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Billy Mauer Chevrolet

Phone: (651) 925-2652Fax: (651) 414-5174

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Customer Complaints Summary

4 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 3 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Problems with Product / Service4
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints4

Complaint Breakdown by Resolution

Complaint Resolution Log (4)
04/13/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

My timing chain guide had broken. That's why I was in for service.
Took my car in to have my car repaired. Timing chain guide had broken. so took my car into Mauer Chevrolet. 1055 MN-110, Inver Grove Heights, MN 55077 (651)********. **** is the service advisor i worked with. My car was at Mauer Chevrolet for two weeks. **** (service advisor) call and let me know that it was going to cost 1200.00 to fix the car. So I drove over to Mauer Chevrolet to talk with **** and the tech that worked on the car. So they went over what was going on with the car. All they talked about was the timing chain. never talked about the cylinder head. So I asked about the valves. (valves bent when the timing chain comes off) **** had the Tech put replace the timing chain and I took the water pump so I wouldn't have to go back inside my motor. Told me 1200.00 would fix it. **** called me back to tell me that the car still is not running well. Then the tech tells **** that the cylinder head valves are bent. At this time **** calls and say its going to cost $990.00 to repair the head. plus the parts. the bill was up to 2600.00 by now. so I talked to the service manager and he took some money off the bill. It now was 1800.00 I paid for the car drove it home and to work the next morning. and took it right back to Mauer Chevrolet. At this time service was not open but I talked to Larry he is the new car manager. He saw what the motor was jumping around and not running right. Engine light was on. I didn't want my car to be work on there anymore. So I got it fix elsewhere. I talked to Bill Mauer and he made it out to be my problem. 1800.00 is a lot of money to pay for a car that didn't work right.

Desired Settlement
I would like my money back. Yes they did work on my car. But didn't repair it right. I would be happy to pay for all the parts that the tech installed. I paid for labor two times and that's not fair. A chevrolet dealer should know how this car works. We pay for a service that I didn't receive. Bill Mauer didn't care that my car was not running after I paid my 1800.00.

Business Response
When Mr. ********'s car was towed into us it was clear that someone had previously looked at it. Mr. ******** knew it needed a timing chain, upon inspection we learned that pistons and the valves had collided creating the need to have the cylinder head out to have the valve repaired. In an effort to save money, Mr. ******** picked up this part and had repaired himself.
After all repairs were complete, our technician test drove vehicle and found it to be in working condition.
Mr. ********'s bill was $2400. Our service advisior discounted the bill to $1800. The next day Mr ******** drove back into the dealership with the engine not running well and shaking. Our sales manager told Mr ******** to leave the vehicle and we would correct it. Mr ******** was told he would be provided with a loaner vehicle. He refused, saying he was going to another dealership. Our sales manager then asked him to allow us to tow it there for him at no charge as not to do any damage, again Mr. ******** refused. I spoke with Mr. ******** a couple of days afterwards. I asked if the problem was resolved he said yes and it only took a short time. I asked where he had it repaired and he would not disclose. I asked him what was the problem, he stated there were 2 problems but could only remember one of them (a broken flange). I asked Mr ******** how much the repair cost him, he stated nothing. Mr. ********'s assertion that his car was not fixed is not true. We fixed the timing belt as requested, discovered additional needs and reassembled the vehicle when he returned the parts he had fixed, everything was done per his request. Additionally, we provided Mr ******** with a loaner car the entire time his vehicle was here, including the approximately 10 extra days it took for him to return his parts. Finally, he was not charged twice for a repair. In fact, he received a 30% discount on labor.

04/10/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Failure to contact us and keep us informed of the status of the vehicle and inability to give us any completion time
Mauer has had our car for 19 days this time the time before was 5 days the time before was I believe 3 days all have been electrical the last 2 times were for the detection device in the mirrors not working in January I when we had it in they misdiagnosed the problem and changed the passenger mirror out this didn't work so the changed a sensor in the bumper and had to get it repainted 2 days later it went out and didn't work when I had time in my schedule I brought it back and they have had the car ever since I had to call up and complain to get anybody to call me and give me any information when I did they called a couple times with the same story that they ordered the part and they don't know where it is or when they will get it and they may have to have it made because there may not be one available and they can't tell me anything more I complained and said that was unacceptable at that point I recieved a call from a greeter at the dealership who apologized and said they would clean my car when it was done my response was I don't want a car wash I want my car fixed I decided to call the Chevy complaint department and they were surprised that after 14 days the head of service had not contacted me so they said they would contact mauer to see what the issue was the next morning I recieved a call from norm at mauer he was extremely passive aggressive and seemed very agitated that he had to contact me or that I had any issue he stated that he wanted his loaner back as much as I wanted my car back and didn't care if I didnt believe that and that I would get my car back when he got the part and the time they had it was acceptable and the fact that he hadn't contacted me and it took a complaint to the Chevy complaint department for him to contact me was also fine he was rude and dismissive and very unprofessional the last time they contacted me was last week I have not heard anything from them this week they don't seem to care and no one can tell me when of if they can fix my car this car was purchased brand new and has been nothing but trouble in the shop for a water pump at 15000 miles a bad battery that kept draining to countless electrical issues and I have had nothing but issues with the service department at mauer from not keeping us properly informed of the status of the car to not properly fixing the car I've purchased other cars from other dealerships and never encountered a service manager be so unprofessional with a customer all I did was choose there dealership from hundreds to choose from pay them a lot of money for that car and an extended warranty the car has issues and I bring it to be fixed and this is how I'm treated I have no idea what I did wrong in this situation it's ridiculous and frustrating because mauer Chevrolet and norm there service manager do not care.

Desired Settlement
I want my car fixed properly and mauer to improve on the service department and treat people the same way they do when there in there buying a vehicle because as soon as you buy it the customer service is gone

Business Response
Mr. ******'s vehicle is repaired and back in his possession. We did have the in our shop waiting for a part from the manufacturer that was on a back ordered status. Mr. ****** was provided alternate transportation while we were waiting for this part, even though his vehicle was operable without this feature. It was his choice to remain in the loaner vehicle. We did maintain contact with Mr. ****** up to the point that a General Motors representative got involved per his request, unfortunately we did not have any information from GM as to when they could get us the part and Mr. ****** equated that to us not caring about him or his vehicle.
Mr. ****** requested that a credit be issued to him equal to one months car payment. That to has been authorized and he will be receiving a check in the next two weeks. All repairs on the vehicle have been covered by the manufacturers warranty. We understand that we cannot please every customer every time, but we have followed the correct procedures to make repairs on Mr. ******'s vehicle every time and provided him with alternate transportation to minimize his inconvenience as best as possible.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
In response to Mauer Chevrolet there are so many flaws in there perception of the experience I don't know where to begin.
As I stated in my previous complaint there inability to contact me and keep me informed of the status of my vehicle is what compelled me to reach out to GM in the first place, my vehicle had already been in mauers shop 14 days before I recieved a call from there service manager Norm although I had complained to his subordinates about my issue he didn't feel it was necessary to contact me until GM contacted him at which point he called me I spoke to him for 5 minutes he was abrasive,non apologetic and dismissive.
Addressing the alternative transportation yes I did get a loaner vehicle while my vehicle was sitting in there shop waiting to be repaired for 35 days my response is simple I have a Chevy Cruze LTZ purchased brand new from mauer Chevrolet I have 35000 miles on it and it has been in there shop at least 10 times for recalls and for electrical issues , the issue this time was there third attempt at a recurring electrical issue the prior time was 2 months earlier when mauer had my vehicle for a week, misdiagnosed it replaced parts that didn't need to be replaced then put in the wrong sensor which failed after 2 days on the road.
I wanted my vehicle fixed this time before I took possession of it there track record repairing my vehicle to this point was horrible.
And as far as the vehicle being operable I purchased the LTZ package for a reason it came with the mirror detection .
My wife drives this vehicle and this is a safety feature I view it no different then airbags or antilock brakes would they expect me to drive the vehicle without the use of these.
So to say it was my choice to leave my car there that's ridiculous mauer Chevrolets inability to properly repair my vehicle in the past on numerous occasions compelled me to leave it there until it was repaired properly also you want what you pay for I paid for a fully working vehicle with ALL the safety features working not some.
Now addressing the warranty and payment , I paid for an extended 100,000 mile warranty if I had not all of this work would be out of my pocket so again I payed for this already on the front end.
Also the 1 month payment was the idea of the representative at GM not mine in fact I reluctantly accepted this stating at the time this was by no means a resolution to the problem I have with mauer Chevrolet but it was a positive gesture by GM.
The final item I would like to point out validates everything I have said up to this point , mauer management stated that all repairs were done to my vehicle on this occasion again not true , I brought the vehicle in for the side detection and the rear passenger door button not functioning properly , 35 days for the mirror side detection the door button stiil wasn't fixed.
Also after 35 days our vehicle was filthy inside and out when we picked it up and there is damage to the rear bumper which is where the sensors are located that were replaced .
Now what do I do about these new issues go to mauer Chevrolet where I purchased the vehicle normally you would right, very frustrating.
In closing its very simple to us if you purchase anything there's an unwritten contract of trust that your patronage is going to be rewarded by getting out what you put in to it, mauer Chevrolet has failed at this on every occasion .
We could have went to 100 different dealerships we chose mauer Chevrolet because of location to us but also because of the customer experience purchasing the vehicle unfortunately that experience and professionalism is gone as soon as the contract is signed and you deal with the service department.
We simply wanted our vehicle repaired properly the first time in a timely fashion and to be informed of the progress apparently this is to difficult for mauer Chevrolet .
As far as a resolution on my end Im resolved to live and learn and never do business with mauer Chevrolet again and tell my family and friends about my experience if they are planning to.


03/04/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Complaint received via handwritten letter to BBB.

Scan of original is attached; text of letter reads as follows:

"On 8-8-14 I purchased 2008 Buick Lucerne with 36320 miles with a full 60 day warranty.

1) On 8-12-14 I returned to dealer with front end shake at hwy speeds. Mechanic balanced four tires to no avail. This did nothing to help.

It was their determination that the (brakes) were causing problem so they after balance didn't work they decided to turn rotors or grind them down as they thought they were warped. They ground the rotors so far down that now to replace the brake pads, new rotors must be purchased also. I took the car to a mechanic for pads and the above mentioned was discovered. Rtrs are too thin to turn.

2) New tire pressure monitors were to be installed. Still not all monitors are working.

3) Quote from ************ and *********** = Service Advisor; 'Rotors warp and cause shaking because they are work to thin to carry the heat from normal everyday driving'.

4) The cigar lighter or (accessory) lighter plug was broken. On 8-12-14 this was replaced and the mechanic used my cord for my GPS system to check the new socket when in turn he broke the male end of it because it would not fit into new socket and he forced it and told service advisor it was working fine. Still is not replaced after 3 visits.

5) The dash lights work only part time. It has to be 100% dark before the RPM, temp and gas gauges will light, the radio light is intermittent! I was told the above lights were changed I have been told time + again I would be notified when they have an opening in shop. When is enough? I have not heard one word from anyone for months.

Thank you for any help given.

Rosemount, MN 55068

On 9-16-14 I complained again on the starter making loud noise as if missing teeth on fly wheel or starter. I have the service mgr. a copy of the number of times I recorded this problem. It was 17 times in 8 days. Enclosing a copy of same.

(Their) way to fix this was to (guarantee) the starter for 6 mos. not to fix it but to extend warranty for 4 lousy months.


Desired Settlement

BBB Note: Mr ****** does not indicate a specific desired resolution, but appears to request assistance addressing reported unresolved repair / service issues.

Business Response
Had customer bring vehicle in on 2/19 provided alternate transportation and documented customers concerns.
1. dash lights not working during the day. This was found to be operating as designed.
2. intermittent miss/hesitation in the engine. This could not be duplicated not were there any misfire codes stored in the diagnostic computer.
3. driver seat power socket does not fit cords. all of the devices we plugged in worked fine.

these were the only concerns the customer asked to have looked at and all were either not duplicated or found to be working as designed.

Consumer Response
Received call from Mr ******, indicating that he does not feel issues have been addressed -- says dash lights are still not working as he would expect them to, and that "miss" / hesitation in engine still occurs.

With regard to GPS cord issue, Mr ****** says a Mauer employee delivered a cord to him this week, but he does not believe it is correct -- says he was delivered his 'original' cord with indication that he needed to do some splicing of wires, etc.

Mr ****** says the Mauer employee took the cord away with him, and told Mr ****** the dealership would ensure he has the correct one.

Final Business Response
Spoke to **** ******* at Mauer Chevrolet. Mr ******* indicates that Garmin (GPS) no longer makes Mr ******'s 'original' cord, and the cord the dealership attempted to deliver to Mr ****** was the one Garmin advised them would replace his original.

He says the dealership employee took the cord back with him when Mr ****** expressed that it was incorrect / not the one he was expecting, but that the dealership will 're-deliver' it to him, as this is the cord they were advised by Garmin to provide.

As to other vehicle issues reported by Mr ******, Mr ******* says that Mauer Chevrolet addressed the concerns Mr ****** raised during his 2/19 visit, as detailed in its initial response of 2/20.

10/26/2012Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Forced to wait in service waiting room for over 2 hours for an oil change that an appointment was made for.
Made an appointment for an oil change for a 2008 Z06 for 9/27/12 for 10:30, came in at 10:15 they took the vehicle right away. After sitting there for quite sometime at 12:00, almost 2 hours later a woman came and told me that there was a tech meeting and that my car hadn't even been started on. I then told them to give me my car back after they had already wasted 2 hours of my time and I am business owner and yes this took away money from me. I was told that they had taken the filter off and then went to this closed door meeting. I am still sitting here not knowing when and or if my $100,000 car will ever be finished. At 12:20 I was told that they were all going to lunch. what kind of operation is this? I thought it was supposed to be "stress-free"

Desired Settlement
I would like my time to be reimbursed, I am a business owner and I was supposed to have a meeting and was unable to attend because I was held up for over 2 hours for something that should have taken 1/2 hr for a surprise meeting that they had during the day with a customer waiting. This is unacceptable. Why wouldn't you let the customer know that their time and money mean nothing to you and that you are going to have a meeting while you are waiting.

Business' Initial Response
Customer was left waiting for extended period during an emergency staff meeting. Vehicle was being worked on when tech was pulled away and finished the job 10 minutes after he got back to it. Customer was upset about the wait which is understandable, but became very vocal upsetting other customers about how he had missed a flight. When car was finished, service manager spoke with customer appologized for the situation inquired about the missed flight asking if there was something he could do, returned the vehicle to the customer of course at no charge. We have not been contacted by the customer since. We did verify with another repair shop that looked at vehicle on 10/2 that the engine was not siezed.

Consumer's Final Response
Well after being forced to wait for almost 3 hours for an oil change that I made an appointment for and ************ the service manager calling the meeting and not checking to see if there were any customers waiting. Did my oil change in an extremely quick time. I was concerned because this is a high performance vehicle Z06 and an oil change should take 1/2 an hour but because he screwed up - he did it in 10 minutes. Which now I believe this has caused my engine to seize. THANK GOD - I got an extended warranty on the vehicle because Mauer Chevy just blew up a $100,000 engine!!

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