Consumers Nationwide Complain Doesn’t Deliver

April 14, 2010
Austin, TX - April 6, 2010 – claims to offer products to "make your home and desk more fun with our desk toys, cool gadgets, stress relievers, games, cube decor, geek toys, and unique computer accessories." However, consumers across the country tell BBB that dealing with this company is anything but fun. BBB serving Central, Coastal and Southwest Texas has issued an F rating to San Antonio-based for failing to respond to consumer complaints. Click here to view the company’s current BBB Reliability Report™.
Consumer disputes received by BBB allege does not deliver products purchased online in a timely manner and, in some cases, fails to deliver any product at all. Consumers further allege that attempts to contact the company go unanswered. In the past three years, 95 of the 123 disputes forwarded by BBB staff to have gone unanswered, though some consumers later notified BBB they did eventually receive their products.
BBB warns consumers to use caution when shopping online and provides the following tips to shop safely.

Check with BBB first. BBB Reliability Reports™ are available free of charge and will tell you how the company responds to any consumer complaints received by BBB and the company’s overall letter-grade rating with BBB.

Determine the company's refund and return policies.
Consumers should understand what circumstances allow for the return of a product or a refund of the purchase before buying. These details should be clearly stated on the seller’s Web site.

Confirm all purchase details. Check the full price of all purchases, including any shipping and handling charges and the terms of any product or service guarantees. Find out how long it will take to receive the order. Federal law requires that goods and services be delivered within 30 days, unless a different delivery period is specifically stated by the merchant.

Guard personal information. Only provide personal information, such as a credit card number, online in a secure environment. Look for the prefix “https://” in the URL box to be sure the site is secure.

Keep a paper trail. Print and keep a copy of any order or purchase confirmation. Any problems associated with payment or delivery of products can potentially be resolved more easily with proof of purchase information.

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