Maximize Your BBB Accreditation


Consumers are looking to work with trustworthy companies like you! Help them find you with special BBB marketing tools and resources.

Maximize your accreditation by doing the following:

  1. Update/enhance your BBB Business Review with educational photos, videos and custom text
  2. Place the BBB Dynamic Seal on your company’s website

These two actions will not only show that your company adheres to the BBB’s higher standards, but also help improve your company’s search engine optimization (SEO) online – making it easier for consumers to find your business with web searches.

Once you have completed these two steps, you can explore some of the other tools and resources to promote your business, including:

  • Enhanced listings on the Accredited Business Online Directory
  • Google Search Engine Solution Program for Accredited Businesses in specific profession/industry categories
  • Co-branding and sponsorship opportunities to promote your business with the BBB in local media or with BBB sponsored events (e.g. Torch Awards for Ethics, Orientations and Focus Luncheons)
  • The BBB’s Discount Program (also referred to as Member-to-Member Discount Program) provides opportunities for you to take advantage of great discounts from other Accredited Businesses – or offer one of your own
  • BBB branded items (e.g. decals, plaques, pins, business cards) with the BBB Brand Store
  • Earn two additional free months of accreditation for you and another business with our BBB Referral Program

Stand Out in the Accredited Crowd: BBB Online Directory & Google Search Engine Solution Program

The BBB Accredited Business Directory is a “Who You Can Trust” online directory of all 6,500+ BBB Accredited Businesses. This online directory, receives more than 45,000 views per month, and is searchable by business categories, company name or city. In addition, our Accredited Business Directory often shows up in the top SEO results of major search engines!

As an Accredited Business you are currently listed alphabetically in your business categories for consumer search results. Your business can gain additional visibility by upgrading your listing to appear on the first page of your categories, where consumers will see your company name, logo and links FIRST! With the BBB’s online directory you can:

  • Advertise to consumers and/or businesses specifically searching for your “type of business”
  • Increase your SEO and overall web presence on major search engines and boost traffic to your website, business, and BBB Business Review – in many cases the BBB’s online directory for specific categories is in the top SEO searches in our markets!
  • Reach new prospects who are actively looking to purchase products and/or services from an Accredited Business
  • Boost sales and generate new leads
  • Drive additional traffic to your company’s social media and websites

In addition to the Accredited Business Online Directory, the BBB recently began a special Google Search Engine Solution Program that puts trusted BBB Accredited Businesses (grouped by category) easy to find and access from the first page search results on

For more information about the Accredited Business Online Directory or the Google Search Engine Solution Program, please contact Jeff Pedersen at

Marketing & Co-Branding Opportunities with the BBB
We have an extremely active communications department that is working with more than 1,000 media outlets in our region, as well as marketing efforts to reach both businesses and consumers in our market. Our BBB works to find unique, affordable co-branding opportunities to get your company’s name – and BBB Accreditation – out to interested consumers. Many of our media partnerships also offer discounted advertising/promotional rates for Accredited Businesses. For more information, please contact Lisa Hiebert at

Geo-location Inquiry Stats
All Accredited Businesses receive an email notification when a consumer visits your BBB Business Review page.  You can log in to your unique Accredited Business-only page and view your company’s stats which will highlight how many people have accessed your BBB Business Review page, as well as the ZIP code from where the inquiries are coming from.  You can also view the overall stats the BBB receives for your specific “type of business” category, as well as stats about numbers accessing your company and business category on the Online Accredited Business Directory.

Pre-Complaint Assistance & Pre-Dispute Arbitration Clause
Accredited Businesses can leverage our Pre-Complaint Assistance program as well as use our Pre-Dispute Arbitration Clause at no cost.

Livestream Webinars
As Accredited Businesses, you may watch educational Livestream webinars (e.g. BBB Focus Luncheons) by logging into your unique Accredited Business-only page.

Accredited Business Hotline
Contact us at 888-646-6222 to reach an Accredited Business Services Representative to help you maximize your BBB Accreditation and achieve you business objectives.