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Koppy Motors of Forest Lake

Phone: (651) 464-1910Fax: (651) 982-1423

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Customer Complaints Summary

4 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 2 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues1
Problems with Product / Service3
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints4

Complaint Breakdown by Resolution

Complaint Resolution Log (4)BBB Closure Definitions
10/07/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I purchased a 2007 Ford Fusion that had undisclosed frame damage which is auto fraud.
I purchased a 2007 Ford Fusion SE V6 at Cisco Enterprises in Burnsville MN but they were just holding onto the car to sell it for koppy motors. I purchased it in Jan. 2013 and recently attempted to trade the car in at a local dealer and was at that time informed they couldn't take my car on a trade because it had severe frame damage. Upon the sales person realizing I knew nothing of this he brought me a copy of the auto check report, which then showed that my car had been in two accidents both front end collisions the first one was Jan. 2008 and the second one was Jan. 2009. These two accidents both caused frame damage to my car. Upon looking further through the report I found out that the car was sold at a auto auction prior to me purchasing from Koppy Motors. with severe frame damage. Upon purchasing the car from them I asked them about previous history of my car and was told it was clean and that it was a Wells Fargo fleet car. I was completely unaware of all this until just now. I am very unhappy to find out about this as I could have gotten seriously hurt if not killed had I gotten into an accident with this car. I purchased the car at Koppy Motors but they had a sales person by the name of Nick come to Burnsville MN to cisco enterprises Inc. to fill out my paperwork and also because this is where the car was located at.
Product_Or_Service: 2007 Ford Fusion SE V6

Desired Settlement
I am requesting that Koppy Motors takes my 2007 Ford Fusion SE v6 back and that they pay off my remaining loan balance, as well as pay me any payments that I have paid on the car thus far. The total amount added up to $15,040.00.

Business Response
September 23, 2014

To whom it may concern,

This is in reference to Case # ********

Mr. ******* purchased his vehicle at Cisco Enterprises in Jan of 2013, in conjunction with Koppy Motors, who assisted in arranging the financing for Mr *******. Koppy Motors consummated deal after purchasing car from Cisco Enterprises in order to provide finance option for Mr. *******. We are concerned to have received his complaint, and we take the safety of Mr. ******* very seriously.

Upon reviewing the information Mr. ******* referenced, the vehicle he purchased was, according to the 'CarFax' report, was involved in a moderate accident in 2009. (Not 'Severe frame damage' as reported in complaint).
In the State of Michigan, where the damage was reported, 'Moderate' is defined as affecting the operation of parts and/or vehicle. The other incident reported was in 2012. The 2nd incident report states 'Damage reported after incident or accident'. We are not able to ascertain what damage, if any was done. I can only believe if an severe accident or damage occurred, it would have been reported.
According to the National Safety Council, over 75% of accidents reported are in the minor or moderate category. The common course after damage occurs, or an accident, unless insurance company 'totals' out a car, is to professionally repair and fix vehicle to industry standards. We believe this to have been properly done, as the car had almost 50,000 miles put on, as a lease car, after original damage was repaired. The vehicle is now reported to have over 150,000 miles on it, hence, over 120,000 miles since first accident reported. Repairs, properly done, should not adversely effect the value of a vehicle. (The 'Carfax' information does deduct $200 from the normal retail value of the car due to the accident history in its report)

Upon purchase and sale of this car, an inspection was done to ascertain car was safe to be operational on road. It was deemed to be in good condition and road-worthy. Had the vehicle not been safe to be on road, it would have not been offered for sale to the public. We junk cars nearly every month due to safety related issues.

We would be happy to do an inspection of vehicle at our shop, with Mr ******* being present, to assure him vehicle is safe and sound to be on road. Again, he has put over 60,000 miles on vehicle since his purchase in 2012. In the event there is an issue found, we would work with Mr ******* to correct problem, or assist by trading him out of the '07 Ford Fusion. Cisco Enterprises is also currently working with Mr ******* to satisfy him, or trade him out of vehicle.


****** J. Koppy
President-Koppy Motors

****** J Koppy
Koppy Motors
Forest Lake MN 55025
Office ************

'A Trusted Name Since 1936'

06/12/2012Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Purchased car in October 03,2011 paid cash in the amount of $9,729.75 included in this price was an ALPHA Warranty total amount of car was $7,750.00
My complaint is as follows after purchasing the car I had a leak in the front of the car called Koppy Motors was told to bring the car in which I did. They repair what they said was wrong with the car Engine Oil Pan or Gasket for $162.00 and an oil pan gasket kit for $54.53 plus sales tax and supplies the bill came to $230.83 which I paid. I thought the repair was taken car of with no more leaking but I still had a leak called again was told to bring car back in which I did on December 02,2011 they then put in a crankshaft pulley for $81.00 and a crankshaft front seal set for $24.00 the car is still leaking to this day I have not brought the car back in to them because I feel they are not interested in fixing the car. I know this is late in reporting but I have been depressed about the whole situation I use my retirement money to purchase the car which was going to be my last car I purchased and the car is still leaking and when I talked to them in December they were not very concerned put some stop leak in and sent me on my way. Iam feeling very mislead about the whole car purchase. I know it is to late for my complaint but I seen the info in the paper and just thought I would tell you about my experience I just feel taken advantage of because I told them that I was retired on Soc Sec Disability and how I needed a car to last the rest of my life.

Desired Settlement
Would like them to fix the leak without any more expense I have my soc sec as my income or let me make payments to finally fix the leak

Business' Initial Response
Multiple oil leaks can/and are a difficult thing to diagnose with 100% accuracy on account of so many places for oil to leak from in an engine. The first repair to the oil pan gasket was completed in October. In December, Customer contacted us again to inform her she had continued problems. We looked at again for her, and found an additional leak, this time the crankshaft seal. It was during this repair that we observed oil everywhere under the engine. We covered the cost of this particular repair as a 'Goodwill' to the customer. After the Crank Shaft Seal was replaced, customer returned once again to the Service Department and stated that the vehicle was still leaking oil. The Technician looked over the vehicle a 3rd time, and it was noted that timimg cover was now leaking. The customer had purchased an Extended Service Plan at the time she purchased the vehicle, however, she chose coverage which did not include seals and gaskets. The cost/time to fix the new leak was approx $1200, which customer elected not to have done. We offered to do a low tech/low cost repair of putting a product in her crankcase to soften the seals and possibly slow down, or stop the oil leak. This diagnosis, and repair was done at no cost to customer. We told customer at this time, we had done our best to assist her with the two 'Goodwill' repairs on a vehicle that was sold 'As Is', and we would not be doing any further 'Goodwill' repairs. We regret Ms. ****** is having continued problems with an oil leak on her vehicle.We would definately work with her to offer her a reduced price on repairs and try to set her up with monthly payments to repair timimg cover leak. She would need to contact our Service Dept Manager @ ************ to discuss details.

Consumer's Final Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I brought my car into Koppy Motors on May 17, they put some die into the oil to see where the leak was coming from returned with the car on May 18th a leak was found and I will receive a call from the Service Dept Mgr on Monday, May 21st to see how much the cost will be to repair the vehicle. So I'am waiting for the call on Monday and will the let you know the outcome of my claim.

Business' Final Response
Have had several brief conversations with Ms ******, indicating that Koppy Motors is still working with her to determine what repairs may need to be made.

Forwarding this back on to Ms ******, so that she may respond and indicate whether issues were ultimately resolved to her satisfaction.

03/25/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Bought a vehicle, 2 days after started making noises in 4-wheel drive
We purchased a vehicle on Sat 3-8-14, on Monday it started making noise when it was in 4-wheel drive, I called them on Tuesday and my son brought it in to them on Wednesday. They had their mechanic look at it and told my son that the seals are leaking and that also the steering shaft is going out. I was told my the salesman that everything was in working condition and that all mechanicals with the truck are safe before we purchased the truck. When I called them after my son told me this, they told me that it is just normal wear and tear and that they would not do anything for me. I paid $8000.00 for this vehicle and I would expect it to be in good mechanical running condition or that they should repair these problems. I would like them to fix these issues at no-charge to me since they sold it to me and I was told that all mechanicals of this truck and every vehicle they sell are in working condition.

Desired Settlement
would like them to fix these problems at no-charge to me

Business Response
To Whom it may concern;
**** called me on Monday morning and said the truck she bought had a squeak in the 4 wheel drive.

I invited her to bring the truck back to my shop for and inspection of her concerns.

I did clarify that since the truck had 153000 miles that it was not covered under warranty. But I did offer to make any necessary repairs at internal costs to her, since the truck was purchased as is with no warranty.

I should note the truck was being driven in 4 wheel drive on dry pavement, which created all kinds of binding and unnecessary noise, a practice that my mechanic informed ****'s son should not be done on a regular basis.

After a though inspection of ****'s concerns my ASE Certified mechanic advised me of the issues at hand.

First of all, the front seals are simply seeping, which is normal wear and tear for any 150k truck. The Second concern was a slight squeak in the steering shaft, which can be corrected with a little grease.

My mechanic informed me that the truck was safe, and in excellent condition for it's age and miles.

So I did again offer **** the option to make the unnecessary repairs at internal cost if she chose to do so.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
They stated that they gave me the option to make the unnecessary repairs, which they did not, they told my son that he is good to go and have a good day. They never sent any paperwork with him as to what the costs would be to fix these problems. They stated that it was being driven on dry pavement, my son has not driven it on dry pavement, we know that will ruin 4-wheel drive, their mechanic must have driven it on dry pavement. I would like them to take the truck back and cancel my purchase agreement and give us our old truck back along with my down payment,so that we can do our business elsewhere, they would not be out any money and can put this vehicle back on their lot for sale.

02/06/2012Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

I purchased a car and was lied to about what was wrong with it and they deliberately tried to cover up the problems.
I purchased a 2000 Honda Prelude from Koppy Motors on December 23rd, 2011. I paid $6499 plus $250 for a warranty that apparently hardly covers anything. When I went to test drive the car they told me that the check engine light was on but they checked it and it was just on because it was missing an oxygen sensor because of the custom exhaust system. The car however does not have a custom exhaust system but just a muffler. So when I test drove it the light came on and I just thought that it was because of the oxygen sensor as they had told me. An oxygen sensor is about $30 so I figured okay this car is worth buying. However when I got home with it, I learned otherwise. I checked the light myself and found out that the car was misfiring in all 4 cylinders and that there was insufficient flow in the exhaust gas recirculation valve and ports. They didn't tell me about any of that and I am going to school at Dunwoody to become a mechanic so I know that there is no possible way that the light could have been for an oxygen sensor because it could not have just fixed itself and not shown up the next time I checked it. They had to have known about these problems all along and that is why they were willing to lower the price slightly. They just wanted to dump the car on the next unsuspecting customer so they wouldnt have to deal with the problems. I called the Honda dealership and told them what was wrong and they told me it would cost $450-$500 to fix it. The labor alone would be about $315 because they would have to drill out the ports on the intake manifold and clean them out with a wire brush, then replace the plugs in the holes. They would also have to replace the egr valve which would cost at least another $150 so that puts it around $450-$500. I recently went online and did some research on this company and if you were to google koppy motors and read the reviews, the average rating is 1 star out of 5, and most of the people say that they were lied to about their cars condition and the warranty they purchased hardly covers anything. This company is a bunch of scam artists looking to screw over the next unsuspecting customer and I believe something needs to be done about it.

Desired Settlement
I believe they should have to pay for the repairs on my car or at least cover the labor, which would be about $315. I feel I have been wronged and they should make it right.

Business' Initial Response
When ***** arrived to test drive the Honda Prelude, the Salesrep informed him that the car's engine light was on, and that the codes pulled from our handheld scanner, indicated "multiple misfire". ***** was told that this code could be set off by any number of conditions, but, that in our opinion; it would be a minor repair. (No dollar amount was ever discussed.)He was also told that the car did have a partial custom exhaust system. The muffler has been totally replaced with a non-factory option, boasting better performance, while operating outside of normal OEM parameters. ***** was informed that this MAY be the cause of the engine light, however, it was only an opinion, and regardless of cause or issue, ALL vehicles of this age and miles are sold 'As Is'. The Salesrep asked ***** if he would like to wait until Monday to make the purchase, mainly because his financing was not arranged, and it was late in the afternoon before Christmas. His mother offered to write a check, for the full amount, and ***** wanted the car that night. He was told that he was welcome to bring the car to a mechanic prior to signing any paperwork, or taking possession of the car. He refused our offer to have inspected, instead, calling his father, and asked his advice. His father told him to buy it, and he did. He then proceeded to sign all the paperwork, including multiple forms stating he knew and agreed to, he was purchasing the vehicle 'As Is'. ***** also purchased a powertrain warranty, which is for specific coverage on internally lubricated engine parts, transmission and drive system. It is specific to covered components, as explained and outlined in contract that ***** signed.

We received a phone call from ***** about a week and a half after purchasing his vehicle, stating that he had the 'check engine' diagnosed, and it had a restriced manifold, and a bad EGR valve. ***** indicated he felt we were liable for repairs. We reaffirmed out position, and that he had signed a contract stating that he had bought the vehicle 'as is', and no other promises or commitments were made, which he also signed. We did however, offer to assist him in getting parts at a reduced cost, and offering a new customer discount in our shop, if he wanted to proceed with repairs. ***** refused our offer, and indicated he wanted "all or nothing". If we did not pay for the repairs in full, he was going to "blast us on the internet".

Our offer to ***** still stands: for him to purchase any parts needed at our employee cost, and we also extend to him a reduced shop rate, both of these in an effort to assist him in taking care of his vehicle issue at a reasonable expense.

Consumer's Final Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I really should have read the reviews before purchasing from this company. All of the reviews online said that their experience was lies on top of lies. I seem to be having the same experience. First of all, I was not told it was a misfire. I was told that it was an evap. code for an oxygen sensor. As I am going to school to be a mechanic. I know that an evap. code and an EGR restriction code are two totally different things and that a muffler could not possibly cause an engine to misfire unless it were clogged but in that case the car would not even start. I checked the codes myself when I got home with my own scan tool. They were for exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) insufficient flow, misfire in all for cylinders, and random multiple misfire. The EGR code would not show up as an evap. code it shows up as an emissions code. The code for an oxygen sensor would be p0136 or p0137 and neither of those were present. The reason for the misfire is most likely the clogged EGR ports but I cant be sure until they are unclogged. It could be a number of things that have to do with the distributor or spark plugs/wires. I was also never told that I could have a mechanic check the car out before purchasing it. They told me they had their mechanic inspect it. They never gave me any specifics on the warranty and I never received any paperwork explaining the warranty. I never had the opportunity to read any of the paperwork as I was rushed through it and just told to sign all of these places. This car also burns a good amount of oil so technically with what he is saying (coverage on internally lubricated engine parts) I could have my piston rings replaced under warranty because there are oil jets that spray oil up to lubricate them. They are most likely worn beyond manufacturers specification so blow-by is occurring and the oil is going into the combustion chamber. Anyways back on topic. I was also never told that I would be able to get parts or service at a discounted rate. I also do not trust them to drill holes in the EGR ports to clean them out and not get metal shavings into my engine because they cant even read a damn engine diagnostic tool. So no I do not want them to fix it and no I do not need parts at a discounted price but I would like them to pay for repairs done by a certified Honda trained (PACT) technician. I am not asking for them to pay for everything but I do expect something to be covered. The phone call was not a week and a half after purchasing the car it was more like two days and I left a message and they said I would receive a call back. I waited a week and then called back because I figured they weren't going to try to help out a customer and I would have to take the initiative and call them myself. Seeing as how it took them nearly three weeks to respond to this who knows how long it would have taken them to call me back. I cannot believe that they can stay in business with this shitty customer service and all of these lies. I also never said i was going to "blast you on the internet." You told me that you were going to offer to pay for some of it but you saw my review I left on google and said that you would not even bother to help me. I now see why all of those other reviews were so negative and how true they are. Enough said.

Business' Final Response
***** ***** of Koppy Motors called to indicate that he has spoken to Mr ***** about his complaint (as well as some comments written in a Google Review), and that Mr ***** has indicated that he wishes to "withdraw" his complaint.

Mr ***** also indicates that Koppy Motors' original offer to participate in the repair process still stands.

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