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24 Restore

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Customer Complaints Summary

16 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 3 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Billing / Collection Issues3
Problems with Product / Service13
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints16

Complaint Breakdown by Resolution

Complaint Resolution Log (16)BBB Closure Definitions
06/24/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

There are several repair deficiencies, uncompleted work and personal property damage. Overall bad and incomplete service.
Company was hired in March 2013 after a fire in my home. They were slow in returning my clothing and ruined several items which I have not been reimbursed for. The demolition was fine however the remodel has been a nightmare. My home was to be completed on 6/15/13. It is still not completed. You can see all the tape lines in my drywall all over the house. Does not appear they did a final coat of mud. My grout in my backslash in the kitchen is crumbling. They did not finish my trim work. They restarted my home on fire and did not repair the fireplace correctly or inform me of the incident. They did not clean the soot under my fire place so when I lit the pilot I got soot on my new carpet. They did not change the filters in my air exchange unit. They broke several window cranks. They put a large scratch in my wood floors, installed a new jacuzzi tub that is to big for my water heater to support and installed the motor on the wrong side. They broke my bathroom cabinet door and glued it back together and it recently broke. They messed up my bathroom electricity in my basement bathroom. There are several scratches and gauges in my furniture. The exhaust for the dryer was not properly attached. There have been two plumbing issues with the dishwasher and the upstairs bathroom. They sent a plumber out and did not find out what was wrong but I had water pouring out of my kitchen can lights. Sloppy paint and stain job throughout my house. Vinyl in my bathroom is bubbling. Project manager is slow to respond if he responds at all. The house was to be completed and move in ready on 6/15/13. We moved in but it was not completed. I put my own kitchen shelving in just to unpack my kitchen. I had missing personal items and The president of the company, project manager and another person came out to my home and they corrected a couple things and the drywall was supposedly "fixed" but still looks horrible. Project manager did not communicate things with me. I had asked for several meetings and they never occurred. I never was able to view my non salvageable items. After this much time and hard feelings and failure to correct problems, I would like to get bids from other contractors and have someone else complete the work.

Desired Settlement
As stated above I would like to get bids from other contractors to repair the damage caused by 24 Restore and I would like to be compensated for my damaged personal belongings.

Business Response
Here are our responses to the issues raised by Ms. ********:
l1. We received the call on March 4, 2013 regarding the fire at Ms. ********; residence. All
laundry for the family was completed and returned to her within one week. Ms. ******** has never provided any information regarding any damaged laundry items.
2. Ms. ******** completed a walk through with **********, the assigned Project Manager, on May
29, 2013 and was satisfied with the work with the exception of a small punch list. We completed the punch list. We have always been willing to review and take care of any warranty issues, such as drywall, grout, and trim work.
3. There is no correct side to place a Jacuzzi motor. 'The installation of the Jacuzzi tub passed the plumbing inspection by the city. The tub was approximately the same size as the previous tub and was installed in the same location. If there was an issue with the hot water heater, it was pre-existing to the fire.
4. We did not start the house on Fire. While we were working on the residence, the ?replace was covered with poly. One of the workers accidentally flipped the switch on the gas fireplace* The wood was singed. We noticed the damage when we uncovered the fireplace and repaired the damage. Nothing else was damaged in the house. We cleaned the Fireplace.
S. We did not touch her basement electricity. Ms. ******** was in the process of finishing her
basement before the fire occurred. The basement was not covered in the scope of our work and we did no work in the basement with the possible exception of some cleaning.

6. The dishwasher was purchased by Ms. ********, We offered to come out and look at it but she
declined our offer.
7. The upstairs bathtub overflowed. We had a plumber go out (at no expense to Ms. ********) and
he put a camera down the drain just to make sure there were no issues with the plumbing. No issues were found. If there had been any issues, we would have corrected them.
8. Ms. ******** and her family moved in on .lune 15, 2013 as promised. At that time,'there was the punch list to complete, but it was completed shortly after the move in. All of the issues Ms. ******** is claiming to exist at this time have occurred after the walk through punch list was created and completed. We are still willing to take care of any warranty issues.
9. We do not know how the window cranks were broken as there was no obvious damage to them '
which could be attributed to any single cause. This is a 15 year old home and likely the damage was caused by normal wear and tear. However, we died replace the window cranks at no cost to l Ms. ********.
10. Ms. ********'s non-salvageable contents have been stored at our shop. All she has ever had to
do was to call our office and make an appointment to come in to inspect the contents.
We have given Ms. ******** numerous occasions to meet with representatives of our company. We also have given her the opportunity to have another company inspect our work. We have been willing to pay reasonable rates for mutually agreed upon repairs. If Ms. ******** was unwilling to allow our company to complete the repairs. We are attaching copies of several email conversations with Ms. ********. As you can see, we have been unable to get Ms. ******** to accept any solution proposed by our company. We continue to be willing to do whatever it takes to make reasonable corrections for any warranty issues she has with her home.
Please feel free to Contact our office at with any questions you may have.
********* Manager

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
My initial complaint to the BBB was filed on 2/3/14 and I have e-mails asking them to meet with me several times but they never have. My responses them:
1. It took weeks to get my clothing back from them. I talked to ********** about a bag of clothing they shrank when I was living in the condo and her had an employee come pick it up. It was also brought up at a meeting with ********** and ********** at my home with ****** ***** present. **** acknowledged it was their error and I have yet to be reimbursed.
2. They have not been willing to meet with me or come to my house to look at the drywall. I have made several attempts.
3.The Jacuzzi tub is approximately the same size HOWEVER there are 2 sets of jets in the tub where my old tub only had 1 set therefore it takes double the water to fill it and I run out of hot water.
4. The wood on my fire place was more than singed it was black. They attempted to fix it twice but have been unsuccessful. The wood is much darker and bubbled in spots. I received a quote from Stiller Trim Work in the amount of $1,550 to replace it. They never thought to inform me the homeowner of this I had to find out on my own. Bad customer relations.
5. I fixed the electricity.
6. I pulled the dishwasher out and fixed it.
7. No one was home when the plumber came. I believe he forgot to install the overflow and did this when he came to inspect the plumbing. It is fixed now.
8. We did move in on June 15th and the home was not complete and I had to sign a certificate of completion in order to move back in. I had to complete a lot of work they didn't do and there was a punch list and it was not all completed as they claim.
9. Non issue.
10. 24 Restores Solutions are that I pay them my $1,000 deductible plus whatever "verbal" agreement they had with the insurance company they State Farm did not pay them $1,500 and then they would complete the rest of the work. However I do not feel I would owe them any more money than what is in my escrow account $2,884. my deductible is eaten up by the damage to the fire place and my personal belongings and I'm not sure what 'verbal" arrangement they had with State Farm. In this business you get things in writing. I was not informed of this nor should I have to pay it. The other option was to have me pay for my "upgrades" which I have an e-mail from **** the project manager stating they GAVE me upgrades now they are trying to charge me for them when I never signed any change orders or agreed to any of it.

Not to mention my final inspection failed because 24 Restore did not ventilate my gas dryer so from June 2013 to February 2014 all of the gas fumes were coming back into my home. I had brought the fact that I smelled gas to ********** attention he said he would send someone out and apparently never did.

In the end if 24 Restore is willing to give me the remaining money in the escrow account of $2,884 I will hire a drywall company to fix my walls and whatever else I can do on my own, remove my complaint with the BBB and walk away.

Business Response
I wanted to inform you that I have settled with 24 Restore out of court. All matters have been satisfied and your services are no longer needed. Thank you for your assistance in this matter. Please confirm receipt of this e-mail.

03/21/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

My plumbers referred me to 24 Restore for water damage (a burst pipe)All they did is run machine's for 3 days and did not extract any water from the carpet and charged me $2331.33. I checked with ******* if this was handled correctly and they said no, water must be extracted as the fan's can't do it and I was really ripped off. He said they operate under no standards so I'm confused that they have a okay rating at the BBB.Could you please assist me with this?Thank you so much.

Desired Settlement
I would like half my money returned.

Business Response
This is an unfounded complaint from someone who clearly just doesn't want to pay there bill. Our tech who did the work has been with the company more than 8 years and has done over 2000 water damaged home in his career. I have more than 40 photos documenting the water loss from start to finish. Additionally I have moisture readings for the subfloor and all affected areas. Extraction of the carpet or not extracting the carpet would have made little to no difference in the drying outcome of the affected area. Water in a wood subfloor is bound water and cannot be extracted. In addition if we would have extracted there would have been an additional charge for doing so not reducing the bill but increasing it. Even the adjuster agreed to our estimate as I have a receipt that he paid our exact estimated amount. If money was returned it would have to be paid back to the insurance company. If this money was returned to the owner of the property it could be considered insurance fraud. We only charged for services that we provided, nothing more and nothing less. I don't believe calling a company that was never at the home during the time of loss can accurately interpret what should have been done on the job. I would be happy to send our photos and drying reports to any expert in the county for their honest opinion and if they believe we overcharged I would be happy to refund the appropriate amount of money back to the insurance company. I (**********), the company owner, met with the homeowner on site 2 weeks after emergency service for more than an hour and not one thing was mentioned to me about the bill for not extracting. I would have loved to talk about any issues on the performance of my people. In a customer survey completed by the homeowner said that 24Restore was professional, knowledgeable, prompt, reliable, friendly,clean, and organized. in addition said we communicated effectively and kept her informed during her project. What changed? Plumbing bill not covered by insurance? Deductable taken from insurance? I'm not sure but paying 1500 dollars for not extracting when it wasn't needed at the time and for which she was not charged, is nothing more than unfair and unreasonable. I don't believe that this complaint should go against our company rating as it is clearly a case of using the Better Business Bureau to extort money from businesses for work completed. I would be happy to provide any and all documentation you might need to support our position including but not limited to photos, moisture readings, certificate of satisfaction, customer satisfaction survey, emails from the insurance adjuster stating paid same as billed, and a statement from our experienced technician who performed the work at the house.

01/20/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

24 Restore would not respond to multiple attempts to contact them. Also grotesquely violated out privacy.
We attempted to reach our project lead at 24 restore multiple times, left multiple messages. Finally 3 days later we finally get a call back to which they stated they didn't have my number, but yet they were able to reach my partners.. Also, most importantly, while doing their cleaning of our house after a grease fire we contacted 4 different representatives of 24 Restore and informed them of two closets that were not to be entered or cleaned. We also left notes hanging on the doors of the closest. They disregarded out notes and verbal requests and entered the closets anyway. We feel extremely violated and disrespected. When I called to complain and work out a form of compensation for their incompetence, we were told they were no longer interested in completing the job. I would not suggest 24 Restore to anyone! Please if you are reading this DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. They are as unprofessional as any company I have ever worked with.

Desired Settlement
This is an insurance claim and I am not sure what compensation they can offer. And how can you compensate such a horrible violation of ones privacy?

Business Response
This letter is in response to the complaint ├▒led by Mr. ******.

Our company was_contacted by Mr. ****** on October 3, 2013 following a grease fire in their residence.
They hired our company to clean the structure and contents at their residence.

Between October 3 and October 11, Mr. ****** made a request that the contentsjn two closets in the
residence not be cleaned. We agreed to not clean those contents after advising Mr. ****** that they
may have some residual odor issues due to the grease fire. He was ok with that possibility and we
advised our cleaning crew not to enter those

On October 11, 2013, our carpet cleaning technician went to the home to clean the carpets and other
soft items such as upholstery. He was not advised to exempt those two closets from his cleaning. This
error was totally unintentional and when he entered the closets, he only moved the items on the floor
and cleaned the carpet, as was his usual practice.

During the weekend and on Monday, Mr. ****** contacted our office but requested only to speak with
**********, owner of the company. Mr. **** was not available to speak with Mr. ****** and he left a
message on Mr. ****'s voice mail. On Tuesday, following his return to the office, Mr. **** spoke with
Mr. ******. lt was explained that the cleaning ofthe carpet in the closet was not an intentional
violation of his privacy and it was mutually agreed that we would not complete any ofthe structural
repairs to the residence. The conversation ended on a cordial note as did the conversations relating to
the return of Mr. ****** contents which were stored at our facility.

Please feel free to contact our if you have any further questions.

12/03/2013Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

After having a leaky sink drain repaired, 24Restore came out to check for mold and dry out any moisture left in the cabinet. They overcharged us.
Called this company to come out to check bathroom cabinet for any moisture or mold after having the leaky drain repaired previously by a plumber. This was not an emergency, however, they came out on a Saturday without indicating that we would be charged an $190 "emergency fee". The one man "crew" took an hour to drill several holes in the base of our cabinet and set up a fan, dehumidifier and a wall cavity dryer. We were charged $300 and paid at the time. Two days later he came back and picked up the equipment. We later received an additional bill for $518.74. Even though we were given a price sheet listing all their services, we were given no estimate and certainly were given no indication that we would be charged over $800 for this service.

Desired Settlement
Reduce bill to half of amount charged.$409.37 instead of $818.74.

Business Response
We are in receipt of your letter of November 6 regarding the above complaint.
Here are the facts as to what occurred:
We received the job on the afternoon of Friday, August 23, 2013. Mrs. **** was contacted by phone
by our Production Manager, *************** to set up an appointment for our crew to come out. We
always make every effort to go to mitigation jobs on the first day of report as the damage increases for each day. From the initial report, we were unaware that it was an ongoing problem as we were told both by the plumber and the homeowner that it was a failed drain assembly in the bathroom'. Mrs. **** requested that we come on Saturday, August 24 at noon.
Our Emergency Coordinator, ************* was the person who responded to the **** residence. He has been with our company for 5 years and has responded to numerous jobs over that time. He found that the leak had been going on for some time and initially suggested that the vanity be pulled as it was very wet and would likely never dry properly. **** stated that she wanted to try to save the vanity. He informed her that it would take several days to dry if it would dry at all. He went over all paperwork with her, including the pricing list, which Mrs. **** signed. He collected a $300 equipment deposit and explained that it would be applied to their final bill. Mrs. **** was informed that no one would be coming the next day (Sunday, August 25) as it would take at least two days for the vanity to show signs of drying.
On Monday, August 26, ***********, one of our Water Technicians who has been with the company for over 7 years went to the residence to monitor. Mrs. **** told him that they wanted to stop the drying efforts and she signed a release of liability and a certificate of satisfaction.
******************* Romsey, MN 55303 OFFICE: 763.753.8080 TOLL FREE: ************

On September 18, an invoice was sent to Mrs. **** in the amount of $818.74 for the two days of drying.`She was also sent a customer totals estimate which detailed what she was being charged for. Her S300 equipment deposit was applied to the invoice, leaving a balance due of $518.74. A basic
breakdown of what the charges were is as follows: emergency service call (She was charged $190.36 for an afterhours call due to her request we come on Saturday. We offered to reduce it to a regular call of $126.91 but she refused, wanting it to be removed completely.); equipment setup, takedown and monitoring ($133.60); apply anti-microbial ($1.68); drill holes ($5.30); 1 airmover for 2 clays ($58.02); 1 dehumidifier for 2 clays (5142,00); and 1 injectadry wall cavity dryer for 2 days ($287.76).
This complaint is not about the quality of service provided by our company, but rather only about the amount Mrs. **** wants to pay to our company for the work completed at her residence. As shown by the paperwork, we were totally open on the first day as to the costs involved and the time involved.
We were told that if We did not agree to reduce the price (we offered a discount of $100 which was not acceptable to them) to the 50% they stated in their complaint, they would report us to the Better Business Bureau and to the Attorney General's Office. At this time, we have referred the matter to our collections department as we are not able to come to any resolution.

09/02/2013Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

Over charge for services provided.
24 Restore Restoration Dept came to my house to do repair work after water damage. **** came to my house to determine damage and state that the carpet was not damaged and the pad had to replaced and the carpet re-stretched, as well as doors replaced and baseboards replaced.

They came to put up the baseboards and did not finish the job. The left baseboard in my storage room. When they placed the baseboard, the wall crumbled in several places which I had to repair. They also left glue on the wall. After
they came and put the new pad in and re-stretched the carpet, I walked on it and there was a loud crunching sound. I called them, complained about the baseboards, and told them that I never had a carpet crunch when I walked on it. **** proceeded to say that the carpet pad was defective and that the carpet was delineated. I asked why he hadn't figured out the carpet needed to be replaced before he re-stretched it, and he said that was ************ job to say it needed to be replaced. **********, on the other hand, said it was his job, as he was the one who came out the determine the damage. As for the carpet pad, I think it may have been place upside down, but either way, I refused to pay for it. He said they would replace it when they put new carpet in, but I said I do NOT want to use their company for any more work.
The billed me $2410, for the work that was done. They took the ********** estimate for all the work that was done, minus the bathroom, which I said I was not going to do at this time. I was appalled at the amount and said I would not pay it.
I broke down everything they did, re-stretching the carpet, painting baseboards, installation for the exact feet of baseboards they did place (minus the baseboards they didn't finish which were sitting in my storage room. I paid them for one hour of labor for moving furniture (********** paid me for three). This was a generous amount as it didn't even add up to one hour. There was one piece of furniture that had to be moved in the living room, and a mattress and some boxes in the bedroom. I helped moving the boxes.
I did not put the carpet pad in the price I paid them because that was their mistake. I paid for the three doors being replaced and some other minor stuff like carpet re-stretching machine. The bottom line is they didn't put up all the baseboards, wrecked the walls when they did it, didn't see the carpet was delineated, and re-stretched the carpet over a carpet pad that was defective or, I believe, was put in upside down.
The charges I came to after I carefully broke down
all the charges came to $896. I paid this with a ccheck. That was in April of this year. They never cashed the check and I tried calling several times and never got an answer. A couple weeks ago I called and they gave me ****. I said I did not agree with the charges and he said that was what ********** paid me. I said they didn't do everything they were supposed to and that I wasn't going to pay for the carpet pad, but that I broke everything down, fairly, by what was actually done. I asked him if he looked at what I had sent him, and he said "He hadn't got around to it. Really???? It had been months. I talked to ********** and they said I was completely in my rights to pay them for what they had completed, not the total amount of what ********** gave me. Help...........

Desired Settlement
I want them to accept the check I gave them for $896 which is a fair amount for the work they completed. I do not want to pay for work not done, or a defective carpet pad. That isn't even taken into the consideration that when they put up the baseboards it crumbled my walls in three places. That is a whole other issue. I believe they should have checked the walls for water damage.

Business' Initial Response
We are n receipt of the complaint filed by Ms. ******.
Ms. ****** did send us a check for $896.00 for an invoice in the amount of $2,411101. We were not to accept this check as payment in full and informed Ms. ****** of that fact.
Ms. ****** has received statements on a regular basis since the work was completed in March 2013 She has never once stated that any work was not satisfactory nor offered our company the opportunity to repair any damages. She received payment from her insurance company for the full amount we billed to her.
Ms. ******'s file was referred to our collection company on July 29, 2013. This referral is the basis for her complaint to the Better Business Bureau, If there was any other basis, she would have made the complaint much earlier.
If you have any questions or need any further information, please do not hesitate to Contact our

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04/19/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

My compaint is that they NEVER came out to the place (per our conversation) to adjust bill for the bathroom floor damage and other issues.
The floor was not of the quality that you stated, and the bathroom mess you guys even admitted it was partially your fault because of the leaky toilet which was taken out and put back, twice, with a slow leak that ruined the whole floor in bathroom. As of last Feb (2012) owner said after that he would come out to check it out himself and adjust bill (only in bathroom)never came or called again. Worker before him ( nice employee) took pictures and said that he would adjust problems with floor company, never did, Letter was sent in Dec of 2011 with another $1000 in good faith to work on this problem. Owner called me (iratated) and said none of it was his problem you have deal with floor company etc. I argued that I didn`t even know the name of the company I had Nothing to do with the purchase or instalation.
The company, DID respond well in the first place and did the job, BUT the floor was faulty and was a probelm from day, this should not be my problem, I had no idea how to deal with it so I called them.
I appreciated that they can`t be responsible for the faulty material, but the instaltion yes. All I am asking is fairness in this settlement.

Desired Settlement
I am NOT unhappy with their service up too that issue of the damaged floor, it was great service until the controversy and then it wasn`t a good experience. I just wanted to be fair on this fautly floor, and that they should go after the manufacter, not me I didn`t pick the floor they did.
I am asking for them to adjust the bill according ly like they promised and make sure that my credit isn`t tarnised becasue they didn`t follow through. Then if we can compromise and be fair, I will pay it and be done, so neither one of us has to tie up our time in court.

Business' Initial Response
"The following information has been provided in hard copy and has been converted to text."

0n November 18, 2010 we were contacted by Ms. ******* after her business, ***************, located at ********************, St Paul, MN was flooded. We responded to the location and she hired us to restore her business. We completed all of our work on January 31, 2011 and Ms. ******* signed a Certificate of Satisfaction stating that she was satisfied with our work.

During the course of the restoration, Ms. ******* requested that the flooring be changed. The salon
was a mixture of a light laminate flooring, vinyl tile, sheet vinyl and carpet. The flooring was changed to a darker laminate. Ms. ******* was advised that the darker laminate she selected would show scratches more and that it was not as durable. She stated she understood. We did not charge her any additional cost for the installation of the laminate flooring in areas which it was not previously installed.

We billed $4,598.42 for mitigation on November 30, 2010, which was approved and paid by Ms. ******* with proceeds from her insurance company on December 17, 2010. We billed $16,063.08 for
reconstruction on January 31, 2011. Ms. ******* was aware of the cost of reconstruction and signed a document to that effect on January 31, 2011. She paid $10,000.00 on March 4, 2011. She paid an additional $3,000.00 on July 13, 2011 and an additional $1,000.00 on February 3, 2012.

From December 1, 2010, as long as there has been an outstanding balance, Ms. ******* has received
monthly statements in the mail. She has only made payments on the reconstruction when she has been
called and told that the file would be referred for collections if she did not make a payment. Until February 2012 (over a year after the work was completed), there is no record that she has ever reported any issue with the bathroom floor to our company.

When Ms. ******* paid the $1,000.00 in February 2012, she included a letter stating that she would be willing to pay another $1,000.00 If we would accept that as payment in full and she would be willing to live with the flooring in the current condition. When we received the letter, we called the salon and left a message that we would accept that amount if paid by the end of the month. We did not hear anything further from Ms. *******, even though she continued to receive monthly statements.

In January 2013, we referred the matter to our collections company. Once they began to call Ms. *******, she made the report to the BBB. This complaint is not about the flooring issues, it is about our trying to collect the money that is due to our company.

Please feel free to contact our office if you have any further questions.


Office Manager

Consumer's Final Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
NO, it is not about the collections, for I have not even spoken to them, I was left a voice mail and had a phone call from another person who has deault with 24 and he had the same call, and he spoke to them. AGAIN, as follow through was not their strong point, they never left a message at my business, I had a very good receptionist who never missed a thing and voice mail that is never erased if important. I said I would pay $1,000 more only if they would take that. He (the owner) said he would come tom check out the bathroom mess which didn't have anything to do with the scraches, and separated boards, then he would see what he could do. He also said that the floor company would probably replace the floor and it would take about a year to get it., that would be what they would do for me. AGAIN, I was never told where they bought it so how was I suppose to deal with anyone other than them .
All I am asking IS what I asked for from the beginning is and was a break on this damaged floor. IF I would of gotten this call that they have claimed to make I would of settled cause I Wrote that I would pay the Thousand.
I didnt survive 35 years in business by not doing the right thing, I always have paid my bills and have a good business record.
It doesn't have to be who is right, it's about doing what you said you would do and you didn't show up, and you know this to be true.
Owner claimed that the conversation we had was recorded, go listen to it, it will tell you what was said .
AGAIN nothing to do with collections other than I have never had collections on my record and I don't want it now over this mess.
I am not even in the location anymore, so let's get this done FAIRLY.
I thought that names weren't suppose to be used in this transaction , why was mine?
I want this over

Business' Final Response
Consumer stated that she had spoken with the company and was satisfied with the resolution.

10/16/2012Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

24 Restore, formerly Service Team of Professionals, is aggressively trying to collect for services never contracted.
On 10/20/2010 the home I was renting @ *********************, Orono, suffered severe fire damage due to the negligent yard fire of a neighbor. On 10/21/2010 ************, STOP employee, was present at the home site to discuss the possiblity of restoration services with the homeowners. In the presence of multiple parties, Mr ******* offered restoration of an "emergency supply of clothing that would be returned within 24 hours, for no more than a couple hundred dollars." In the precence of multiple parties, a contract was signed for the emergency articles of clothing and these articles were exchanged. The restored items were delivered following a 10 day delay by STOP. The contract states that services would be itemized in a written estimate prepared by Service Team of Porfessionals. No itemized estimate has ever been provided. No further services were contracted.

On or about 10/25/2010, following a comprehsensive fire investigation, Service Team of Professionals removed all contents of the home and transferred these items to their storage facility in Ramsey. I became aware of this on 10/26/2012 and immediately contacted ************ by phone expressing clearly that this was not a contracted service and Mr ******* apologized for the transfer. On 10/27/2010 STOP was notified in writing that the contents had been removed without my permission, in violation of Minnesota State Law.

Service Team of Professionals is now seeking compensation of storage for the home contents that they unlawfully obtained.

Desired Settlement
I am seeking an itemized bill for the restoration limited to the small quantitiy of emergency clothing restoration that was delivered.
I am not responsible for storage or any other potential restoration services that may have been performed without my consent.

Business' Initial Response
Our company was contacted by Ms. ****** and the owners of the property she was renting on October 20, 2010 following a fire. Ms- ****** signed a contract on that day for the cleaning of her contents. At that time, some emergency laundry was taken from the residence, cleaned and returned to her. She delay in remmy/ing andcleaning the remainder of her property until an investigation could be done as to the cause of the fire. Ms. ****** did not have insurance and was claiming that the fire was caused by a bonfire from the neighboring property.
In mid-November 2010, we were notified that the investigation was complete and we were allowed to remove Ms. ******'s property and begin working on the structure. On November 26, 2010, six members of our staff spent a full day at the residence packing out Ms. ******'s furniture and other

belongings. All items were brought to our an after the belongings were brought to our office, we that we were not to cleanthe items. They have sat in the vaults in our building for almost
d stored in 4vauIts in the cleaning area. Two days
received a letter from Ms. ******'s attorney stating
two years.

Between November 2010 and April 2012, we had no contact with Ms. ******. Telephone calls made to the cell phone we were given were not returned not were emails sent to an email address we were given by her previous landlords. Ms. ****** did not contact us with her new address so we were unable
to send anything to her by mail.
In April 2012, we were contacted by the ins
to dose the file and needed to know what 0
urance company of the neighbors, as they were attempiing
ur company was owed and if we still had Ms. ******'s
LU LIU-M; -- "NV" V property at our facility. At that time, we were requested to prepare a bill for our time and storage. We sent a copy to the Insurance company and to Ms. ****** in care of her attorney.
Ms' ****** has been paid for her property by the insurance co

5 which have accumu dispose of her property. The entire dispute with Ms. ******
pay her bill. At any time during the time that the
company for our time and the storage fee does she want to authorize and pay us to
centers around the fact that she does not want to property was in our facility Ms. ****** could have contacted. She did not do so.
mpany and does not want to pay our lated during the past 22 months, nor
d us and arranged to pick up her property,

Our company is willing to enter into mediation for this matter if Ms. Nelsbn is willing to do so'
if you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office at 763-753-8080.

Consumer's Final Response
Ms. ***************,

I was able to confirm with my attorney that no copy of a 24 Restore invoice was received. Ms Tami Hawk reported this was done in May of 2012. This is consistent with my previous report that no billing statement was ever received until 9/22/2012, following my filing this case with the BBB.

24 Restore claims they waited 22 months to deliver a billing statement because they did not have a current address. I lived at the address that 24 Restore delivered my clothing to for 20 months and since that time, mail has been forwarded to my new address. So, at no point would there have been a lapse in my reception of mail. 24 Restore also had the address of my attorney, my e-mail address and my telephone number.


****** ******

Business' Final Response
Business response is scanned in and available online.

02/15/2013Problems with Product / Service
09/12/2012Problems with Product / Service
03/21/2012Problems with Product / Service
02/02/2012Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I hired 24 Restore for restoration after a small fire. They did not deliver services in a timely manner resulting in damages to my home.
8/2/11-small fire in my home caused by a power surge. I hired 24 Restore for restoration. The wet carpets and laminate in the kitchen were not removed within 24-48 hours resulting in carpeting in two bedrooms needing to be replaced and the kitchen cupboards and laminate mold. The cost of these items not covered by insurance is > $3200.00.
There are many other descrepancies with how the work was done compared to what was quoted by 24 Resore.
My insurance adjuster and I were in agreement that we needed to remove 24 Restore from the project and hire a new firm. This happened on 8/29/11. Since that time, I have contacted the company several times by phone and finally faxed a letter 9/9/11 with no reponse.
The majority of the work that was done by 24 Restore has been redone by the new Restoration Company due to poor quality and incomplete tasks.
I documented detailed conversations that I had with ***, the Project Foreman and have a photo journal. Both are available upon request.
24 Restore has my personal belongings which have been cleaned. I have asked that they be returned and was told that I would receive my belongings when an invoice is delivered and payment is made.
I would like to see a response from 24 Restore and have not gotten one.

Desired Settlement
I am seeking a reponse from 24 Retore and an invoice which can be addressed line by line. I also am looking for the return of my personal items.
I would like 24 Restore to acknowledge the damage that has been done to my home and accept the responsibility for it.
I have not had access to the full use of my home for 6 weeks. I am washing dishes in my bath tub and incurring added expenses daily for food and unanticipated items.
My children and grandchildren have not been able to visit due to the space limitations and threats to their health (suffering from severe allergies).
I have been informed by my insurance adjuster and other reliable restoration companies that this matter should have been settled and all work accomplished in 2-3 weeks.
I have been patient and respectful in my communications, but have exhausted my patience. I am living in my bedroom and have use of the bathrooms in my home. That's it.
Again, what I am looking for is closure and acknowledgement that the product that was promised was not delivered.
I am willing to share any other information that would be helpful. I cannot express strongly enough my frustration and disappointment with 24 Restore. They need to make this situation right.
Repectfully, *************

Business' Initial Response
Business states they have spoken with the consumer regarding the time line that the process takes, etc. They state that to properly repair a job of this magnitude takes between 30 - 60 days minimum, not including delays from the insurance company. They are currently awaiting copies of bills from the subcontractors, and they have purchased a special order of non-returnable wood flooring, chosen by the consumer. The hard copy of this response is viewable to the consumer, scanned in and available online.

Consumer's Final Response
Consumer sent in a hard copy of their rebuttal, scanned in and available for the business online. Consumer is requesting the company release the items of the personal property that they are withholding. The following was summarized by a BBB employee. The hard copy is not available for public viewing.

Business' Final Response
Business faxed in their additional response. It has been scanned in and is available online for the consumer to view.

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Fire & Water Damage Restoration, Water Damage Restoration, Carpet & Rug Cleaners

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