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PLC Recovery, LLC

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Customer Complaints Summary

3 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 1 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Billing / Collection Issues2
Problems with Product / Service1
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints3

Complaint Breakdown by Resolution

Complaint Resolution Log (3)BBB Closure Definitions
01/19/2015Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

We had our car impounded. After we were told numerous times they closed at 3:00. bottom line closed "early" then we were unable to pick up car=3 days$
I am gathering the information now, from the bank. I have a time stamp of when they called us and said it was faxed in. This is clearly a scam to charge more in storage as there was no excuse to all of a sudden say your closing early as we are getting the fax in. I Believe we should pay for the 3 days but find it disgusting that a company can take advantage of people in their time of need.

Desired Settlement
I simply would like to be charged the right amount of days, instead of the 3 additional days we are being charged because they decided to leave early. And I hope that there is a policy to gaurd against this happening to others.
I am talking to the bank and she is getting the information for us. We will be picking up our car today at 2:30.

Business Response
This vehicle was not an impound, rather a repossession and our repossession redemption hours are 10-3
We have no control of when and if the bank will release vehicles to debtor and can only schedule release appointment once we receive info from bank stating this. The release was sent to our office at 2:45 and did not allow enough time for debtor to retrieve vehicle. We do not change our redemption hours and I have no control over when the bank releases the vehicle. Mr ********s may have paid his bank at 2:30, however that is not when we received the release. We cannot release bank held vehicles until we receive proper papers. Even if Mr ******** wouldve came to my lot with receipt showing payment made i would not be able to legally release the vehicle until release came from bank.
We charge $25.00 per day and this has been the same fee since 1997 and the industry standard is $40.00 per day. The vehicle was stored here for those days so the fee applies. It is unfortunate that it was over holiday, and weekend but theses are things that are out of my control. Fees need to be consistent for all parties, I cannot waive fees for one but charge others. The issue is that the payment wasn't received early enough for the bank to send release earlier so that customer could have retrieved vehicle prior to closing. These are factors that my company cannot control and although I agree it is inconvenient for Mr ********, it wasn't anything that I did to "scam" as he states. Redemption hours for this type of service are strictly enforced for my staffs safety. He even states in his complaint that he was told numerous times redemption for this type of service closes at 3:00.

05/02/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

On February 17, 2014 PCL towing and recovery towed my vehicle and have damage my front grille. My vehicle was damaged.
On February XX XXXX, when I picked up my vehicle the impound lot have help filed a compliant regrading the damage. After the car estimation of the damage and the complaint filed to PLC towing and Recovery LLC. I received a letter stating that they were not responsible for the damage. Which took place on their property. I've contact the manager multiple time and they have not return my calls.

Desired Settlement
My expectation from PLC Towing and Recovery is for them to fix the damage that they cause on my vehicle. I have the estimate and have filed it to them. Please feel free to contact me at XXX-XXX-XXXX.

Business Response
The vehicle was towed by order of the city due to a ticket on vehicle for violation of snow emergency parking restrictions. The vehicle is towed directly to the cities impound lot. Prior to towing vehicle that is ticketed the driver fills out a condition report of vehicle. This vehicle had been notated as having left fender damage left and right mirrors broken and fog lights broken. The fog lights are located in the grill area and were notated as damaged prior to hooking up. Vehicles are covered with snow sometimes and it is impossible to notate all damages however in this case the driver notated the area of damage prior to towing it from the city street. This area of the vehicle would not have been damaged by the tow truck that towed this car. There is no possible way it could cause damage to a grill but not take the front bumper off.
We have denied the claim because the vehicle had the listed damage and was parked on a city street so there is no way we know when the damage was from. Prior to us hooking the notated damage was on the vehicle. The car could have been damaged by a lot of different factors as it was on a public street. We cannot take responsibility for actions that may have happened prior to us loading vehicle.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Prior to my vehicle being towed, there was no snow my vehicle. You can clearly see that the grille had no snow to cover it. I know that my vehicle had damages on it prior to the towing. But I didn't say anything about the mirror ect. When I got my vehicle from the impound lot, the damage on the grille still had white shiny powder, due to that you can tell that it was newly damaged. Also, prior to the tow, I am for sure that my front grille/bumper had no damages because I just had my whole front bumper replaced with a new one, not even a 6 months ago. Therefore, my front bumper is brand-new with no damages. Even though my vehicle is parked on the public streets, that night prior to the tow, my other vehicle was parked in front and this vehicle parked next to the curb, so there's no way for them to pull out from the back! They had to pull from the front and then drag from the back because it's a CHEVY Suburban. In conclusion, my grille/front vehicle damages were done by the towing truck.

04/03/2014Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

Illegal towing, tow a vehicle for absolutely no reason, lied, and fail to refund customer money after customer provide sufficient evident.
My vehicle was recently tow away from 4059 geneva ave North Oakdale MN XXXXX on 3/24/2014 not sure what time it was towed away but it didn't stay there for a day before i release it.
when asked why vehicle was towed these people said it was towed because it was parking on a 4 to 6 lane that is all lie. when proof em that the car wasn't parking on any 4 to 6 lane, they changed their story and say it was parked on a private property with no parking tab on it. these are the same people that provide resident with parking sticker the sticker has a weak glue on it that can feel off any time or day. it has been too cold this year and every sticker fell off i even added some glue on it but no luck.
when the vehicle was towed i went in the impound lot because these people didn't have no access to my car and they cannot tell if they parking sticker was in there or not, i found it that same day and show it to em, still they wouldn't refund my $275.00 i paid to release the car. i even report the illegal towing to the apt manager since im a resident here and have the right to park at where my car was parked before it get tow away.

These people still keep up making up irrelevant stories and still not wanting to refund my money. what kind of towing company would charge $275.00 on the same day they towed a car and also they wrote on a release paper that the vehicle has been in there for two days but all that is a lie. i can prove the vehicle has not been in there for even up to 12 hours.

when the sticker was shown to one of the PLC Recovery, she even struggle to read it, she has no idea what it was, how would she tell if she saw the parking sticker when we first called to inform about a vehicle been tow away for no reason.

I want a complete refund and also i want em to compensate me for wasting my time. have every proof here.

Desired Settlement
i want a complete refund of $275 and a settlement of $5000 for wasting my time' causing me stress, making me miss my work because no vehicle was available to go to work, illegal towing, rip off, fail to refund after evident was present

Business Response
The location that this vehicle was towed from is a permit lot only. If a vehicle does not have a visible permit the vehicle is impounded. There are signs posted on the property that state that you have to have a permit or the vehicle will be towed.
When the customer called they said they had a permit and our lot supervisor went out to double check and they walked around the entire car and there was no permit.
When the vehicle was picked up by the customer they went into the car and showed us how the permit was inside of the vehicle on the floor by the hump on the floor. We do not physically go into peoples vehicles to check for permits. The customer is stating that we had no access to their vehicle to see that the permit was in there. They are correct because we do not go into the vehicle- we can only look on the outside of the vehicle. Permits need to be visible or the vehicle is impounded. The customer feels we should be going through cars to see if they have a permit somewhere inside the vehicle. We do not do this. They either have a permit visible or they don't. The customer found it the same day as they state, however at the time we towed it they did not have the permit. The permit stickers are made to stick to the window, they are very sticky and not a cling type. They are made for one vehicle however will lose there stickiness if people are peeling them off and using them for multiple vehicles which is not how the permits are intended for use as management would give them more than one permit if they needed them. This customer had a address on their drivers license not even affiliated with this specific complex that the permit is issued to. We have towed approximately 6 vehicles from this lot in the last 12 months and there are over 300 permits issued so the stickers do adhere and stick to the window if used properly. If it was the case that the permits didn't adhere like they are stating we would have towed a lot more than 6 units.
The daily storage for a vehicle is $25.00 per day. It has been the same price since 2005. it is actually lower than local towing/auto companies in the area that have a standard storage rate of $50.00 per day. We are lower than industry standard for impounds both on impound fee and storage. Customers quote road service tow prices and assume that the same price applies for involuntary impound tows and repo fees as it would for a tow for your vehicle if it breaks down on the road and is towed with keys to a body shop per say. This is not the case- there is a risk during impounds and repos and the work is different and has a different pricing scale.
Storage is billed per calendar day. This vehicle was impounded on the evening of 3/23/14 and they came to retrieve it the next afternoon (3/24/14)
25.00 x 2 days = 50.00 for storage
It is not calculated in hours as the customer is complaining. It would be nearly impossible to charge customers hourly storage and this is the standard policy for the industry. Whether a car rental company or a auto shop storing your car, same applies for towing companies. They all use a calendar day billing.
I am not offering a refund as the vehicle did not have a permit so we provided the service. It is a legal tow. The customer could have picked up their vehicle anytime so that they could have gone to work. They chose to come late in the afternoon- that is nothing that my company restricted. I understand their frustration and apologize that there is nothing further I can do.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
There is no point of viewer to what these people are saying they are only trying to cover up, I have been living in this address for about 4 years, the new stickers were recently hand out not even up to 4 months ago and i have never had my car towed until the new sticker was given out i can even bring some witness and people who have face similar issues with the sticker.
Well since they don't have access to the car is it my problem i pay to live in this resident i don't pay to be monitoring parking sticker, these sticker has weak glue it has been so cold this year i can bring more than 5 witness who has lived here as long as me. These people had no reason why they towed the car away, i even spoke to the manager about the parking sticker and they insist that these stickers weren't the ordinal stickers and that better stickers will be given out soon, the first parking stickers we had 5 months ago were these that only hang on the rear viewer mirror these never fell off until they changed it to the stickers which have to be peel off and tag on the rear glass, these glue wouldn't stay still if the window is cold they fell off and no body know when they fell off, these thing are too small for you to be monitoring and if they fell on your back seat you might throw some stuff to cover it up not knowing, but well i did my best by adding glue to it. since they had no access to my car who is it to blame, they didn't do a good research when when i showed em the sticker they had no idea what it was.

I need complete refund we take legal action. vehicle didn't even stay in the impound lot for up to 12 hours last time i saw the vehicle before it was towed was 12 30am Midnight, then i wake up 10am vehicle was gone, so i had to get it out 3pm on the same day. Does this make it look like the car been in there for two days? what a ripe off?? Resident can have more than one car. but well before parking stickers are hand out they has no policy that say only vehicle register owner must park out there, i am not saying vehicle wasn't mine im saying people buy cars days and night, resident get news cars every day, ask em if they are monitoring that part? or any policy that says only vehicle with register owner must park out there, the sign only read an unauthorized vehicle will be tow away to owner s expense, that only refer to vehicle been parked without parking sticker,
i agree, but this vehicle had a parking sticker who are they arguing with me or the apt manager? they are arguing with them salve, i have my fact im very reasonable

What does the number of cars they had towed have to do with my case, i am here for a complete refund after been ripped off by the PLC Recovery, LLC. They are saying the sticker will stay stick on the window ask them if they will be the one to stand there and hold it still? Make some Sense PLC Recovery LLC you all sound like some little kid. which part of i added a sellotape on the sticker don't you understand? i added it because the paper wouldn't stay glue on my glass due to cold, it fell off again whose fault is it? let say this one more time i pay to live here, i don't pay to be monitoring parking sticker so do your job better. serve your customers better instead of just ripping people off, well i had no problem when i was told the sticker wasn't in there, i paid the release fee without arguing with anyone but i happen to find it right in front of em and they still rejecting the evident. I am not here to argue im here just to simple prove you wrong

Final Business Response
This is not a matter of proving anybody wrong- The permit was not visible so we did the correct thing by towing the vehicle. I understand you are upset however like I explained before the permit is either visible or it isn't.

The fee was as follows

Impound fee 200.00
admin fee 25.00
storage * 2 calendar days x 25.00 per day = 50.00
total bill was = 275.00

I am willing to split the impound and admin fee with you. The permit wasn't displayed so we did our requested job. You have admitted that the permit was not visible. So it isn't something that we had control of. There was no wrong doings by my company however I understand the situation you are in as well. We did the job that was requested of us by towing the car with no visible permit.
I cannot reimburse storage as we did store the vehicle those days.

The impound and admin fee was 225.00 so half would be 112.50 that I am willing to refund you.
This is a fair solution to this problem. Please advise if any further info is needed.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I don't agree with this i want a complete refund, if sticker wasn't vincible who is it to blame me or you me as a customer i expect you to serve me right cause if you don't serve me right, i call it a ripe off and i also lost dignity in you, i paid to live here i don't pay to monitor parking stickers, i expect a full refund because this has cause me too much stress and i even went to my job late all these hours who going to pay me back for it? you people should learn to serve customer right, i don't agree with your discussion because in the first place your people lied that car was tow because it was parked on a 4 to 6 lane, what does that even mean? then later you said it was towed because of no parking sticker, this show that your people weren't reasonable enough to tow the vehicle, you people just tow it away due to lack of people to ripe off, and you keep on rejecting the same time i showed you people the sticker after it was found in the car still in the impound lot.

complete refund of my money is what im all here for, i don't wanna hear no excuse

I want a complete refund

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BBB Business Reviews are provided solely to assist you in exercising your own best judgment. Information in this BBB Business Review is believed reliable but not guaranteed as to accuracy.

BBB Business Reviews generally cover a three-year reporting period. BBB Business Reviews are subject to change at any time.