Sweepstakes Schemes

June 23, 2014

Few fraudulent schemes are more prevalent - or successful - than bogus sweepstakes offers. Each day, tens of thousands of people nationwide are alerted that they've won a sweepstakes or a lottery. Can you identify a fraudulent sweepstakes notice? Check out this sample notice and then check out the answer below.

The sweepstakes notice (see above) is fraudulent. Just some of the giveaways: The second place winner gets 2.5 million dollars? The check to 'cover' insurance and attorney fees is a dead giveaway. If you have to pay to win a prize, you haven't won anything - and why wouldn't they deduct those fees from your supposed winnings? Also, the request to keep your prize confidential due to Federal and State laws is completely false. They just don't want your family or your friends to say, 'You haven't won anything!' - because, unfortunately, you haven't.