How to Recognize When an Online Auto Deal is Bogus
Would you like to buy a 2009 Mini-Cooper worth more than $20,000 for just $10,300? My guess is that many of you would jump at the chance to get such a great deal. Would you wire $5,000 as a down payme..
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Consumer Alert: Email Purportedly from NACHA Is Phishing Attempt
Memphis TN., Nov. 18, 2011 – The BBB is warning consumers to be wary of emails that look like they are coming from the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA). The Automated Clearing House..
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BBB Tips to Avoid Being Victimized in Pigeon Drop Scams
Victims were asked to withdraw money from banks supposedly involved in a counterfeiting operation by a woman posing as an MPD officer. BBB tips for not being victimized in similar scams.
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BBB Secure Your ID Day
Did you know that protecting your identity is largely in your own hands? So here's the first rule: If you don't need it, destroy it - responsibly. ..
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Marketing Green Products
Environmentally conscious consumers seek out products they believe are better for the environment and are often willing to pay more for them. At the same time, a survey by Cone, a strategy and communica..
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How To Make Unsolicited Offers of Credit Go Away
Many of us get them in the mail, sometimes on a daily basis, often several at a time. The vast majority end up in the trash can, usually unopened. They come from companies we know and may have an accoun..
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US Commerce Association’s Business Vanity Awards May Have Little Value
• US Commerce Association is once again sending notifications to area businesses that they have won a “Best of Memphis” award • Appears to be a scheme to get businesses to pay for vanity awards of littl..
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Business Solutions Online Attempts to Trick Companies into Paying for Services Not Authorized
• Business Solutions Online sends companies bills for services they haven’t authorized • BBB has received 69 complaints from businesses nationwide on this F rated company • Businesses allege that the co..
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For Proper Fit and Finish, Check Body Shops With Care
"Parts do not fit properly. Paint job and body work is bad. Blisters in the paint. Owner forged my name on a check from the insurance company." This consumer paid $4,200 for what she claimed was shodd..
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Choose Your Satellite Provider Very Carefully
In 2009 and 2010, satellite TV providers ranked fourth amongst all industries generating complaints to the Better Business Bureau. So far in 2011, they've moved up to third. Two companies dominate the ..
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