BBB Warns “IRS Phone Scam”

April 10, 2014

For the second time in three months the Better Business Bureau is warning of an “IRS phone scam” in the state of Mississippi, as well as, nationally. Scammers are threatening to arrest if people don’t pay back taxes that they really don’t owe.

The BBB is warning Mississippi residents to be alert if anyone calls, particularly having to do with personal tax information.

“We have been experiencing an increase of calls this week from Mississippians stating that they have been contacted via phone from the IRS claiming they owe back taxes” said John O’Hara of  the BBB serving Mississippi, “They are threatening to put an arrest warrant out on individuals or their assets will be frozen.”

“These scammers are sometimes successful because they are aggressive and are attempting to scare people into reacting before thinking “ says O’Hara. “ They have two goals in mind, one is to steal someone's identity and the other is a quick payment through a moneygram card to avoid further penalties or jail time.”

The BBB is giving some key points that people need to remember if they receive these phone calls:

  • The IRS doesn’t contact people by phone, always by mail.

  • The IRS will never threaten to arrest an individual.

  • The BBB wants the public to remember that if they do owe back taxes, the IRS will send out notices. People usually receive multiple notices from the IRS when they owe money.