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Integrity Restoration, Inc.

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Customer Complaints Summary

4 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 1 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Billing / Collection Issues1
Delivery Issues1
Problems with Product / Service2
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints4

Complaint Breakdown by Resolution

Complaint Resolution Log (4)BBB Closure Definitions
01/21/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Poor workmanship, total lack of communication, failure to complete work.
We have employed Integrity Restoration since January 21, 2013 following a house fire on October 19, 2012. To date:
* They have not given us a scope of work to be done.
* The owner, ***** ******, refuses to return our calls.
* The work completed has been delayed on numerous occasions due to "the insurance adjuster" not responding to their request for "addendums" or questions/clarification. The adjuster denies this as occurring.
* Workmanship regarding carpentry, flooring, painting: paint touch-ups are numerous and clearly show up in each instance as scuff marks on the walls of each room, flooring transitions not completed, the one carpenter who replaced some of the windows also replaced the siding around those windows but since he was fired, the owner refuses to replace the siding around the remaining windows they replaced, nearly all trim work cut inaccurately and putty used to fill in the spaces, closet door in one bedroom was reset twice and still is not fixed (first it fell off the track, then it was so crooked it couldn't be shut and now it is still not shutting correctly), pantry bi-fold door has yet to be finished on the rough edge (was promised twice by the project manager, *****, that this would be done), the laundry room door was hung with the wrong swing twice and now it is hinge-bound and ***** states it is "from the air in the laundry room pushing the door out"-we know better, the linoleum seam between the kitchen and pantry is lifting up and ***** has promised for over three weeks to have it fixed, the kitchen cupboards were hung un-centered and when they rehung them they damaged the crown molding and we have been waiting for that piece to be ordered and replaced for three weeks, the carpenter they fired drilled the holes for four of the cupboard doors in the wrong spot and it has been eight weeks since that occurred-***** promised he would order the replacements and it took him nearly two weeks to do so even after we got the ordering information for him from Lowe's, because they allowed water and snow to come through the roof, the water ran through our bedroom floor, into the basement and mold grew (we have been here 26 years and NEVER have had any moisture problems) and ***** said it was fixed. There are so many more issues that it would take pages to address them all. The biggest issue we have had with this company is that *****, the owner, refuses to address issues with us and no one gives us a clear answer (office manager, project manager) as they always defer to the owner. The owner does not respond to our messages.
The owner promised we would be in the house by June 1st. During the spring months we heard from him more times than we can count "I've been in business for 30'll be happy with our work when we are done...". We could see that the work was not going to be done in time for a final move-in inspection and gave the owner five opportunities to change the move in date. We were not able to move in until June 14th as the house was not ready. It still was not painted, flooring was not completed, we had to hang our clothing in the garage, the kitchen was not completed. The owner had "the girls" clean the house. When we got there, we found construction dust was still present on the closet doors, in the closets, carpet threads were present on the carpeting, windows were streaked. When *****, the owner, came to look at the house a few days later he stated, "The girls usually do a better job than this"-this was stated without us even saying anything about it. He also said, "This work is embarrassing" regarding the workmanship. As a result of them not completing the work (and constantly blaming the insurance adjuster with AllState who points the finger back at Integrity), we have had to live in our house without ever knowing what day or time someone might arrive to work on the house. We have asked repeatedly for a calendar/workplan/completion date and the owner refuses to respond.

Desired Settlement
Quality work with clear completion date.

Business Response
To Whom It May Concern,
Integrity Restoration was hired in late January 2013 following a fire at the home of the consumer on October 19, 2012. The damages to the home were over three months old when we entered the picture, and in the three months prior to our involvement three contractors had already been dismissed. We did not perform the mitigation after the fire, in which thousands of gallons of water were pumped into and onto home to extinguish fire. Much of this water would come to rest in the basement with a dirt floor. Furthermore, a concrete stoop at is located in the front of the house tilts back into the house which is creating a natural drain back into the basement. This was pointed out to consumer and adjuster at our last site meeting. A small amount of water did, however, enter the basement during construction which we then dried to industry standards. Then after considerable rains flooded tens of thousands of basements in the metro area this summer, we again dried basement to industry standards (at our expense). We have the accepted industry standards documented for moisture/humidity to verify. However, until defective concrete stoop is replaced consumer will continue to have problems. This is a previous to fire condition and has nothing to do with fire or our repairs.
When we were first contacted by the consumer some of her first words were how frustrated she was with her insurance company, and how she did not want to work with anyone who did work with or for them. When we were hired the consumer's home had been left in complete disarray with parts of tasks completed and others not even addressed in estimate. This would become a major point of delay as job could not move forward in a smooth fashion, because of a poorly and previously written scope that we had no part in.
Getting a correct scope has been a time consuming and arduous ordeal as we have had to play middle man between an adjuster and homeowners that were at odds even before we entered the picture. Countless hours of re-writing has been performed by us to figure out where the shortages and missed scope items were. Due to our attention we have been able to correctly add approximately $50,000+ to the adjuster's original estimate, these items include but are not limited to: a complete new furnace and heating system, bath tub, partial cabinets and full countertops, window treatments, additional drywall and insulation removal/replacement, seal-coating, and last the addendum for approximately $5,000 worth of exterior painting and repairs.
In this job we have been constantly thrown under the bus. The consumer has attempted manipulate the situation into getting additional work out of insurance and in turn we have been working with an insurance which has not always communicated clearly. In turn we have been caught in between and blamed for the length of time this job has gone on. Some of which is a direct result of delayed response by the adjuster on items such as tub replacement, HVAC replacement, exterior painting, etc. Email transmissions are available which communicate multiple delays/length of time it took to get approval from insurance. We cannot do repairs that are not authorized by insurance company without their approval despite the consumers demanding it.
All work has been completed with exception of some punch list items. We were waiting for the replacement cabinet doors to come in, and since they have now arrived we will schedule one of our carpenters with the consumer in next 10 business days in order to complete punch list. At that time we will refund customer items that we mutually agreed not to complete. These items include but are not limited to entry ceiling and bath window treatment. At that time we will expect payment on for previously completed work that was approved by the adjuster on the last addendum.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Correction: no contractors were dismissed. The first contractor was provided the same day from the insurance adjuster as we needed to have the home secured (tarps, etc.). The second contractor was hired by us from a recommendation. We signed a contract with the company and after one month they decided they were not able to handle the scope of work that needed to be done due to "staff issues". We then hired Integrity Restoration (IR).

We addressed the water in our initial complaint. We did not receive the rain that IR is stating as we are not in the metro area. We also addressed this in our initial complaint.

We both met with the contractor and we both shared that we were frustrated with how the initial contractor boarded up our home. We also both told IR that we did not trust the relationship between that contractor and the insurance adjuster as the adjuster had stated three times that the contractor had done work for him in his own home. We also stated clearly that we feared there would be a conflict of interest on the part of the insurance adjuster and his recommended contractor.

In response to getting a correct scope-that is what we hired IR to do-not sure why this is being addressed here. We addressed this in our initial complaint.

In response to stating we "manipulated", let's share the definition of manipulate (Merriam Webster Dictionary): "to control or play upon by artful, unfair, or insidious means especially to one's own advantage". We hired IR to help us interpret the insurance adjuster's estimates. To state otherwise is not an accurate reflection of our actions. IR's owner repeatedly told us he would help us "deal with" the insurance issues.

There was a lack of communication from the beginning with IR-we addressed this in our initial complaint.

Definition of "punch list" (Merriam Webster Dictionary): "a list of usually minor tasks to be completed at the end of a project". As stated in our initial complaint and when reviewed with the last two project managers with IR, the items we are waiting on are not "minor".

In response to the kitchen cabinets being replaced as addressed in our initial complaint, ****'s stated that the four doors were shipped by the factory to ****'s arriving on 9/16/13. They were picked up by IR on 9/27/13. No one from IR communicated with us that they had been called by ****'s or had picked them up at the time of our initial complaint. The broken cove that IR's staff broke and removed (when they repaired the incorrect spacing of the cabinet to the left of the kitchen sink) has not been addressed by IR other than the last project manager stating he would have it replaced. Today is 10/18/13 and no one from IR has contacted us.

The AllState insurance adjuster states that all payments have been made. IR needs to communicate with the adjuster directly on this area of concern.

The response from IR was obviously written by someone who had no first-hand experience with the project or homeowners. IR"s response is a case study in self-serving bias and defensive communicative behaviors. While we don't doubt IR's owner started with good intentions, the project lacked effective communication on their part with the homeowners, the adjuster and within the company itself as evidenced by fragmented and questionable quality of job tasks, statements made by IR's staff regarding the company and staff, dismissal of three project managers and a change in business office staff.

To restate, as of today, 10/18/13 (noon) no one from IR has contacted us as the homeowners.

Final Business Response
In response to the consumer's concern that they had not yet been contacted: Consumer was contacted in the ten days that we said we would contact them in. In this email we tentatively scheduled our carpenter pending the consumer's approval on date/time. Their response stating they had not yet been contacted was sent to the BBB prior to the end of the timeframe we laid forth. As of now the carpenter is scheduled for Nov 6th and 7th.

Consumer Response
Owner refused to meet with us. Complaints unresolved. We will go forward without resolution. Filing this complaint did nothing to help us in our situation.

Business Response
Adjuster finally addressed final payment. We have emailed consumer to get final resolution.

09/18/2014Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

Noncompletion of insurance claim hottub/ gazebo project they threatened lein on home over $1,400.00 disputethey had with CAlSPa who we paid deduct to
IT is complex and the complaint is specific to their retaliation of threatening a lien on our house after we paid our full insurance deductible per our insurance companies knowledge and acknowledgment and the project still is not satisfactorily resolved or a final inspection after 6 months to where Cal Spa put up a Gazebo and hot tub. The dispute over money owed them is between them and their subcontractors not us. To retaliate and bully referred from insurance company clients is bad faith behavior. I believe it is racket and predatory practice because the amount is low enough so you just pay versus get a lawyer or miss work for conciliation court and high enough to threaten a lien on your home and be significant enough to be about a house payment.

Desired Settlement
Complete project give 3 year extended warranty promised pay us for the damages to property quit harassing us since we reported you to Insurance company to not use you as a preferred Contractor your retribution and bad business practices take your dispute to Cal Spa and quite threatening by phone calls and letters with liens if we do not pay you what you arbitrarily and never provided to resolve issues still ongoing and send us the paid in full receipt and completed inspection which you never did so we can all move on. Quit bullying us over the money the other company you contracted with took out of the deductible. That has nothing to do with us. WE never wanted you after how you did little to nothing and never needed you for anything as Cal Spa could have easily done the estimates and the project. You are bilking the system and raising everyone's insurance rates by your bad faith practices you have done in our case. I am sure the way you have acted and immediately after we wanted you off our insurance case with the poor resolution and management and your main concern being for your collecting checks denying that anything is an issue or over 6 months may have needed another review or estimate and then when it did not go how you wanted threated our home and us the customer of the insurance company over a less than $1000 dispute with the company you worked with. The dispute is with them. Stop the legal litigation threats and bullying toward us the Insurance customer client. I want copies of bills receipts and an accounting of specifically what you did exactly and when. and proof of how you discussed the particulars or specifics with us regarding the insurance options and claims and choices we had. Plus pay for the damages to my garden lighting décor and statuary you demo people did and threw it in my trash without telling me or the damaged object disappeared after they left which you were informed about as well as the leaving of debris in our yard for months post demo.

Business Response
To Whom it May Concern,
This is a simple matter. The consumer needs to pay the remaining balance that they were and are aware of. They are not a victim as they are trying to make it seem. There are no arbitrary numbers, all figures were agreed upon and given to consumer in line item detail. The consumer signed a contract with us on their own accord. There is nothing racket, bad faith, or predatory about this issue. What we have is a consumer who has a remaining balance and will do anything not to pay it. We typically collect the deductible upfront; however, in this case we did not as the consumer did not have the funds at that time. As the project progressed we repeatedly asked for funds; however, the consumer stated she already paid it to us. First she stated she paid in cash, then she stated she paid subcontractor. We finally contacted consumer's insurance for assistance. After the consumer received a letter from her insurance company stating that both the deductible and non recoverable depreciation were due to us the consumer called the subcontractor and stated she was on the way to pay the deductible to him. NOTE: Consumer was repeatedly advised by insurance, subcontractor, and ourselves that these funds were due to us. However, in attempt to cover up about paying the subcontractor previously the consumer rushed to the subcontractor and paid him the $2000.00 deductible and sent letter back to her insurance conveniently covering up the date of payment, in attempt to cover this up (During this time the subcontractor was in direct contact with us and we were in we communication with consumer's insurance). Outside of our contract consumer UPGRADED product outside of scope of work with subcontractor and because subcontractor knew consumer would not pay him for that upgrade he took those funds out of the deductible amount and sent us the difference. The subcontractor has been paid in full; however, we are still owed the amount he took out of the deductible for payment on her upgrade as well as non-recoverable depreciation--neither of which are a surprise to the consumer. We have been patient and attempted to work with consumer, and we even would have set up some type of payment plan. Unfortunately, with the consumer unwilling to deal with the reality of the situation, she has forced us to proceed with other means of collections. The resolution to this issue is they pay us the remaining balance. Please see attached documents.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Most of Your statements are false misleading & untrue. Prior to your letter dated 8/14/14 you never asked for a payment of NON-RECOVERABLE depreciation, nor do we know what it is. You,your estimator or anyone from your company has never ever explained or wrote to us about the total project, asked if we had questions, or stated what work you would perform and do on the claim. You never informed us prior to 8/14 of even having a subcontractor or who they are. You never in any format provided a project time table or what inspections or coordination you would do.. You never wrote or asked what we would like or want or what would work best with the existing POOL Iron surround fence in the concrete slab or structure configurations or products to pick. There is no line item anything you gave me. It is on the estimate. WE had a dying son with24/7 care who died 4/of14. WE were not trying to decipher contractor estimates on line.

THis Loss claim was for$31,313.00 with deductible & ****** got $25,942.19 THE POSTIVE remainder is $5,371.31.

The fiscal ISSUE IS aPPROX $1,000.00. THIS to you is WORTH DESTROYING my good credit&putting a lien on an almost paid off house and adding stress to our grief.Your service was so poor to us that U never asked anything of what we needed. The work authorization was signed on 2/19/14 You had the Ins. check issued 2/3/14 so that shows how again you mislead us to get it signed since we were in a family crisis then bereavement. We never would have hired you after the estimate if you would have been forthcoming& told us you were not building the Gazebo. ? not state ****** was doing almost everything. We had said we wanted a different hot tub maker due to hearing about upcoming ******Productionissues. In fact we never wanted you or sought you out, it was USAA claims adjuster trying to help us as he knew what our family was going through & thought a PDRP contractor would help us & treat us well. USAA lettr Jan/2014 even says "we care about your well being and you have our commitment to help get your life back to normal .With you that did not occur, but it is a nightmare. You allude to coverup & USAA& ****** were in direct contact with you. Yet you lie about the 8/1/14 leter fm USAA acknowledgereceiptofmy paid in full deductible.Prior to you, WE were Clients of USAA for Years & Cal Spa customer for over a decade &in good standingwithboth.In fact you knew after our complaint to USAA we did not know why you were even involved in this as ****** can handle Insurance claims and has for many years all on their own.It is untrue any numbers were agreed upon ever as the original Deductible was $1,000 then you re- changed your estimate thendeductible chg to$2,000 then between when you focused on getting our signature for a vague statement of what you would do as estimate and per scope of USSAA work that is not detailed line item detail on your part on what you will do.
You harassed usduring a time our son was extremly disabled ill receiving 24/7 home health care and family care. He died in 4/14. U did not ever ask us for $ prior to June. project over 6mon Not in writing not on the phone not ever until 6 months later& issues between U & ****** estmator came up.We never told U we had no money that is a lie! U told that to others & slander us? DidNot sign contract willingly,but under stress you had already been issued check &said we had to sign the check & your name was on it so to get this project going the checks & work authorization contractual agreement had to be signed. That was misleading at a time you knew we were vulnerable distracted&stressed &relying on others to do their jobs. You did not. The project took over 6 months and was not completed and functionally fixed the damages to new Gazebo at installation until 8/14 so again your statements are misleading.Project didn't ever stages progress it was finally in June getting ridiculous. Cal Spa denies they were ever your subcontractor. They do not have any document that states they are your sub contractor & we had an over 10 year customer relationship with them prior to this. Why would they lie to us?
The only letter USAA ever sent to us regarding your company & this claim was at your instigation.7/31/14 they only stated that you told them, what you would do to us, if we did not pay our deductible as you told them neither Cal Spa nor you had specifically received a cash payment for the deductible. ****** nor USAA ever told us& not you as even your own work authorization contractual agreement states "(if applicable)". You did not seem to find it applicable From Jan14 until Aug14 when the project was mainly completed. Again you misspeak, We were never told repeatedly by USAA. Why would they Harrass their own long term paying customer? ****** didnt either in fact they stated as we have seen or been customers of ***** or **** for over 10 years they didn't understand any of the problems with your company &this situation or the huge delay of 6 months. THE dispute is between you & ****** not with us the deductible was paid in full. Aug 1, 2014 USAA letter acknowledged receipt as deductible paid & our obligation met. Because specifically apart from the of ****** now Second sales agreement that was different from the original ****** Estimate, unbeknownst to us, had changed. So when we sold for $1,500.00 our3yrold( bought fm******) broken hot tub to them as trade in, no one wanted it, no est/bid to throw it away, so it was left on our property as ours,left to us to dispose of.Cal spa offered to anyone that amount for working or nonworking hot tubs &they would pick them up. We were to receive $1,500.00 plus additionally accepted the $500.00 valued credit toward buying the discontinued floor model/Discontinued by Cal Spa thus not warrantied Bar& stools. ****** no longer built bars into the Gazebo because they no longer made the Gazebos. That totals $2,000.00 which equals the deductible. Cal Spa received from us & it is listed on the6/9/14 sales agreement as "Include trade in& in the options line" because that line also includes the AND/OR CONDITIONS OF SALE line.THE items that used to be included but now with new Canada vendor ****** manufacturing changes & no longer producing the models or version of what we had. It wasn't in the new vendors package, but option . THE new vendor in Canada with freight/shipping customs tariff & changes in costs manufacturing plus fuel things had changed drastically as they no longer had Coleman contract for hot tubs & no longer made other product they used to make, that we had. So those are NOT UPGRADES. Thatis limited styles/no pkgs limited options to pay ala carte. I was duped into thinking that they were trying to be being fair. YOUR statement is false. They are our USAA insurance & do not take sides. Claim is paid out/closed Mar14 when you were issued the checks for over $29K. You submit insurance estimates & re-estimates & refused Cal Spa new estimates after the project had gone over 6 months from date of Loss for a hot tub gazebo, You repeatedly lied to people I said you had not been paid & you paid invoices on our behalf from your own funds. You had been paid by USAA for estimates & re-estimates. Your poor judgement toward ****** that U did not get readjusted or to meet our needs as multiple corporate changes in vendors manufacturing& Canada vendors & discontinuation of products we had as close comparables no longer existed. Cal Spas between the Winter & spring plus they changed Techno updates, sales agreement to us & 6/14 the man who wrote the original bid was at a trade show & they stated you turned them down to make a more accuratcomparable estimate of pastproducts in R claim. You knew that prices & international vendors were now from Canada & they no longer offered a comparable package product to our Cal Spa Gazebo and hot tub& built in Bar/ barstools that were attached to the Gazebo. You knew that our Gazebo had screens. However in the new vendor as Cal Spa no longer makes their own Bars/barstools or Gazebos as they had for many years, you did not factor that in your bid & neither did he as it had been in March and he did not get to talk with us or see much due to the snow and your demolition.Calling those UPGRAdESis misleading twist on fact when the hot tubs now are different from 3 years ago as the technology has drastically changed. 2Choices dimensions R rectangular, not square like ours, BIg issue looks awkward as our Concretepad the wiring & special dimensions are for a square building so these are not upgrades either, they are just different & not in a way we had a choice over. YOu didn't ever inform us of any of this. USAA never directed us whom to pay the deductible to, ever. My husband actually is the only signature on the work authorization for estimate per USAA Direct Repair Program at time of inspection/estimate.Your monetary dispute is with ****** not us,we paid full deduct

Final Business Response
The consumer has drawn this out long enough and we are moving forward with alternative means of collection as consumer has been repeatedly warned of. Despite the consumers attempts to convolute the subject the dispute is between us and them. They owe the remaining balance of $1443.70. The breakdown of which has been explained, billed, and uploaded previously. The consumer's deductible is based on their policy with their insurance company. Per their policy the deductible on this loss is $2000 per the cause of loss. The non recoverable depreciation is also the responsibility of the consumer. This is also something we do not decide but is per the policy with their insurance. This dispute has been documented and discussed extensively with their insurance and we have their full approval to move forward with collecting the full balance due to us through whatever collection means necessary.

03/17/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I was referred to Integrity by my insurance company. They took entirely too long to complete the work, over billed, and under delivered. I the process, I was continually put in line behind other jobs that were taken after mine was. At one point, I told them that they needed to be at my house working the next day and I wanted a credit on my final bill, or they were fired. They showed up the next day, yet I was still over billed in full.I was also lied to by their customer service case manager, *****, who was fired halfway through my job.

Desired Settlement
I would like a written apology and an explanation as to why they took so long and over billed me for things that were discussed with their fired employee, *****.

Business Response

To whom it may concern:

This job started out as a water mitigation repair. The mitigation was done by another company, not Integrity Restoration, Inc. The owner also wanted to do some remodeling. He then had a second water mitigation which was also done by another company. The two rebuild assignments by the insurance company turned into a remodel project of the affected areas.
The completion of the job was held up substantially by the homeowner because he did not get the base painted for approximately (8) weeks. The trim was purchased and delivered the week of 9/30/13-10/04/13 and we were instructed that the trim was ready for installing on 12/2/13 and we finished the installation of the trim on 12/03/13.
In the end, we offered to reduce his remaining bill by to appease the homeowner to $1500.00 (See Supporting Document #1). The homeowner however decided to pay the revised remaining bill in full in the amount of $1709.72.

Thank you,

Integrity Restoration, Inc.

Supporting Document #1:

From: ***************
Sent: Friday, January 10, 2014 8:25 AM
To: '**************'
Subject: RE: **************'s bill and final statement

Mr. *******

We have already amended the bill to what it is now and we are at a losing point on the job as a whole, but in order to resolve this issue we will reduce the bill to $1,500.00. Please remit payment and we can consider our business concluded.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
$209.72 does not cover the amount of disappointment and anger I have toward your company.

That's precisely why I paid the full amount of $1709.72 you originally asked for. Yes, I essentially paid $209.72 to complain.

Still looking for the "I would like a written apology and an explanation as to why they took so long and over billed me for things that were discussed with their fired employee, *****." You need to admit fault here.

Since we spoke, I also have had to have a plumber come and fix the leaky drain under my sink. Awesome! Yes, the same sink that you overcharged me for in my kitchen without a permit.


Final Business Response
Our statements stand as previously written.

09/30/2013Delivery Issues | Read Complaint Details

Integrity had my home packed up in Feb. 2013. I had to stay in a hotel for 2 1/2 mos. They refused release of property until pd, but many items broken
Hired Integrity Oct. 2012 to repair mold damage caused by flood from refrigerator hose. Quoted 3 wks to repair; it took 6 mos. and still waiting for damages. They lied and stalled throughout the ordeal, and I had to hire other wkrs to repair damages done by them.
-I purchased a new refrigerator in Nov/13.
Integrity walked off the job 01/24/13,(no explanation) leaving every room torn up. (Contents from damaged rms was piled up in the other rms.) I had not had a kitchen since 11/13.
-I called them to find out where a board had been placed & ***** ****** said,"Oh, the mold report came back and there' still mold. So, we're going to come in & pack up your house & clean everything." I never recv'd a copy of this mold report.
-Wks went by . . .kitchen floor had t/b done by ***** Tile; Integrity didn't know how to do concrete base which I had.
-I checked in to hotel 02/18/13.
-Throughout this time, my father was dying, and I felt they took advantage of me. I became ill & missed 5-6 wks work becuz of the stress!
-Integrity sanded my floor and caused 5 different types of damages: built-up ridges, patches of no finish, a dif't finish on hallway, deep gouges/ swirl marks cut in by bay window, doors, & stairway, pieces of debris over entire floor.
-I asked for floor to be re-done. They insisted that they could repair it.
-I showed up the morning scheduled t/b re-done, and the wkr told me he couldn't get the swirl marks out. I told him that he had put them there, and he had to get them out. "***** says we don't have to", he said.
-3/31/13 ******* **** Painting came out Easter morning & gave estimate for floor repair. He did the work that wk.
-Several wks went by, and I am still waiting for my belongings.
-Integrity then notified me that they would not release my belongings until they were pd. in full. I had no idea what condition my things were in, but some of my antiques h/b left out in the cold garage. (improper trmt for antiques!)
-My insurance pd them, and they dropped everything off. I had been told that they would unpk it all as well, but that was not the case, however, 2 wkrs came and spent a few hrs moving furniture. Derick took pictures of some of initial damages that day 4/13?. (I hadn't noticed damage to the refrigerator yet, becuz I was still living in a hotel for another month.)
-No contact was initiated by Integrity.
-I kept calling: May several dates, 6/6, 6/7, 6/8, 6/10, 6/13,... ***** ****** finally came out & took more pictures. By now, I had discovered more items broken, which I brought to *****'s attention. He said he would come out and fix them, but he never did. I showed him the damage to my refrigerator on that date (Jun 6-13) and he took pictures then. I kept calling him to come & repair what he'd said, but he never did.
-6/20 I had been calling about some missing items. ***** brought me a box & said they were "unsalvageable". No one had told me of these things before.
-7/2, ***** emailed an insurance form; said that ********'s could do some of the repairs.
-In the meantime, I was still living at the hotel,because I had not had a kitchen since it was removed in Nov/2012. ***** had referred me to ****** Cabinets, who I hired to build the cabinets. On May 9, 2013 I met w/ ****** and was refunded my money. For some reason, they had not built them, so I had to start over re-building my kitchen!
-Integrity knew this. On 2 occasions, (when ******* took pics & when ***** took pics they saw this). I ordered cabinets from *******'s and had to wait until 6/20 for them t/b installed. Integrity owner, ***** ******, tried to blame the other cabinet builders for the damage to my refrigerator. I hadn't noticed the refrigerator at first, because I was still living in the hotel, but as soon as I did, I told ***** ****** about it.
-7/2/13, called ********'s. ***** said they could repair damaged wood furniture.
-7/24/13 still no repairs/no $ pd. Called *****; denies blame and told me "this conversation is done.

Desired Settlement
Seeking money for damage done to my refrigerator, wood furniture items, and other items.
Refrigerator: Rt. door $543.20
Left door 530.95
Svc Call 69.00
Install 120.00
Tot. refrigerator:$ 1263.15

Damage to furniture: ********'s Est: $906.00
(White Bed est from ********'s $275.) I found someone else that can repair for $100.00

Damage for other items: $1450.24

Total damages: $3719.39

Business' Initial Response
To Whom It May Concern,

In regards to the consumer's complaint, we were indeed hired as a general contractor by the consumer November 1, 2012 after she had had some issues with other contractors. We were hired to repair the damage caused by a leak in a fridge line. The initial insurance estimate addressed a small area in the kitchen which included a small area of sheetrock and a small cabinet that needed to be removed. However, after this removal began the consumer began to demand that other areas of the home be addressed as well. A relatively small project soon took on an entire different tone, and it quickly became apparent that the consumer wanted to act as the general contractor as she began demanding other forms of work be done and hiring other contractors and even hiring our own subcontractors from underneath us. The consumer's constant calls and changes to the scope of work made it impossible to be productive as her demands increased and changed at every step of the process.
Working with the consumer's insurance adjuster we continually had to make changes to the estimate and wait for approval from the insurance company. All this occurred while consumer was out of country at many points during the process.
As stated previously, the consumer had several other companies working for her during and after our relationship as the consumer had many projects she was doing and/or wanted to do.
Some of this work included, but is not limited to: Cabinets, Base, Tile, Trim work, Painting, Moving of Piano and other contents, delivery/installation of refrigerator and other appliances.
Consumer's new refrigerator was bought and placed after we were done with all of our work in the kitchen. At the time of our construction clean up we were asked to say out of the kitchen as several other contractors had work yet to do in kitchen. Consumer had someone else doing the kitchen cabinets and flooring. We did not do any base or trim work in kitchen. At the time of our final clean up the kitchen was still a construction zone.
When we moved the consumer's personal property back into her home we had five members of our crew there to bring the consumer's belongings back. Due to the cabinets and other work in the kitchen still not being complete (by other companies) and with base/casing (from consumer) still being worked on there was not ample room for all of consumer's things. At the same time the consumer demanded that we bring all of her personal property back to her home she also demanded that we bring her personal property back to our shop to store, because it would not all fit in her home due to work not completed by consumer and consumer's other contractors.
The day following the return of consumer's personal property two of our techs returned to site to set up a few bed frames and transfer items from garage into home that consumer requested as well as transfer items from home into garage that insured requested. No production workers from Integrity have since returned to site. No mention of damage to refrigerator was ever made at that time.
We do acknowledge that a few items were broken as a result of the initial pack out by ******* Moving and Storage and they have set up a claim for these damages; however they need the form that we provided to the consumer. This form has never been returned to us by consumer and because of this, no claim can be submitted. We would be more than happy to process the form for the consumer; however, she must first fill it out so we can send it to *******. When the consumer completes this form and sends it back to us we can proceed, but until she fills the form out and returns it there is nothing we can do.
With regards to the damages to the refrigerator, the consumer chose to have other companies work in her kitchen. As previously stated, the work in the kitchen was not complete when Integrity last worked at site, and no mention of any refrigerator damage was mentioned at that time. We cannot be held liable for damages caused by other companies that were hired by the consumer to do work in the kitchen.

Note: When the consumer fills completes form given to her we will help her process the claim for contents that were damaged in initial packout, but until that point we are waiting on the consumer.

Consumer's Final Response
I purchased my refrigerator on Nov. 23, 2012, which this company knows, because they had to move it out of their way numerous times. The fact that they chose to lie about this is proof that they lack integrity. Here is a history of the problems I had with them.

Nov/12-contract stated lower BR was t/b primed,and painted w/ 2coats of paint.
--no prep wk was done beforehand.
--Wkr stopped the roller 1' off the grd, revealing the prev. blue color underneath.
--There are 2 built-in shelves in the rm. Paint was slopped on one. The other had t/b removed, but they didn't know how to take it down. I had to have my brother come over and remove it.
It took 3 attempts to have their paint errors corrected. After this, I didn't trust them to do any more painting in my house.
--When they re-attached the shelf, they shot a nail up sideways. It protrudes through the shelf, and it was never fixed. After this, I really didn't trust them. I was to get new cabinets, and didn't want them hung wrong.
Dec/12-I had to go out of the country for wk, and told them not to remove the wallpaper in my lower bathrm. I told them to email me, but they refused to communicate at all.
--I came home to find they had stripped my wallpaper down. They told me it had mold on it, but when I asked a wkr how bad it was, he said 'not bad at all. We cut into it when we cut the ceiling."
--After this, I hired a girl to faux paint the bathrm. She was finished on 12/27/12, & wkd solely in the basement. I asked her to paint the upper BR then, but Integrity was so slow, I had to change the date 4 times, & she became so frustrated, she decided not to do the wk. I ended up painting this rm myself.
Jan/13-Per their contract, Integrity was supposed to tear out the concrete bed in the kitchen, & put down a new floor, but a month went by, and finally, the wkr told me, that he didn't know how to replace the concrete bed. Integrity moved my refrigerator into the dining rm while they tore up the old floor. I had to hire Vinge Tile to install the new concrete bed, and lay down the new floor.
--Integrity was also supposed to sand the LV rm floors, but they walked off the job on me. I spent a wk. interviewing other people, before they called to tell me:"the mold report came back & there's still mold in your house. So, we're gonna pack up everything & clean it, & do the wood floors." I was told to get a hotel for a couple of days, but knowing how they had been, I booked it for 10 days. I ended up in a hotel for 2 1/2 months! When they had my house packed up, they put my piano on a dolly, & wheeled it into the kitchen. In doing so, they chipped the edge off the new tile floor in a row, and carved out a new path!
--When they went to sand the wood floor, they messed it up horribly,(prev. report). It had to be re-done 3x. I finally had to hire someone else to fix the damage that they'd done. The new person insisted on putting the piano back in its place, so that Integrity wouldn't scratch up the wk that he'd done. Is this general contracting? Fixing what they mess up?!
Apr/13-After being homeless for so long, they finally agreed to return my belongings, but not until they were pd in full. I had no idea what condition any of my things were in, and it took me a long time to get through all of the boxes. I notified them right away,but again, I was put off. They stalled and stalled, and repeatedly lied to me.
--They were deceptive & tried to hide the damage
they had done, withholding a box of things that they'd destroyed, hiding things they'd broken
w/ something that was already broke, & writing that something was already broken on a box/pkg, when it previously was not.
--Throughout this long ordeal, I have tried to be calm, while they have stalled, and took other wk, lied to me about almost everything! And, they never communicated w/ me unless I called! And now, they are trying to steal from me, by offering me insurance at .60 per lb. I didn't buy my belongings by the lb. like a sack of potatoes, and I don't feel that this is an appropriate measurement for the damage that was done!

Business' Final Response
To Whom It May Concern,
Our response has not changed. The consumer has yet to complete the form she was given. When she completes said form we can help process the claim for her contents. However, until that is done, we are waiting on the consumer.

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BBB Business Reviews are provided solely to assist you in exercising your own best judgment. Information in this BBB Business Review is believed reliable but not guaranteed as to accuracy.

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