BBB Consumer Alert: House Call of Memphis Earns F Rating with the BBB

October 11, 2012

Consumer Alert:

House Call of Memphis Earns F Rating with the BBB

October 10, 2012, Memphis TN - The BBB of the Mid-South is issuing a consumer alert about House Call of Memphis, a residential cleaning company located in Memphis TN. The BBB has processed 14 complaints against the company since January 2011. House Call of Memphis failed to respond to most of them until the BBB advised the company it would be issuing a consumer alert. One complaint remains unanswered and eight are unresolved. House Call of Memphis has earned an F rating with the BBB.

Complainants allege that they had trouble getting in touch with the company to schedule appointments, scheduled appointments were not kept, and work that was done was not completed satisfactorily. In some cases, complainants allege that House Call of Memphis missed multiple scheduled appointments, with no notification. Consumers also complained that the company failed to respond to their phone calls or emails. Many of the complainants had purchased coupons for the company’s services through group buying sites.

“Group buying sites provide consumers with even more choices in terms of products, services and bargains,” said Randy Hutchinson, BBB of the Mid-South president. “However, consumers shouldn’t be so swayed by the deal that they forget to do their due diligence on the company. It only takes a moment to check a company’s record with the BBB and it doesn’t cost a thing.”

One Memphis woman who purchased 2 coupons quickly booked both appointments. The first cleaning was unsatisfactory. “None of the floors had even been swept!” she stated in her complaint. House Call of Memphis offered to come back on another day to finish the job, but didn’t show up for that or the second cleaning date that was scheduled.

Another frustrated consumer said, “It was unacceptable to not show at the agreed upon time.”

And a Cordova man told the BBB, “In short, this company does not honor pre-paid commitments or do what they say they are going to do.”

The BBB reminds consumers to follow some simple, common sense rules when dealing with a company they haven’t done business with before.

  • Do your homework before you buy. Check the company’s website to see if their products or services are something you will really use. Look for a physical address and phone number. Call and talk to the merchant for more details before buying. If buying from a group buying site, compare the coupon price with the company’s regular prices and those of their competitors.
  • Check the company’s record with the BBB at, 901-759-1300, or 800-222-8754. It only takes a moment and it might save you from doing business with a company that doesn’t treat their customers fairly.
  • Ask about the company’s refund policy. There’s no such thing as a standard refund policy. Ask if they will refund your purchase price or issue a credit if there are problems with the goods or services you’ve purchased.
  • Read the fine print. Ask about deadlines, refund policies, the company’s customer service contact, etc.
  • Remember that a coupon offered on a group buying site doesn’t equate to the company being a reputable business. What looks like a great deal may turn out to be not-so-great if the company doesn’t fulfill its promises.