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BBB Accredited Business since 03/25/2014

Luther Kia of Bloomington

Phone: (952) 881-7800

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Customer Complaints Summary

7 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 2 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues1
Problems with Product / Service6
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints7

Complaint Breakdown by Resolution

Complaint Resolution Log (7)BBB Closure Definitions
03/23/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I got an oil change from this business and upon leaving my lugnuts were not put on. This resulted in my entire tire falling off and more damage.
On 2/21/15 I got an oil change at Luther Kia Bloomington. After leaving and nearing my home, I heard a rattling noise. My car sat for a few days until I drove it again. When I drove it again, the noise returned. I called my family auto repair shop to make an appointment. The appointment was set for 2/27/15 at 3pm. On 2/27/15 at 1:30pm, while driving my car, the entire driver's side rear tire fell off. Apparently, there were no lug nuts on the car. I had it towed to my family auto repair shop for further inspection. They concluded the wheel was at some point taken off, and the lugnuts were not properly put back in place, resulting in my tire falling off. Damage done to my car as a result is as follows: all lugnuts missing, damaged rim, 5 mounting holes are hogged out and wheel will not mount properly on the studs. Studs are damaged and need replacement. The backing plate for the rear brake rotor is broken off and needs replacement. the plastic on the left rear inner fender is broken and needs replacement. the rear bumper cover and mount are broken on the left rear corner. I called Luther Kia Bloomington on 2/27/15 at 3:30pm and spoke to the service advisor, ******aley. I asked him to fax me a copy of the "multi-point inspection" as one was not given to me when my car was serviced. He did not fax it over. My boyfriend and I went down to Luther Kia Bloomington on 2/27/15 at 5:10pm and spoke with ******. I told him what happened. He apologized. My boyfriend asked him "What do you do in a multi-point inspection? Do you take the tires off?" **** said, "Yes." He also said, "We are responsible for paying for the damage." He printed a copy of my multi-point inspection and gave it to me. He then said I would have to talk to the service manager. He gave me the phone number of **** *******. I called **** as soon as we left, at 5:30pm. I told **** what happened, explained to him what ******. had told me. As I was explaining it to him, he said, "**** is calling me, let me talk to him and call you back." He called me back at 5:40pm and told me my tires were never removed from my car and they are not responsible for the damage unless they are at fault. I explained to him that my car was serviced at Luther Kia Bloomington and less than a week later all 5 lugnuts fell off my wheel. This does not "just happen." He said he would have to talk to the general manager and call me back Monday (3/2/15) by 11am. On Monday morning at 9:05am I called Luther Kia Bloomington and asked to speak to the general manager, ************. I explained to him what happened. He continuously asked me why I didn't bring my car back to their shop. I explained I don't live near them and I already had an appointment to bring it to my family repair shop. He blamed me for not bringing it to Luther Kia Bloomington and said, "There is nothing we will be able to do about it." I told him I was extremely lucky to have been in a parking lot when this happened, not around other vehicles. Thankfully myself and no one else was injured. He replied by saying, "There is nothing we can do."

Because Luther Kia Bloomington is unable to take responsibility for their mistake, which resulted in my vehicle becoming extremely damaged, I have to pay out of pocket my $500 deductible to my insurance company and a $116.04 towing fee. I am extremely disappointed in Luther Kia Bloomington's customer service and the general manager, ************'s rude tone when speaking to me. If they truly valued their customers, they would pay for their mistake.

Desired Settlement
I am asking for a total of $700.
$500 for my insurance deductible, $116.04 for my towing fee, $21 for my rental car fees and $62.96 for miscellaneous fees.

Business Response
Although we understand the frustrations with this situation, we do not feel we have any obligation on this. When the customer had her oil changed with us, we did not remove any of her tires. Our standard brake inspection that is completed with an oil change is done through the rim of the tires; no lug nuts are touched for this. This is what we performed on her vehicle. The more complete brake inspection involves an additional charge and does include removing the tires; this service was not performed for her. Her tires were not loosened nor removed at the time of her oil change. I assure you if any of her tires were loose at the time or if any lugnuts were missing, we would have detected that at the time of our service inspection, and would not have let her leave until they were safe for driving.

We are also concerned that she did not notify us regarding any concerns with the standard oil change we performed until a week later. If she heard an unsettling noise upon leaving and suspected it had to do with our oil change, we would expect at least a phone call to us immediately so we could minimize any damages and begin to correct it as needed. However, with the week long delay, we feel many other things could be the cause in this situation.

Because we did not loosen or remove any tires on her vehicle and with the delay in contacting us, we do not feel we have any obligation with this incident.

10/04/2013Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Continue to call and email me after I have asked them to stop.
I have called Luther Kia and asked to be removed for calling and email list. I have also emailed them.

Here's the text from the last email I sent them.

Mon 07/08/2013 8:36 AM


I do not wish to do business with Luther Bloomington Kia - please remove me off all calling and email distribution lists.


Desired Settlement
Remove me from their calling and email lists.

Business Response
I have deleted him from our system. I do apologize that this was not done prior.

04/29/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Purchased a vehicle. It was not properly inspected by the dealership prior to sale. It was also not detailed or reconditioned on the interior.
I found a 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee listed at another Luther dealer location. ************* had it brought to the Luther Kia location for me to take a look at it. The vehicle was in good condition overall. It also had the V8 and mileage in the range I was looking for. My trade was appraised and trade value of $7000 was agreed. The Jeep needed a new rear bumper cover and the retail price was correctly discounted at or around $700 for this. The deal was done and I was to return the next day to turn in my trade, pickup the Jeep, and pay the difference.

I did return the next day after work. ***** informed me that his used car sales manager ********** wanted to speak with me about my trade. When Mr. **** sat down, he informed me that the price agreed for my trade value was now $5000. He also informed me that whom ever gave that appraisal for my trade had no authorization to do so. He was attempting to take advantage of me. This didn't work. I left the dealership.

I did call Mr. ******* that evening and he was just as confused as myself. He asked me to return on Saturday when ********** was working. I received a phone call on Friday that they were willing to give me $7000 for my trade. I again accepted and agreed to return on Saturday as planned. I did return on Saturday and met with Mr. ***** to complete the sale. ***** walked me through the process and I was in and out relatively quickly.

Making a major purchase make my head spin around. After I had some time with my newer vehicle I notice the interior was filthy. I had to remove the double sided sticky tape on the dash. I cleaned the windows that were coated with cigarette smoke. The paper towels were soaked with disgusting brown tar. The floor of the vehicle was also unacceptable. Never even vacuumed. I was able to hold the floor mat in a horizontal position and it didn't even bend. The cargo area had wood particles everywhere. It looked as if someone was transporting fire wood and didn't clean up the mess. The engine compartment was also not cleaned. It was filthy and leaves were stuck in all corners of the engine area. It is winter here, no leaves. The exterior was very clean and looked to be fully detailed.

This is when I noticed the engine coolant was well below the add line on the overflow container. I am no mechanic, but if I notice this what else is wrong? I returned to pickup my plates and spoke with every manager at the dealer about the issues. I assumed it would be a no problem sir, we will get right on that for you. It was not. They want to argue about everything. I was worried that the vehicle was not properly inspected prior to sale.

********* went over the car with me. He wanted to debate everything that was wrong as well. He said that I had been driving the vehicle for 2 weeks and this could have all happened between now and then. I was forwarded to **********. He was going to get me the inspection sheet from the original dealer. Where is my sheet? Why don't I have one? Probably because the vehicle was not inspected. Mr. **** offered to fill the antifreeze and vacuum the vehicle. When you purchase a vehicle from a dealer there is reconditioning associated with the cost of the sale. They just put this in their pockets.

These issues that were very simple and turned into a circus by the lackluster upper management of Luther Kia have not been resolved.

****************** and ********** are very respectable and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

***************, ***************, and ********* are the typical slimy representatives that give car dealerships a bad name. Do your homework, stick to your guns, and stay away from them.

Desired Settlement
Complete the safety point inspection. Detail the engine bay and interior of the vehicle. I have never received the inspection sheet the claim to have on file.

Business' Initial Response
Received business response via e-mail to BBB, 4-17-13.

Scan of original is attached, including copies of service history, inspection reports.

Text of letter reads as follows:

"Luther Kia of Bloomington
Bloomington, MN 55431

RE: BBB Complaint Case # ********
Consumer: ***** ******

Mr. ****,

Mr. ****** visited our dealership to purchase an unidentified vehicle at the time he arrived to our dealership. After spending some time with *****, our salesperson, they came to the conclusion we didn't have anything on our lot at that time that fit his needs. Being as helpful as possible, ***** elected to take his service to the next level and searched the Luther used car network to see if we could find anything suitable. At that time Mr. ****** asked we appraise his vehicle for trade in, all of our Sales Managers at the time were with other customers, and ***** had questions around financing options, so one of our Finance Managers, **** Burns drove his trade and answered his questions around financing. No trade in offer was explicitly stated as a true appraiser had not driven his vehicle. But **** did say based on the condition of your vehicle he didn't sound unreasonable and not to worry once we had selected the vehicle Mr. ****** wanted to own, we would make sure to have a formal appraisal done. Mr. ****** seemed satisfied with our service up until this point and elected to keep us in mind.

Mr. ****** continued his search after he left and found a vehicle at our sister store in Hudson, WI (Hudson Chrysler Jeep Dodge). The vehicle he found was a 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee, based on his relationship with ***** he elected to have the vehicle transferred to us, rather than just doing business with our sister store directly.

When Mr. ****** arrived to the store, after we had the vehicle transferred here, our Used Car Manager, ***** **** formally appraised Mr. ******'s trade in. He appraised Mr. ******'s vehicle at $5,000. When ***** tried to explain the potential discrepancy between what Mr. ****** had in mind and the vehicle's true value, Mr. ****** got very upset and elected to leave.

Our General Sales Manager, ***************, received a phone call from Mr. ****** the following day explaining his frustrations and re-iterating his desire to purchase the Jeep, if we could honor the $7,000 trade value. Mr. ****** made it clear over the phone that he was still extremely interested in the Jeep because it's hard to find vehicles in such good condition and as well maintained as this one (in his opinion). Wanting to minimize any frustrations with our minimal negotiation process he accepted the offer of Mr. ****** at $7,000 for his trade and apologized for any miscommunication. This was truly higher than the vehicle would have been valued at, but wanting to make sure we took care of the customer **** conceded and issued the customer the additional money to earn his satisfaction and make things right. Mr. ****** then returned to the store on Saturday and purchased the vehicle, leaving our store extremely happy.

Following the purchase Mr. ****** returned yet again, in a very disrespectful manner. He approached our other Finance Manager, **** **** and caused a scene at the store about the low level of coolant, and condition of vehicle cleanliness. **** wasn't disputing or defending anything, he was attempting to get the full story from him to understand his situation and see what assistance he could provide. After describing the coolant level **** offered Mr. ****** to pull the vehicle directly into our service department for examination. **** also asked ***** if he could please obtain a copy of the initial used car inspection performed at our sister store. Mr. ****** was extremely abrasive with **** and very disrespectful. At this point he was handed off to ****. **** once again re-iterated that he was willing to have the vehicle re-detailed on site by one of our lot attendants and willing to have the vehicle looked at in our service department, and that as soon as the inspection was faxed over from our sister store we would provide him with a copy. For some reason this did not satisfy Mr. ****** and he stated that "we were lucky he was going to be nice" and left the premises.

It's unfortunate that Mr. ****** feels the way he does, however Kia of Bloomington has already offered to clean his vehicle and provide a copy of the used car inspection.

Please find attached a copy of the original used car inspection, the Wisconsin Buyer's Guide (from our sister store), and a copy of the invoice for the professional detail that was done at our sister store. Kia of Bloomington feels like this documentation supports the fact that we have provided the requested resolution.


General Sales Manager
Kia of Bloomington"

Consumer's Final Response
May I ask why my case was closed? It has not been resolved.

07/27/2012Problems with Product / Service
05/20/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

inferior repairs, failure to honor a repair agreement, poor customer service, delayed completion of repair, repairs that resulted in additional damage
We purchased a Suzuki XL7, on December 7, 2013. While test driving the vehicle, the heated seats did not work. The sales person was in the vehicle with us when we attempted to turn the seats on and witnessed that they did not work. He gave us a "we owe" service form saying it would be fixed for free since the vehicle was advertised to have heated seats.
We scheduled repair appointment for December 12 to address the heated seats and a missing sprayer nozzle for the windshield washer fluid. Service found nothing wrong with the seats and sent vehicle home without making any repairs. The sprayer nozzle was ordered. We picked the vehicle up on December 16.
The heated seats were not working when we got the vehicle back.
On January 17, 2014, we called the dealership to schedule an appointment for the sprayer nozzle and specifically asked if the part was in before making the appointment. The appointment was scheduled for January 20. On January 20 we brought the vehicle in to repair the sprayer nozzle. The part was not yet in, even though we asked that before making the appointment. We picked up the vehicle and no repairs were made.
We scheduled an appointment in February to address the heated seats, but subsequently cancelled the appointment because there was a significant snowstorm on the date of the appointment. An email confirmation of the appointment includes the note I typed as the reason for the appointment. The note states in part, "The heated seats are not working all the time. They only turn on about half the time, and sometimes when they do, they turn off after 20 seconds." We scheduled an appointment for March 19. An email confirmation of the appointment includes the note I typed as the reason for the appointment. The note states in part, "Investigate problem with heated seats. Heated seats are not working. They haven't worked properly since we purchased the vehicle and this was brought up to the dealer who sold it to us."
On March 19, we brought the vehicle in to repair the sprayer nozzle and the heated seats. The sprayer nozzle was put on, but the heated seat element had to be ordered so no work could be done on the heated seats at that time. So, we took the vehicle home again.
On April 24, we again brought in the vehicle to have the heated seats repaired. The heating element was replaced on the driver's side only, despite the fact that neither heated seat worked. We again drove to the dealership on April 26 to pick up our vehicle. After we got in our vehicle, we noticed that the driver's side seat belt was not attached, most likely due to the heated seat repair. Service was closed so we could not take our vehicle home.
*** kindly arranged for our vehicle to be fixed Monday, April 28, and delivered to us. The vehicle was in fact delivered to us on that day.
The heated seats did not work on either the driver's side or passenger side when we got the vehicle.
We again scheduled an appointment to repair the heated seats on May 6. When the vehicle was dropped off at the appointment and I pointed out that only the driver's side heating element was replaced, the service person indicated that we never reported that the passenger side was not working. However, throughout our repeated contact, we have only ever said that the heated seats were not working. We never referred to the passenger or driver's side individually. Our email confirmations verify that we have repeatedly reported that the heated seats were not working. I can provide these confirmations if necessary. The service person was very rude throughout the entire interaction. We pointed out that the driver's side heated seat still did not work despite the fact that the heating element had been replaced.
The experiences reveal a pattern of inferior repairs, failure to honor a repair agreement (We Owe service form), poor customer service, delayed completion of repair, repairs that resulted in additional damage (seat belt).

Desired Settlement
Repair heated seats as agreed in the purchase documents. Reimburse for travel expenses for multiple unnecessary trips for no repairs completed and additional damage.

Business Response
Although we understand and apologize for the customer's frustrations regarding the vehicle repairs, I assure you we have done our best to exceed this customer's expectations. Although we have not always been able to duplicate the stated problems due to the intermittent nature of the issue, we have consistently followed the manufacturer's guidelines in diagnosing and repairing this vehicle. If the problem cannot be duplicated, the proper repair cannot be made. As soon as we were able to duplicate the problem with the driver's side seat heater, the seat element was replaced and this has worked correctly since.

We strive to be very clear with customers regarding repairs, and did specify to the customer regarding us ordering the part for the driver's side only. This was verified and authorized by the customer. At no time in the multiple visits have we been able to duplicate any problem with the passenger side seat heater, nor had a specific concern from the customer regarding the passenger seat. At this time, based on extensive attempts to duplicate the problem over a recent four day period, both seat heaters are working properly.

We apologize for the one unnecessary trip when we did not have the part for the sprayer nozzle repair on time as promised. This was out of our control as it was coming from another dealership who did not meet the promised time, and we apologize for that. We have tried to be very accommodating with this customer including providing a free rental car for every visit as well as delivering their car to them when needed.

Although we strive for complete customer satisfaction, we feel we have done everything we can for this customer at this point. I understand the frustrations due to the intermittent nature of his complaint, but we do feel both seat heaters are operating properly at this time.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
There are false statements in the response. The driver's side heated seat has not worked correctly since the "repair." The problem remains the same since the day we purchased the vehicle with salesperson witnessing the problem. In no instance had only one side ever worked. If one side wasn't working, they both weren't working. I never specified driver or passenger side. I always said heated seats with an "S," and always used plural pronouns such as "they" indicating more than one. This is consistent with the language on the "We Owe" service form, and is also consistent with language in previous correspondence, both in verbal conversations and in written service requests. An example of such correspondence is as follows, "Investigate problem with heated seats. Heated seats are not working. They haven't worked properly since we purchased the vehicle and this was brought up to the dealer who sold it to us." The same problem still exists for both the driver's and passenger side. I would not have requested only the driver's side be fixed, especially since the repairs were supposed to be provided anyway. When they ordered the part, they said I needed a new heated seat element. They did not specify driver or passenger. The driver vs. passenger side issue didn't even enter the conversation until I brought the car back again after the "repair." I trusted they were competent in their trade of automobile repair and their assertion that this would fix the problem. It did not fix the problem, even for the driver side. The same symptoms are still present for both seats. I posted 4 videos of this occurring on February 16, May 17, and May 19. These videos can be viewed at and show the problem we have been experiencing since December that is still occurring today. In the videos, both the driver and passenger side heated seats do not work. These are only a few examples of what has been happening frequently since December 7th. I have calculated that in total, I have driven 258 miles back and forth to the dealership. This is in addition to the normal miles I would have driven on those days. We would not have purchased this vehicle without the agreement to repair heated seats or if we had known they would be incapable of diagnosing and fixing the existing problem. As for the unnecessary trips, there were multiple unnecessary trips, including the trip to the dealership to pick up the vehicle after "repair" when the seatbelt was detached and we had to go home without our vehicle. In regards to the rental, all other dealerships I have purchased from have provided free loaners for customers who purchased the vehicle from the dealership. I wasn't aware they were providing me with an added service.

03/14/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

This business engages in unethical business practices and pressure tactics in order to get consumers to purchase vehicles from them.
I went online to search for a Kia vehicle. I requested for a financial services rep to contact me regarding finance. I wanted to know an estimated interest rate and monthly payments of a specific amount of money that I would potentially borrow. I was contacted by *********** in Finance Dept. I visited the dealership a few days later and he referred me to a sales rep named *****. Both ***** and ***** were very pushy. I told them I was interested in a used vehicle. ***** directed me to new vehicles and models I wasn't interested in. At one point she tried to get me to sign a handwritten contract stating that I would only buy a vehicle from her. This is when I told her I would think about it and left. A few days later I began receiving letters of approval and denial from finance companies. I was confused by this so I called the dealership back on 2/3/14 and spoke with ***** the Finance Manager. He told me my credit information had been submitted to 14 different finance companies. I never authorized them to do this. All I asked for was estimated monthly payments and interest. rates on 20K loan. Because I have 14 inquiries on my credit, it has now reduced my credit score. I NEVER authorized Luther Kia to send my credit info to 14 different finance companies. I was never told they were going to do this. The process was never explained to me. I was pressured and my credit score has now been effected.

Desired Settlement
I want the dealership to apologize for their un ethical business practices and reimburse me for the credit service I have had to hire to fix this on my credit report.

Business Response
On January 8th 2014 at 4:06 PM ********** submitted an application for a 2014 Kia Optima. Ms. **** had requested a loan of $20,000 for a period of 60 months. The application submitted is on our web site under the finance tab. The customers are asked to read a credit disclosure and privacy notice and authorize. On Jan 9th 2014 MS **** visted our showroom. During the visit different vehicles, options, payment goals and interest rates were discussed. Ms. **** stated she wanted a night review her options and she would get back to us the next day. Ms. **** submitted and signed an application for credt and authorized Luther Kia to submit this application to obtain financing for a vehicle. I am sorry to hear Ms. **** is upset and things did not work out, however there was NO wrong doing by Luther Kia of Bloomington.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Payment goals and interest rates were NEVER discussed during my visit on 1/9. I specifically asked to discuss interest rates and monthly payment amounts and I was told by *********** in Finance that he did not have this information and he would get back to me. But yet the next words out of his mouth were "What do I have to do to get you into a new vehicle today"? This seems to contradict his lack of knowledge of interest rates and monthly payment amounts. I noticed the response from Luther Kia doesn't touch on Sheri's proposed contract she wanted me to sign stating that I would only buy a vehicle from her. I find this very interesting and the MN Attorney General is also investigating this incident.

11/13/2012Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I bought a vehicle from the dealership. It broke down the next day, total cost of repairs are more than the value oof the vehicle.
I bought a vehicle in cash at the end of June. I left the next day and it broke down. I had a 30 day warranty on the vehicle, they set it up with a repair shop to fix vehicle. It took two weeks, got vehicle back and only the dealership had only authorized a minor problem to be fixed. Called again and they authorized more repairs but the dealership they set it up with kept putting me off. Took to a small shop where more issues were found. Dealer paid for these issues to be fixed. Brought vehicle in again and it now needs 1600 more dollars worth of repairs. The total cost of repairs is more than the complete cost of the vehicle (4700.00). Dealer knew about some of the issues because I asked about them before I left the lot but they were brushed off. They lied about fixing a gas tank and filling it and I ran out of gas on the way home. Dealership was contacted the day after purchase and I have called at least once a week since I purchased the vehicle. They kept pushing everything back and now my warranty is no longer valid. It is a 2001 pontiac montana van. The sales representative's name was Jon, and I have been working with the used car sales manager Kevin. I called the corporate dealership and they said they could not help me because it wasn't a kia brand vehicle. And the dealership they won't help with anything else because my warranty is up.

Desired Settlement
I would like them to pay for the cost of the final repairs needed on the vehicle. If they refuse to pay for the cost of repairs I would like them to refund me the entire amount of the vehicle. I have wasted time and money paying for tows and jumps on the vehicle, have been using rental cars when the vehicle has been in the shop and have wasted hours on the phone trying to get help with these issues.

Business' Initial Response
Received response from Luther Kia via e-mail to BBB, 11-1-12.

Scan of original e-mail is attached, including copies of 'Buyers Guide' disclosures and repair invoices.

Text of response letter reads as follows:

"Luther Kia of Bloomington
Bloomington, MN 55431

RE: BBB Complaint Case # ********
Ref # **************************

Mr. ****,

Ms. ******* purchased a 2001 Pontiac Montana from Kia of Bloomington on 6/28/2012; at the time she purchased the vehicle it had 105,874 miles on it. At terms of purchase she received a 30 day or 1,000 mile (whichever comes first) powertrain, stated warranty, which was not required by the state but offered by dealer. After the purchase but within the 30 days or 1,000 mile period she returned to Kia of Bloomington to evaluate a faulty gas gauge. At the time, at the recommendation of our service department, to properly diagnose the faulty fuel gauge (which was experiencing intermittent issues) we filled Ms. ******* vehicle with gas in an effort to evaluate a continuing issue. We informed her that in the event something related to the fuel gauge was faulty Kia of Bloomington would cover the repair.

Unfortunately the issue persisted, and Ms. ******* was unable to return to Kia of Bloomington to have the vehicle re-diagnosed. Although our dealership warranty we offered her at time of sale (which is standard practice based on miles and year of vehicle on all of our used vehicles), does not include any repairs at any facility other than ours, we elected to repair the vehicle at a mechanic closer to her home (as we agreed). She brought the vehicle to Iron Trail Motors 8/02/12 (almost over a month later, and clearly outside of the 30 days), the vehicle got repaired (as agreed), on the repair order (REF DOC #1) faxed to us from Iron Trail Motors we agreed to repair:

-remove fuel tank from vehicle
-remove fuel pump assembly from tank
-remove level sender from assembly
-install new level sender
-reinstall pump with new gasket
-reinstall fuel tank
-check for leaks and operation

Please find attached a copy of our Luther Advantage warranty (REF DOC #2) where it explicitly states the coverage under its 30 day or 1,000 miles (whichever comes first) period. At this time Kia of Bloomington was under the impression that Ms. ******* was satisfied and the $433.64 repair covered had made the situation good.

After this occurrence, Ms. ******* then contacted us with further issues, again outside the warranty period, this time on 9/24/2012 Precision Muffler & Brake diagnosed that the vehicle needed a:

-throttle position sensor
-front brakes, rotors and calipers
-sway bar links
-right front hub ABS assembly

It is worthy to point out that none of these would be covered under our Luther Advantage warranty, even IF, brought within the 30 day 1,000 mile period. However, in an effort to keep Ms. ******* satisfied, Kia of Bloomington authorized those repairs in the amount of $1,181.88. (REF DOC #3)

In terms of addressing the vehicle repairs, Kia of Bloomington authorized the repair of the vehicle, and paid for the repair of the vehicle, the timeliness of the repairs were beyond our control being that Ms. *******, was in fact unable to return the vehicle to us to repair the vehicle as the warranty states. Kia of Bloomington would also like to illustrate that Ms. ******* was explained that the State of MN did not require us to warranty the vehicle in any way (REF DOC #4), but did so, it can be illustrated by her signature on the MN Buyers Guide next to the box checked AS IS-NO WARRANTY.

It is the position of Kia of Bloomington not to pay for any more repairs on Ms. ******* vehicle and feels that we have gone above and beyond any responsibility to fix or repair her vehicle. Kia of Bloomington feels the resolution provided was above and beyond any requirement, and has done as much as it can for Ms. *******.


General Manager
Kia of Bloomington"

Consumer's Final Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Kia knew about the other problems on the vehicle BEFORE the gas tank was fixed, because the service manager at Iron Trail Motors informed them of the problems and they only authorized fixing the gas tank. It took 3 weeks after I purcahsed the vehicle just to get it back from Iron Trail Motors. I could not bring the vehicle back to their dealership to be fixed because I live 200 miles from their dealership and it wasn't reliable enough to make the drive. Besides all the problems that Kia listed about that have been fixed, I have since replaced the coolant system and head gasket and car heater so I am able to drive the vehicle. When buying a vehicle from a DEALERSHIP with "professional" mehcanics, you would think that these MAJOR issues would have been noticed.

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