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Dave's Floor Sanding & Installing, Inc.

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Customer Complaints Summary

5 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 2 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Problems with Product / Service5
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints5

Complaint Breakdown by Resolution

Complaint Resolution Log (5)
12/08/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Poor quality of finished floor installation after two seperate attempts. Poor quality acknolwedged by representatives from Daves upon inspection
The floor was purchased and installed in September per the reccomended availibility of installers based upontheir schedule. The floor was finished by a dedicated "finish" crew and the result was terible. We immediately contacted Daves salesman named ****. **** assured us they would take care of the problem and acklnoleged that the problem sounds like "mouse hops" visually and physically the floor is wavy no matter what angle you look at it. Daves sent out an inspector to look at the floor whom immediately agreed the floor final finish was "not acceptable" and went as far as to kneel down to admit waving his hands across the floor to feel the ridges. I phoned **** and we agreed that their was an issue. **** arranged for another crew to come out to finish the floor this time cross sanding the floor. We agreed to the 2nd attempt and hired movers to move out all our funiture and we left town. Orignally we where told the problem may have been the piece of sanding equipment, then we where told it may be because the oak is soft and has too much end grain in it and perhaps that was the problem? We left town and a scedulaer called me to let me know the refinishing may take an additional day. I said no problem take as long as you need to get it done right. At that time he informed me that the reason it was wavy was because we "pushed" them to get it done in 3 days. I will stand by my word that under no circumstances did this discussion take place. When we returned to see the newly finsihed floor it was clearly dissapointing as it is now significantly worse than it was before with significatnly more waviness. I immediately called **** and he once again agreed to send an additional rep out to see the floor. Once again the rep immediately acknowledged the floor was not acceptable and was very dissapointed to see the result. I phoned **** and he said he would talk to **** for a resolution. This orignal call took place on 11/10/14 **** told me he needed a few days and I would here back. No response. The next call I placed was 11/17/14 **** apologized said **** was in but would not give a "straight" answer. said give him a few days. No response.Next call 11/24/14 **** responded still could not get a straight answer from Dave on asolution and I told **** we would like a refund of $3500.00 to cover the cost of what we paid them so we could hire another contractor. **** offered to re-do the floor and I at this time will not allow them back in our house. **** agreed and said we would work something out. My last call with **** was Monday December 1st. **** apologized and said **** would not give him an answer. Said we would hear in a few days. I informed **** on Monday I would file a complaint Friday if no response. At this time we are seeking a total tear out and re-do due to the admitted comments by Daves personal that the qualityn of the wood may be the issue or $4500.00 to cover the cost of another contractor and the moving expenses associated with moving out and moving back in for the 3rd time.

Desired Settlement
Seeking a total tear out due to quality of materials as mentioned by Daves inspectors. "Too much end grain" or $4500.00 to cover re-finishing by another contractor and related 3rd time moving expenses.

12/16/2013Problems with Product / Service
09/28/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Wood floor refinishing job done poorly and left unfinished with instructions to 'put furniture over stains to hide them'. Repeated requests ignored.
I have a rental property that has a large living room with oak flooring which needed sanding and refinishing.
Dave's Floor Sanding was recommended to me by a friend who knew the owner's son, Jeff, and gave me a business card with his number on the back.
On May 22nd, I spoke to Jeff and gave him the dimensions of the room, for which he quoted a price of $1 per square foot to sand, remove stains or stain to mask them and refinish with 3 coats of polyurethane. The room totals 264 square feet, but I agreed to pay him $300 total for taking the job.
On May 24th, while I was at work, he arrived at the house at approximately 7pm to begin working on the floor. I spoke with him over the phone and left specific instructions to speak with me once he had finished sanding so I could decide if staining the wood was necessary and, if so, how dark.
At approximately 9:45pm, he arrived at my office, stating that he had already finished sanding and had applied the first coat of polyurethane. He assured me that the floor looked "awesome" and promised to return in 24 to 48 hours to lightly sand and apply the next coat of poly. He then told me how much a job like that normally costs and said that he needed "about $500" because he had a helper to pay and the job wouldn't be worth doing for less. I reminded him of his quote, but agreed to meet halfway at $400.
I gave him $200 in cash and promised him the balance once the job was completed. He agreed to this and left.
The next day, I went to the house to see how it turned out and was appalled by what I found. He had simply made a couple passes over the entire floor with a sander and brushed on a coat of clear polyurethane over it, stains and all! One of my renters told me that he pointed out the stains to Jeff and mentioned that I wanted to inspect it before any poly was applied. The response that he was given was to "just put rugs and furniture over the stains and you'll never see them."
I attempted to call him three times that day, without success or reply. I called again the next day, and the next, finally receiving a text message stating that he would drop off some stain and polyurethane and "call it even".
After replying that this was not what we had agreed upon and numerous failed attempts to contact him over the next couple of weeks, I decided to contact the shop that he worked out of and speak to a supervisor. The individual took my name, address and phone number, promising to look into the matter and take care of it as soon as possible.
After a week of nothing heard, I called again, this time asking to speak with the owner directly. I was expecting to hear surprise, embarrassment for his company name and reputation, an apology and a promise to finish the job as soon as possible at a discount. I guess I was expecting too much, because he simply stated that it "must be one of his side jobs" and denied any knowledge of the job or responsibility for it's completion. The only help that he offered was to "give him your number and tell him to call."
Meanwhile, my renters have had to tolerate their furniture in the kitchen, the clutter of trash left behind, and now over 3 months of unfinished work, for which I have felt an obligation to accommodate them each with a $50 per month break for the hassle.

I was given their business card with his number written on the back. My decision to hire them was based on their reputation. Jeff works for Dave's Floor Sanding and arrived in a company vehicle. He used equipment and material purchased & owned by Dave's Floor Sanding. He pointed out the company's reputation as well as his own. In every way, HE REPRESENTED Dave's Floor Sanding! How is the company NOT liable?

I don't own a large company, and I'm not a big-name contractor with deep pockets, so it must not be very important to them that I am fairly accommodated or satisfied. But this is simply ridiculous and downright rude.
This is NOT how I believe a customer should be treated.

Desired Settlement
Originally, I was only asking that they take responsibility and FINISH the job CORRECTLY and COMPLETELY, as promised and at the agreed upon (negotiated) price. But I have been extremely patient and feel that I have been taken advantage of.
I expect them to finish the work that was agreed upon and honor the ORIGINAL quote
refund the $200 that I paid AND reimburse me $300 for lost rent.

Business Response
Re: Better Business Bureau Complaint regarding Dave's Floor Sanding Your File No.
Office File No. *****
Dear Mr. *******:
The complaint you issued to the Better Business Bureau with regard to Dave's Floor Sanding & Installing, Inc. has been referred to my office for response.
As I understand your complaint, a "friend" provided you with a business card with Jeff ***'s personal telephone number on the back. You contacted Jeff ***s at that personal number and Jeff ***s as a favor to your female friend that he is acquainted with verbally agreed that he would work on your floors. The work was performed by Jeff ***s, as you note, after normal business hours. At no time did you contact Dave's Floor Sanding & Installing Inc. and ask Dave's Floor Sanding & Installing, Inc. to perform any work. No paperwork of any kind was provided to you in the name of Dave's Floor Sanding & Installing, Inc. The only payment made by you was to Jeff ***s. Dave's Floor Sanding & Installing, Inc. received no payment or compensation of any kind from you and never had reason to expect any compensation from you.
Dave's Floor Sanding & Installing, Inc. is owned and operated by David ***s. Had Dave's Floor Sanding & Installing, Inc. been hired to perform work on your floors, Dave's Floor Sanding would have first reviewed the work with you, measured the floors and provided a written quotation for their services starting at $3.45 per square foot. If the floor required extra attention, sanding, staining or the removal and re installation of trim or quarter round additional charges would have been quoted. Your stain selection and finish selection, e.g. oil or polyurethane, and finish, e.g. satin, semi-gloss or gloss would have been made at that time. You would have been asked to sign the written proposal accepting its terms and conditions quoted by Dave's Floor Sanding & Installing Inc. with one-half of the quoted price as a down payment and the balance due upon completion. Finally, Dave's Floor Sanding & Installing, Inc would have scheduled the work during its regular business hours over several days. None of this happened.
No transaction was conducted by you with Dave's Floor Sanding & Installing, Inc. as you attempted to get a "deal" by personally contacting Jeff ***s and seeking a favor from an acquaintance of your female friend expecting to pay a nominal $1.00 per square foot. You attempted to use Jeff ***s' connection to Dave's Floor Sanding & Installing, Inc. for your personal benefit. When you were not happy with the results of your personal transaction with Jeff ***s you contacted Dave's Floor Sanding & Installing Inc. seeking to further capitalize on the connection with Jeff ***'s to Dave's Floor Sanding. However, Dave's Floor Sanding & Installing Inc. could not locate you as a customer because you were not a customer and it did not have any paperwork for your floors as it had not been hired by you to perform any work and most important, Dave's had not
performed any work for you.
Dave's Floor Sanding & Installing Inc. did not contract you it and it has no obligation to you and no responsibility to remedy the unsatisfactory results of your private
If you have any questions, please contact me.
Richard L *****

11/08/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Lack of communication on project.
Rude behavior/legal threats by management.
Billed for services not delivered/double charged for service provided.
9/11 **** ***** of Dave's Floor Sanding(DFS) bid floor refinish at property & was directed that carpeted room on the 2nd fl may or may not be refinished based on the conditions with carpet pulled and was informed room would be bid for tear out & as a refinish but if we decided NOT to refinish that a fee of $300 would be charged for removing carpet. Requested to be put on schedule for Mon 9/30 & requested proposal broken down per room, told I would receive 9/12.
9/17 bid faxed over after email inquiry
9/26 left VM for **** of areas to be refinished starting 9/30, sent text when did not get call back **** says VM not rcvd, I call again, go over scope, request updated proposal.
9/30 Owner of property(Owner) met ***** at property at 9am, went over scope, ***** states job will be done Thur 10/4 informs Owner 50% required. Call **** looking for updated proposal, leave VM.
10/1 ***** requests deposit again, updated proposal not rcvd. Owner tells ***** to replace 10 boards & ***** quotes $10/board straight replace-$20/board "laced in," he is directed to straight replace boards on 1st fl.
10/2 Owner tells ***** to use "High Traffic" poly & to refinish floor in carpeted room, & patch floor w/laced-in boards. Send text to **** requesting call. Owner guesses at 50% deposit & calls in $3375 to DFS. **** calls me I inform him of requested board replacement & poly upgrade & request new price, he quotes me $6801 over the phone & he will visit property next afternoon to check in. ***** leaves 3 stain color samples for us to choose from.
10/3 Owner informs ***** of stain color. 4pm **** meets Owner at property, informs him job will not be completed until Wed 10/9, when questioned why job is behind **** tells Owner that he is not in charge of scheduling & not his job to stay up to date on projects. I contact DFS & spoke to **** who listened to me, apologized & offered to discuss issues with their owner to see if something could be done for us. Receive 2 invoices in mail w/same date & invoice # in amounts of $6801 & $7034.
10/5 receive call at 10:30a from **** saying they would be at property later & to have property unlocked. Owner at property from 11a-1:15p DFS has not shown, leaves door unlocked, after not hearing back from DFS Owner returns to property at 5:15p to lock property at this time does not observe signs of poly having been applied to floors. I leave a VM for ****, call is not returned.
10/6 call **** again, no answer
10/7 (8a) call **** again, no answer, (9a) call DFS **** answers, I tell him I am done dealing w/him & ask for manager. Speak w/*** who talks over me & gave excuses, frustration builds he states he is hanging up, I regain my composure to ask further questions he rudely answers then hangs up before I am finished. Owner calls DFS speaks to **** confirms invoice amount $6801 & requests call from owner of DFS, **** ******, states we will not pay balance of invoice until call back has been rcvd. Calls a 2nd time, **** still not available. Project is completed end of day by *****.
10/10 No call from **** or invoice. Receive email from DFS stating we are past due & to pay immediately or face mechanic's lien. I respond back that Owner left message requesting call from **** prior to payment again requesting **** call us. Response rcvd that this will not stop lien & collections informed "that is not part of the agreement that has been followed" (we never rcvd contract OR signed anything), informed **** will not call us & forwards invoice of $7034 showing deposit, I respond requesting invoice in quoted amount of $6801 which still included $288 for a room that was not done, responded back that total is per quote given to us onsite by ***** (this never happened). Owner & I go over invoice at home & find charge for a bedroom that had NOT be worked on as well as an additional charge of $300 to remove carpet which was included in room refinish price quoted.
10/11 received notice of intent to lien property addressed to me at my employer

Desired Settlement
A phone call from the owner,*************** ONLY. Dismissal of $288 charge for "Sand & finish up stairs bed rm & closet on right w/other work" that had not been done. Dismissal of charge of $300 for "remove & dispose carpet in bedroom" that was included in the $710 charge for "Sand & finish w/3 coats of oil based poly in upstairs bed rm closet". Dismissal of mechanic's lien filed.

Business Response
Dave's Floor Sanding & Installing, Inc. is more than willing to work with you to resolve the issues on your job!
Dave's Floor Sanding & Installing, Inc. commenced work on Monday September 30th and completed the job on Monday October 7th; there has been confusion on the customers part about the work performed, Monday September 30th ***** spoke with homeowner and question was posed when he would be done, which he replied the Thursday October 3rd or Friday October 4th which did not include the finishing coats. For a job of this scope it would never have been possible to complete in such a short period of time, there is 3 to 4 days minimum in sanding and 1st coat, not including the 2nd and 3rd coat.
There has been question whether we showed up on Saturday October 5th which has been confirmed on multiple occasions that we were on the job and work was completed for that day, as for the communication between the owner and the workers and locking the doors all we can do is apologize!
In regards to your concern with the billing, if made aware of the issues we could have discussed them, if we did not do a room it is easy to remove from the billing but it was never brought to our attention. The sand and finish with 3 coats of poly in the upstairs bed room for $710.00 is as stated on the proposal no carpet included in price! Carpet is an extra charge on top on the work being performed.
All pricing and terms are on the proposal/contract which they received from **** on Friday September 13, 2013, as stated in the small print on the proposal/contract "customer to remove all staples, tack boards, and nail heads when removing your own carpet or vinyl flooring. Floor should be free of all carpet backing, vinyl and glue to avoid additional charges. - TERMS: We require 50% down payment before starting the work and the balance of total upon completion of the work. A service charge of 1.5% per month (18% APR) will be added to all overdue accounts. "
The lien is satisfied once payment is made in full, the balance of the $300.00 for the carpet removal is still due.
In regards to the issues with **** and not returning phone calls, it was made clear on multiple occasions that **** is the estimator and the schedule is out of his hands after the estimating is done, he does not over see the job after the fact; the office runs the schedule and deals with the customer till the job is completed.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
During the quoting process, we explicitly specified that DFS was to remove the carpeting and we were assured by **** that the price quoted included removal of the carpet. Upon review of the quote, there was an approximate $300 higher fee for the room in question, which - by all outward appearances, to us as customers not fully versed in the hardwood refinishing world - would cover the removal, disposal and additional work we had discussed with the estimator. We were not, at any point, made aware of an ADDITIONAL charge to remove the carpet from the premises and dispose of, neither by ***** onsite or **** the estimator, knowing full well from the time of the initial job site visit that this service was to be performed. Had we, at any point, been informed that it was not included in the price, we would not have authorized that expense as we could have very easily removed/disposed of the carpet for free ourselves. *****, the installer never spoke of any additional fees for carpet removal or disposal when Owner met with him to show the full scope of the project and the quote did not have that as a line item. Therefore, as we were never provided with a price for this service it was never authorized for DFS to take care of and as such would be unauthorized work. Given the direct conversation with the estimator, ****, on the matter of carpet removal; the approximately $300 up-charge for that space; no additional conversations of cost or authorization provided for additional work beyond the patching of boards (which has been paid in full), we ask that DFS remove the charge for this unauthorized work, sign and return to us an unconditional lien waiver for the adjusted amount of the invoice.

Final Business Response
Daves Floor Sanding stands their ground on their previous response, there is no average cost calculated! Our costs are typically based on a square foot cost, in rare cases the price is up charged based on the work and condition of floor. $2.95 per sq ft for natural, $3.45 per square foot for stain, $1.00 per square foot for carpet removal and disposal which includes nails, staples, tack strip and pad. Glue is charged out per square foot price is determined by the amount of glue and type of glue, radiator's are charged out as a per radiator charge ($20.00 per radiator).
The bedroom in dispute is charged out at $490.00 for sanding and finishing, $200.00 for glue and pad removal (this charge is based on the pad being stuck or glued to the floor which is not uncommon) and 1 radiator at $20.00 for a total of $710.00, we cannot have a built in cost for performed work.
If the carpet in dispute would have been part of the bid it would have stated in the work description, if it was not listed then the workers would not have known what work was to be performed. From the stand point of a company that works on 30 to 100 jobs a day we would be unable to complete the job properly if we did not know what we were suppose to complete, therefore it must be documented on the proposal or bid prior to work commencing.
The property in dispute has already been submitted for collection and a lien has been filed, in to resolve the lien the balance will need to be paid in full!

12/18/2012Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

company did not provide enough information initially for me to know just what to expect for a result. To get desired result, more expense/time req'd.
When **** did the estimate for my floor, on 9-26-12, he said doing the sanding and applying 3 coats of water base would be the quickest process, so I would be able to use my bathroom at night. He did not tell me that then the floor would have only the natural wood color. I didn't know it would be all natural color. I've never had floors finished before; I did not know to ask enough questions. **** did not ask me what I wanted the floor to look like; I "assumed" the color would be as close as possible in color to the floors it abutted. He should have explained to me more what I would see when the floor was finished, or he should have asked me what color I wanted the floor to end up. The first coat of water base was applied about 8:00 PM the third night after the whole process began. Adam applied the base coat and left, and when I saw the color, I was flabbergasted. He told me it might darken a little, but basically, what I saw was what it would end up being. Since the first base coat was applied, any change in the color would necessitate re-sanding. That involved an additional cost, which has ended up being an additional $250. I was not pleased with that, since I felt it could have been avoided if only more information had been shared initially.
The re-sanding process prolonged the process well beyond a full week. That also was not acceptable, but I had to change the color, so it had to be.
Communication was also lacking between the company, the individual workers, and myself. I would be told one thing as to timing, then no one would show up as indicated. One worker whom I had been told would phone me, told me when he finally appeared that he didn't phone, he was the labor end! The office was supposed to phone me.
But I had told each worker who came that my walls had just all been painted, and I needed them to be very careful. They each agreed, and they did very well except for my bedroom, which had just been painted the week before the floor was begun, at the recommendation of ****! I asked him during the estimate which should be done first - floor or painting. He assured me do the painting first, and then the floor, so that's what I did.
Now the entire room must be repainted, after the painter patched up the plaster that was gouged out by your workers. They were the only people in the room, so they had to be the ones who marred the walls. The marks are primarily higher on the walls than the sander would have left marks, but I did see the workers using a "back pack" type vacuum, with metal wands, and either of those could easily have left the gouge marks. The repainting will cost me $100, and I feel that should be returned to me from my final payment to you. I'm not holding back the amount you're charging me, but I would certainly like to reduce it by the $100 for repainting.
I also expected one board at my closet entrance would be sanded down and finished, but it never was. When Brent was checking the room the Friday before the re-sanding, he noticed that board, and he taped where he felt it should be done. I pointed it out to each person who came in after that, but no one would work on it.
I think there should be one person who checks out the completed job, to see if it really is complete. There are so many individuals working on different aspects of the job that no one person takes any ownership of the job.
A three/four-day job became a nine-day job, including the weekend. And while several times my floor was identified as "a small job," believe me, for me it was a BIG job!
The finished floor is really beautiful! I am pleased with the end result, not including the one board in the closet entry I'll just have to live with. But the process to achieve the end result was definitely horrific. I cannot with good conscious recommend your company to my friends. Four other jobs would have come your way if my job had been done in a professional, caring fashion.

Desired Settlement
I would like the additional $250 refunded, beyond the initial estimate, and the $100 I had to pay to have my walls repainted.
I expressed this in the letter above, which is what I sent the company with my payment. I did NOT withhold payment, but probably should have.

Business' Initial Response
To Whom It May Concern:
In regards to *** ****** and the work performed, Dave's Floor Sand & Installing, Inc. apologizes for any inconvenience she may feel we have caused her. On September 26th, 2012 **** visited *** so that he could provide an estimate for the work she requested, she had an old natural finish which aged to its current color over time, any new floor would be lighter in tone unless it was stained or sanded all at the same time, our estimator's do the best they can do to foresee any issues that may arise, unfortunately the customer did not understand the estimate as it was written, which was a natural water base finish and would have never matched an existing floor with old finish.
The issue came about when the dry time was discussed after the job was scheduled and many questions were answered, for oil base finish it would take approximately 8 to 12 hours to dry and she felt that was unacceptable she needed to use her bathroom (in a normal situation customer would not have this option and would have to be out of the area or the house during the process). Finish dry times are out of our control, it is the nature of the product, so as a courtesy to the customer **** tried to work with the issue so that she could use her bathroom and the solution was to use water base finish which will always be lighter in color and the dry time is much less approximately 4 to 6 hours.
After the first coat went down she had called in and stated that she was not happy with the color she had chosen so there were multiple conversations on how to resolve it, which all included resanding the floor. After multiple conversation we agreed to resand the floor and stain it using a water base finish so that she could continue to use her bathroom, all a doable option but one that will never match her existing floors permanently.
In order for Dave's Floor Sanding to accomplish this we had to add for the extra labor which we discounted, for us to sand and stain her floors the cost should have been $648.00 but we charged $250.00. Tom and *** discussed in advance on multiple occasions the price and options available. *** had the option to continue, resand or stop the process, she chose to resand the floor for the additional $250.00. All sand jobs take a minimum of 3 to 4 days to complete, in this case her decision to resand changed the schedule as if it was two sand jobs with the weekend falling in the middle causing the job to last much longer.
The only way Dave's Floor Sanding can guarantee a color match is if the floors are all sanded at the same time and all the adjoining rooms are of the same wood species, finish type and finish color, in this case we only sanded a part of the floor which would never match the existing floors no matter what route was taken.
In regards to the gouges as she stated, Dave's Floor Sanding spoke with her during the estimate and as **** stated she could paint but she has to expect some touch up. After she called in and said the walls were damaged she was given the option (during the conversation with Tom) that we would repair the areas and she chose to have her painter do the work. On October 22, 2012 Eric returned to the site to resand the floor and look at the walls, when he showed up on site the areas damage were 6' to 7' up on the wall, it would not be possible with the equipment we use to gouge the wall that high in the air.
Dave's Floor Sanding & Installing, Inc. is fully aware of the daily operations of the business, we have 30 to 100 jobs a day that we are working on and the process has evolved over the 35 years we have been in business. All customers are important to all of us at Dave's Floor Sanding, currently we have 49 employees and understand that the customer will see many faces, which is due to fact that all the guys specialize in one area of the process so that we can provide the best job possible. We appreciate any honest criticism that customers are willing to provide that will assist us in bettering the company.
Dave's Floor Sanding & Installing, Inc. has went above and beyond to satisfy the customer as we always strive to do! In this case ***, Dave's cannot refund money and take any further loss on the job for something we offered to repair when we were on site, the profit margin on small jobs such as ***'s 188 square foot room is small, with the labor and time involved to do the job, redo the job and communicate with the customer it reduces the profits. Dave's Floor Sanding does not and will not walk away from a job with an unhappy customer without taking steps to resolve the issues as we have and did do for *** ******.
Thank You
Dave's Floor Sanding & Installing, Inc.

Consumer's Final Response
It was so "nice" to see Dave's chose to ignore the request NOT to use identifiers that were recognizeable! Just saying!

Business' Final Response
Dave's Floor Sanding & Installing, Inc. has went above and beyond, we apologize for any inconvenience that *** may feel this has caused her. We cannot refund any payments made to Dave's Floor Sanding, Dave's offered to repair the areas that she states we damaged at no cost to her, *** chose to use her painters services, which Dave's never agreed to pay.

Dave's Floor Sanding does floors not walls, we have no reason to have a vacuum walls 7 feet in the air. Our vacuum wands have a felt bottom on them to keep the floors from getting damaged during the vacuum process, if they gouged the walls they would have gouged the floors and we would not be able to use them.

Dave's Floor Sanding & Installing, Inc. and employees of Dave's Floor Sanding does the best job they can to make sure all questions are answered so that the customer understands fully, unfortunately it is not possible to answer every possible question for every scenario possible, every job is unique and we cannot possible foresee customer questions prior to the customer asking.

In regards to the identifiers, Dave's Floor Sanding is un clear as to where the request was made and is sorry if this may have inconvenienced you, we don't intentionally ignore any request from customers we strive to have the highest level of customer service and if we ignored our customers we would not have the level of customer service we currently have.

Everything done on the jobsite was either discounted or done at the request of the customer, Dave's Floor Sanding went out of the normal scenario to create a scenario for the customer so that there was access for her upon her request , which she originally stated was unacceptable until after **** modified the plan.
In regards to the one stripe of flooring *** is referring to, it was in a closet where no work was performed with the exception of carpet removal, the area where the board is located was in an area where the customer requested for use to not do any work until after the area was found to be damaged. The section where the board was broke is called a shaled board or a defective board, it is an area where the board becomes disconnected from itself which all was hidden under carpet and went unnoticed until the carpet was removed, the story behind the board was left out by the customer.

The problems on this job all stem from a misunderstanding by the customer and Dave's Floor Sanding has went above and beyond to resolve any issues, even though the floor is acceptable to the customer all we can offer from this point is our apologies for any inconvenience we may have caused.

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