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BBB Accredited Business since 07/26/2004

Able Concrete Raising, Inc.

Phone: (651) 688-3048Fax: (651) 686-9597

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Customer Complaints Summary

5 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 2 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Billing / Collection Issues2
Delivery Issues1
Problems with Product / Service2
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints5

Complaint Breakdown by Resolution

Complaint Resolution Log (5)
10/20/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

HORRIBLE COMPANY! Improper work caused over $1k worth of water damage to my basement. Able Concrete refuses to remediate the damage or refund my $.
I received an estimate to raise a concrete slab outside my basement patio door this summer. When Able Concrete went out to raise the slab, they cut it in half, about 5 inches away from the door and only raised half of the slab. The other half closest to the patio door was not raised at all. I was unhappy with the work and when I spoke with *****, he said that I needed to fill in the lower slab with concrete myself. Since they did this work, the seal under the door cracked and water has seeped under the patio door causing water damage to the carpet. Now my tenants are threatening to move out. I received an estimate of over $1k to remediate the water damage from a licensed contractor. I spoke to **** from Able Concrete on the phone and communicated via email about the problem. He is refusing to fill in the slab with concrete or refund my money. Now he is telling me that I need to pay more money to fix the job they originally did improperly! It is a nightmare working with this company! I would advise all homeowners to find a more ethical and reputable company for their concrete needs.

Desired Settlement
To fill in the other half of the concrete slab they did not raise, remove the slab, or refund my money. They are refusing to help at all unless I pay more money!

01/15/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Written/verbal contract ignored.NOT LEVELED.Damaged approach.Seams not aligned.Poor seam filling.No post-care instructions.Unprofessional behavior.
Rec'd 9 bids(7 written;$3,450-7,250).Able Concrete $5,150.Contract missing cut size & sealant verbage.Spoke w/*** re: cut size wanting 6ft wide squares like neigbhor& sealant.*** said"no problem".He asked if I sent in contract "No,I was waiting to confirm specifics 1st before choosing a company".I added to contract:"7/19 telephone call:includes 6ft squares(see neighbor)&sealer".Contract signed,dated& mailed in envelope provided.Able Concrete arrived 8/16 as scheduled.Introductions were made.Went out & reviewed what to be done before starting.I repeated "6ft wide squares,like neighbors".Discussed 8ft extension to apron to keep uniform & remaining driveway @ 6'x4squares=24'wide driveway.West driveway asked for curved vs straight frame to approach like neighbors.Able said"OK".East driveway requested straight frame.Able said"OK".However,Able wanted 8ft cut to stay even with apron&approach& gave rationale.I voiced my concerns re: squares too big >'er risk cracking.In my research & observation of other professional masonry most residential aprons/approaches/sidewalks/driveways are being cut smaller to minimize cracking.Despite Able's insistence I still wanted 6ft squares as indicated written/verbal.He was abrasive/upset,but knew I wanted 6ft squares like neighbors.He & workers tore out asphalt/prepared driveway.Went out again,asked if things were ok,Able said"Yes".Reminded him again I wanted 6ft squares cut like neighbors.He said"it will be like the neighbors".About 6:35pm told Able I was leaving for 15minutes.Returned 12minutes later.Crew was working,I could see cuts were 8ft wide not 6ft.I couldn't believe it.Wanted to yell at Able but chose not to in front of crew.Crews not at fault,following instructions.Waited for post-care instructions and wanting to discuss 8ft cut wide squares and billing.Looked out window again and everyone gone.No knock,no door bell,no phone call, no post-care instructions.Called Able Concrete next day,spoke w/***.Said she would relay message that I upset that driveway not done as agreed.She called back said she relayed message to workers&owner=Dale=Able.Said *** would call me Monday.Received no phone call.Tuesday 8/21 *** phoned me @ work. I reminded him we had the "6ft wide cut,like neighbors driveway" discussion twice prior to pouring cement & that the contract was ignored.He said written contract invalid.He stated that he made 8ft cuts because"I am the expert,I am the professonal so I did what was best.It's how I would do my driveway".He repeated this several times.He said that"*** does not actually do the work so he doesn't know what is best".He stated that if I would have taken apron out he would have been ok doing 6ft cuts.I told him that neither he nor *** had spoken of this before.Told him post-job vertical seam from apron to approach off by 1.75". *** said"that is the City's fault".Also mentioned,now 3 holes (2.5"-5") on seam/aproach.Also 41"x2" gouge on approach & 9.5"-2" gouge on recently tarred city street.Not wanting to pay in full for a job deliberately not done the way wanted,I offered $1,000 & not report to BBB/***.He laughed & threatened to sue me & take my house away.He offered $200 discount,I declined.It was now 5 days post-job & still no post-care instructions received.He said"I knew you weren't home so I didn't come to the door.Why would I knock on the door when I know you aren't home?".I reminded him that I was only gone <15minutes.He accused me of trying to get out of paying bill,stating"people will say they are leaving then never come back".Again,he never knocked on door,never rang door bell,never called home/cell,no post-care instructions.Nothing.Needed to get back to work.Told *** I would call back later once he had time to think.He gave me his cell #.I called 8/23 & left message. No return call or attempt to settle matter to date.Proceeded with BBB Claim Complaint process.Additionally,the driveway is NOT LEVELED.Neighbors level,my previous drive was level.

Desired Settlement
Ideally, LEVEL and replace driveway with wanted 6ft wide cut squares, like neighbors.Now that approach is damaged with holes/gouges and seams are off by 1.75",seek replacement of approach vs repair (looked good before;don't want patch-work appearance).To keep uniformity and curb appeal also seek replacement of apron (looked good before;post-job seams have clumping,don't want patch-work appearance). I would pay Able Concrete the contracted $5,150 when all of the above is done. Before payment is made, I want a lien waiver. Once I receive the lien waiver, I will make the said payment to Able Concrete within 5 business days.

I made offer of $1,000, as is. I would pay this if above is not accepted. Before payment is made, however,I request a lien waiver. Once I receive the lien waiver, I will make the said payment to Able Concrete within 5 business days.

Business' Initial Response
On 8/16 Able Concrete Raising poured ******* *******'s driveway. **** knocked on her door and met with *******. In their conversation ******* stated that she wanted her driveway "boxes" to be like her neighbors "boxes" (control joints) cut to 6ft wide squares. Able had told ******* that they had to form everything up first, excavate into the yard since Able was extending the driveway. Able told her they could get it as close as we can but would not know anything until its formed up and that we have to go off of control joints that are in the existing apron( tearing out the apron was not part of contracted job) otherwise cracking will follow control joints which Able had explained to ******* and also needed to put control joint in break area in hill . Again she stated that she would like smaller boxes like her neighbors and then went inside. Able Started tearing out the asphalt, removal and the excavation of extension, concrete was poured to the dimensions stated in contract, halfway into completion to project, ******* stated that she'd be back in 15 min. No Able employee saw her return, which we do see our fair share of homeowners leave so that they do not have to pay and are billed. Able was going to do billing for project which includes post care instructions. ******* may think that the crew had left purposely without speaking with her but since nobody saw her return, they left. Able Concrete Raising DOES like to get a check at the completion of the job so it was absurd that Able would not want payment upon completion.
Able received a call Friday by ******* saying how great the job looked but also stating her concern for the boxes not being like her neighbors. Office told her that it's Friday at 4, everybody is gone for the weekend but will try to get a hold of owner. Office was unsuccessful getting a hold of owner but called ******* to tell her that somebody would be in contact as soon as possible, which she said was ok if it was on or after Monday because she was going to be unavailable since she was going back to work. Upon ****s return to work on Tuesday he called ******* first thing to address her concerns. The conversation get did get "abrasive" when she threatened to pay only $1000.00 of a $5100.00 contracted amount to not slander the company name by filing a BBB complaint and for ****/Able to go away.. She had stated to Able that she is happy with the completed project (aside from the control cuts) but thought that Able had purposely not listened to her instructions. That is not the way Able Concrete Raising does business, that is not our intention to cause conflicts with our customers Meanwhile in their conversation she expressed how pleased she was with the overall job and that it looked great but it was not like her neighbors with the 6'x6' they were 6'x8' for the purpose of matching up with existing control joints. *******'s neighbor's driveway is not the same grade and size as *******'s therefore *******'s cuts need to made to match up with her existing apron. When **** tried to explain to her that he follow the existing aprons control joints and she stated "what's more money to me, my house is paid for". Able is not in the business of up selling our customers into getting more out of them to get the job (again, tearing out the apron was not part of the contracted job) **** tried to inform her that he knows where the control joints should go and that they are not for decoration purposes and she stated that she didn't know what the control joints were or what their purpose was and that she just wanted her "boxes" to look like the neighbors . In all of our years we have never had a customer dictate where to put the control joints. With all of the factors that is made up of her property 1) being control joints had to be matched up with existing apron, 2) her property is sloped more on the left than on the right and 3) her neighbor has a 3 garage with an apron going all the way across and ******* has a 2 car garage with an extension.
As a resolution to this complaint Able Concrete Raising is standing by their work. The job was done right and has nothing intentionally wrong. Able feels the job was done to satisfaction per contract and that ******* offering $1,000.00 to "go away" seems like a slander of our business name. Able did offer to take $200.00 off of the bill with the additional concrete sealing that was already done free of charge. Able has tried working with ******* on this matter.

Consumer's Final Response

Business' Final Response
Response to ******* *******

At this point Able does not think that *******'s resolution is acceptable. Able has tried to work with ******* on this matter from the start by offering $200.00 off of the bill. At this time Able is willing knock a total of $500.00 off of the bill, Able will be willing to seal her driveway next spring/summer again at no charge. Able is also willing to replace the apron for free in lieu of the $500.00 discount. We feel that this is more than fair. Able does not feel that we were at fault for any "holes/gouges" in *******'s pre existing concrete as a result of any Able crew member. Able will not and cannot replace the city approach and does not feel that any "holes/gouges" were made on Able's behalf. Anyone could have caused them the "holes/gouges" in the pre existing concrete, snow plow, garbage trucks, low vehicle entering and exiting the aproach over time... Able stands behind their craftsmanship and customer satisfaction per our good standing with the BBB with an A+ rating. Able feels this attempt to resolve this issue is fair and does not but will have to proceed with legal action and/or collections.

Thank you,

Able Concrete Raising, Inc

10/19/2012Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I was very dissatisfied with the out come of job.
Your crew apparently ran into some problem that they thought it necessary to cut the walk in two places. This opened a gap over an inch at the porch and caused three section of the walk to move approximately 3/4". I expressed at the time that the job they did was not what I expected. The reply was " sometimes that's the way the cookie crumbles" and that with caulking it would be fine. Also they had to go as they had 6 more jobs to complete that day. Reluctantly I gave them a check and they left. I should not
have done that. I would like that you not process the check and I will contact the bank to attempt a stop payment. I feel that the job was very unprofessional and maybe the crew lacked experience. This job should have been about as easy as it gets for you, I believe crew thought also so and did not take the time to think thru what they were doing.

Desired Settlement
To be determened.

Consumer's Final Response
Follow up to today's telephone conversation. In my response I stated:

I would request that Able refunds my money so I can get this fixed, or work with me to fix this as I may have an option that will not require redoing the entire walk.

Apparently I need to detail what I mean regarding working with Able on an option that will not require redoing the entire walk.

There are five sections to this walk. What I propose is:

1) Remove the section closest to the porch.
2) Mud jack the two sections closest to the driveway, these had not been done.
3) Mud jack the two sections that had shifted and while they float move them back into position.
4) Repour section closest to the porch.

If they choose not to do this than I would like the gap caulked and I will redo the walk next year as I can not leave it as is.

02/09/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

The concrete garage apron sections were carelessly raised beyond their original levels resulting in additional cracks.
On 10/6/14, I agreed to have ABLE Raise the apron & part of the sidewalk and the stoop to right of the front seps to the original level. Raise the back steps as high as possible along the house. ABLE attempted to execute this job on 10/20/14 and failed. Two mistakes were make by over raising the front left as much as 1" and damaging the brick molding on the rear left side. Secondly, in an apparent attempt to correct the over raised right apron and sidewalk portion was knocked down creating a new crack between it and the right apron.
The quality of this job was substandard and clean-
up was very poor leaving concrete footprints on the garage floor and asphalt drive.

Desired Settlement
I would like the apron replaced at appropriate levels or a cancellation of the bill.

Business Response
When I came out to your house to look at the apron, we repaired it back to original level, and because of the age, and settling, it would not be perfect or new, and you understood that we do not raise asphalt, and because asphalt settles over time, that it is not the indication of a completed job. We did everything we said we were going to do on the contract, your wife was there when we were working, she was satisfied with the finished work. Days later you called saying you were dissatisfied and did not want to pursue it further, I wanted to make sure you were satisfied and came out to discuss the situation, we agreed that I would take $100 off final price, and called it good. As of today, we have not heard from you or received your payment. Even though we had come back out to double check everything, you still filed a complaint through the BBB, even after stating you did not want to pursue anything further. After originally stating you only wanted to let us know you were unhappy, we wanted to make sure to work with you to make sure you were satisfied with the final work. We tried working with you, and went above and beyond, including a discount as a courtesy, and to date we've had no word, nor payment from you. I will be happy to send you a paid in full statement as soon as we receive the agreed upon payment.

***via phone.

09/15/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Able Concrete Raising was hired to install concrete in September 2013. The concrete slab that Able Concrete Raising installed is already cracked.
Able Concrete Raising was contracted to remove and replace a concrete slab at my place of business in September 2013. A quote of $1650 was given by "****." (I don't have a last name) This was done (divided into 2 slabs) and payment was made as contracted 11/18/13.
This spring (April 2014) there are 2 cracks, one in each of the slabs installed.
On 4/10/14 called Able Concrete to report this and request it be repaired. I was told by the secretary(?) that "****" would call me to get more details. I did not hear from "****" and left another message with the secretary on 4/17/14, requesting a phone call. I still had not heard from anyone at Able Concrete, so I tried again 4/22/14. They did transfer me to "****" at that time. **** told me it was because I must not have caulked the concrete. I told him I was not told, nor did I know, that I was supposed to do this. I do not install concrete and expect they would do all that is required for their product to function. He agreed to come see the cracks the following day (4/23/14) between 8 am and 12 pm. I agreed to meet him at my place of business, where the slab was installed. He did not, nor has he been or called to discuss the situation.
So I have a concrete slab that is less than 6 months old, cracked, and a company that is not responding to my complaint. Unless you call their misrepresentation of intent to respond, a response.
One month since my first phone call, I have no attempt by Able Concrete Raising to view the problem I have with their product and/or service. Poor product. Poor service.

Desired Settlement
I seek at a minimum to have Able Concrete remove the product installed, and replace it. I expect that they either install the appropriate "caulking" or at least tell me what needs to be done, so I can contract with someone to perform that service. I do not install concrete and expect they would do all that is required for their product to function, but if that is not something they do, they should tell their customers.

Business Response
Mr.******* did call our office and i was unavailable the first couple of times, When i did speak with **** he explained the issue of a crack in his concrete, he asked me why his concrete cracked after only 1 season. I explained that it could be a couple of reasons for the cracking,
Heaving due to the winter,or water getting under the slab after a warm winter melt and a night time freeze and it also expands and shrinks with moisture and temperture. these all very common and especially in a freeze and thaw climate like we live in Minnesota.
**** then ask me if water is getting under his slab through spaces along his building and needed to be caulked why wasn't he told of this? But **** was informed of this and Able Concrete also gave **** an estimate to do all the caulking around his building last year. Able is very sorry for the crack in his parking lot slab and will come out and caulk up the crack if he would like. (The crack would need to be a least a 1/4 inch or more wide for the caulking to hold.) All concrete has a tendency to crack, Able Concrete takes every precaution we can when pouring concrete slabs for our customers to try to keeps cracks to a minimum.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
This appears to be coming to a "he said, she said" situation.

We did have a discussion about caulking around the building at my request. **** (don't know his last name) did not mention anything about the need to do this to protect THEIR product or service when the job was finished. I would think they would want that discussion if there is a need to protect their product/service. Perhaps they should do this as part of the job? I would like to point out that this building is fully surrounded by concrete sidewalks, installed many years ago by the City of Saint Paul, or whoever they contracted with. There were no new cracks this year - years later (15+) mostly fully intact slabs. These sections went through the same winter as the product Able Concrete installed. There is definitely no caulking between the building and that sidewalk, or we would not have discussed this as a possible service from Able Concrete. So apparently the City of Saint Paul did a superior job?

Also, the fact that **** has yet to even look at the crack being discussed, should say something about the business they run.

An inspection of the problem makes sense?

Business Response
Able Concrete has been out to look at the slab that was poured, and the office was not open yet. for that being said. Able Concrete does not warrantee against cracking in a freeze and thaw climate. we just can't do that. I know in my 28 years in the concrete business what concrete loves to do in Mn. (crack) I will come back out and replace the concrete for my cost of concrete and labor only,if you would like and i will still say it will probably crack again.Im sorry. My own driveway cracked in 3 different spots the 1st and 2nd year.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I am willing to discuss options, but you should honor your agreement to meet with me, in person. You never showed up on 4/23/14, so that we could look at your product/work together. We had an appointment. That is where this communication SHOULD have started. Rather than keep that appointment, you chose "to look at the slab that was poured" when our office is not open. When the customer wouldn't be there. Sounds a little timid. You could have called to reschedule - maybe even apologize? Instead you have resorted to this as a form of communication? Call me - meet with me at an arranged time. Then we can do this right. The way a good business with any interest in providing good service would have approached it. If you want this problem resolved, you will have to look me in the eye someday. Otherwise you don't see this as a problem. Does the BBB get this? How juvenile this is? Tell your member to "man up."

Business Response
I did meet with **** and found the reason for the cracking in the concrete is due to the garbage truck driving on the slab to pick up the dumpster.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Not completely satisfied. I have an answer on one aspect of the cracks, which I NOW understand. However having to go through this process (BBB complaint) to get a response 5 months later is poor customer service. The owner fully admitted he was "sick of responding to complaints" regarding cracked concrete. I hope you will share the whole scenario with the general public, not favoring the member business.

Bottom line: He's sick of dealing with an important part of being in business, and I'm sick of going through this process just so you can save Able Concrete's BBB Rating.

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BBB Business Reviews generally cover a three-year reporting period. BBB Business Reviews are subject to change at any time.