How the BBB Dynamic Seal Helps You!

March 03, 2014

BBB's dynamic seal is a great search engine optimization (SEO) tool which can only be used by Accredited Businesses. Google notices when websites link together and a large part of how Google places authority - trust - on a given website is based on the number of websites that point (link) to that website. Some companies pay thousands of dollars to get websites to link to theirs. But because our dynamic seal is a two-way live link to your Business Review, the link is reciprocated, which boosts both sites in search rankings in the eyes of Google. There is no additional cost to add the seal to your website. Just login to your Accredited Business page at and click on “Business Login” in the right hand corner of your screen (note the new location on our updated website). Directions are provided, but if you need assistance, contact your Accredited Business Coach at 888-646-6222. We're here to help!