BBB Consumer Alert: 1st Choice Home Services

October 01, 2013

BBB Consumer Alert: 1st Choice Home Services 

As a leader in advancing marketplace trust, BBB is issuing a warning about 1st Choice Home Services. “1stChoice Home Services has shown that they don’t operate with the level of trust and ethics that BBB expects from businesses,” said Randy Hutchinson, CEO of BBB serving the Mid-South.

BBB has received 36 complaints from consumers in 11 states, 1 of which remains unanswered. BBB is concerned about the number and nature of complaints being received against 1stChoice Home Services, which has an F rating.  The company offers carpet and duct cleaning services.

Many of the complainants from across the country had purchased coupons on social media/internet sites. Complaints allege poor service, missed appointments, bait and switch tactics and poor customer service. 1st Choice Home Services has begun responding to complaints, including some which were previously unanswered. 

According to the company, 1st Choice Home Services operates in 22 states. A company representative told BBB that they send 4-man crews from Memphis to other states when they have enough work to warrant it.

The principals of 1stChoice Home Services have a history of operating similar companies in the past. Those businesses generated multiple consumer complaints to BBB which remain unanswered, earning them F ratings.

A Collierville, TN, woman complained that she got poor service from the company. “They did not actually clean the carpet but left a hard and sticky soap on the carpet that I later had to clean myself,” she said.

A Tulsa, OK, woman complained that the company missed multiple appointments and would not return her phone calls. She told BBB, “I called on 5 different occasions throughout the day and each time I was assured that a manager would return my call. No one returned my call.”

A Chicago, IL, man bought a coupon online. When the technicians arrived, they attempted to up-sell the services. The man told BBB,“This company is falsely trying to get customers to buy more than they need.”

The BBB reminds consumers to follow some simple, common sense rules when dealing with a company they haven’t done business with before.

  • Check the company’s record with BBB at, 901-759-1300, or 800-222-8754. It only takes a moment and it might save you from doing business with a company that doesn’t treat its customers fairly.
  • Do your homework before you buy. Check the company’s website to see if their products or services are something you will really use. Look for a physical address and phone number. Call and talk to the merchant for more details before buying. If buying from a group buying site, compare the coupon price with the company’s regular prices and those of their competitors. Ask about deadlines for redeeming the coupon and find out who to contact if you have a problem.
  • Ask about the company’s refund policy. There’s no such thing as a standard refund policy. Find out if they will refund your purchase price or issue a credit if there are problems with the goods or services you’ve purchased.
  • Remember that a coupon offered on a group buying site doesn’t equate to the company being a reputable business. What looks like a great deal may turn out to be not-so-great if the company doesn’t fulfill its promises.