BBB Consumer Alert: ABC Waste, Inc. Fails to Pick Up Trash

March 14, 2014

As a leader in advancing marketplace trust, BBB is issuing a consumer alert on ABC Waste, Inc., a waste collection service company operating in the Memphis and West TN area. “ABC Waste’s actions have shown that they don’t operate with the level of trust and ethics that consumers and BBB expect from businesses,” said Randy Hutchinson, CEO of BBB serving the Mid-South.

BBB is concerned about the number and nature of complaints being received against ABC Waste, Inc., which has had an F rating since June 2013. ABC Waste’s BBB Accreditation was revoked in June 2013 for failure to respond to complaints. BBB has received 48 complaints from consumers in the West Tennessee area, 45 of which have been filed since January 2014. The company failed to respond to 18 of those complaints; another 26 are still pending.

Complainants allege poor service and missed trash collection. In some cases, the company agreed to provide service the day after it failed to pick up a customer’s trash, but did not do so. Customers also complained about being unable to reach the company by phone.

A Halls TN woman complained that her road “looked like a dump” because the company had failed to pick up the residents’ trash. “When I realized they were not going to honor their commitment to their customers, I requested a refund,” she told BBB. ABC Waste, Inc. failed to provide the requested refund or pick up the trash. “My husband finally took all the trash to the landfill,” she said.

A Drummonds TN man complained that he hired the company three weeks ago and paid them for 2 months in advance, but subsequently had to call the company every week to get his trash picked up. “Who knows when or if it will be picked up this week,” he told BBB, “since I can’t get them on the phone.”

A Munford TN man complained that he had no trash pickups at all in the month of January. And a Millington couple told BBB, “We’re in our 60’s. Our cans are full and we are unable to dispose of our trash. The company will not answer any of the phone numbers on their website.”

BBB reminds consumers to follow some simple, common sense rules when dealing with a company they haven’t done business with before.

  • Check the company’s record with BBB at, 901-759-1300, or 800-222-8754. It only takes a moment and it might save you from doing business with a company that doesn’t treat its customers fairly.
  • Ask about the company’s refund policy. There’s no such thing as a standard refund policy. Find out if they will refund your purchase price or issue a credit if there are problems with the goods or services you’ve purchased.

    · If you don’t have a particular trash collection company in mind, the BBB can give you a list of BBB Accredited Businesses in this industry businesses who have pledged to treat you fairly.