BBB Tips for Using a Parking Facility

May 03, 2013

Downtown Parking Tips from the BBB

May 3, 2013, Memphis TN - Downtown Memphis is going to be crowded with cars tonight as the Beale Street Music Festival opens and the Memphis Grizzlies host the Los Angeles Clippers in game 6 of the NBA Playoffs. Parking spots may be hard to find. And sometimes that friendly parking attendant doesn’t really work for the parking facility at all.

In 2012 BBB of the Mid-South processed 16 complaints against parking facilities.

One Memphis resident complained that the parking attendant did not provide a ticket to be placed on his dash. “When I returned to my car, I found that I had a parking violation slip on my car,” he told BBB. I also noticed that many of the other cars in the lot had what appeared to be a similar slip. I am concerned that the person standing at the entrance of the parking lot may have been running a scam. ”

A Horn Lake MS man paid $5 to park in a downtown lot but saw no indication of how much time this fee allowed. “When we returned, less than 2 ½ hours later, we discovered a note on the windshield demanding $65.00. They explained that the $5.00 was only good for two hours.”

BBB offers the following tips for using parking facilities:

  • Look for pricing. Know what the rates are before you park.
  • Beware of phony “attendants”. If they don’t have on a company uniform or ID badge, they may not actually work for the company and may pocket your fees, triggering hefty fines from the company who really owns the lot.
  • Read the signs. Know how long the fee you paid allows you to park in the lot and whether the machine will give you change before inserting bills.
  • Obey the rules. If the sign says to put the parking ticket on the dashboard of your car, not doing so may cause you to incur a fine.
  • If a payment machine malfunctions, look for a contact number on the machine or adjacent signage and place a call to the company immediately to alert them of the problem.
  • In numbered lots, make sure you know the number of the space you parked in. Otherwise, you may be paying for another car’s time.