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Wilcox Chrysler

Phone: (888) 470-3453

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Customer Complaints Summary

4 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 0 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues2
Problems with Product / Service2
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints4

Complaint Breakdown by Resolution

Complaint Resolution Log (4)BBB Closure Definitions
02/24/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

1-31-13, I had no problems with my car at that time but took vehicle in to Wilcox Chrysler in Forest Lake, MN for transmission flush with filter replacement. I was told that the valve cover gasket was leaking and should be replaced. I was considering doing it myself but was told that it was very difficult to keep dirt out and may cause issues with how the car runs. I decided it was best to let someone that knew what they were doing to replace the gasket. I was charged $509.22 plus taxes for replacing the gasket. 2-1-13, I went to pick up my car that evening and I could not keep it running. It would not idle. I left the car at the dealer to have them correct the problem.2-2-13, Wilcox cleaned the idler air control valve. They retested and stated that it ran OK. There was not charge for this service.2-9-13, I dropped of the car again for the same problem (car not idling). Wilcox replaced a map sensor and recalibrated all learned valves. This service cost me $83.88.2-15-13, I dropped of the car again for the same problem (car not idling). Replaced injector. This service cost me $316.33.4-18-13, I dropped of the car again for the same problem (car not idling). It did not idle on start-up. They took it for a short drive and ran fine. They did not find anything wrong after that. I was not charged anything for this service.4-30-18, I dropped of the car again for the same problem (car not idling). Wilcox replaced the throttle position sensor. This service cost me $133.05.Even though Wilcox was contributing free labors toward this problem, I could not afford to keep bringing my car back to them. I already paid an additional $533.26 after my initial service. I also could not afford to leave my car there that often, since they would not provide me with a loaner car. After my last visit, I kept driving my car with the problem as best as I could. In early summer the problem was becoming less frequent and after sometime in the late summer/early fall the problem went away by itself
Product_Or_Service: Auto Repair
Account_Number: Customer # *****

Desired Settlement
This was not a problem before Wilcox worked on my vehicle. The problem was never corrected by Wilcox and it eventually corrected itself months later. They stated that the parts replaced were determined to be defective. However, if that were the case, the problem should have been in existence before the initial visit and should not have been a problem after my visits.I would like Wilcox to reimburse me for the entire amount of services rendered after my initial visit in the amount of $533.26

Business Response
Re: Case #********

After receiving and thoroughly reviewing the information filed to you by our customer, ********** the Service and Parts Director at Wilcox Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram contacted the customer by phone on 2/20/14. After speaking with the customer in great length and hearing his concerns I explained to him that his business was very important to Wilcox and had every intention of wanting to resolve this matter to his satisfaction. Wilcox offered to reimburse the customer $275.00 as a goodwill towards what he had spent and the customer accepted. The customer stated he was satisfied with the resolution and then the discussion turned to the invitation of doing future business with Wilcox. I explained that we would be sending him a check to his home address and he understood. Wilcox considers this case resolved and the customer satisfied. Thank you.

09/24/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Took jeep in for a replacement engine and after work was completed several other problems occurred causing more time and money in shop
I bought a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee for my son in early May from the Wilcox. 5 days after we bought the vehicle it died leaving my 16 year old stranded. I had the vehicle towed to the dealers service department on June 12th, 2013, costing me $135.00. The dealers service department reviewed the vehicle and said the engine was seized up, we needed a new engine. The cost including labor would be over $3300.00. Honestly we didn't have the money to put towards the repair and the vehicle ended up sitting for 2 months in the dealers parking lot. Meanwhile I am talking to the dealer's managers trying to work out an agreement that we both would be happy with. At the same time the two managers I was working with both left the company and I had to start new talks with the new management. They offered $1000.00 off of the labor or $1500 cash back to return the vehicle. Well honestly I wasn't happy with either offer but needed to move forward so we took the discount on labor to repair it. I found an engine of our own from a local parts salvage yard and had that delivered. Once they got the old engine out, they called and said it now needed a new oil pan, spark plugs, oil and filter, thermostat, gaskets and a few other odds and ends. Well this of course upped the price that I had to pay by over $500. Dealer called said vehicle was ready, however, they said the battery was dead and we might need to jump it when we arrive to pick it up. At that time I went to Wal-Mart and purchased a new battery and took it over to the deal to get the vehicle. As expected it didn't start. After trying several time to jump the vehicle from my car we switched the battery to the new one. Well that didn't work either and we tried to jump that too- didn't work. We ended up leaving the vehicle at the dealer over night so they could look at it again in the morning. The next morning they called and said it was a bad starter and we needed a new one. We went to pick it up and it started right up. My son drove it to the gas station to get gas to head to work. When he got back into the vehicle it wouldn't start again. He tried several times before giving up and walking to work. Later that day my husband went to check on the vehicle and found out that problem the whole time with the battery - it was bad/dirty battery connections. He simply cleaned off the battery connectors, reconnected them to the battery and it started right up. When we got it home, after over 4 hours in the garage, my husband found out the harness wan not connected correctly and it also had over a gallon too much transmission fluid in the engine, which he then removed. Also while he was in the vehicle he did several other things like tighten up belts, check fluids, check fuses etc. which should have been done by the service department in the first place. It turns out we never needed to replace the battery or the starter, it was just a bad battery connection cause it was dirty. We spent over $250.00 for no reason and now we can't return those parts for a refund. So now we have the vehicle running well and my son drives it to work, on his way; it over heats. Turns out the radiator blew up. Again we have the vehicle towed home, I purchase a radiator, hoses and fluid costing over $190.00 and my husband and son replace it at home.

Desired Settlement
I feel like from the beginning the dealer has been taking advantage of me. Me being a person that knows nothing about cars or repairs I believed everything they said and purchased extra parts that are now not needed and wasting even more money and time of mine. I also feel like they damaged more things inside the car to keep me repairing it, like the harness connection, the over filling of the transmission fluid causing the car to run funny and also damage the radiator causing a complete rebuild of that as well. I am unhappy with the whole process and the service departments lack of attention to simple details like the battery connection. I would like a full refund on labor and parts excluding the engine I purchased. Including the towing to the dealer.

Business Response
To Whom in way concern;

RE: Case#********: ************

We are responding to the concerns surrounding the replacement of the engine in the ******'s vehicle on our invoice #*****. The vehicle was sold by Wilcox in AS-IS condition with no warranty of any type. The vehicle is 14 years old with 232,000 miles. We are unaware what happened while in the customers possession after the purchase but when towed to us the engine was seized and had been partially disassembled by someone other than us. We did do everything we could to be empathetic with their situation and be as patient and helpful as possible. The vehicle sat on our lot waiting for approval for a month with no storage fees etc. because we were trying to help the situation out. As stated by *****, Wilcox participated in the repair as a goodwill gesture of $1,000.00 because of our commitment customer satisfaction.
Many of the added costs were a result of the condition of the used engine provided by the customer, some of it's components were in no condition to be used or transferred and had to be replaced or repaired including the rusty engine oil pan. Several managers have discussed this with ***** an all have done as much as possible and finally ***** our General Manager made a decision to go above and beyond what we had to do to help the customer out. Wilcox feel at this time they have exceeded any obligations they have with this vehicle and the customer and offer no further goodwill at this time.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The vehicle was in complete and running condition exactly as sold to us!

All except the loud knocking inside the engine!

It was not seized upon delivery to Wilcox!

We had the vehicle for 5 days when it broke down.

Why wasn't this problem found upon inspection when they received the vehicle in the first place from the previous owner. Doesn't the dealer do inspections before purchasing used vehicles? An inspection could have saved us both a lot of time and money if done properly.

01/11/2013Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

We believe the treatment received by Wilcox Chrysler to be unethical and highly questionable
We stopped at Wilcox Chrysler to get information on a car. Their agent ****(I believe his name was) approached us. We many times clearly stated our needs and what we needed in order to purchase a car. We very clearly stated we needed a minimum of $6500.00 for our car in order to pay loans against it. We also clearly stated that we needed to have a payment in the area of $400-450. Without even looking and appraising our car, stated that the most he could give us was $3000.00. We clearly stated that we could not proceed with those figures. He eventually came up to $3500.00. Again we told him it wouldn't work. As a last effort he said to fill out a form to present to his sales manager. I signed the form to see what his sales manager would say. They took it as a credit request and blasted it around the country to, at last count, was 9, count them 9, credit companies. I was not asking for credit (I would go to my own bank.) WHY,WHEN THEY KNEW WITHOUT DOUBT THE SALE WOULD NOT HAPPEN, DID THEY FEEL, (AND WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION) THEY COULD BLAST A CREDIT REQUEST AROUND THE COUNTRY. At NO time was a signed official written offer made by them to me or me to them. I believe their actions are highly unethical.
In the process they have greatly diminished my credit rating.
xHuntington National Bank wrote :Number of inquiries adversely affected score
Bank of the West: Number of recent inquiries

These are entries now on my credit record because of Wilcox Chrysler

1. ****, The Representative for Wilcox Chrysler, knew without a shadow of a doubt that no deal could possibly be made.
2. At no time was an official written offer presented to Wilcox Chrysler nor was there ever an official written offer made by Wilcox Chrysler
3. Knowing The information regarding our requirements and knowing no sale could be made, Wilcox had an obligation, both ethically and morally, to protect the consumer.
4. I believe the actions by Wilcox Chrysler were unethical, morally wrong and highly questionable.

Desired Settlement
1. dismiss their representative, ****, for disregarding our needs. If he has done this to us, he has probably done it to others. Unless this is the normal practice of Wilcox Chrysler.

2. Require each and every loan source they contacted to contact the credit bureaus and rescind their requests. This must be done in order to restore our credit.

3. If they succeed in 1 and 2 above (within 60 days) I will be satisfied and will drop this

4. If they are unable or unwilling to do the above, and because their actions have greatly diminished our ability to purchase an automobile. They can honor our original conditions, $6500.00 cash for our van, so we can pay off that loans, and provide us an automobile equal to the 2012 Chrysler Town and Country we looked at on the floor, at a loan with payments no higher than $450.00/mo and an interest rate no higher than 5.75%

Business' Initial Response
I have talked with Mr. ******* and explained that we were simply trying to get Mr. ******* the vehicle he wanted at the terms he wanted. He did decide on a van in our showroom and told us he would buy it if we could get the payments at $450 or below, at that time we told him we would see what we could do and the only way to know for sure is to send it into the banks. He filled out an application and we began to try and secure financing for him. We were unable to do so because of a number of reasons: poor credit, negative equity, no money down, etc. I tried to explain to Mr. ******* that we don't make those decisionns here, that the bank has the final say. We tried our best to get him financed at his terms but had no success. He gave us a credit appplication and wanted to see if we could get him financed at his terms. I don't understand what we could of done differently. There was no offer made to Mr. ******* because we didn't know if we could obtain financing and if we did at what terms. I don't think there was any misleading the customer but maybe we should have made sure he understood that in his case, we couldn't tell him any figures without sending it to the banks and see what kind of approval we could get. We were simply trying to get him the van and the terms he wanted.

Consumer's Final Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
When we met with **** we were very, very explicit on what we needed in order for us to purchase a vehicle.
We told him immediately that we had loans on our car totaling $6500.00 and that they would have to give us that much for our car to pay off our loans. **** told us that would be impossible for them to pay that much and said all they would give us was $3000.00. (he never did look at or appraise our car). We were extremely clear that we could NOT purchase a car on those terms. At NO point were we ever close to making an offer, and never did.
We were so far apart It absolutely baffles my mind how anyone could construe those statements to mean we were going to purchase.
We were greatly misled by **** when he said he needed to have those papers signed to see if his manager would approve. We feel he subtly coerced us to sign the form. We absolutley did NOT request financing. NOR did we EVER make a purchase offer.
******'s blatant refusal to acknowledge our position and needs, has eliminated any chance of our getting any type of financing for the forseeable future. As of today we have received 13 letters of refusal, many citing the fact of numerous credit requests, which was not the case before our visit to ******. We feel ****** acted in wilful disregard for their customers.
We request satisfaction to correct the damage ****** has caused us.

09/10/2012Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

On July 21, 2012 I inquired about a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee, Stock # J12116B, listed on AutoTrader by Wilcox Dealership. I spoke with ********** who confirmed the car was available. I confirmed I was interested in purchasing the vehicle but I was out of state and concerned about making such a purchase without seeing the vehicle. Tim assured me the vehicle was sound and the dealership did their own inspection on the car. I asked about the shape of the car and the wear on the tires. He said the vehicle was clean, no issues, and the tires were "100,000 mile tires".I requested an independent mechnical inspection be performed as suggested by my credit union. The mechanic stated the were no issues with the engine of the vehicle. Before finalizing the release of funds, I confirmed with ********** the vehicle came with two key "FOBs" since it is a keyless ignition. He said yes there were two of the keys with the vehicle. The vehicle was then shipped to my location in Denver, Colorado. When the vehicle arrived, I noted three issues-1) A Dent/Scratch on the front passenger side bumper2) The tires were worn unevenly especially in the front to the point where there are BALD patches down the center in the front Driver side. It was very clear they needed replacement. I subsequently found out there is no such thing as 100,000 miles. 3) There was only 1 key FOB with the vehicle.We contacted the shipper regarding the scratch/dent. It indeed was there before leaving the dealership. It was confirmed by a faint "spec" in the same location in a sales photo on the dealer website.We contacted the dealer to resolve the three outstanding issues. They said they would see what they could do then failed to call back. We continued to try and resolve the situation ourselves but found the General Sales Manager and salesman ********** unwilling to work with us. I paid full price for this vehicle with no bargaining. Had the above issues been disclosed I most certainly would have decreased my offer.
Product_Or_Service: 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Desired Settlement
Replacement of tires. Repair of Dent/Scratch on front passenger side bumper.Second Key FOB for vehicle

Business' Initial Response
Mrs. **** ******* contacted Wilcox Chrysler via the internet in regards to the purchase of a used 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee. During the transaction there was contact via the phone as well as the internet being as Mrs. ******* lived in Golden Colorado. During the transaction Mrs. ******* asked to have a independent inspection completed since she was unable to physically inspect the vehicle herself due to geographic reasons. Per her request we arranged an inspection to be completed at Minneapolis Manheim Auto Auction. The vehicle was than transported to the auction and an independent third party inspection was completed. The independent inspection sheet was available to Mrs. ******* as well as Wilcox Chrysler before transportation of the Jeep was complete to Golden Colorado. The results of the independent inspection help clarify some of the concerns stated by Mrs. *******.

Regarding the dent/scratch:
On the inspection sheet it is stated in the exterior notes section "LRQ-scuffed, 4" x 4" also "paint chipped front bumper"
Regarding the tires with "bald patches"
on the inspection sheet it is stated in the Tire section #8-10 that the tires do not have tread depth less than 3/32 of an inch, the tires are all matching brands and there is no wheel damage.
Wilcox Chrysler has chosen to not participate in any of the above concerns due to the fact that these items were disclosed in the third party inspection which Mrs. ******* had requested.
Wilcox Chrylser is willing to pay for one new key to be cut and programmed for the customer at a dealership of her choosing in Golden Colorado. Wilcox Chrysler requests that before the key is cut and programmed that Mrs. ******* calls Wilcox with a total so that we can arrange payment.

Consumer's Final Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I have received a quote for new tires, $1200, in addition to the body repair of the front fender, $450. A total of $1,650. Wilcox's offer of sending a replacement key is not an acceptable comprising offer.

I also received an additional email (added below) from the individual who had the vehicle mechanically inspected confirming I never received a report regarding the tires or body shape. Though, Wilcox received all reports. I did not receive either Wilcox inspection report nor the one sent to them by the auction facility. I took their word everything was okay with the tires and the body shape since it only takes someone to go out and look at the vehicle and provide a truthful statement.
Unfortunately, Wilcox seems to be unwilling to provide a reasonable compromise to a situation that could have been avoided if they had been completely upfront regarding the vehicle's tire ware and fender damage.

Email form Manheim Auction Employee:
Good Evening ****,

As I have stated, and have stated since the beginning, we are a wholesale auction and therefore cannot be liable or responsible for the dealings of a retail transaction. I did the visual inspection as a courtesy to Wilcox Chrysler. The findings in the said report cannot be made available to a retail customer do to that fact. The visual inspection report that I had filed is a manual report property of Manheim Minneapolis and as requested by Wilcox Chrysler. As far as the mechanical inspection, you are correct in stating that you are entitled to that documentation and can send that upon request.

******* ********

OVEOnline Manager

Manheim Minneapolis



Business' Final Response
Wilcox Chrysler stands by our previous comments and has nothing further to add.

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