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5 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 3 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Guarantee / Warranty Issues1
Problems with Product / Service4
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Total Closed Complaints5

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Complaint Resolution Log (5)
11/24/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

We purchased a floor model refrigerator. It was delivered with significant damage. We want it replaced and to be reimbursed for installation.
We purchased a 48" Viking refrigerator model #********. This was a floor model. It was delivered to our house at the end of September. Our contractor that installed it told us about extensive damage to the underside of the refrigerator. He indicated that he was unable to properly level the refrigerator but he did install it and he put in temporary shims. I noticed that the freezer door made a loud clicking noise when it was opened and closed. We contacted All, Inc. on September 29th. Tom ******* from All, Inc. instructed us to call Viking Corp's warranty hot-line. Viking Corp. had me call LV Distributes, an authorized servicer, to discuss the repairs. After providing photos of the damage, LV Distributes indicated that this was not covered under Viking's warranty and that the repairs would need to be paid by me the consumer. On September 29, Tom ******* said that All, Inc. will cover $500 worth of the repairs. On October 9, Ivan ********* from All, Inc. indicated in an e-mail that All, Inc. will cover the full cost of the repair. As of November 19 the parts to repair the refrigerator have not been secured. A representative from Viking Corp indicated that the damaged parts are not even listed as replacement parts because they are generally never replaced. Viking Corp had to specially manufacture these parts and he was not aware when that was going to be completed. I contacted Ivan ********* and said that we cannot wait any longer. We want to have the refrigerator exchanged for a new one. We requested that All, Inc. pay for the cost to uninstall the existing refrigerator and to install the new refrigerator. Also because we purchased a floor model, the cost he quoted for the newer model is $4,200 more than the cost of the refrigerator that we have. I asked for some price break for this due to the fact that the damage was caused by All, Inc. and that this process is on week number 8. Ivan indicated that All, Inc. would not reimburse us or pay to have the refrigerator uninstalled nor would they pay to have a new one installed. He was not going to provide us will any price concession for the new refrigerator. We are not able to host Thanksgiving this year in our newly remodeled kitchen due to the issue with the refrigerator. At this point we don't know if it will be resolved by Christmas. Furthermore, we don't know what other damage is lurking under the refrigerator that cannot be seen. We also do not want the risk of having problems in the future due to the accident that caused the visible damage that we can see. This is a very large refrigerator which needs to be bolted to the wall. Even if a future service repair is covered under warranty, this would be a significant undertaking to have done not to mention the risk of damage to our flooring or cabinets during the repair.

Desired Settlement
We would like to return the existing refrigerator and receive full credit. We would like All, Inc. to cover the costs related to uninstalling the existing refrigerator. We would like All, Inc. to cover the cost of installing a replacement refrigerator. We had our cabinets custom made to fit this refrigerator. Therefore we need to purchase a replacement refrigerator with the exact same dimensions. The new model costs $4,200 more than the floor model we purchased. We want All, Inc. to split this cost with us (a credit for $2,100). We believe this is fair due to the fact that the refrigerator was damaged by All, Inc. and that their handling of our issue is now on week number 8 and it is still not resolved. We will not accept an offer to have the refrigerator repaired for several reasons: 1. we do not want to risk any other damage that has not been identified yet, 2. the time to secure the parts has taken too long and as of today's date (November 19) we do not know when the repair parts will be available, and 3. we do not want to risk damage to our newly remodeled kitchen as the refrigerator needs to be flipped on its side to make the repairs. We are unable to host Thanksgiving at our house this year due to this issue. At this point and at this pace, we cannot be certain that we will be able to celebrate Christmas at our house.

Final Consumer Response
All, Inc. has now agreed to provide us with a full refund for our existing, damage refrigerator as well as provide us with an agreeable credit towards the purchase of a replacement refrigerator and for the cost of installation. This resolves our grievance with All, Inc.

We would like to close out our complaint with All, Inc.

11/10/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

My existing microwave trim kit and entry door molding were damaged after my appliances were delivered and installed in my home by All Inc.
I purchased $18,666.53 worth of appliances at All Inc.on10/06/15. The new appliances were delivered and the old appliances were removed on 10/27,and installation took place on 10/28. On 10/27 the delivery team gouged my door, and on 10/28 I first noticed gouges and scratches on my existing microwave trim kit located above the new oven.On 10/28 I called my sales person Kurt ******* from All Inc. and told him about these issues.I told
him I needed the entry door molding repaired and the trim kit either repaired or replaced. He told me he would look into it.He asked me if the delivery team or the installers damaged the trim kit.I told him I wasn't sure who damaged the trim kit. Both teams were either removing old appliances, or bringing new appliances into my home.On 10/27 it was impossible to see the damage on the microwave trim kit because there were boxes stacked almost to the top of the microwave. He told me customer service would contact me about the damages. On 10/30 I talked to Kurt and asked what the status was on the damages, and he told me he contacted Wolf and another co. and the trim kit was discontinued. I told him I would email him the pictures of the damages, plus some installation issues such as, uneven placement of the oven,and gaps where the plywood in the cabinet was exposed due to improper installation. There was also a pile of boxes and debris on pallets that were left on my driveway He told me he would have someone remove the debris, and get the installer back out once they received the new downdraft(the first one was damaged), and the installer would fix these issues. On 11/3 I contacted Kurt and told him I located a trim kit for my microwave and found it through Midwest Distributing. It was in stock and available for delivery. I gave Kurt the phone number,serial number of the microwave trim kit and the name of the sales person, Marcie. I told him the cost was around $450 and was unsure of the cost of delivery and taxes. He told me he would call Marcie and get back to me. Kurt called on 11/6 and told me the new downdraft was in and the installers were scheduled to install and deliver on 11/9. He told me the installers would also realign the oven at this time. I asked him what the status was on the new trim kit and entry door repair. Again he asked me if the installers or delivery team caused the damage. I told him to ask the teams himself. He told me he would have Ivan from customer service call me. I called Ivan and asked him when I could get the microwave trim kit replaced and the damages to the entry door fixed. He asked me who damaged the microwave trim kit. I told him I didn't know if it was the installers or delivery team. He told me the delivery people couldn't have done it, and All Inc. didn't install my oven. I told him of course they installed my oven. He told me All Inc.doesn't install appliances. I told him what do you mean you don't install appliances. I told him your team installed my appliances.I also told him All Inc.'s services include installation and delivery. I told him it's right on your Website. He told me I was the one who hired the installer. I told him I didn't hire any installer, Kurt set up the installation. We went back and forth in a bizarre heated conversation for a while and then Ivan told me they wouldn't replace my trim kit and it must have been the installers because All inc. doesn't have installers.I told him to cancel my installation for the downdraft for 10/7 because I wasn't comfortable with their company's practices. He told me I would have to talk to the manager.I told him I would like to talk to the manager. Ivan placed me on hold and came back and told me he wasn't in the building. I asked when he would be available, and Ivan told me maybe next week, but he'll probably be in meetings. I told him I would be contacting the BBB.

Desired Settlement
We've already spent $18,666.53 with All Inc and are left with damages to our entry door and microwave trim kit. Ivan made it perfectly clear All Inc. wasn't responsible for the damages. I'm asking for All Inc. to replace, deliver and install my microwave trim kit. The trim kit is $450.00 not including taxes, delivery and installation. I'm also asking All Inc. to fix my entry door they damaged.I'm not sure what Ivan was eluding too, but according to All Inc.'s website, All include installation, delivery and customer satisfaction. This was probably one of the worst customer service experiences I've ever had. When looking for appliances, I searched the BBB for ratings of companies in my area. All Inc. had the best ratings, so I went with their company to by all my appliances.

Final Consumer Response
I talked to Ivan at All Inc. and he assured me he would take care of the damaged microwave trim kit and order and install it at no cost to me. The matter has been resolved, and I would like to withdraw the complaint.


08/24/2015Guarantee / Warranty Issues | Read Complaint Details

From: ************ <********> Sent: Friday, July 31, 2015 12:42 PM To: BBB Ask Subject: Warranty of Merchantability

**************** ******************** Saint Louis Park,Mn 55426 *************
Complaint against ALL, INC **************. West Saint Paul, Mn 55107-2004.
Kitchen remodel with complete tear down and addition.

I bought 4 new Kitchen Aid appliances on May 7, 2014 and they were shipped Sept. 5, 2014. All four have broken down by June of 2015. Manager Ross ******* and Mandy *****. I paid both payments on my Visa card, half down and the other half before delivery
1. Dishwasher the controls all stuck, and it was cleared by the project manager the next day. He started it and water gushed all over the floor. I had not even used it yet. It was replaced by All INC, but not without a argument with Ross *******. # KDTE704DSS $1255.00
2. Refrigerator the fist repair was Oct. 30, 2014 and 3 more after that. Ross ******* and Mandy ***** refused to replace it. I had to go by Kitchen Aid warranty. The applianced needs 3 repairs before being repaired. I was told by Ross ******* that they were locked into Kitchen Aid warranty.
I have spoken with Kitchen Aid and Ross ******* many times about this. I sent emails to Kitchen Aid and a letter to the President of ALL, INC Mr. Mark *******. Kitchen Aid refuses to let you talk to corporate. I got lucky one day, and a nice employee gave me the corporate office number. I have been speaking with Michael ****** at corporate. He is now going to refund my money, but not until he made sure 4 service calls were made on the refrigerator.The refund call was made on July 23, 2015, and it will take 4-6 weeks before I get payment. Mr. ****** told me to go buy a new refrigerator, and put it on a credit card which have high interest rates. Then I am to store this refrigerator and I will get my refund, when they come to haul it away. How do I know if it will be 4-6 weeks. # KFIV29PCMS 2775.00
3. Microwave stopped in mid cycle and would read "dor". It was replaced by Kitchen Aid # KMCS1665BSS $396.00
4. Range the timer quit working and was reprogramed by the repair service. I have no instruction manual and the bread drawer came all scratched. # KDSS90&SSS $1826.00

How can one person get 4 faulty appliances at the same time from one company? Did I really get new appliances, or refurbished and repackaged ones? Ferguson plumbing and Sears have had only good results with Kitchen Aid. I was working when this was going on. All of the repair calls, emails, phone calls, time, and energy has caused me a lot of undo stress. How can ALL, INC not follow the Warranty of Merchantability laws for consumers. I think I should have gotten a new appliance right away, when each one broke for the first time.That means I should have gotten a new range. I want ALL INC to give me a new range and pay me now for the refrigerator. They can come and haul this one away and wait for Kitchen Aid to pay them.

Thank You ****************

Desired Settlement
I want ALL INC to give me a new range and pay me now for the refrigerator. They can come and haul this one away and wait for Kitchen Aid to pay them.

Business Response
This is in response to the complaint **************** submitted to your office on July 31, 2015. Ms ****** purchased KitchenAid appliances from ALL, Inc. She placed her order on May 7, 2014, and her appliances were delivered on September 5, 2014, per her kitchen remodel schedule. ALL, Inc. is a wholesaler/distributor of appliances that are manufactured by others. The industry standard is that manufacturers provide the warranty for their product. KitchenAid is manufactured by Whirlpool Corporation, and KitchenAid/Whirlpool provides the warranty. ALL, Inc does not manufacture anything.

We want to take this opportunity to address each of the items Ms ****** listed in her letter to the BBB. First, be assured, the appliances Ms ****** purchased from ALL, Inc were in fact new appliances, and not refurbished or repackaged appliances as Ms ****** suggested they may have been. ALL Inc placed an order with Whirlpool specifically for her appliances. The refrigerator and range were both received in our warehouse on June 18, 2014. The microwave was received in our warehouse on August 14, 2014. And the dishwasher was received in our warehouse on August 19, 2014. We received all the appliances new, in-the-box from Whirlpool. They remained boxed in our warehouse until they were delivered to Ms ******'s residence on September 5, 2014.

Ms ****** has had issues with the appliances she purchased, and KitchenAid has followed the rules of their warranty program. They do require three (3) service calls before product is deemed "un-repairable" and replaced. A service call may include an initial call in which the service technician completes a diagnostic exam of the appliance and the follow-up appointment in which a part is replaced or installed. It is often the case that a part must be ordered and then a follow-up appointment is made to install that part. In the eyes of the manufacturer, that constitutes one service call.

In her letter to the BBB, Ms ****** stated "water gushed all over the floor" from her dishwasher after it was installed by her contractor's plumber. ALL Inc was made aware of this issue on October 16, 2014 and immediately contacted Twin Cities Appliance, a factory-authorized service provider, and requested a service call. On October 20th the service technician examined the dishwasher and determined the clips on the sump and drain pump assembly were broken, and he placed an order for replacement parts with KitchenAid. It is possible the pump was damaged during installation, or that it was a defect from the factory. Either way, ALL Inc replaced the dishwasher at no charge to Ms ******. The order for replacement parts was cancelled and the new dishwasher was delivered to Ms ****** on November 17, 2014. We are not aware of any issues with the second/replacement dishwasher.

Ms ******'s letter goes on to discuss her refrigerator. She does not specifically describe the issue with the refrigerator in her letter to the BBB; however we do know that ice/frost was building up in the freezer. On October 30, 2014 Twin Cities Appliance inspected Ms ******'s refrigerator and determined the "freezer door was not sealing properly, no damage to gaskets or door..." Twin Cities Appliance ordered a new door and explained it would be 6-8 weeks before delivery of the new door. Twin Cities Appliance installed the new door on November 28th. The service technician checked operations and the notes say "all check - ok at this time. Should prevent ice/frost build up."

Ms ****** says in her letter to your office that she is continuing to have issues with the refrigerator and that she has been working directly with KitchenAid to resolve those issues. She goes on to say KitchenAid has agreed to process a full refund to her for the refrigerator. While we understand Ms ****** is not satisfied with the length of time it takes KitchenAid to process a credit for her, ALL Inc has no leverage to shorten that time frame because Ms ****** also sent a letter to the BBB regarding about KitchenAid. That complaint has been forwarded to KitchenAid's legal department and there is nothing ALL Inc can do to intervene on her behalf. Unfortunately, KitchenAid will not permit ALL Inc to haul away the refrigerator at this point. She will have to wait for KitchenAid's legal department to address the matter.

Ms ****** also stated her microwave "stopped in mid cycle". She contacted ALL Inc on March 9, 2015, and we obtained approval from KitchenAid to replace the microwave, rather than order service. It has been our experience that microwave ovens are generally not repairable. We delivered her new microwave oven on March 27, 2015.

Finally, Ms ****** states in her letter that the "range timer quit working and was reprogrammed by the repair service." ALL Inc had no knowledge of the timer issue or the service call until we read Ms ******'s complaint. We are glad it was able to be reprogrammed and it sounds like it is now functioning properly again. She also stated she does not have the instruction manual for her range. The owner's manual should have been inside the oven when it was delivered. If Ms ****** no longer has it, it can be found online at, or we'd be happy to print a copy and send it to her. Ms ****** also said the bread drawer was scratched on her range. This was the first we heard of any scratches on the range. Ms ****** never mentioned the scratches in any of her encounters with ALL Inc or KitchenAid. It seems likely the scratches could have occurred any time since the range was delivered in September 2014.

ALL Inc has followed the manufacturer's warranty in all instances, and even worked to get KitchenAid to agree to replace the dishwasher and microwave oven without the three required service calls. Our employees have clearly explained the warranty process to Ms ****** and felt she understood the process each time they spoke with her. Ms ****** named our sales representative, Ross ******* in her letter. Mr ******* recalls having several lengthy conversations with Ms ****** regarding the warranty process, and felt that she was always content at the end of each conversation. He also contacted our rep at Whirlpool and asked him to intervene on Ms ******'s behalf.

We were surprised to receive this complaint, as we felt we have worked very hard to satisfy Ms ******. ALL Inc strives to provide its customers with the best possible service, and offered no less to Ms ******. At this time, the only open issue appears to be with the refrigerator, and that is in the hands of KitchenAid.

Best Regards,
ALL Inc.

01/20/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Unwanted/unnecessary seam in l-shaped counter top
All Inc representative: **************
Order/quote date: October 21,2013
Quote did not give two prices - one w/seam or one without seam. Had to pay prior to order being placed ($4,024 on credit card)
Measure date: October 22,2013
Innovative Surfaced measured - did NOT mention anything about a seam for the l-shaped sink area.
Install date: November 8,2013
Innovative Surfaces brought out and installed one piece of counter top - the l-shaped/sink area was in two pieces (creating a seam and the sink cutout was not properly cut) I did not know a seam was intended for that area and did not want a seam. was never told anything about a seam. Innovative took counter top back to recut - when they came back they forgot the sink in Hastings and the counter top was still in two pieces. Argued with them about not wanting a seam - All, Inc and Innovative did not want to take any responsibility -blaming each other and Cambria for the for the seam. Came back and installed the counter top (2 pieces) and then measured for the back splash. Seam was not done well.
Fix sink area counter top and install back splash:
October 20, 2013
Re-fixed the seam - installed full height back splash - leaving a gap of i/4" beneath the microwave. UNSATISFACTORY

Desired Settlement
I would like a replacement on sink area or a considerable discount on cost of counter top.

Business Response
This is in response to the above mentioned complaint filed with your office by Ms ******* *****. In her letter, Ms ***** stated her complaint is regarding an unwanted/unnecessary seam in her L-shaped countertop. Ms. ***** purchased a Cambria Torquay countertop from ALL Inc. ALL Inc is a distributor and in this instance Innovative Surfaces was the fabricator and installer. Because countertops are special-order and measured and fabricated to be specific to an individual home, ALL Inc does require payment in full prior to an order being placed and product being cut.

Unless a homeowner specifically requests a seamless installation at the time of quote, industry standard is to price L-shaped sections in two pieces with a seam. A seamless fabrication and installation can be achieved in some cases, but given the gross yield loss/waste in material and over inflation in price due to this loss, standard practice is to price as two pieces. A seamless installation would cost 3 times that of one with a seam. Innovative Surfaces is a custom fabricator and installer and, as such, they perform a thorough, job-site specific, laser templating for each job. Their standard onsite measure procedure is to advise the homeowner of seam placement. Job layout (in this case, the "L" section) and jobsite conditions will dictate necessary seam placement location. Innovative Surfaces followed their procedure at the ***** residence and discussed seam placement with the homeowner.

After the installation was complete, Ms. ***** did express her concern/dissatisfaction regarding the seam to ALL Inc and Innovative Surfaces. In her letter to the BBB, Ms ***** stated that neither ALL nor Innovative Surfaces wanted to take responsibility and that we were "blaming each other and Cambria for the seam." No one is to "blame" for the seam. The seam is simply part of the installation of the L-shaped countertop. Both ALL Inc and Innovative Surfaces explained this to Ms. *****. In fact, a representative from Cambria also went to the ***** residence to inspect the countertop and seam. The representative noted Ms *****'s concern was the placement of the seam because it was in her work area. He explained to Ms ***** that there was no problem from a seam standpoint that would affect her work. He reported the seam was placed as it normally would be placed in this type of installation. Cambria is not a seamless product.

In her letter to the BBB, Ms ***** stated Innovative Surfaces took the countertop back to be re-cut, and this is true. The countertop had to be re-cut for the sink opening. Both ALL Inc and Innovative Surfaces requested the homeowner have her sink present for her in-home measure so Innovative could verify the sink model. (Sink specifications had been verbally provided by the homeowner prior to the in-home measure.) The sink was neither on site as requested, nor made available to Innovative Surfaces prior to the installation. Upon installation, it was apparent the sink the homeowner provided did not match the manufacturer spec. Therefore, the sink cut-out would not accept the sink in question. Both the countertop and unpackaged sink were returned to Innovative Surfaces for further fabrication. The cut-out was modified to fit the sink. (Note, the sink was purchased from another supplier - not ALL or Innovative.)

Finally, Ms. *****'s letter refers to a ¼" gap between her microwave oven and the top of her full-height backsplash. This gap is left so the microwave oven can be removed/replaced. If the backsplash were flush to the bottom of the microwave oven, and the microwave needed to be removed or replaced, the backsplash would be in the way. Removal of the microwave oven would damage the backsplash. Standard procedure is to leave a gap so that the microwave oven can be removed.

While we are sorry Ms. ***** is not happy with the seam placement on her countertop, we feel everyone involved has provided the agreed upon service. Ms. ***** says no one explained there would be a seam, and Innovative Surfaces says they did discuss the seam and its placement with the homeowner. We have used Innovative Surfaces on countless countertop fabrications and installations and they always discuss seam placement with the homeowner. We have no reason to believe they deviated from their procedure in this case. Cambria sent a representative to the ***** residence and that individual found nothing wrong with the installation or the seam. In her letter, Ms ***** stated she would like a replacement on the sink area or a considerable discount on the cost of the countertop. Unfortunately, we are not able to grant either request. The sink area is properly installed. It has been confirmed by Innovative Surfaces and Cambria, and we must defer to their expertise.

05/16/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I purchased a $2915.00 range-stove from All Inc. and it is defective. They will not let me return it for a refund.
I purchased a dishwasher, washer & dryer, microwave and induction range oven from All Inc totalling $7534.61. At the time we purchased these items we asked the sales person, ***********, what their return policy or 'Lemon Law' was if we didn't like an item or it didn't work properly. They said they have no repair shop and that "they would take it back". They state on their website; " Management insures complete customer satisfaction, before, during and after the sale". On April 24, 2013, the range was installed and we tested it to see if it worked. It did not cook eggs or meat properly. The layout of the burners do not function as we were told. The range is defective and poorly designed. The sales person told us none of these issues. I called the sales person, ***********, that same day and left a voice message since I could not get a hold of him. He returned my call the following day. He said they have a procedure for returns that goes through customer service and said that **** will contact me. I asked him if there would be any problems and he said I would have to talk to customer service and it "was out of his hands". ****, the customer service person called me later, the same day-April 25, 2013, and told me since the range was used we could not return it. I told him it doesn't cook food properly and the heating elements can't accomodate pans properly and he said it was used and they couldn't take it back. I said "I can't believe you people would make me eat this range seeing how I was such a good customer". He then said he would need to talk to the sales person, but the sales person, ***********, told me that morning that I had to deal with customer service. ****, the customer service person did not call me back yesterday, as he said he would so I called him at the end of the day to remind him and he has still not called me back. At the time we purchased the range, and other appliances, we did not receive written instructions of their return policy. I just signed the Visa receipt. However, when the appliance were delivered I had to sign for them. On the document I signed it states on the bottom; " No returns w/o authorization. Authorized returns subject to minimum 20% restocking charge. Electrical, special order & installed parts may not be returned." I cannot know if a product works unless I use it. I have not in any way damaged the range. I cooked two items on it to test it. The customer sales person, ****, never mentioned to me their written policy. Please note that ***************** have 14/15 day 'no questions asked' return policies on their aplliances. I am dumb struck they won't let me return this. I first offered to exchange it for something comparable and **** wouldn't accept that arrangement. I believe I acted in good faith and that ALL's business practices are unethical and do not adhere to their written policy. They advertise on their website they have an A+ rating with the BBB. That amazes me, considering how they have treated me. I can't believe I'm the only one who has gotten this run around and poor service. Please help me.

Desired Settlement

I would like a refund for the free-standing range. I do not want to exchange it for another range since I don not trust this All Inc.

Business' Initial Response
This is in response to a letter dated April 26th. Mr. W did purchase an Electrolux range with an induction cook top from ALL Inc. The range was delivered on April 23rd. and installed on the 24th. On April 25th Mr. W spoke to J in our Sales department. He told J that the range did not cook the way he and his wife thought it would. J asked him if he thought the range was defective, and Mr. W replied that after doing some research online he learned that induction cooking is different and they would have to learn to cook differently. At no time did Mr. W indicate the range was defective. Had he told J the range was defective, J would have offered to arrange a service call. In fact, J called Mr. W back just to confirm this was not a service issue.

Mr. W told J he wanted to exchange the range for an electric range. J explained he was not authorized to approve an exchange, rather he would initiate a request to Customer Service and he explained that Customer Service would call Mr. W. AP from Customer Service spoke to Mr. W. that same day (April 25th). Mr. W told AP the range was not cooking properly. AP asked if he thought it was defective and Mr. W said it was not. He said he just was not pleased with the way it cooked. He stated he had the induction pans and said if the pan isn't perfectly centered on the heating element, it turns off. He repeated he did not like how it cooks. AP began to explain to Mr. W that because the range had been used, it could not be returned. Mr. W was not satisfied with AP's response.

AP did not get a chance to further explain to Mr. W that once an appliance has been used, the manufacturer will not take it back from ALL Inc. It cannot be resold to another customer if it has been used. If the cook top was not performing as it should and there was some sort of defect, the manufacturer would require a service call to repair it. Electrolux is the manufacturer in this case, and they typically require three service calls before they will deem a product "un-repairable" and authorize a return. In this case, there does not appear to be a defect. Instead it seems Mr. W may have "buyer's remorse."

In his letter to the BBB, Mr. W states that he asked J about our return policy or "lemon law" if he didn't like an item or if it didn't work properly. He goes on to write that J said ALL Inc has no repair shop and that we would "take it back." At no time did J tell Mr. W or any of the members of his shopping party (there were three people in total) we would take anything back. Instead, J told the Ws if there is an issue with the product not working properly we would work with the manufacturer to resolve any problems. J never promised a "no questions asked" return.

Mr. W also states in his letter "...The range is defective and poorly designed. The sales person told us none of these issues." Mr. W told both J and AP the range was not defective. During the sales process, J fully explained the operation of the range and any issues of which he was aware. J is a seasoned salesperson who has sold several induction cooking products over many years. Mr. W did not initially like the design of the cook top when he first looked at it on our show floor, yet he decided to purchase it anyway.

The letter goes on to say "...ALL's business practices are unethical and do not adhere to their written policy." He quotes our written policy that states, "No returns without authorization. Authorized returns subject to minimum 20% restocking charge. Electrical, special order items and installed parts may not be returned." The range Mr. W purchased is a Special Order item. It is not something we stock in our inventory. When we applied the payment to Mr. W's order, we also printed out and provided him with a copy of his Order Acknowledgment that clearly states the model number, product description, color, and a note that says "Special Order Item - No Returns". The delivery receipt he received also states the same. (The BBB response system does not allow us to upload a copy of any documents, but we would be happy to provide a copy if needed.) ALL Inc's business practices exactly match our written policy.

We do strive to satisfy our customers. We spend many hours describing product features and options to our customers. We try to help them make informed decisions regarding their purchases. Our sales person gave no less to the Ws. We believe they were given all the pertinent information to make an informed decision regarding their purchase. Mr. W stated in his letter "...I cannot know if a product works unless I use it." The fact of the matter is the product does work. Mr. W told ALL Inc that the range was not defective. He stated that he cooked two items on it to test it. It's not a question of how much it was used. The fact remains it is used, and cannot be returned to the manufacturer. Nor can it be sold to another customer as a new range.

We appreciate and value the W's business. And we're sorry they are not happy with their selection. Unfortunately, ALL Inc cannot do anything with the range. Every once in a while we run across a situation where someone is not satisfied. Regrettably, this appears to be one of those situations.

Consumer's Final Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The induction range functioned in a manner that was not told to us by the salesperson, ****. It does not cook like an electrical or gas range. The range does not perform as expected. It doesn't work as advertised and to our expectations. This is a very expensive and should perform as well as gas or electric ranges. It does not. I told the customer service person that this is what I meant by "defective". He said he would call me back later on Thursday and he never called me back until I heard from the operations director the following Monday. Then he told me he wouldn't talk to me because I contacted the Better Business Bureau. Why is that a 'deal breaker'? They don't return my calls for three days after telling me I have to absorb the full cost of a $3000.00 range and then wonder why I contacted the Better Business Bureau? This behavior just reinforces my belief that All Inc. deals in an unethical and deceptive manner.

I do not understand why it is a 'special order item'. The range we bought was exactly the range that we were shown on the floor. At the same time we purchased this induction range we purchased a microwave and washer /dryer that were exactly the same models that were shown to us on the floor. On the invoice it shows that these items, too, were 'special order items'. However, the salesperson told us that all those items were in stock. The salesperson also told us the range was in "the warehouse" and our order was delayed because of this. So what makes something a 'special order item'? If you say all items you sell are 'specials orders', then you are really stating that you have no return policy. Why not tell the customer that right up front? The salesperson never communicated this and instead the 'no returns policy' is disguised as a 'special order-no return item' that is printed on the invoice without any explanation. We assumed that if you are selling an item on the floor then it is not a 'special order', especially if it was never mentioned during the sale by the salesperson. If you are selling someone a $3000.00 appliance, why wouldn't you clearly explain the return policy at the point of purchase? This ethical business practice is done at both ******************. We were not given a return policy at the time we bought the appliances. Why hide this extremely important policy from the customer unless your intention is to deceive them? Please also note that in All Inc.'s response they never mention that the salesperson drew our attention to the invoice telling us that all our items were 'special order' at the time we made the purchase. Also, they never mention that the salesperson, ****, clearly explained their return policy from a document available to the customer at the point of purchase or from a return policy on their website. None of this happened and there is no return policy document at the store or on their website. We feel blindsided by a deceptive sales practice.

The customer service person told me that we can't return the range because it is electrical. This is absurd, since the majority of appliances they sell use electricity?

The fact is that All Inc. would not return my calls, would not work with me to make this right, even though we had bought a $1700.00 dishwasher (a month earlier), microwave and washer & dryer from them. Their return policy and business practices are confusing, deceptive and unethical. They do not understand their products and won't stand behind them.

It is confusing to me that All Inc. can say they appreciate my business and then in the same sentence state "there is nothing they can do with the range". How can you run a retail business without being able to handle returns? There can be no "customer satisfaction" when the relationship is one way. They "appreciate my business" but want me to get stuck with a product I'm not satisfied with, and won't work will me to find a reasonable resolution. All Inc. does not have an ethical return or exchange policy but they have created a deceptive mechanism to entrap the customer. When everything is called a "special order item" or is "electrical" then nothing can be exchanged or returned. On the delivery notice it states; "Authorized returns subject to a minimum 20% restocking charge". My question is then, if everything is a 'special order item' and is 'electrical', then what would be an "authorized return" and when could a customer return an item and pay a restock fee? No one explained this to us at the time of delivery. What is it exactly that you can return for a "minimum of 20% restock charge"? Bottom line, this is again deceptive.

It is both unethical and unconscionable that a retail company can be allowed to sell such high-end expensive alliances that are completely non-returnable, non-exchangeable or non-refundable. If the manufacturers of these appliances do not let the store return appliances it is a separate issue that needs to be addressed in the appliance retail industry, and should not be passed on to the customer. The customer should not have these costs passed on to them.

I don't believe that All Inc. should maintain an 'A+' rating with the Better Business Bureau. I still believe I should receive a full refund based on their deceptive practices.

Business' Final Response
This is in response to Mr. ******'s reply to the BBB dated 5/11/2013. In his first sentence, Mr. ****** states, "The induction range functioned in a manner that was not told to us by the salesperson, ****." He goes on to say, "It does not cook like an electric or gas range." Our salesperson, ****, did explain to the ******s how the induction cook top on the range cooked. In fact, we have a live induction cook top on display on our showfloor and **** boiled a pan of water for the ******s to illustrate the difference in induction cooking from electric or gas. Whether or not induction cook tops "perform as well as gas or electric ranges" is a matter of preference and opinion. Mr. and Mrs. ****** spent a fair amount of time on our show floor looking at ranges with our salesperson, ****. **** showed them several electric options that had a double oven capacity, and Mrs. ****** asked about induction cooking so **** showed them their options and demonstrated the induction cook top. **** gave the ******s all the information regarding several options so they could make an informed decision regarding their purchase. **** thought the ******s would tell him they were going to think about it, but instead Mr. ****** indicated he was ready to purchase the range with the induction cook top. Mr. ****** chose to buy the induction range after the differences, benefits and drawbacks for each product were explained to him.

In his letter, Mr. ****** inquires as to why this is a "special order item." As we explained in our first letter to the BBB regarding this matter, special order items are product we do not typically carry in our inventory. When Mr. ****** states **** told him it was "in stock," **** told him it was in stock at Electrolux, not in our warehouse. We have to order this product from the manufacturer when a customer purchases it. Most of our retail products are special order items because manufacturers make frequent changes to product lines and we want to be able to offer the latest and greatest to our customers. In addition, it would not be good business practice for us to maintain an inventory of product that may or may not be sold before it becomes obsolete. In an effort to keep our overhead costs down, so we can offer products at a competitive price to our customers, we special order many of the products we sell. Mr. ****** asks why we don't "tell the customer right up front" that we do not allow returns on special order items, when in fact we do. We also explained this in our first letter.

Mr. ****** writes that he felt blindsided by a "deceptive sales practice." He says he believes ALL Inc deals in an "unethical and deceptive manner." He says we do not have an "ethical return or exchange policy" and that we have "created a deceptive mechanism to entrap the customer." It was shocking for us to read those comments and we were taken aback as we read his reply. Mr. ****** was not tricked into buying anything. He was given more than enough information, including a product demonstration, to make an informed decision about his purchase. We put our policy regarding special order items and returns in writing to avoid any confusion. We gave Mr. ****** a copy of our written policy. Mr. ****** seems to be forgetting the reason we could not authorize a return for his range is that it has been used. We are able to authorize returns for special order items that have not been used. Unused product can, in most cases, be returned to the manufacturer, and those returns are subject to a restocking fee because we are charged a restocking fee from the manufacturers.

Mr. ****** has compared our policies to that of ****************** in both of his letters. He quotes their return policies and practices. ALL Inc is not a national company with national buying power. Rather, we are a local, family-owned business, who has worked very hard to achieve and maintain our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Our business practices are not deceptive or unethical. We take time with each and every customer, we explain their product options, we work to find the best solution for their needs and budget, and we clearly state our policies in writing. Frankly, we take umbrage at Mr. ******'s accusations. It is clear he is dissatisfied and we have reached a stand-still. He has requested we take back his range for a full refund, and we respectfully have to deny his request for all the reasons stated in this and our previous response.

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