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Erickson Trucks-N-Parts

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Customer Complaints Summary

7 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 3 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues1
Problems with Product / Service6
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints7

Complaint Breakdown by Resolution

Complaint Resolution Log (7)BBB Closure Definitions
01/13/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Failure to honor promised refunds, exchanges, or credit

Complaint: I want my $200.00 deposit refunded as stated in contract invoice agreement# 7092
I called Erickson TrucknParts about a vehicle that was advertised online with Commerical Truck Trader ad listing id 109322305 stock number F577 which was a 2007 Freightliner MT55 stepvan. I talked to a salesman **** on 4/19/13 about this truck, he informed me that they did not have this truck in stock as of 4/19/13 but they were going to get it soon. He could not give me alot of info on truck but that I could put down a deposit on truck and he would call me when truck came in and thier shop had gone throught truck.So I gave **** my visa credit card info to put a $200.00 down payment to hold on 4/19/13 to state on contract that the down payment would be refunded pending my inspection if I did not purchase truck. We went to look at truck on 7/10/13 in Jackson Mn. along with salesman **** upon our inspection of truck we found so many things wrong, that we were very disappointed. My experience is a fleet shop forman with a local school bus company for 35 years with DOT inspection experience. I was disappointed that we drove over 360 to look at this truck. **** had a list of item that we had found wrong with truck and he informed us that he would not repair items unless we brought truck. We left to go back home in Wi. I called him later in the month and told him we did not want to buy this truck and to refund my down payment. Still no respond from Erickson Trucks n Parts. I called him again and told him to refund my down payment, all he said is that he would have to talk to bookkeeping still no responds from Ericksons truck n Parts. So that is why iam filing this complaint.

Initial Business Response
We have refunded the credit card as the complainant has requested. However, it should be noted when we did have possession of the truck we held on to it for quite some time while we tried to contact the complainant many times to come in and inspect the unit. The complainant did not respond to our calls in a timely manner. We held on to the unit waiting for the complainant to respond,this cost us time and advertising costs.

05/03/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Defective, damaged, or incorrect product received

Complaint: Items purchased from Erickson were not received in the condition as indicated by their salesperson.
Items purchased were claimed by Erickson's to be in new, fully functionable, ready-to-use condition. Items received were damaged, upon a visual inspection after delivery. Erickson's claimed no responsibiltiy for the items condition.
This degree of damage could not have been incurred by delivery.

Business' Initial Response
Erickson Trucks-N-Parts entered into an agreement for the purchase of two axles. At no time were these ever advertised as "new" parts as stated in Mr. ******'s complaint. Please see the attached advertisement. This transaction took place on February 19, 2013.

Mr. ****** had expressed an interest in having the axles looked at by a third party. Erickson
Trucks-N-Parts did not have a problem with this request. We did not refer him to a third party; he selected ************ on his own. ************ (Worthington, MN) sent an inspector who did indeed inspect the axles and certified that they were in good condition. At this point in time both Erickson Trucks-N-Parts and ************ have said these are functional, used parts.
Paperwork was then faxed to ************** and it was returned signed agreeing to the terms
listed on Invoice #******. On the bottom left of the invoice it does state "no warranties."

Please see attached invoice.

We respectfully submit to you that we have sold Mr. ****** exactly what was advertised: used,
functional axles. We also offer that Mr. ****** sent Mr. ******* an email and nowhere on the
email did it state that he requests to return the axles, paying the restocking fee. Mr. ******s'
email as well as his complaint to the BBB is very vague as to what he feels is not suitable with
the axles. Erickson Trucks-N-Parts is still not sure what his complaint is other than he is
unhappy with the purchase.

Consumer's Final Response
On February 13th 2013, I found ********* axles for sale on the internet from Erickson
Trucks-N-Parts. Upon calling this business, I was directed to **** *******, the salesman. ****
immediately described these axles as "in new condition". I had asked **** to do a simple
inspection of the king pins and trunnions (area which mounts to machine frame), on both axles.
These areas are of my concern because they are so costly to repair. **** inspected the axles
and replied once again that there was no looseness in any area and axles were "in new
condition". I must make clear here that the damage was easily noticed without the actual
breakdown of the axles. All that was needed to see the damage was a pair of hands and some
knowledge of how things work (which you would expect and competent mechanic to have). I
should also note that the axles were being purchased to be immediately installed on a machine
for immediate use. This is why I stressed, to both **** ******* and the mechanic from**************; these axles HAD to be in perfect usable condition. If they had not been, we would not
have made the purchase. These axles were meant to completely replace two damaged axles
our company had on a forklift.

Upon receiving delivery of axles, an immediate inspection was performed. Immediately,
severe damage was found on all king pins on both sides of axle *********** Carraro s/n:
*********. This area is similar to bail joints on a car. if there is ANY looseness in this area, the axle is in need of repair. A simple removal of the king pins on one side of this axle, proved that there was indeed SEVERE damage to the king pins and the areas which receive the female
spherical bushing for the king pins. This area is located on the axle beam trumpet. The damage
was so severe, that several thousand dollars would need to be spent to repair this damage. This
damage, again, was immediately noticed without any part removal. There is no way anyone
actually capable of inspecting these axles could have deemed them to be in "like new
condition"- **** *******'s exact words used on several different occasions. Just because
these words did not appear on any paperwork, does not mean that they were not directly used
by **** ******* to describe these axles, to me, ***** ******. These were not "functional,
used parts” - they are completely unusable.

With the damage on the axles purchased from Erickson's, I, ***** ******, deemed that
they could not be put into immediate service. Damaged parts like this can cause equipment
failure and therefore, personnel injury. These are two things that I strive to avoid at our

Erickson’s has accused me of swapping out damaged parts I already had, onto the axles
we purchased from them. This, I take severe offense to. This is not how we operate here. I am
just a mechanic trying to repair our equipment to good condition so that it can be operated by
our employees without worry of failure. Erickson's falsely represented the axles for sale as "in
new condition". Again, damage to the king pins was so severe that it was impossible not to
notice. Pictures and video can be provided to show damage.

Furthermore, our company had no choice but to either repair the axles purchased from
Erickson's (several thousand dollars in parts and labor) or purchase new axles. We chose to
purchase brand new axles from *********/*************, LLC. The axles purchased from
Erickson's, are sitting at our shop yard in the exact condition they were received* They are
unusable unless repaired. All serial numbers can be checked with pictures taken by Erickson's
for the advertisement or pictures taken by ************ at time of inspection, to prove I have
NOT swapped parts off of the axles purchased from Erickson's.

As a comment to Erickson's claim that i did not request a return, these accusations are
completely false. I requested the return, over the phone, to ************* and a ***********
from Erickson's. They both told me that they would not accept the return. It was never
suggested, by them, that a return would be provided with the payment of the restocking fee. tt
was simple, no warranty, and no return.

My whole argument lies within this statement: if these axles were ever described as
possibly damaged or worn, the purchase would never have been made. I believe we should be
warranted a full reimbursement due to false representation by Erickson's.

Currently, ****** **************** is the party involved that has taken a loss. We
lost $6,900 on the purchase of these axles and $264 lost for a bogus inspection made by**************. We ended up spending $18,500 for new axles purchased from *********/*************,
LLC. Erickson's has never proposed to accept a return with a refund. If they would do so, We
would withdraw this complaint.


***** ****** ****** **************** Maintenance and Repair Supervisor

Business' Final Response
Regarding: Purchase of ********* Front and Rear Axles

This is in response to the rebuttal received from Mr. ***** ****** on 04/08/2013.

I must reiterate that Mr. ****** had a third party inspect the parts. We did not participate in the inspection, nor did we pick the third party inspector. Mr. ****** received an evaluation from this third party (************) and apparently to purchase based on this recommendation. We always encourage and give all of our customers the opportunity to inspect all purchases in person. Mr. ****** decided on a third party in lieu of personal inspection.

We described the parts as used. The last time - responded to Nlr. ******'s claim I included a copy of our online description of the axles.

We faxed the paperwork to Mr. ****** to review and sign. As stated before the invoice states no warranties. Mr. ****** had the opportunity to back out of the sale at that time.

At no time did Mr. ******* accuse Mr. ****** of swapping out parts.

Erickson Trucks-N-Parts stands behind the original premise of the sale:

l. Inspection of the parts. Mr. ****** chose a third party.

2. Inspection of the paperwork Mr. ****** did so and returned it.

Complaint Resolution: Company addressed the complaint issues. The consumer failed to acknowledge acceptance to BBB.

09/24/2012Problems with Product / Service
06/27/2012Problems with Product / Service
03/25/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: None of the Above - Repair Complaint Issue

Complaint: A repair on my truck that did not need to be done, and then billing use for what they messed up.
On Febuary 25, 2014 I had a truck that had a high gas pressure sensor go bad and the truck derated itself and would not preform properly. I called Erickson Trucks n Parts to see if they could look at unit number 49 and they said they could. My driver (****) pulled the truck into there shop, he talked to the mechanic told him what the problem was showed him where it was at, at that point the mechanic hooked the computer up to the truck and confirmed that it was that and it had trip a code for it a 123 times. The mechanic talked to the boss about the situation, the mechanic came back to my driver and said there was one in Fairmont,MN or Worthington, MN either way it was going to be in the morning before they could get the part. They said that one of there employees could pick it up in Worthington and we said that was fine (this was around 3 in the afternoon,which Worthington was only 30 miles away). So my driver got a hotel room in Jackson waited and the next morning got there when the part did,when he saw that it was the wrong part he told him to stop doing what he was doing. Them mechanic was atempting to replace a EGR valve that did not need to be replaced. So we told them to forget it and that we wanted to go somewhere else to get it fixed, Erickson's would not let our truck out of shop until we paid the bill. We got the bill on invoice number ****** and it showed that we got charged mileage to go get it and return it which both where a 90 dollor charge, and then we got a restocking fee of 228.15 dollors for a part that we did not aprove of, knowing it was the high gas pressure senosor that was bad. So we paid the bill and left to go to ******** in Sioux Falls, SD on 2-26-14. ******** got the truck in the shop after 1:00 pm hooked it up to the computer showing that the high gas pressure sensor was bad and replaced it and fixing a wire that had been correded doing the repair with in two hours my driver was heading home by 3:00pm that afternoon. The bill from ********************* was with labor and parts $343.89.

Initial Business Response
Erickson Trucks-N-Parts did respond to a service call for ************** on February the 26th, 2014. The unit was not functioning properly and ETP did hook the unit up to the computer where it came back as an improper functioning EGR valve. The employee/driver was informed of this and he told our mechanic to do whatever was necessary to get the truck running properly. ETP then ordered the part. We were unable to obtain the part until the next morning when we were informed, by the driver, not to complete the job. So we put the truck back in the order it came in and returned the part, specially ordered, which resulted in a restocking fee.

The employee/driver was present at all times during the diagnostic process and it was with his permission that the part was ordered.

In a gesture of goodwill the $180.00 fee to get the part and its subsequent return was refunded on 03/05/2014.

Erickson Trucks-N-Parts did incur three hours of labor working on the unit and again, incurred a restocking fee so we respectfully decline to refund the restocking fee based on the employee/driver's instructions.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
After talking to my driver again he said that the EGR never came up on there scanner but that the high gas pressure sensor did, so that is what my driver thought they were ordering not the EGR, the ETP never told him my driver what he was ordering only that they could not get it until the next day.

Erickson Trucks-n-Parts did refund the $180.00 but i do not believe i should be charged the restocking fee for something that did not need to be replaced.

Complaint Resolution: BBB determined that despite the company's reasonable effort to address complaint issues, the consumer remained dissatisfied.

03/13/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Failure to honor promised refunds, exchanges, or credit

Complaint: I left a refundable deposit on a bucket truck. Salesman said he would get my deposit back after not seeing it and numerous calls informed I was not.
I was looking to purchase a bucket truck. The salesman **** kept pressuring me to leave a deposit on the truck because I wanted my brother who is a mechanic to look at the truck first before I purchased it after numerous attempts. I finally said I would leave a check under one stipulation. That if my brother found anything he did not like about pickup I get my check back. **** agreed to this and got the shop busy on finding the 2 oil leaks I wanted fixed this was a few days before Christmas. He drew the contract up that truck would be ready to inspect like a day or two after Christmas. Due to the fact of no parts and the salesman gone quiet often over the next few weeks and my brother found out that the 6.5 turbo diesel pickups had a lot of injector pump problems he said stay away from it. I informed **** of this and asked if he had any gas bucket trucks he said he would do some checking and get back to me shortly a few days later after no response I went on my search and found a different one from a different dealer. When I called to get my deposit back after not seeing or hearing anything about it I was informed that they would get me my deposit in the mail on the day after martin luther king holiday and after weekly call backs on the matter I was told they would check and call me back no return calls and today the 17th of feburary 2014 I was informed by the phone receptionist that they have no plans of ever returning it. Contract says truck would be ready to inspect by the date and it was not ready to be looked at. I did tell the salesman **** that if he needed us to come look and hear my brother say no we would set a day up and he said not necessary.

Initial Business Response
The repairs listed to be completed in the comment section on purchase agreement #7285 were included as part of the price of the vehicle as requested and agreed upon with Mr. *******. He wanted his brother to physically inspect the truck as well. We agreed with Mr. ******* that upon the receipt of the $500 hold/down money that we would start the parts ordering/repair process with the agreement that he would have his brother come to inspect the truck on or before 12/26/13. Before signing the purchase agreement, he was fully aware that due to it being the holiday week the repairs would not be complete prior to his brother needing to come and do his inspection of the truck. No date or time frame for repair completion was indicated on the signed purchase agreement. It was, however, stated in the payment terms section that in order for the hold to be refundable, he had to inspect the truck on or before 12/26/13. This is spelled out very clearly.

Both of our salesmen were here from the time the purchase agreement was signed until the end of the year. Our sales staff is always available for after hours appointments as well.

Erickson Trucks-N-Parts put considerable time and expense into this unit as a result of the request of Mr. *******. We fulfilled everything on Purchase Agreement #7285 as requested by Mr. *******. Since he did not adhere to the time frame as agreed upon to have his brother come inspect the truck to make this a refundable hold, we respectfully decline to refund the deposit.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I am not accepting the response to the business. Due to the fact they are full of lies again. They are twisting it around again. The purchase agreement says all repairs were to be done by 12-26-13 and truck would be available to be inspected by then. Truck was not ready to be inspected by then who in their right mind looks at a truck that is tore apart awaiting parts if they knew there was to much work to be done since they are supposebly the experts on the matter then why didn't they give themselves more time. They choose the date to stick on there not me. Again not my fault. And my brother found out that 6.5 turbo diesel motor had many issues with head gaskets and I believe injector pump issues his response was Stay the heck away from it. It does not in any way say we had to be there in person to say what he thought of it. So my question is why would they want us to drive 200 miles round trip just to tell the great experts that just to look at a truck that is tore apart. I just don't get it. Since my compliant and I called and talked to company rep. They were rude over the phone telling me you cant expect all work to be done with the time frame allowed. When I looked at it they said oh well that leak is a fitting on the boom right in the wide open front. The one under the truck is a simple gasket for the pump. Well my understanding is this is a simple fix since we have many of these units sitting right in the yard. We will get it back to the shop and I know Saturday they are sort staffed in the shop so it should be done Monday first thing. Just in case we will put Thursday as the date it will be ready. Well when they got it in claimed they had to order parts why I don't know but it also is not my job to know why. Never again will I do business with this shady company. VERY RUDE STAFF when things don't go their way. COSTUMER SATISFACTION RATING :: Should Be a ZERO if you want my opinion

Final Business Response
This is in response to Mr. *******'s rebuttal dated 03/05/14.

Mr. ******* called Erickson Trucks-N-Parts when he received the response from ETP via the BBB. He indicated that his brother did have a concern about gas verses diesel engines and wanted his brother to look at it. This was understood from the very beginning of the sales process. This is why the agreement was drawn up as such that his brother was to look at the unit by no later than 12/26/2013. Mr. ******* indicated that he was not even able to reach his brother before 12/26/2013. Therefore, due to no fault of Erickson Trucks-N-Parts, Mr. ******* was in default of the agreement he signed.

Again- there was no date specified on the agreement as to when the unit repairs would be completed. It was unknown at the time the agreement was drawn up if any parts would be needed and if so, how long it would take parts to be obtained as it was the holiday week. Mr. ******* was aware of this.

We fulfilled all the terms of the agreement, fixed what Mr. ******* requested and were available December the 23rd, 24th and the 26th for Mr. *******'s brother to inspect the unit. He failed to fulfill his obligations according to the terms in the purchase agreement. ETP fulfilled theirs according to what Mr. ******* requested and signed for on the purchase agreement.

We therefore respectfully decline to refund the $500.00 hold/down money as requested.

Complaint Resolution: BBB determined the company made a reasonable offer to resolve the issues, but the consumer did not accept the offer.

02/27/2012Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Sales presentation misrepresented the product

Complaint: Offered to purchase ****** ****** Top Trailer for $9,550 if the trailer passed a Federal DOT. DOT paper work I received prior to payment misrepresents.
On XX-X-XXXX I drove to ****** Truck-n-Parts in ******, MN (about 230 miles) and looked at the following trailer: Stock # D600 Year = 1968 Make = ****** Model = ****** Top (description ****** Top 5th wheel trailer) Vin # = XXXXX. Per invoice **** on 12-3 (salesperson = ****) I agreed to purchase the trailer for $9,550. I put $500 down, refundable pending outcome of Federal DOT inspection. On 12-8 **** communicated with me via phone that the inspection was completed and they found some minor items that need to be fixed including one tire. They stated they would fix the other items but wanted me to pay for the tire- I replied my offer was contingent the trailer passed a Fed. DOT inspection. At some point they agreed to replace the tire. On 12-19 via email I received a copy of Record of Annual Inspection (*****, 396. 17-23) that reported everything as OK (Inspector's Name was **** ******, signed 12-16-11) At this point I trusted that **** ****** and ****** Truck-N-Parts knew what would and wouldn't pass a federal DOT inspection as they provided me with paper work and put a sticker on the trailer. Being they followed through on the DOT inspection and it passed per ****'s communication I submitted payment for the remainder of our agreement and arranged for pick up of the trailer. The trailer was then picked up at ****** in ******, MN on 1-4-2012, the driver called me on his way back and stated that they had to fix an air line before he left their yard and he ended up having to adjust the brakes on the trailer. **** and I played phone tag on 1-4, so on 1-5 I sent him a note expressing my concerns whether this trailer was correctly DOT'd based on what the driver had stated. My email was not responded to nor did I receive a call back, so on 1-6 I called **** and he proceeded to make excuses why some items may have been missed (stating the inspector died just before Christmas, but the paper work was signed off on 12-16 (I am sympathetic to the loss, but the story doesn't add up nor is that a reason to falsify a Federal Document). I followed up the call via email on 1-7 recapping our call where **** acknowledged things could have been missed on the inspection. As of 1-12 I didn't hear from **** via phone or email, so I call him to discuss this email and I didn't get any resolve. On Saturday 1-14 I took the trailer to a DOT inspector located near me and he found many issues (biggest being bends and cracks in the frame, also used card board to support one of the tail lights in the rear). I immediately called **** and he wanted me to deliver the trailer so they could look at it. I called **** back right before noon and stated I am sick and tired of dealing with this poor response and service, I just want to return the trailer for a full refund along with freight and put this behind us. **** said he had to talk to his management and he wouldn't be able to get back to me until Monday. Monday 1-16 at 12:25 PM I had to call for I had not received a response to our call on Saturday (stated he was waiting for management, bet if it was a sale pending he could get a decision) and called again at 4:29 PM, receiving no details either time. At this point I am very frustrated, 1-17 at 9:22 AM **** calls me - not to talk about a return which in our last call on Saturday I firmly stated I was done dealing with ****** and wanted to return the trailer, but no- he wants me to haul the trailer 230 miles to fix the issues that were miss represented the first time. At this time I just want to return the trailer, get my money back for the trailer and freight (both ways). After the misrepresentation on a Federal Document and lack of response to my concerns initially, I don't know how I could trust they would repair it right the second time around, after experiencing their very poor business practices.

Consumer's Final Response
Their response is about as valid as there DOT Inspection that they falsified to make the sales.

For the record prior to the sale **** was quick to response to my phone calls and emails and after the sale **** never return an email (outside of sending me the falsisfied DOT document and he only called me back once, an hour after the dead line I had give them before I sent the information to the MN DOT and engaged my lawyer. On that Phone call **** stated I could bring the trailer back to them to fix (~230 miles) or return it with a 20% restocking fee). I also talked to the quality control and transportation manager one day and after our conversation she stated herself or Mr. ******** would call me back (that is the last call I've had with them).

No one at Erickson Truck N Part requested pictures of the trailer as stated in their response.

Attached and comments below are what I provided to the MN DOT and his response is based on these pictures. The trailer would not Pass a Federal DOT inspection and I bought the trailer pending passage of a Federal DOT inspection.
Picture MVC-011F is a crack in the cross member in the neck on the trailer
Picture MVC-018F is Crack where cross member connects to main beam
Pictures MVC-003F & 005F show there is at least an 1 inch of play in the suspension
Pictures MVC-008F & 009F shows how they mounted the light

As for the comments about my buddy hauling his tractor, that is true. But as you will see in the pictures these cracks are not new. Also note this trailer is rated for 44,000 lbs and my buddy hauled a tractor that weight 14,000-17,000 lbs (that is like hauling a ATV on a Skid Steer trailer).



Complaint Resolution: BBB determined the company provided proper verification that indicated there was no obligation to resolve the issues of the complaint.

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