Are We "Over-Sharing"?

March 24, 2010
As social networks are exploding in number, capacity and features, more of us are sharing more and more about our lives -- and our locations. This could make us more vulnerable to those wishing to make us victims of crime. New applications like Foursquare allow us to comment on favorite restaurants and stores, but are also broadcasting our locations.

In a recent article, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) expresses concerns that we are losing our privacy faster than ever before, thanks to everything from transit systems that record our movements through tollbooths, security cameras that are everywhere, and of course cell phones.

One possibility is that crooks could monitor social networks and find out when we are not at home. A website called is shining a light on this problem with very real potential.

You can read the full article from the EFF here. It may make you think about what level of privacy you need as you move around, and think of ways to protect it.