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Respond to a Complaint

No business owner ever likes to hear complaints about their company from customers. At the Better Business Bureau, we also understand that complaints are just a regular part of doing business. Recently, one consumer summed it up nicely, “I generally don’t mind if a company has a complaint or two. That’s just a part of doing business. I am more interest to see how they handled that complaint. That’s what makes a good company truly great.” (Consumer Research Focus Group – Minnesota 2011)

Complaints can provide opportunities for businesses to:

  • Retain a current customer/client
  • Gain insight and perspective to effectiveness of internal processes, operations, timelines and communications
  • Improve customer service and satisfaction
  • Make needed changes and adjustments
  • Provide a deeper level of transparency and understanding about the business
  • Reaffirm a company’s commitment to its customer, client and community

If your company has received a complaint from the Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota, please feel free to use one of these tools to access your complaint:

In addition, if you need additional dispute resolution services beyond traditional complaint handling, the BBB provides mediation and arbitration services (link to CMC page) to area businesses for a nominal fee.

Complaint Handling Training for Businesses
Having handled more than 24,000 complaints in the past year, the BBB of Minnesota and North Dakota is willing to share some of our complaint handling, dispute resolution and customer service skills with trainings (links to the training page) designed for area businesses. For more information about our trainings, please contact Sarah Barton at

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