two weeks prior saying Mrs. ***** should have called before. The property manager received the call to schedule the move out inspection the afternoon of Thursday, August 28th. Our property manager was told that the home would not be ready for inspection until late Saturday the 31st. She stated that she could not do the move out inspection late Saturday but our office was open from 10am until 5pm on Saturday and Ms. ***** needed to return the keys to our office before close of business on Saturday the 31st. The keys were not returned that Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. ***** were charged for September rent because they did not return the keys to us. We received an envelope on September 5th that was postmarked September 3rd but the keys were not inside. We had the locks changed because the keys were not returned. Upon receiving the envelope our property manager called Mrs. ***** to let her know we received an envelope but no keys were inside. She also asked why the keys were not turned in on Saturday as agreed. Mrs. ***** stated that "the military took too long and I did not have time to get there before 5". That was a Saturday and I do not remember during my time in the military that any out processing was done on Saturday's. Our property manager explained to Mrs. ***** that since she still had possession of the home after September 1st, 2013 that she would be responsible for September rent. We do not take pleasure in charging people for rent or damages when they do not do what they are supposed to do but that is part of our job. We are required to charge Mrs. ***** for changing the locks and September rent because the keys were not returned.

Shortly before moving out Mr. and Mrs. ***** ripped up and removed carpet their dog soaked with urine and destroyed. They did not replace it. They left this owner with a floor that had to be sealed, carpet and pad that had to be replaced plus doors and wood trim that was damaged by dog chew marks and had to be replaced. In all, the damages to this home exceeded $3,500 dollars and only $745 of that was rent and the late fee was only $37.25. After applying the security deposit of $1,075 Mrs. ***** still owes $1,724 for damages plus the $782.25 for September rent and late fees for a total owed by Mr. and Mrs. ***** of $2,506.25.

If Mrs. ***** would like to make immediate arrangements to pay off what she owes I will be willing to contact the owners and see if they would accept a lower amount for prompt payment of an agreed upon amount. I doubt the owners would be willing to accept any less than immediate payment of $2,000 because of the amount of damage to this home the owners had to pay for. Mrs. ***** may contact me personally at (XXX) XXX-XXXX ext 154 if she would like to make an offer for immediate payment which I will pass ** to the owner.

Mrs. ***** states "(property manager) was always very rude including the time I replaced my air conditioning filter two days prior to her coming and she ripped it out and chucked it on my floor throwing dust all over near my newborn child." I wish Mrs. ***** would have contacted me immediately after that happened and I would have checked into it. That action as stated is totally unacceptable. I do find it strange however that my property manager would remove a 2 day old air filter and even stranger that it would have enough dust on it to throw dust all over. I have seen hundreds of air filters and I have never seen a 2 day old air filter that has enough dust on it to throw that dust anywhere.

Mrs. ***** states they were charged for things like scratches on baseboards. They were charged for deep chew marks on door and window frames and severe scratches on doors. I have the pictures taken at the move out inspection to show the severity of the damage caused. I also have pictures of the damage caused to the laundry room door Mrs. ***** mentions.

In regards to Mrs. ***** statements that repairs were not completed in a timely manner. The first request for the AC was made on May 5, 2012. We contacted the Heating & Air Company on May 5, 2012 for the repair to be made. A new unit was installed on May 8, 2012. The 2nd request for the AC was over a year later on July 2013. This repair was made on July 13, 2013 by the company whom installed the new unit. The upstairs leak was reported to us on Saturday March 3, 2013 by a written request for maintenance made by the tenant. We contacted the plumber for this repair to be made on Tuesday, March 6, 2013.

I feel my property manager acted responsibly in charging Mr. and Mrs. ***** for the rent, late charges and damages they caused to this home. I am sorry but I do not think it would be legal or fair to the owner for me to agree with Mrs. ***** desired resolution.

As I previously stated, if Mrs. ***** would like to make an offer for immediate payment of an amount acceptable to her, I will contact the owners and see if they will accept Mrs. ***** offer and let her know their response.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
AAIMS had possession of the property before August 31rst and knew that the keys would be mailed as I stated that the weigh in places were taking too long as we needed the ticket receipts for our military records. AAIMS never stated that the keys being mailed would cause us to be charged September rent. The manager states that the evelope didn't have the key and that the mail feeder at the post office tore a hole in it. Yet, she also stated that the paper towel I had wrapped the key and taped it up in was perfectly fine. As AAIMS had a spare key to the property and knew we had vacated I do not feel we should be charged a full months rent. The property manager did refuse to schedule a move out inspection with over a weeks time of notice as I have phone records for proof. I have two witnesses that did not live at the property watch me replace the filter two days prior to the inspection and watch the same two witnesses saw the property manager throw the filter and dust all over the floor. The ac unit is under the property where dust and dirt blows in very heavily. The AC repairman had told us he didn't know of a way to fix this at the time, so instead we regularly changed the filters every couple weeks. I was told the carpet would be cleaned before I moved in and the same day before our furniture came inside the property I went out and got a rug shampooer and the water came out black and smelled of animal urine. My dogs were never even allowed upstairs and it was blocked off. AAIMS already took out all of our deposit money and I do not feel it is fair for us to pay all of September rent and a late fee as that is not a loss for their client either. They charged us to replace the locks a $70 fee and had a key at their office well aware that we had moved out. I am willing to offer a settlement payment of $1200.

Final Business Response
Mrs. ***** states "AAIMS had possession of the property before August 31rst and knew that the keys would be mailed as I stated that the weigh in places were taking too long as we needed the ticket receipts for our military records ". No we did not have possession before August 31st and we were not aware the keys would be mailed until after September 1st when we found out Mrs. ***** did not turn in the keys that Saturday as promised.

Mrs. ***** states "AAIMS never stated that the keys being mailed would cause us to be charged September rent." It is not that the keys might have been mailed that caused her to owe September rent. It is because she did not return the keys by August 31st. In fact, she never returned the keys. We received an empty envelope except for a piece of paper towel on September 5th and to this date we still have not received the keys from Mrs. *****.

Mrs. ***** states "The manager states that the evelope didn't have the key and that the mail feeder at the post office tore a hole in it. Yet, she also stated that the paper towel I had wrapped the key and taped it up in was perfectly fine." That is mostly correct except my understanding is that the office manager stated that the mail feeder at the post office MAY have torn a hole in the envelope. She was not sure what happened except there were no keys in the envelope we received.

Mrs. ***** states " As AAIMS had a spare key to the property and knew we had vacated I do not feel we should be charged a full months rent." I am sorry but because Mrs. ***** did not turn in the keys by the last day of August she was responsible for September rent. It does not matter that we had an extra key. Mrs. ***** never returned her keys.

Mrs. ***** states "The property manager did refuse to schedule a move out inspection with over a weeks time of notice as I have phone records for proof." It was two weeks in the in the original complaint, now it is over a week. The call from Mrs. ***** was actually on the 28th of August as stated in my original reply. If Mrs. ***** does have phone records for proof that she attempted to schedule her move out inspection before 28 August, I would appreciate it if she would forward me that proof or at least let me know the date she called and the phone number she called from so I can review our records.

Mrs. ***** states "I have two witnesses that did not live at the property watch me replace the filter two days prior to the inspection and watch the same two witnesses saw the property manager throw the filter and dust all over the floor." I was not there but my original answer stands.

Mrs. ***** states "The ac unit is under the property where dust and dirt blows in very heavily. The AC repairman had told us he didn't know of a way to fix this at the time, so instead we regularly changed the filters every couple weeks." I can not comment on what the AC repairman may or may not have said. My understanding of how an AC unit works is that the air return with the filter in it sucks the air from inside the house through the filter and into the unit to condition the air. The location of the air handler under the house would not affect the amount of dust that was sucked across the air filter.

Mrs. ***** states "I was told the carpet would be cleaned before I moved in and the same day before our furniture came inside the property I went out and got a rug shampooer and the water came out black and smelled of animal urine." I wish Mrs. ***** would have brought that to my attention at the time or at least noted on the move in inspection done on her property. My understanding is that the carpet was professionally cleaned before Mrs. ***** moved in. It has now been close to two years since Mrs. *** moved in.

Mrs. ***** states "AAIMS already took out all of our deposit money and I do not feel it is fair for us to pay all of September rent and a late fee as that is not a loss for their client either. They charged us to replace the locks a $70 fee and had a key at their office well aware that we had moved out. I am willing to offer a settlement payment of $1200." We contacted the owner with Mrs. ***** offer to pay $1,200 as payment in full for the $2,506.25 our records show she owes. The owner will accept $1,500 as payment in full as long as payment is made before April 30, 2014. This payment should be made by certified check or money order. If Mrs. ***** can not or will not make payment by April 30th 2014 we will continue collection efforts for the full $2,506.25.

Complaint Resolution: Company addressed the complaint issues. The consumer failed to acknowledge acceptance to BBB.

02/17/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Failure to honor a contract or agreement

Complaint: Aaims Property Management is withholding $875 of my security deposit citing untrue and exaggerated costs.
I rented an apartment at **** *********** *** from Aaims Property Management for about a year and a half. I gave them a $995 security deposit.

After I moved out a complete cleaning of the premises was executed in addition to the professional carpet cleaning as per the lease agreement. A copy of said cleaning receipt was given to Aaims Property Management. The apartment was in exactly as good of shape as I found it when I moved out.

I am an active duty service member in the US Army. After I moved out I deployed to Africa. A couple of weeks later my wife received $70 of my $995 security deposit. ***** ****** my property manager sent me the following list of reasons for keeping my security deposit:
Garage Door:

Move In Inspection stated: "good 4 panel metal bay door -no damage"
I found 3 areas of white paint/white areas on the 3rd panel & 3 horizontal dents in the bottom panel of the bay door.

Garage Floor:
Move in Inspection stated: "good but discolored concrete with no damage"
I found 4 tire burnout marks and oil drips

Wall #1 in foyer: Move In Inspection stated: "quadruple light switch, door stop with tip, outlet, bar area, opening to kitchen, speaker mounted up top"
I found sticker residue under light switch,12" horizontal scuff above outlet
Wall#3 of living room: Move In Inspection stated: " 2 outlets, phone jack, cable, light switch, touched up paint/patched areas"
I found 9 nail holes on wall #3
Wall #2 in kitchen: Move in inspection stated: "short, bare"
I found 1/4" chip in paint

Missing Tips on Ceiling Fan:
Bedroom #1 Light: Move In Inspection stated:"Brushed nickel & white 4 arm fan with frosted tulip globes & 4 bulbs, 2 pull chains with tips"
I found the tips missing

Closet in Master Bedroom:
Move in Inspection stated: "Door (2) good 6 panel wood with 1/3 worn paint, full length mirror in right inside. Inside: good clean carpet, 1/3 worn paint on walls, 4 white wire shelves, ADT Box & receiver plugged into outlet, round brushed nickel light with frosted glass globe"
I found the bottom shelf detached and laying on the floor

Towel Bar in Master Bath:
Move in Inspection stated: "Towel Bars: (2) chrome-Intact"
I found one laying on the sink in the master bathroom.

Shower area of Master bath:
Move in inspection stated: "Wall #7: Shower Head, Wall #8: Back shower wall, Wall #9: Side shower wall, Shower: Good walk in with good frosted glass door, good fixtures & drain screen, slightly discolored throughout"
I found the wall paper/sheet rock peeled up 2-3" around top of shower.

I believe the majority of these items to be either normal wear and tear or completely false. N.C.G.S. Section 42-51 and 42-52 states that costs incurred for normal wear and tear cannot be charged against a security deposit.

It is my belief that Aaims Property Management deliberately targeted me due to my active duty status in the US Military because they understand the considerable additional difficulty service members have dealing with complicated administrative issues due to frequent movement and deployment.

There are many young service members in Fayetteville, NC. Many of them rent apartments and homes due to their mobile lifestyle. Young service members are an easy target for the type of malpractice Aaims Property Management is currently undertaking against me. I hope that by issuing this complaint I will recoup my $875 and make Aaims Property Management think twice before deceptively keeping a soldier's money.

Initial Business Response
Mr. ***** notified our office by email in 1/8/14 that he disputed the charges against his security deposit. The property manager notified the office manager of the dispute and emailed Mr. ***** back saying she was reviewing the charges with her supervisor and that she would contact him back. After review of the charges with her supervisor adjustments were made and a total of $650.25 of his $995 security deposit was refunded to Mr. *****. Those items Mr. ***** was still charged for after review of his deposit letter totaled $344.75. They included $49.75 November Late fee, $150 for paint, dents and scratches on the metal garage door, $75 to pressure wash the oil stains off the garage floor, $65 for painting because of excessive nail holes (9) on one wall, sticker residue and a small chip in the paint on one wall and a one foot area of scuffs on one wall. He was also charged $5 for two missing tips on the ceiling fan pull chains. All other charges were removed.

Mr. ***** was notified of this by email from the office manager on January 22, 2014 and told a revised deposit letter with the extra refund was sent out on the 21st.

I regret that Mr. ***** was initially charged for items he should not have been charged for. My property manager was doing what she thought was right but upon review we found that he was charged for items he should not have been charged for.

Below is my property managers answer to Mr. *****'s complaint

The tenant's original move out inspection was scheduled for Friday, November 29, 2013 at 10:30 am. On the morning of the move out, the tenants called and stated they would like to be present for the move out inspection, but were running late and would not be able to be at the home until 11:30 that day. I re-arranged my schedule to accommodate them and arrived at the home at 11:30am. At about 11:50, I called the tenants and they stated that they had finished at the home and locked the keys inside the home. I explained to them that I did not bring keys since I thought they were going to be there and I would not be able to do the inspection until Monday. They stated that they were fine with that.

On Monday, December 2, 2013, I went to the home to do the move in inspection. The tenants left the keys, the garage door remotes & a receipt where they had the carpet professionally cleaned on the counter in the kitchen. I did the move out inspection using the original move in that they signed when they moved into the home. I found 13 items that were different than stated on the original move in inspection. I found white/painted/damaged areas in the middle of the outside of the garage door, indention bottom of the garage door, scratch on the bottom of the door from the garage to the home, oil drips & (4) tire burn out marks on the garage floor, sticker residue, scuffs & scratches, paint chips & excess nail holes in the living room area, missing ceiling fan tips, the bottom shelf of the master closet on the floor, the towel bar from the master bath on the sink and sheet rock peeling about 3 inches from the top of the shower in the master bath. I also noticed soap scum build up in the shower, hair all over the garden tub, the toilets were dirty, all the baseboards & blinds were dusty, the air filter need to be changed & several light bulbs were burnt out.

Over the course of the next month, I worked to get all items repaired or to get estimates to get all the items repaired and get the home back to the condition it was in when the tenants originally moved in.

On December 19, 2013, I sent the tenants their security deposit letter detailing how their security deposit was used and refunded them the balance. I charged them $49.75 for a November 2013 Late Fee that was on the account, $150.00 for Damages to the garage door, $175.00 to pressure wash the garage floor to remove the oil drips & tire burnouts, $65.00 for prorated cost to paint walls due to the sticker residue, the excessive nail holes, the scuffs & scratches in the living area, $35 to re-attach the towel bar & the shelf in the master closet and to purchase & install the missing tips onto the ceiling fan chains, $150.00 to repair the peeling sheet rock above the master shower, $300 to completely clean the home per the cleaning letter. Of the $995 security deposit that they placed on the home, they were refunded $70.25

On Wednesday, January 8, 2013, I received an email from the tenant stating that the email was a formal dispute of the withholding of the remainder of the security deposit and that they are requesting that we return the remaining security deposit within 5 days. If we failed to return the security deposit, they would file a complaint with the BBB & all correspondence would be CC to their attorney. I responded the same day and stated that my supervisor and I would be reviewing the files and that there would be some revisions and that I would get back to them no later than January 20, 2014.

On Friday, January 10, 2014, I received an email back from them stating that if we did not return the remaining security deposit by January 15, 2014, they would file a complaint with the BBB. He also demanded that we immediately provide all invoices used to justify the holding of the security deposit, all internal communications/reports and all minutes from any meetings held regarding the decision to retain the security deposit. They accused us of targeting them because of their status as an active duty in the US military. They threatened to do everything they could to put Aaims on a warning list with Ft Bragg Housing. They also stated that if they did not receive their money by February 1, 2014 they will have their attorney file against us for lost interest compensation, attorney fees, filing fees and court cost in addition to the security deposit.

After consulting with the supervisor and re-inspecting the property, the move in and the repairs that were done or being done, we found that some of the items charged could be considered fair wear & tear. I contacted the owner of the property that day and he agreed to pay for some of the repairs himself.

On Monday, January 13, 2013, I responded back to them to let them know that I am thankful for their service to our country and that they were not at all targeted or anything like that because of their active duty status. I told them that I did not even realize that they were in the military until I received the first email from them. I explained to them how I did the move out, the items I found that were different and stated word for word what the original move in stated versus what I found. I even asked them to look over the damages and asked if they had any insight on how the damages occurred. They never responded to the questions to try to resolve the issues

During the week of January 13, 2014 through January 17, 2014, I reviewed all estimates given, went through what the owner agreed to pay for and worked to get the remaining repairs done at the lowest price possible in order to resolve this matter with the tenant.

On Monday, January 20, 2014, I received and email from the tenants asking for the name, direct email and phone number for the supervisor. I forwarded the email to the supervisor. My supervisor responded to them by email but has not received a response from them.

The revised security deposit letter was mailed out on January 21, 2014. It was delayed by one day because of the holiday. The tenant was refunded $580.00 of the withheld security deposit. They were charged the $49.75 November late fee, $150 damages to the garage, $75 washing of the garage floor, $65 prorated cost to paint due to the damages/nail holes on walls in living room & $5 to replace missing tips on ceiling fan chains. They were refunded a total of $650.25 ($70.25 Refunded with original letter, $580 check mailed with revised letter.

Complaint Resolution: Company addressed the complaint issues. The consumer failed to acknowledge acceptance to BBB.

11/12/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: None of the Above - Service Complaint Issue

Complaint: The service was horrible before we moved into the house, while we rented it from them, and then they tried to charge us for several things after.
When we rented a house from this property management company, we moved in and the house was not clean, and there were multiple repairs that needed to be made. While we were living there we were assured that the repairs would be taken care of and that we would have an inspection every 90 days. They did come by to inspect and they wrote down things that needed fixed, but they never followed through and fixed any of it. Once we moved out they tried to charge us for problems that were wrong with the house as well as several markings and stains that were there when we moved in. I wrote to them telling them that many of the things they were charging us for were there when we moved in so they reduced the bill, but are still charging us for several things that they should have taken care of while we lived there. I would never ever recommend this company to anyone who is looking to rent or who is looking for a property management company.

Initial Business Response
On July 29, 2011 **** and ****** ***** rented from Aaims the property located at ** ********* ** in *******, ***** ********* On August 14, 2013 Mr. ***** relinquished the keys to the property and a move-out inspection was done. The following week, I personally talked with Mr. ***** and went over the list of damages he and his wife would be responsible for. Mr. ***** did not dispute any of the charges while we were on the phone. It was not until after he received his security deposit letter that he contacted me to dispute the charges. After our phone conversation I revised the security deposit charges and an updated letter was sent to him on September 27, 2013.

At the move-out inspection, it was noted there was writing on the walls, tears in the sheetrock, excessive wear on the walls and numerous nail holes. Mr. ***** was charged to patch and sand the tears in the sheetrock walls and kilz (primer / sealer) the walls due to all the writing. The Smiths were not charged for painting the walls. They were charged to replace two exterior doors due to numerous dents. They were charged for stains in the carpets that were not there when they moved in, removal of a wax or glue substance in the carpet and a cable drilled in the floor. They were charged to replace the fireplace hearth which was cracked down the middle, the a/c grate that was bent and had to be replaced, two missing window screens, a broken cable cover, missing bolt covers for the toilet, one piece of siding that was damaged on the exterior of the home, removal of child safety locks left on a cabinet and a door, and replacement of the broken latch on the dining room widow. They were charged to pressure wash the back door and nearby siding due to a blackish oily substance and they were charged to trim some of the yard that was not trimmed.

When the ****** moved into this home they were given a cleaning letter noting what they could expect when they moved in and what we expected when they moved out. They were also given a move-in inspection noting all damages at that time and had 48 hours to review that inspection, list any additional damage not noted and return the revised move-in inspection back to our office. The items charged to the ****** were damages that were not there when they moved in and were not documented on the move-in inspection. Also, the move-in inspection stated that the property was clean. There wasn't anything indicating that the house was dirty.

Aaims does not require the tenant to have the house professionally cleaned; however, Mr. ***** did hire a company to clean the house when he vacated. That company did a good job and the Smiths were not charged for any interior cleaning. The ****** were only charged for damages to the property that were beyond normal wear and tear and that were not listed on the initial or revision of their move-in inspection.

We ask that the ****** promptly pay the $895 in damages that were in excess of their security deposit.

Complaint Resolution: Company addressed the complaint issues. The consumer failed to acknowledge acceptance to BBB.

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Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Failure to honor a contract or agreement

Complaint: We have been out of Heating and Air for one week. Would like Property Management Company to give approval to fix HVAC. HVAC (Heating and Air) is been down since April 9, 2013 (one week as of today). I have submitted two Maintenance/Work Order forms to AAIMS Property Management Inc.. On April 15, 2013, AAIMS Property Management Inc. sent out All Seasons Heating and Air to repair the HVAC but All Seasons Heating and Air said they needed approval from the Property Manager. I spoke with the Property Manager's assistant yesterday and she said the Property Manager had give approval to Old Republic Warranty Company so that All Seasons Heating and Air could carry out the work. As of today, we still do not have any heating or Air. I have a 5 year old Daughter at home and this is starting to be unbearable. Any assistance you could provide would be most appreciated. Very Respectfully, ******* ** ***

Business' Initial Response
On April 10, 2013, I received a work order from the tenants, Mr. and Mrs. ***, that the HVAC was not cooling; I called that work order into Old Republic Home Warranty. The next day I emailed the property owner informing him of the needed air conditioning repair. I also emailed the tenant to let them know the work order was called into the warranty company and that All Seasons Heating and Air would be contacting them to schedule an appointment with them.

On April 15, 2013 All Seasons went out to the house and could not do anything until the warranty company gave them approval to re-capture the freon. Old Republic left me a message that they needed the owner's approval to re-capture the freon and their warranty plan did not cover this; it would be an additional $143 charge. I called Old Republic back the same day and gave them the ok for the needed work. I also asked them how long it would be before All Seasons could go back out to the house; the service rep told me it would be Thursday April 18th or Friday April 19th before they could go back out. I informed again that the tenant had been without air conditioning last week and to please put a rush on it. During my call with the warranty company, Mr. *** called and spoke with my Assistant, *****, and was told I was on the phone with the warranty company as they spoke and I gave the approval to go ahead with the re-capture of the freon.

On April 16, 2013, Mr. *** called and stated they had talked with All Seasons HVAC and they said they were waiting on my approval for the freon. I told Mr. *** about my phone conversation on April 15th with Old Republic. After hanging up with the tenant, I then called All Seasons and asked them why they told the tenant I had not given the ok. They explained they were waiting on the approval from the warranty company. I told them again that the tenant had been without air a week now and I had already given the approval. All Seasons then called Old Republic and got the approval. This was relayed to the tenant on the same day. I also emailed updates to the property owner.

On April 17, 2013, Mr. *** called and stated All Seasons had not been out to the house and when he called them they would not give him a specific time frame as to when they would come out for the repair. Then I called them and was told the tenant had called four times that day and was told they would be there that day but could not schedule a specific time. All Seasons assured me they would be there that same day. I called the tenant and relayed the information. At 6:00 pm I spoke with Mr. ***; who told me that All Seasons was at the property and working on the HVAC system. He did ask me what would happen if they needed to order a part to which I informed him to let All Seasons access the situation first. Then after our conversation, Mr. *** called back and spoke with the After Hours On-Call Property Manager and wanted someone sent out to his house because his air conditioner was not working. I explained to the On-call Property Manager that the house was under warranty and that the HVAC company was actively working on the repair and not to call another HVAC company.

On April 18, 2013, I called All Seasons to find out what was going on. They told me that an evaporator coil had to be ordered and it would be a 1 ½ weeks before the part would come in. I then took it upon myself to call Air Control HVAC and asked if they could find a replacement evaporator coil quicker. I personally informed Mr. and Mrs. *** along with my boss, *** *****, about my conversation with All Seasons and Air Control and what process was taking place regarding finding the part

Air Control HVAC, xxxxxx xxxxx, found 2 evaporator coils in Durham, NC and said he was willing to drive to Durham to pick one up. To pick up the part and install would be $950. I called All Seasons to inquire if they could pick up the parts since they were Old Republic's contractor. All Seasons informed me that per the Old Republic warranty they could not make the purchase. During this time also, Old Republic called me and stated before they could order the coil I needed to authorize an additional charge of $170 to dispose of the old coil and install a new drain line.

I called Old Republic back and explained the problem with the a/c and that it looked like it was going to take another 2 weeks for All Seasons to get the tenant working a/c and that this was not acceptable. I asked if they could authorize Mr. ***** to proceed with the repair because he could have the tenant working a/c the next day. I was told no, but that I could take a cash-out payment of $700 to use toward the replacement by Air Control . I agreed to this because the property owner still had not communicated back to me after emailing him about the HVAC repair issue. I called Air Control HVAC and gave him the go ahead to purchase the part and make the repair.

I called the tenants to let them know that Air Control HVAC would remove the coil that day (April 18th) and would complete the repair the next day (April 19th). The only question Mrs. *** asked was what time would he be there. I told her I wasn't sure about a specific time but that he would definitely be at their residence both days. On April 19, 2013, Air Control HVAC installed the new evaporator coil and the unit had working air conditioning.

Today the property owner finally responded back to my emails. Per his instructions, he will give the tenant a 10% rent discount for May 2013. Their rent is $1700 per month; therefore the rent due for May 2013 is $1530.

*** ******
Property Manager

Consumer's Final Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

Complaint Resolution: Company resolved the complaint issues. The consumer acknowledged acceptance to BBB.

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Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Delayed completion of repair

Complaint: Will not fix numerous issues with our house.
We moved into this house on *** 16, 2014. Besides turning in the move-in inspection, we sent several emails to ***** ***** detailing the number of problems with the house. It is now June 5, 2014, and NOTHING has been repaired. The house was filthy when we moved in, blinds are broken (and covered in dirt), the hole in the wall behind the refrigerator has not been repaired, the dish washer is broken, the washing machine is broken, the dryer is broken, the upstairs A/C is broken, the fence is broken, there is a "fire pit" in the backyard filled with shards of glass and rusty screws, and there are gas cans and other debris under the back porch. This is all in addition to the numerous light bulbs that were never replaced, the crayon/pen marks/holes in the walls, the fan that is broken in the master bedroom, and the HUMAN MUCUS that was found on a wall in the master bedroom. This house is unlivable, yet my husband (who is an active duty soldier) is stuck in it.

Besides all of that, ***** (and anyone else) is IMPOSSIBLE to contact. We have had an ongoing email conversation that consists of me emailing her requesting timelines on when these issues will be fixed, and her possibly getting back to me a couple of days later. The only time I was able to get her on the phone was when I had an Army lawyer with me. It is almost comical how unprofessional this company has been.

I do not understand how a company could treat service members this poorly. They sacrifice everything for not only their country, but EVERY RESIDENT'S freedom, and this is how they are repaid. I can clearly see that we are not the only people who have had/are having issues with this company. The owners, managers, and all other employees should be ashamed of how they treat not only soldiers and their families, but just people in general.

Initial Business Response
Response to BBB complaint - Case # XXXXXXXX

Ms. *******'s statement that we will not fix numerous issues in the property is totally incorrect. Mr. and Ms. ******* moved into the property on *** 16, 2014 as she stated in her complaint. I will address each issue.

1. Nothing has been repaired as of June 5th - not correct see below.
2. The house was filthy when we move in - As Ms. ******* states in her complaint, her revised move-in inspection was received and no where on that inspection does Ms. ******* say that the home was filthy or even dirty.
3. Blinds are broken and covered in dirt - Again Ms. ******* doesn't say anything about blinds being dirty in her revised move in inspection. There is however, one set of broken mini-blinds. Ms. ******* was told if she wanted to purchase a set of blinds and bring in the receipt, she would be reimbursed for it.
4. The hole behind the refrigerator is not repaired. There is a hole that was cut into the wall behind the refrigerator by the plumber that repaired the ice maker line. The leak was repaired the day that that *******'s notified us of it. The repair of the wall had to be completed by another contractor other than the plumber and the contractor has been given the workorder to make the repair.
5. The dishwasher is broken - The dishwasher has been repaired
6. The washer and dryer do not work and were actually left there by another tenant. The *******'s have been notified of this and will be purchasing a washer and dryer of their own.
7. The upstairs a/c unit was broken - A repairman was sent out to the property and determined that the unit needed to be replaced. The unit has since been replaced.
8. The fence and gate have been repaired
9. The firepit has been cleaned out
10. The trash and debris under the porch has been removed

We agree that it took longer than we would have liked to get these repairs completed but at no time did we refuse to get them done. Since this complaint was filed, we assigned a new property manager to the property and Mr. and Ms. ******* met with the Office Manager and their new Property Manager. All issues were discussed and resolved at that time.

Initial Consumer Rebuttal
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
This response is not true, and plain insulting. As of today (July 8, 2014), MOST things are "fixed." The AC was replaced at the END of June (a month and a half after it was reported). The fire pit, trash, and fence were also replaced at the END of June (AFTER we went to their office and complained). We had to purchase our own washer and dryer, and the property management still refused to take the old ones from the house. ***** ***** AND **** ***** were informed that the blinds were broken & covered in dirt, and the house was filthy. It is also stated ON the inspection report that multiple things were broken (including the blinds), and that there was mucus on the walls. I believe that would qualify as dirty.


To try and make us seem like the bad guys is completely irresponsible. **** actually insulted us to an Army lawyer over the phone. The only two kind people that seem to work for this company are ******* and ********. The owners of the house refused to clean out the fire pit (which didn't seem to bother ****), but ******* sent a maintenance man to clean it out. It seems she understood that if anything had happened to our toddler due to that pit filled with glass and rusty screws, we would not have hesitated to contact a team of lawyers. My husband WORKS with JAG lawyers we are not joking around.

Neither my husband nor I have ever been treated like this by ANYONE, let alone an "A+ Company." We were called names (as if we are all in high school) by ****, the General Manager, to an Army Captain. Who runs their business like this?

Complaint Resolution: BBB determined the company made a reasonable offer to resolve the issues, but the consumer did not accept the offer.

03/04/2014Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Failure to correct billing errors

Complaint: I was charged over 1000 dollars worth of false damages. I was not given invoices/ receipts for supposed damages.
First of all I rented from re max not Aims in October 2012. During this time I was told to fill out a form that addressed all issues with the home prior to moving in. I filled out this form and returned it to re max. Despite many damages listed nothing was fixed. After living in the home for a fee months I was informed that my property owner switched over to A aims and aims as a result wanted me to sign a different contract with them.

I stated I was not going to do this because I had already signed a contract with re max. they then stated they needed to do an inspection on the condition of the home. Once again I reported all damages but a whole year went by and nothing was fixed. I called over 12 times especially about a non working ceiling fan in the master bedroom. When maintenance guys finally came about this they stood on my bed to fix the fan instead of using a ladder.

Once again I noted damages throughout the home more months went by and nothing was fixed. They had a maintenance guy come over 3 times. Each time they said they were noting damages, but neglected to fix anything. One of those being a screen door that aims is now charging me for.

prior to move out I had a friend helping me move and I made sure I cleaned all appliances. I later get a call from Krystle saying there were roaches in the fridge. I had no issues with pest in my housd hold other than spiders due to the back screen door never being fixed. she then stated again that their were diapers and trash left in the house. I have a witnesses that have seen the condition of the home after moving out and nothing was left behind.

I told Krystle I wanted copies of all charges and invoices to prove damage and she said she would get these out to me. When I called to ask for my deposit she then said that she made a statement saying I was charged over the amount of my deposit for damages to the home and that I owed money.

I said that there were no damages other than normal wear and tear and she also said that they would charge me to replaced carpet. a man came to my house prior to my move out date to get measurements and said they would be getting hard wood flooring instead. however Krystle said they were charging me to replace a carpet.

they also said they were charging me over 100 to get locks changed when I brought my keys up to the office. I asked the receptionist about if there was any other key because Inever used the dead bolt. She said she couldn't tell me what key it was so they chargedme unecessarily to get locks changed when they could have easily identified their keys.

I was also charged for trash throughout my home when I left nothing behind inside the home and put all trash on the side of the house by the trashcan.

Finally, prior to moving out Krystle told me if I stuck with A aims they would transfer have of my deposit over to the new place. She made this sound like the easier route, but then they took forever to process my application. I did not understand the delay because I wasn't coming from a different property management. I was trying to rent again through aims. I finally got word that they were not going to approved my application because they said I turned my last few months of rent in late. Even with eviction people are not denied a rental application but I was denied the transfer for just having late rent, and they are the ones that suggested I stay with them in the first place.

they kept my application fee knowing they had no intention of renting to me. stole my 1087 dollar deposit and charged me additional damages. then neglected to give me invoices And receipts proving all damages charged.

Initial Business Response
I called Ms. ***** and left a voice mail message for her to call me personally if she would like to go over the charges against her security deposit. In that message I also asked her if she would provide me with a copy of the inspection or list of damaged items she said she gave to Remax when she first moved in. When we took over the property from ReMax we were told she never turned in the inspection.

I am sorry Ms. ***** is not accepting that she is responsible for damage our records show she caused to this home and the court costs that are her responsibility. Our job as a property manager is to hold residents responsible for the rent, court costs and the cost to repair damages that are above and beyond fair wear and tear. The two main items we consider to be wear and tear are carpeting and paint. Stains and burns in carpet are not fair wear and tear but wear in traffic areas is. Interior paint should last at least 3 years. The interior was freshly painted before she moved in. Since she resided less than three years and rooms did need to be repainted, she was responsible for the prorated cost of the necessary repainting. When Ms. ***** moved we expected her to turn the home back to us clean and in good repair, which she did not.
Yes Ms. ***** was charged over $1,000 for damages and unpaid court costs but these were not false damages, they were real and we have pictures. She was given an itemized list of damages and charges which is probably what prompted this complaint. She was not given copies of the invoices as of the date of this complaint but they have since been sent to her.

Yes Ms. ***** initially rented this home from ReMax. We have contacted the previous managers at ReMax and were told that Ms. ***** never turned in the inspection form. If she has a copy of the inspection form she turned into ReMax I would like to see it. It may make a difference on what damages Ms. ***** is charged for.

Aaims was contracted by the owner to take over the management of this home in February 2013. Yes we did request that the residents sign our lease for the same rental amount and time period as the original lease. As she says, Ms. ***** refused. We discussed this with the owner who told us not to worry about it since we did have a written lease, even though it was in another companies name. Yes we did notify her that we needed to do an inspection of the property. We do a thorough move in inspection before moving anyone into a home. We did not receive a move in inspection from ReMax so we wanted to inspect the home to at least make note of the condition when we took it over.

In regards to the statement that she reported all damages to us and a year went by and nothing was fixed. She moved in on October 2012 and moved out 14 months later in December 2013. I am not sure about the repairs she notified ReMax about at the start of the lease. We took over the management in February 2013. On February 3, 2013 Ms. ***** contacted our emergency number and stated the hall bathroom toilet was leaking from the base. We contacted the owners Home Warranty company that same day and a contractor was dispatched. The repair was completed. That was the only initial notice we received of needed repairs and that was a call to our emergency on call person. We received nothing verbally or in writing about this or other repairs needed at that time. We didn't hear about any other needed repairs until April when Ms. ***** contacted our office about an issue with the AC unit. We promptly contacted the owners Home warranty company and the repair was completed. We did a regular inspection in June 2013 where we received a request for maintenance about the master BR ceiling fan, the front door not sealing well at the bottom and she requested that the owner install a light in the living room ceiling because there was not one installed when the home was built. The contractor that repaired the ceiling fan was again a contractor hired by the home warranty company. The work was completed and this complaint is the first I have heard about the contractor standing on the bed to repair the ceiling fan. That may have been necessary depending on the location of the fan and the bed but he should have talked to Ms. ***** before standing on her bed to fix the ceiling fan.
In regards to the screen door Ms. ***** says we are charging her for. There was no charge for a screen door. She was charged for putting a screen back in a window. There were charges for a damaged closet door and damage to the backdoor frame. I am glad she brought up how well she cleaned the appliances. I have pictures of the filthy oven, refrigerator and dishwasher. I also have pictures of the junk left in the cabinets, the trash left in the yard, the damage to the walls and carpet. I am not sure that her witness saw but I have pictures showing they condition of the home when it was turned back to us.

In regards to not returning her application fee for another property she applied for. The application fee is non-refundable and the application states that. It is non-refundable because we need to spend that money on a credit report and background check in addition to income verification before we or the owner can make a decision. Our properties are owned by individual owners, not the company so when an application is processed and the credit is not real good or there are problems with the landlord reference we will discuss the entire application with the owner before deciding whether or not to rent to them and if so, what deposit amount to ask for. Based on the credit and previous landlord information the owner did not want to rent to her so she was denied. Some of our owners may have accepted her with one or two months deposit but this owner did not want to.

I have reviewed the charges and based on the information I have I feel the charges are fair. If she has additional information about the condition of the property when she moved in I will be happy to review it and take it into consideration. If Ms. ***** would like to schedule an appointment to meet with the property manager who did the move out inspection and myself to review the charges item by item, we will make ourselves available to do so. If I find we charged for something we should not have charged her for I will make sure she is refunded those funds.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I did not report a broken eye on the stove because there was no broken eye! I have used all four eyes with no problem. I have no idea where the charge came from.

Further, providing a written review of what I have experienced with hour company is within my right to do so.

I have spoken with **** and can state for a fact that she has received all this paperwork and had stated to my husband the last sheet no longer was needed. I have also spoke with Stephenie about the same charges and the Hispanic maintenance guy came to my house 3 times along with the property manager Stephenie and another property manager who was man.

I have no reason to lie about what I have experienced and have seen numerous other reports that money has been stolen unfairly from customers.

Also initially when I spoke with Krystle over the phone the only appliance she mentioned was the refrigerator having roaches.

I have never had a pest problem and made sure I cleaned the fridge thoroughly. Once again a friend watched me clean the fridge.

Because these charges could easily be proved they were not me, I do not understand why none of the other property managers have responded to this thread. The fact that you have the audacity to sit here and state things were fixed in a timely manner when the Hispanic maintenance guy visited my house just a couple weeks before move out is crazy.

I only had 5 sheets because **** ******* said my husband did not need to worry about a last sheet. Once again I'd love to see how your pictures justify almost
2000.00 when paint and carpet are your main charges.

I was overcharged unfairly because of workers that have no integrity and enjoy manipulating and maintain corrupt businesses.

I have also had my husband keep a journal of every time he has contacted Aims. It has been over 15 times. When Stephenie finally did show up she mentioned that are issues were "unacceptable" and promised to take care of it in a timely manner. It never was taken care of and in addition I'm being charged for it

It is very funny I am being charged for a door my family has never used do to a draft where I tried to tape it closed so spiders would not be able to get through the cracks.

Final Business Response
We are not charging Ms. ***** for these damages because we want the money. We are charging her for these damages because based on the information we have these are damages she caused and should be responsible to pay for.

Ms. ***** did give us an inspection form. She provided pages 1 through 5 with all pages saying Page 1 of 6, Page 2 of 6 and so on through Page 5 of 6. Page 6 would have been the page signed by the resident and property manager when it was returned to the Remax Property manager. As I stated before, the Remax property manager said the inspection form was never turned in. Since the copy I received from Ms. ***** does not include page 6 with the signatures I have to believe the Remax property manager who says no inspection report was turned in. If Ms. ***** will contact the Remax property manager she gave the inspection report to and have that person send me a copy of the report she has I will be glad to consider that information and will not charge Ms. ***** for damages that were listed on the inspection which show they were there when she moved in. Of course items like the unpaid court costs, prorated cost of painting, cleaning and carpet cleaning will have to stand.

Ms. ***** is correct that almost all of the items she is being charged for are listed on this report, to include the broken eye on the stove. I find it hard to understand that Ms. ***** would not have notified us about a broken eye on the stove for the 9 months we managed the property if Remax neglected to repair it from the time she moved in and then we neglected to repair it for the entire time we managed the property. Another thing that makes me feel the Remax agent is telling me the truth is because the inspection report given to me by Ms. ***** seems to specify the items she was charged for with very few other items noted. I would expect there to be many items noted on the inspection in addition to those items she was charged for.

Ms. ***** states that when our property manager, Stephanie came out to the house "she made note of all prior damages and also received a copy of everything wrong with the house prior to moving in." If she received a copy of everything wrong with the house prior to Ms. ***** moving in I would think that would have been the time to give us a copy of this inspection but we never received it at that time. We didn't receive it until after we charged Ms. ***** for the damages to the house.

I also have a hard time understanding Ms. ***** statement that " no work orders completed by Aims were in a timely manner. In fact, many of the work orders never were completed at all." I specified the request and completion dates of many work orders while answering her prior complaint. Those dates show the repairs were completed in a timely manner.

Ms. ***** also states that " walls and carpet is normal wear and tear." I agree that some damage to walls and carpet are normal wear and tear but these walls had new paint on them when she moved in and needed to be repainted when she moved out less than 14 months later. That is not normal wear and tear. She was only charged the prorated cost of painting because we took into consideration the time she lived in the house. She was only charged to have the carpets cleaned and dirty / stained carpets are not normal wear and tear. Ms. ***** also stated in her original complaint that "prior to move out I had a friend helping me move and I made sure I cleaned all appliances." After I brought up the fact that I had pictures of the filthy stove she now states "The only appliance not cleaned was the oven." I actually have numerous pictures showing the lack of cleaning and damages caused by Ms. ***** which I will be happy to produce at court if Ms. ***** would like to go to small claims court and let a magistrate decide if the charges were fair. Of course at that time I will be asking for a judgment for the $777.50 of damages that we feel were Ms. ***** responsibility and were not covered by her deposit.

I consider Ms. ***** last paragraph to be untrue, slanderous and an admission that she is going to attempt to further slander my company. If I become aware of any further slander from Ms. *****I will not hesitate to act even if that includes legal action to protect the reputation of my company.

Complaint Resolution: BBB determined that despite the company's reasonable effort to address complaint issues, the consumer remained dissatisfied.

01/09/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Improper or inferior service

Complaint: Why even have a property management company if you are not going to do your job?
Nov 2012 our first tenants moved into our home and signed a lease in which it stated their rent would be set up on and paid by allotment. Even though we spoke with our property manager numerous times about the issue the tenants were never made to put the rent on allotment, hence in my opinion breaking the contract. Due to their irresponsibility when paying the rent we allowed them to end the lease early in Aug 2013. After hearing from a neighbor how horrible our house looked we made t he 3 hour drive to on the tenants' move out day to see things for ourselves. My husband took pictures and video which we are willing to share of the damage and condition of the home. Among things were dirty carpets, a busted door, mailbox door attached with zip cords, missing grass in the backyard due to a pool, dirty stove, refrigerator, toilet, numerous patched holes throughout the house, especially in the master bedroom, scratched microwave, holes in the ceiling, and crayon marks on the wall. When we asked our agent, the second in less than a year, about the damage he constantly made excuses for the tenants. Our current tenants were set to move in on Sept 5th but their date had to continue to be moved bc of the extended time needed to clean and paint the house. When asked by our agent would we like the entire house painted we responded , " No, " just the rooms that have the patchwork because of the holes the tenant busted in the walls. Before his departure our agent informed us that our previous tenant owed almost $2000 & we would not be responsible for anything but the painting, $450. I asked him why and was never given an answer. Therefore, I asked for a copy of the breakdown of repairs and a reason as to why I was responsible , but never received them, & was never charged. This month, Dec, 1/2 of the $450 was taken out of our rent and when I spoke with our agent, #3, I was told that agent# , " Honestly never took the tenants to court, " & because a bill had come in for the paint we were responsible for it. When asked why we were not charged for other repairs like ie the mailbox which we verified with the current tenants had been repaired, I was told let me check tomorrow. I was also asked was I told about the repair cost and responded no but had I been I would have bought paint and a brush and repainted myself if I would have known I would be charges for damages I did not do. I was also told that the toilet lid in the hallway bathroom was broken but had only been glued back together because agent #2 stated lids were not available only complete toilets. I have not been given an answer as to why I am responsible and do not feel that I should have to pay . The reason we chose to have a management company was to avoid the headache of renting out our home but instead have been given nothing but.

Initial Business Response
I am sorry this happened to *** and her property but we do occasionally get bad tenants who write a bad check for the rent and then move. It doesn't happen very often but it does happen.

*** is correct when she states that the tenants signed a lease that stated they were required to set up the rental payment as an allotment. They agreed to this before signing the lease and it was spelled out in the lease. This was discussed with *** before the tenants were accepted and the lease was signed. The tenants did not follow through and set up the allotment as required. We contacted them on numerous and told them they were required to pay the rent by allotment and they needed to get it set up but they never did. The owner was also talking to or texting them about the allotment. We explained to *** that we could not set the allotment up for them or force them to set up the allotment but we could take them to court for breach of the lease agreement. Taking the tenant to court required we pay court cost that would be deducted from the owner's rental proceeds. We asked her whether or not she wanted us to start court actions for the breach of lease and received no response from her. This point was brought to the attention of *** in a recent telephone conversation with the office manager and she stated that the fact that she never responded was irrelevant. In our opinion it was not irrelevant since we would have been paying between $186 and $301 of her money for the court costs and possible eviction / writ of possession. We offered and were ready to take them to court for breach of the lease but never received authorization from the owner. We do take tenants to court automatically for non payment of rent but when it comes to taking them to court for a breach of lease we want to make sure this is what the owner wants us to do before we spend their money and do it. *** seems to believe that because the tenant didn't set up the allotment, we are somehow in breach of our contract with her. The fact is the tenant is the one that was in breach.

Regarding the damages to the home. We completed 3 inspections on the home during the tenant's tenancy and notified *** in writing each time of the condition of the property and the messy" way the tenant's kept the property. These tenants were not taking care of the property as we would have liked and *** was aware of this. As *** stated in the complaint she was present for the tenant's move-out inspection and was very aware of the condition of the property. The property manager said he did not make any "excuses for the tenant" or damages they caused. He was just trying to list the damages, decide what the owner wanted to do and coordinate the necessary repairs to get the property back to rentable condition for the new tenants. In addition to the rent owed, the damages the tenant caused and was responsible for were as follows: Patch walls as needed and paint the master BR, mudroom and #2 BR; replace the master bathroom closet door; mow and trim the yard; replace one outlet cover; replace the mailbox and replace the hall bath toilet because the tank lid was broken.

The tenant was notified in writing of all of the damages they were responsible for. The security deposit was applied to the amount owed for rent and damages and the balance owed has been sent to a collection agent.

In regards to the painting, the reason Ms. ****** was asked whether she wanted the entire house painted or just the damaged areas painted was because much of the paint was not new when we took over management of the property and many of the walls with new paint had streaks, touch up spots and other imperfections. Then these tenants moved in and after moving out the manager thought it might have been best to paint all the walls. The owner did not want to do this so we followed her instructions and only painted those areas that were the tenant's responsibility.
In regards to *** not being charged for anything except the painting. It is my understanding that she did not want us to spend the funds to have the master bathroom closet door or hall bath toilet/lid replaced. Those items were not repaired. The other repairs were completed. In this particular circumstance the owner did not end up paying for the lawn maintenance or mailbox because the contractor who did this work neglected to turn in an invoice. Since we never received an invoice, she was not charged for it.

In regards to why she as owner is responsible for the cost of repairs on her home, I can only say that as with all rental properties the tenant may be responsible for the cost of the repairs but if the tenant does not pay for those repairs or the deposit is not sufficient to pay for them all, the owner is responsible for the cost of repairs done to the property. xxx doesn't seem to accept that as a homeowner, she may have to come out of pocket to repair her home even though the tenant caused the damages. That is what has happened here. She doesn't want to have to pay for any of the damages the tenant caused.

In regards to the statement that we never took the tenants to court. Court action was started against these tenants in August because their rent check was returned NSF and they did not pay for the check in a timely manner. We have not received payment for that NSF check. Most of the security deposit was used to cover the NSF check because the owner had already been sent those funds before the check was returned NSF. The security deposit would have covered the cost of all the repairs and damages caused by these tenants but since they also owed for this NSF check there were not enough funds on account to pay for the damages.

I would like to state that one problem we had in the management of this home with these tenants was that the owner was in direct contact with them and we would hear about their agreements second hand and after the fact. When this happens we often have problems.

In regards to the desired resolution. I can't agree with xxxx desired resolution. This is her property and her investment and we did what we legally could to collect for the damages. We will allow her out of her contract but do not feel that we breached our agreement in any way. The tenant is the one who breached the agreement.

Again, I am sorry this happened to xxxxx and her property but problems like this do occasionally happen and as the owner she is responsible for the costs to maintain and repair her property. The deposit would have covered these damages if the tenant had not written a bad check and then moved after we started court action to recover for the bad check.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I accept their " apology " of " understanding, " but do not feel that it is acceptable to have to pay management fees to a company that does not deserve them. Regardless of how unhappy you are with Aaims and their tactics you either have to suck it up and deal with it or pay an arm and leg to get away from them. Thankfully, I have found a wonderful management company that I will be switching to in February. I will be referring all of my military and non military associates to the new company, who has a very knowledgeable agent with superb communication skills and a contract that plainly states that their owners will be given estimates for jobs over $200 & the owner will then decide how to move forward!! I highly suggest Aaims starts doing that with their owners as well. Had xxxxx told me it will be $450 for the job, I would have driven my gas guzzling SUV to xxxxx from xxxxx, SC, purchased and painted the home myself. Yet, as I have already stated I was not given a bill until after the work was completed. Shady, shady actions!!! Please BBB place this case on your public board to see, so that others can be warned and saved from this company.

Final Business Response
I am sorry you feel your 2nd property manager was making excuses for the tenant. He said he did not make excuses for them but I was not there.

***** is right that we do discuss repairs with you before doing them. Especially major repairs. I am sorry you were not asked if you wanted to do the work yourself. If you would have just said I want to do those repairs myself, we would have been happy to let you do them.

I stated in the last response that you would be allowed out of your contract. As you stated and even agreed to in an email with xxxxx you will only be responsible for the remaining management fees for the initial term of the current tenants lease.

Again, I am sorry for the problems and I think I understand your frustrations. Your 1st property manager left us after 3 years for a job that I think paid more and / or was less demanding. Your 2nd property manager was a maintenance man with us for over 8 years when he had to have a plate put on his upper spine which limited his maintenance work. We transferred him to property management and he was in training. Your 3rd property manager, ***** has been with us over 9 years, first with secretarial duties and then book keeping. She has a NC real estate license and requested a transfer to the next opening in property management. She was assigned to work with your 2nd property manager for a month to get up to date on the properties and then took over the management responsibilities.

Again I am sorry for the problems this tenant caused.

Complaint Resolution: BBB determined that despite the company's reasonable effort to address complaint issues, the consumer remained dissatisfied.

10/08/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Failure to honor a contract or agreement

Complaint: They were suppose to inspect my property on a quarterly basis and never inspected for 7 months and only after numerous telephone calls.
Since signing a contract with Aaims Property Management I have had three different people manage the property. I have to make numerous calls to get anything done or a questions answered. They were suppose to make a quarterly inspection on my property and never went there to inspect for 7 months and only after numerous calls. Then hey are keeping the last month rent that the tenants paid for repairs, when that is what the security deposit is for. I have also made numerous calls and no one has gotten back to me on this issue. They are not re-renting he property, so any repairs other than the tenants responsibility I would repair, so I ask why are they holding the last months' rent. No one can give me an answer.

Initial Business Response
Ms. ***** signed a Property Management Agreement with Aaims September 12, 2012. New tenants signed a lease and moved into the property on September 27, 2012. The first regular inspection was completed January 22, 2013. The next inspection was scheduled May 28, 2013, but was not done because the tenants were out of town. The next completed regular inspection was August 1, 2013.

There were 3 different property managers who managed the property. ********* ****** who is the property manager who signed the management agreement with Ms. **** was the property manager from September 2012 through March 2013 when she went on maternity leave. **** ******* managed her property, while she was on maternity leave, from March 2013 through June 2013. Another manager was assigned to take care of Ms. ******* property when ********* gave her termination notice for August 31, 2012 because she was moving to Florida.

On August 30, 13, the tenants turned in a Notice to Vacate the property on September 30, 2013. Per the Property Management Agreement Aaims is supposed to hold the last months rent until after the tenant moves because when a tenant moves we need to make sure we have funds for necessary maintenance. The deposit is only there for damages that are the tenants responsibility and there is usually some necessary maintenance that is the owners responsibility such as the owners prorated share of painting, turning on the utilities for the work and maintaining the yard until a new tenant moves in. These funds are also necessary in case something that is the owners responsibility breaks down during the final month of the tenants occupancy. Ms. ******* property manager explained to her why the last month's rent was being held but that did not satisfy her.

The tenants paid their rent September 2, 2012. The cash flow statement and rent were held based on the agreement signed by Ms. ***** Ms. **** notified the property manager that she would be taking back possession of her property and requested that September's rent be released to her before the tenants' move-out inspection. On September 5, 2012, the property manager emailed bookkeeping that the owner had stopped all pending repairs and to release September's rent to the owner. Ms. ******* statement was done on September 6th and the funds were ACH'd to her account that day.

We received the BBB Complaint on Monday, September 9, 2013, after transferring the last months rent to Ms. *****.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The part where the inspection was scheduled for may, but the tenants were out of town. So from May til August this inspection could not be rescheduled? This is unacceptable. I only received September's rent after calling everyday for a week.

Complaint Resolution: BBB determined that despite the company's reasonable effort to address complaint issues, the consumer remained dissatisfied.

08/14/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Failure to respond to phone calls or written requests for assistance or support

Complaint: Poor customer service regarding management of rental property. Delay in repairs, lack of correspondence, withholding deposit unnecessarily long.
Aaimes property management is the company through whom I rented my home (April 2012 through June 2013). I've paid my rent on time, taken excellent care of the property, fulfilled the full term of the lease, and gave more than the required notice to vacate. Throughout the period of time that I was a tenant, I have not required much in the way of repairs or assistance with the home but on the three occasion that I did, I received poor customer support and was treated with disrespect. My air conditioner malfunctioned on two separate occasions. The first time it happened, It was in the heat of the summer and it was five days before a repairman came out to the property. When I tried to contact my property manager, I was told it was not an emergency and that that was the earliest the repair man could come out. It may not have been an emergency to them but they did not have to live in a sweltering house for days. The second time the AC broke, it was on a Friday, the repairman didn't come out until Tuesday. Fortunately, it was the spring not the summer so it wasn't quite as bad as the first time but we were still very uncomfortable for days and nobody at Aaimes showed any concern. The only other thing that I needed assistance for was a broken kitchen sink faucet. I had to wait a week for a plumber. When he arrived he said that the faucet needed a part replaced. This part needed to be special ordered and it would take upwards of 3 weeks to come in. Meanwhile, I am without a kitchen sink. Rather than replacing the kitchen faucet, I was told I'd have to wait for the part to come in. So I had to go and purchase a new faucet with my own money or be without a sink for another three weeks which was more than a minor inconvenience. I was not reimbursed for the cost of the new faucet. I feel that if I'm paying $1420 per month for a residence, I should not have to go through a hassle to get things fixed. I have owned rental property of my own in the past and I would never require a tenant of mine to wait that long for repairs. At the end of my lease term, I gave 60 days notice (only 30 was required). I was told by Aaimes property that despite giving that much notice, the last months rent would not be prorated because the end of those 60 days fell in the middle of the month. So I was required to pay rent for days I was not living in the home. My security deposit is supposed to be returned to me no later than 30 days after move-out. We are now at that deadline and it hasn't been processed. I've called and left voicemails and emails asking about it and they have not returned my calls or answered my emails. When I do get someone on the phone they are rude and dismissive saying they are not the one who handles that but the person who is, is unavailable. This business mistreats tenants, provides poor customer service, charges the tenant for weeks of rent that they are not in the home. The homeowners pay them a hefty amount for services that are not being delivered. They think that their tenants are being taken care of (which is what they are paying Aaimes to do). That is not what goes on at all.

Business' Initial Response
I have reviewed the customer complaint expressing Ms. *******'s concerns with the customer service that has been provided to her. The maintenance issues with the central heating and air system were both taken care of in a timely manor. The first work order for the downstairs air conditioning system was called in on a Thursday April 26th and the repair was completed Monday, April 30, 2012. Our records show the second air conditioning system repair was called in at 4:40 pm on Thursday, April 18, 2013 and I did advise Ms. ******* that because I did not receive her complaint until late in the afternoon the contractor would most likely not be able to go to her home that evening. The contractor contacted Ms. ******* directly to schedule an appointment based on her schedule and the issue was repaired on Monday, April 22, 2013.

The kitchen faucet that was purchased by Ms. ******* was installed by the contractor on May 5, 2012. There are no notes in the file that Ms. ******* requested reimbursement for the kitchen sink or provided a receipt from her purchase. The faucet repair would have been completed if Ms. ******* had not requested we install her own personal faucet. Unfortunately it is out of our company's control when a part is needed for a repair. Many times replacement parts require ordering and shipping which can take a few days depending on the manufacturer.

Ms. *******'s move out inspection was completed on June 19, 2013. I informed Ms. ******* on numerous occasions that her security deposit letter will be completed and the balance refunded within 30 days. The deposit letter was completed and the refund has been sent. I gave Ms. ******* the opportunity to correct deficiencies with the home during the 30 days that would have been taken from her deposit had she not made those repairs. I also allowed Ms. ******* to return items that were missing from the home because her movers mistakenly packed them. I did not receive those items in the mail until July 18th and was able to adjust her security deposit letter to reflect the return of those items.

Ms. ******* was advised that she would be responsible for all of June 2013 rent when I received her notice to vacate. I explained clearly to her that according to her lease (and normal landlord tenant law) the final months rent will not be prorated and she would be responsible for the entire amount. Even though Ms. ******* is responsible for all of June rent the owner of the property did agree to reimburse Ms. ******* $150.00 as a courtesy.

I have always returned any messages received from Ms. ******* and have been courteous and professional to her over the phone.

****** *********
Property Manager

Consumer's Final Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The tone of the response by Aaimes Property is indicative of the way they treat their customers. They respond not with an apology but by calling my integrity into question. They say I was not truthful on two points. First is in regard to my claim that the homeowner offered me $300 back to prorate June rent. If they were to communicate with their client (the home owner) and ask her exactly how we arrived at the $150 figure, they would know that I was telling the gospel truth. Here is the verbatim text of the facebook message from Ms. ******** *****:
"Hi ******,
I'm sorry about all of the frustration you've had with them. I'm not sure if you know but I'm a student and I only get VA money once a month. Other than that I try to live off of the refund money from student loans.
I spoke to *** and he explained their fees and what was left over from the rent you paid. I have $315 in my account right now and I told him to give you $300 of that. I hope that will help you but please know that is all I have to give."
My response (also verbatim):
*********** thank you very much. I know money is tight for all of us right now. Especially you going through school with the little one. I hope that Aaimes is playing fair with you but I fear they are charging you too much for their services (or lack thereof). I definitely appreciate your generosity and you are the last person I want to take money from. $150 of that will be enough for me to get by on. Thanks for being so kind."
The other issue in which they call my integrity into question is in regard to my having to call repeatedly in order to get service. Their response is that they have someone available during business hours to answer the phone. Yes, that is true. However, that person is not able to help with issues related to the property. They simply transfer you to an extension that would invariably go to voicemail! I would leave messages that would go unreturned. My only hope of speaking to the property manager was to call over and over again until she happened to answer her line.
As for the faucet problem, they respond saying that I should have brought it to their attention. Well, it most certainly was brought to their attention! Their solution was to make me wait three weeks for a replacement part or go pay for a new faucet myself.
It's too late to go back and make my experience with Aaimes Property a positive one but I hope that my bringing these issues to light will raise awareness within their company about the way they do business and their treatment of customers. What ever happened to customer service? They take a lot of money from property owners each month for which they are responsible for managing the property. In my case that meant resolving 3 minor issues over the course of 14 months. Not a bad deal. Is it too much to ask for them to treat the tenants with respect and resolve issues promptly? It is a fact that it would have saved me and the homeowner money and headaches if we had just worked with each other directly and excluded Aaimes from the transaction. The whole purpose of having a property management agency is for convenience for both the homeowner and the tenant. They provided no convenience for either of us. An apology from Aaimes would go along way with me but instead I get accusations. Unless something fundamentally changes within their organization, I would never recommend anyone use them for property management and I certainly would never recommend anyone rent one of their properties.

Business' Final Response
I am sorry Ms. *******'s AC repairs could not be repaired more promptly. As I stated in my previous response, the maintenance issues with the central heating and air system were both taken care of in as timely a manner as possible. The first work order for the downstairs air conditioning system was called in on a Thursday April 26th and the repair was completed Monday, April 30, 2012. I count that as 4 days or two business days. Our records show the second air conditioning system repair was called in at 4:40 pm on Thursday, April 18, 2013. The contractor contacted Ms. ******* directly to schedule an appointment based on her schedule and the unit was repaired on Monday, April 22, 2013. I feel sure the contractor was fully scheduled for Friday by 4:40 pm on Thursday and he got to her request as soon as possible which was not the very next day but following working day.

I wish Ms. ******* would have brought the faucet problem to my attention when it happened. I agree that waiting 3 weeks to repair a faucet is totally unreasonable and asking her to go without does not sound like something my people would do. If I would have been notified at that time I would have done something to make sure it did not take that long.

In regards to the rent and 30 day notice. A month to month lease also known as a period to period lease requires that a notice is given from the beginning of a month/period to the end of a month/period. We try to spell out what is required in our lease but even spelling it out by stating "IT IS UNDERSTOOD THAT A 30 DAY NOTICE RUNS FROM THE FIRST TO THE 30TH/31ST" apparently was not enough. I have been managing properties for over 30 years and this is the way a notice works. If you move out any time during a month whether it be the 2nd or 31st, you are responsible for that month's rent unless we re-rent the property during the month which was already paid for. When this happens the past resident is reimbursed whatever we collect from the new resident for the days the old resident already paid. I don't know what else to say, this is the way it is and has always been. The only other thing I can say is to talk to a lawyer, a judge or even someone at the off post housing office. I know our off post housing office understands this is how a lease and notice work.

In regards to Ms. *******'s statement that the owner agreed to give her back her prorated rent. If that truly was the case I think she should have asked the owner to mail it right away. Then she states that she told the owner she would be happy to get back half the prorated rent. That doesn't sound true to me if the owner already agreed to give her back all her prorated rent. When we called the owner and explained the situation she agreed to refund Ms. ******* $150 to be nice but that was not near the full amount or even half the prorated rent. We did give her the $150 the owner agreed we could give her.

I take umbrage to Ms. *******'s statement that " Aaimes is in the business of ripping off both the property owners and the tenants. They charge high fees for extremely poor service." This is totally untrue. We do not rip off anyone and we provide the best possible service for our owners and tenants even though their demands and needs are often opposite.

I understand that Ms. ******* "was unhappy with the amount that was taken out" of her deposit but if we did not charge her for what she was responsible for we would have been doing a disservice to the owner. We did what was right. We charged Ms. ******* what she owed less the $150 the owner agreed to give her back.

In regards to Ms. *******'s statement that "I would end up calling again and again until I finally got them on the phone." This is also untrue. I have a receptionist who answers the phone from 9am until 5:30pm Monday through Friday and Saturday from 10am until 3pm or 5pm depending on the time of year. There is always someone here to answer the calls and if her calls were made after business hours we have an emergency number that can be called to take care of emergencies.

I am always looking at ways to improve our service but I don't feel that telling someone something they may not want to hear is bad customer service, when it is the truth. We can't always please everyone. We strive to do the job of property management right and to be fair with all our owners and residents. We may not be perfect and even though we can't get items repaired instantly we try to get them repaired as soon as possible.

Complaint Resolution: BBB determined that despite the company's reasonable effort to address complaint issues, the consumer remained dissatisfied.

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