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Bedrock Motors of Rogers, Inc.

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Customer Complaints Summary

3 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 2 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues2
Problems with Product / Service1
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints3

Complaint Breakdown by Resolution

Complaint Resolution Log (3)
01/20/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Repair done incorrectly, and refusal to return 4 voicemails and 1 email message.
I had my 2005 Monte Carlo in for servicing in August of 2014. My complaint was any key would turn the ignition and once every 20 times my car wouldn't start at all. Bedrock serviced it and said it was "fixed". About 2 weeks later my car would not start again. I brought it back in again, and they told me I needed another part, but all of a sudden the part I needed was under recall and the dealership would do it. I brought my car to the dealership (in December) and they fixed a part that had nothing to do with the repair bedrock did . They stated the repair Bedrock did not fix anything or diagnose the problem correctly.

I have tried contacting Bedrock via their website to speak about the mis diagnosis in early December, but they never responded. I tried calling and leaving a message on December 14th, but again was not responded to. I called on December 26th and left a message for the general manager to call me, but yet again was not responded to. I tried one last time on Janruary 4th and left another message on their answering machine, but still have heard nothing. I want the part they "fixed" refunded along with the labor they charged, as it was a unnecessary fix. After they had my money they told me to go to the dealership And have yet to contact me, completely unacceptable!

Desired Settlement
I am seeking the part they put into my car that did not fix the problem along with the labor associated.

Business Response
Received voicemail and follow-up e-mail from ************* at Bedrock Motors, indicating that the dealership "has resolved all issues with (Mr *****)."

09/07/2015Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Get it all in writing
Saturday 5/31/15 @ 5:15pm
After test driving a couple vehicles on the Rogers used parking lot, Juan the salesman invites us into his office to discuss selling price on 2001 Toyota Highlander. Vehicle is in great exterior condition, Juan tells me and Highschool senior, who he knows the vehicle is for, and is saying all the right things telling me how it passed with flying colors on the presale service inspection they put all vehicles on that lot through. Because they are asking above Blue book value we negotiate a price of $6,200.00. In this negotiation process I express to him about waiting and taking the vehicle to a mechanic and getting his inspection before buying. Juan with no hesitation says to me "you aren't going to find anything, and if you do we will take care of it". We are a local business striving to do good business with local people, we want you to be our customer not just a sale.
Park the quality used vehicle I just purchased on the driveway that night and wake up the next morning to a .50 piece oil stain, that's weird, not sure how that could be missed on the thorough pre sale inspection I was told they did? Monday morning I called Juan, yep get it back in and we will take a look. 6/2/15 vehicle is returned to dealer with a minor list of items to look over and to determine the oil drip. They have the vehicle the entire day, because that is always convenient for any customer, to return it to us telling us they fixed the oil pan gasket, but guess what the drip is still happening. I notify Juan once again that it did not fix it. Bring it back in he says and once again nothing done to change it, we monitor it and go with the month of July as normal busy of course just like everyone else. The next chance we have to get the vehicle serviced 8/12/15, due to daughter working 2 summer jobs, hence the reason for the purchase. I resume talks with Juan and service manager Mark about getting the vehicle back in for diagnosis of the constant present oil drip from date of purchase. Vehicle was dropped off at 9:15am and first contact from service department is 1:52pm letting me know that the "small" drip is from the rear seal and although the part itself costs $42.00 the repair estimate is $1,700.00. I briefly explain that I don't feel I should pay for of any of it, and get informed he will reveiw with Wambly(sp) the General Manager and get back to me. Wambly calls me back at 3:20pm and immediately states that I took what Juan told me in the end of the day / end of the month sales process out of context. Now that my daughter has been driving the vehicle and put 7,000 miles on it I shouldn't expect anything from them. He reminds me that I should expect repairs to a vehicle that has 170K miles on it. In our conversations back and forth I request a video of the finance side of my purchase, they don't offer it. I ask for a complete copy of the pre sale service inspection, he becomes speechless. I ask for the name of the owner as I would like to speak to them, he matter of factly states the DMV has the information. He states that the vehicle is no imminent danger or has driving issues and there is nothing else I should expect them to do. He reminds me my keys are at the receptionist and hangs up on me.

Desired Settlement
As a local customer that the business is driving their sales towards I would hope that they would stand behind their sales people. The General Manager is going through the motions and indicating that oil gasket replacement in their eyes fixed the issue at hand and can provide a copy of the invoice that he had to pay.
At this point I am feeling very taken advantage of as a woman with a daughter buying a vehicle. I feel Juan and the Finance manager were telling me all the things I wanted to hear to get the sale done. I am not asking for a new vehicle or damages I just want what I was sold without any lousy excuses or rambling. I was informed the vehicle went through and clean pre sale inspection, please provide proof of that. I understand that time is going against me, but the fact of the matter is, this was issue they were aware right after the time of sale, there should be no justifiable reason that the repair should not have been dealt with and handled immediately.

Business Response
It is unfortunate the our customer feels this way. We have a very good reputation of selling quality vehicles at fair prices with a high level of customer satisfaction from both our sales and service departments. We do not have a high pressure sales environment like our customer states. The did come in on the last day of the month too look at a vehicles for their child and ended up on the Toyota. they made us an offer based on what she had or wanted too spend not because of any book vales because NADA retail value was appox $8300. We did just get this vehicle in our inventory and had it priced at $7950 but because it was the end of the month and at this point after hours we discounted it down to the actual selling price of $6400. We would never discourage anyone from talking our vehicles to have it inspected and told her she could but we would not do the paperwork and delivery until after the inspection was done. we always try to sell as many cars as we can in a months time but eventually we just have to end it and start over which is fine either way. They did decide too buy the Toyota and we did the paperwork and collected the funds. Now on a side note this vehicle was sold AS IS because of the year and the mileage was 166k and at no point in the sale process were we hiding this from anybody or offering too warranty the vehicle ourselves. So on the following Monday the customer informs us that there is an oil leak, we than tell her too bring it in and have our service dept take a look. They drop off the vehicle and have a list of other minor things for us too take a look as well as which we do our best too take care of. We get the Toyota in the shop diagnosis the leak and order parts. Just like any service shop this does take time to do and we gave them the option to come back later with the vehicle if it inconvenienced them too much and they decided too have it done now. After they picked up the Toyota the inform us there are still oil drips on there driveway we have them bring it determine it as oil residue from the repair, oil changes etc and clean off any excess. They call again and say there is a leak, we tell them too come in so we can take a look. Well over 2 months go by when we are contacted by them to have us take a look at their Toyota which we do and have them drop the vehicle off. After the inspection there is a very minor leak and by minor we mean that we didn't move the vehicle for more than a day and there was an oil sport less than the size of a dime, also the customer stated that they have not needed to add any additional oil. Our service manager contacts the customer to let them know all this and that if they want to fix it the repair it will be $1700 and is very labor intensive. They inform us the don't want to pay for this repair or think the have too at this point I am inform of where all the sides are at. I called the customer to explain that this is not going too be paid for by us we did not warranty her vehicle we did do some goodwill originally and that doesn't mean that we can continue to do so when it is now 2 1/2 months later and the car now has more than 8,000 miles on it then when they bought it which to begin with is a 14 years old and had 166k it will not be perfect. Mechanically and from a safety standpoint there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. So at this time we feel that this repair isn't even necessary as well as we have been more than reasonable to work with and we regret that our customer feels differently than we do.

12/19/2014Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Test drove a vehicle,liked it until-check engine light came on."I'll have it taken care of"per salesman.My handwritten app was changed by dealership.
My husband and I went into a car lot,liked a vehicle asked how much it was the salesman said 20,.k.We test drove the vehicle, on the way back the "check engine" light went on.We mentioned it to the salesman he said no problem "I'll have it checked out and we'll take care of it, while you fill out this application"I bought a truck 6 mths ago, so they needed to figure out the financing and trade in value,my husband and I waited a little bit,(no big deal).The salesman kept coming outside where we waited3-4times with payment amounts that were crazy high and trying to shake my hand saying"so do we have a deal,do we have a deal?" I didn't like it, to me it was being over pushy,never shook his hand and always looked at my husband and said that was a lot of money;my husband looked at me and said the same.He asked where we wanted to be with the payments and I just said that was too high that I couldn't do that. He then asked if we could put any money down,my husband said he pretty much was with my truck,after a little bit said he could put $1000 down.We went inside to talk to the salesman and asked about the "new" vehicle being fixed and he said that their mechanic was working on it.We did see it out being driven and whoever was driving it was "hammering on it"I asked the salesman why they were driving it like that and he replied "sometimes they have to do that"He said as we stood outside"it is a used vehicle you know",we both said "yeah I know",and then one of us said it was running"perfect"before the light went on.I told the salesman"just so you know I will text or call you though if there's something wrong with it in the next couple days,or even in a month""Because that's how I am and I'm trusting you".The salesman then handed my husband and I his business card.The salesman went to the finance guys office probably4-5times while we were outside waiting.By this time we were gone for a few hours and not planning on being gone this long so we were ready to go,and weren't really sure still about the whole thing. The salesman was really pushy,and the"new vehicle"was still being worked on after a couple test drives from the mechanic.The finance guy was ready for me,and the salesman said the "new vehicle was ready"so we went back to the finance area where they were doing construction,it was a little noisy so we shut the door.We ended up putting down 3000 and trading in my truck.He had all the papers out and ready for me to sign.(seemed like a nice guy, started up a conversation right away with my husband about "the owner of the lot,what an average guy he is,how you would never know he was a guy with money,etc..(I guess-now that I think about it-it was pretty detailed)the whole time he just slid the papers to me saying sign here,sign here,sign by this X,and rotating them like he was "shuffling cards"He said ok that's it,put some papers in an envelope said these are your copies,and said they will have your vehicle out front.Someone pulled the "new vehicle" up-the salesman came out and started it up, the engine sounded like cr*p,the rpm was 2500+ and he said it was just doing it because the filter was blown out and that it should be back down soon.He then handed my husband the key and walked inside;he was very"rushy"the whole time.We drove the vehicle home thinking maybe it would be different, well it wasn't.It was later friday by the time we got home so it sat until Sat. afternoon and we drove it again and same thing; it ran like cr*p.After coming home on Fri. I had a message on our house machine from a Wells Fargo dealership advisor,I also had 2 missed calls and a message;from the same guy. I thought it was weird. So I started looking into why he would call me and not just the dealership. I received a letter from another lender,checked into that.I then asked the dealership for a copy of it,and found out that they didn't send the one that hand wrote they typed one up and the financial guy changed my financial income from $2700 to $5000! cont-

Desired Settlement
Complaint cont-
I also marked that I don't pay rent or a mortgage and that was changed as well! I asked the manager right away while talking to him the evening I drove back up there (a week later) because nobody was returning my emails or messages on the questions about the papers and the troubles with the "new vehicle". I asked "why would they would do that" and he said he didn't know, he would have to ask, and I told him he better do that because I'm pretty sure that's fraud!. When we also got home that Friday afternoon my husband looked up on Craig's List how much Yukon's were and he found an ad on there from Bedrock for "my Yukon" for the $20,... that the salesman had told him in the parking lot, but not the $21,968 that they charged me on my loan papers!
Of course Sun. they are closed, and on Mon-Wed. there were 4-5 other things that went wrong with the vehicle!
Long story short- the dealership changed my income from about 2700 to 5000 to get financing done. I was also told by the dealership my credit score was 720ish and when I paid to actually get it, it's only around 685. The loan for the vehicle is through the same place/bank that I just had a loan from 6mths ago for my truck, so they also know that I don't make 5000/mth.. I have tax papers from the last 10yrs to show you. They said they only went off of what the dealership gave them.?!
Again fraud.
I did go and pick up the application from Apple Valley GMC from 6mths. ago and that income says 30k yr.
The vehicle I drove was nice on the test drive until the light went on, they were suppose to fix whatever was wrong with it. It got worse and then thing after thing went wrong with it. The salesman quickly pulled out a filefolder and said "yeah it's had this, this, this, and this, done to it and been through our mechanic. Well also by the time we drove it home one of the belts were squealing so loud that we had to buy one and put a new one on, and as my husband did that he saw that the AC belt had very noticeable cracks in it, which is not good to drive with because does it not only run your AC but can effect a lot in your vehicle. We did take it in to GMC to have a diagnostic done on it and a couple of the items fixed, but it still is running like cr*p, very unsafe to have my own kids in and especially other people's children in.
The vehicle is a pile of cr*p since we brought it back from the test drive, or since someone tried to fix it, We didn't have the option to test drive it again before signing any papers and were rushed out the door.The payment is higher than I would like for an older vehicle than I had before. They committed Fraud.

You can have your vehicle back minus 10% or 10 cents a mile that has been driven. I didn't ask for you to increase my income to approve me for a loan nor make my credit score higher. I was ok with the vehicle that I had, and could afford it. I know it may not be too much to some people but another 100 a month adds up. And when it's a default vehicle, and you said it was fixed and now I have my children and other children in it, that's not ok. You added 1000 to the cost of my vehicle without me knowing, and I still wonder how you people can sleep at night knowing that you could possibly do this quite often?!
I know you already sold my truck, which is ok, but I want my money back and you can have your vehicle back and do whatever else you would like to do with it. I will find a trust worthy dealership to return to.

Business Response
Received business response via e-mail to BB:

"Hi *****,

The check engine light did come on during the test drive. Ms. ***** was informed that whatever was causing the light to come on that we would be fixing it at no charge to her. We diagnosed the check engine light code as a throttle body positioning sensor or possible throttle body. Our technician cleaned the throttle body and test drove the vehicle. The check engine light did not return. We advised Ms. ***** that she could bring the vehicle back at her convenience and we would replace the throttle body if the check engine light came back on. We ordered a new throttle body so that we would have the part in stock if the light returned.

The next time I heard from the customer was a Wednesday night at 7:00 pm when she and her husband stopped in. Our shop closes at 4:00 pm, and I do not have a technician available after that time. Ms. ***** was demanding that we repair her vehicle immediately, or give her money back. I offered 3 solutions to accommodate Ms. *****: leave the vehicle overnight for my technician to start work on first thing in the morning; make an appointment at a day and time that is convenient for her to wait for the repair; take the vehicle to a repair shop of her choosing and we would pay them for the repair. Ms. ***** chose to take the vehicle to a repair shop on her own.

Ms. ***** took her vehicle to Valley GMC for diagnosis. The vehicle did not have a check engine light on at the time. The customer brought up 5 new concerns that were not discussed at the time of the sale: engine tick, door handle, cracked belt, brake squeal, and tire pressure light. All 5 of these concerns were fixed or unable to be verified by the dealership. I have attached a copy of the repair order from Valley GMC, along with a paid credit card receipt showing we paid in full.

In regard to the paperwork, it is impossible for us to change a customer's credit score. We pull a credit report and our lenders pull their own credit report. There are currently three different credit bureau's and each one has their own scoring system. So, it is very common that we will have a different score than what the bank gets, even if it is the same credit bureau that it was pulled from. The second attachment to this message shows a print out that Ms. ***** signed that was generated by the company that we use to pull credit reports.

As far as the income discrepancy, I am uncertain if it was a clerical error, non-legible, miscalculated or accurate when the application process began. I do know it had no effect on the deal. The bank that financed the loan was the same bank that had her previous loan. Whenever there are discrepancies that bank will want some type of proof (i.e. pay stub, tax returns) but none were stipulated. The loan approval was based on her credit and previous payment history.

When the customer signed final documents for the purchase of the vehicle, we took the time and explained everything she was signing. Ms. ***** was given ample time to look over the information placed in front of her and to ask questions before signing. Any rushing would have been on the customer's part, as they mentioned several times that they would like to get back to their children.

At this time we feel we went above and beyond to make ******'s experience at Bedrock Motors a friendly one, and to show our customers we are willing to help when situations arise. At the time of purchase, the vehicle had 145,278 miles, and was sold "AS IS".

Should you have any questions or need further information please contact me at the number listed below.

***** *****
General Manager

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
To whom this may concern:

Please see response attachment first.
Then all other attachments to follow. Sorry for the duplicate "chase" file. I couldn't delete 1 of them.
Thank you

Final Business Response
BBB reached************ of Bedrock Motors, to discuss consumer rebuttal.

With regard to Ms *****'s request for a copy of her handwritten application, Mr ***** indicates that Bedrock only retains copies of what the bank requires -- in this case, the 'printed' version of the application signed by Ms ***** and submitted.

He reiterates that whatever the source of any discrepancy in the form, it would not have impacted the approval process, in part because the bank providing the loan was the same bank that handled Ms *****'s previous loan.

Bedrock Motors remains firm in its position that it has acted in good faith by assisting with a number of repairs on an "as is" vehicle purchase, and cannot offer further assistance at this time.

Final Consumer Response
Received this chat on 12/19
Case# ******** (Draft)
To whom this may concern; I would like to add something to my case before it is closed. I am glad that you finally were able to contact ***********, but besides that he's "blowing smoke" and I can get whatever documents you need to prove it, but the bank doesn't need any of the documents, they only go off of what they are told from the finance dept. when they are called in the first place and if I'm approved or not from the "dealers application" and then the "fraud filled papers".
The "discrepancy in the form" caused so many problems, including getting me a loan that I shouldn't have been able to take out without a co-signer, (due to then being over my debt to income ratio) my credit score is now a lot lower, yes the same bank took the loan because the "car dealership" said I was already pre-approved. And without checking into it in full detail they just check the typed up papers that were changed from bedrock, trusting them as they do business with them. Fraud, to change any information on anyone's, anything!
They didn't do a number of repairs, they tried to fix the "check engine light" in the first place and ever since then it has been worse then it was in the first place! We had it worked on at another place paid for by bedrock, but only to a certain point would they do any repairs, and it still won't run like it did on the test drive. The check engine light comes on, the engine ticks, etc... I don't know if you mechanic did something or what but, even before we left your salesman knew it wasn't running right, but said it would run better by the time we got home or to let him know, and I let him know and this is where it all stemmed from, with this issue!

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