Phony Officials Trick Consumers into "Verifying" Info on Do Not Call Registry

February 07, 2013

Scammers have been making phone calls posing as representatives of the National Do Not Call Registry. The calls claim to provide an opportunity to sign up for the registry or ask consumers to verify their info. Of course, the callers are really trying to solicit personal information, which opens victims up to identity fraud.

How the Scam Works:

Someone calls you claiming to represent the National Do Not Call Registry, the FTC or Canada's National Do Not Call List. The registry "official" asks for personal information, such as name, address and Social Security number. The scam has several variations. In one, the caller wants to verify that you are on the National Do Not Call Registry. In another, he/she claims to give you a chance to register your phone number.

Just hang up the phone; this situation is always a scam. Representatives from the registry will not call you. And sharing personal with the caller will just put you at risk for identity theft.

How to Protect Yourself from Scam Calls:

For More Information

For frequently asked questions about the Do Not Call Registry, check their website.

To find out more about scams, check out the new BBB Scam Stopper.

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