Consumer Alert: Turfco

July 16, 2008

The BBB is issuing its fourth consumer alert on Turfco, a lawn care and pest control company. The BBB has received 102 complaints on Turfco in the past three years, 49 of those in 2008. According to some complaints, the company is continuing to solicit new business and take on new customers.

Complaints include allegations of poor service, failure to honor requests to cancel service, and failure to respond to phone calls from customers. In March 2008, in response to a previous BBB consumer alert, Turfco did provide delayed responses to some previously unanswered complaints. However, the company did not address all complaints forwarded to their attention, despite committing to do so. In many of the delayed responses, Turfco threatened to initiate collection action against the customers rather than address the complaint issues.

The BBB encourages consumers to Start With Trust by checking out a company’s record with the BBB before doing business with it. The BBB can provide a roster of BBB Accredited Businesses that have committed to treating their customers fairly and ethically.