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Block Automotive, Inc.

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Complaint Resolution Log (5)
08/14/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Block Automotive put a off market (refurbished part) on my Truck which damaged the barring in the water pump and my belt in my enginee.
I am writting you to resolve a issue that I have with Block Automotive Inc. I took my ** ********n to get my water pump replaced on 4/11/13 which cost me $484.20. Less than one month later they replaced my thermostat & radiator. I never had to replace any part on my truck before for this.June 2014 I began hearing a loud sound as thou my belt on my car was going to come off. I informed***** Block about this, I took my truck to ***********. They informed that Block A. Inc had put a refurbised off market water pump on my truck that melted the barring in the water pump and dripped metal fragment on my belt. The mechanic stated this counld damaged my motor & other parts if I would waited to repair it. I payed $726 to replace the water pump,belts & add coolant fuild. My car enginee is still running hot now,they are unsure if any damage may come from this. I am Sadden that he would put such non reliable part on my heavy truck. sincerely****

Desired Settlement
I want Block Automotive to refund me back what I payed them $484.20

Business Response
We have a year unlimited mileage warranty on all work unless otherwise noted. In this case if the water pump was actually the failure there would have been no charge for the repair. Easy enough. The water pumps that we use are new and the part carries a lifetime warranty. If there is a warranty issue all you have to do is bring the vehicle and the receipt back and we will take care of it... no problem. We don't pay other shops to repair cars. Even buying the good stuff you can get a bad one every now and then. Otherwise we wouldn't need a warranty. No refund will be issued. Next time bring it back.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
***************** gave me the actual water pump Block Automotive put on my truck. Proof will be provided if necessary. This refurbished part caused my engine to over heat and drop metal fragments in my engine.It doesn't contain a serial number or even a name. This part didn't last but a couple of months. If this part has a lifetime warranty I deserve my money back. And in response to you don't pay to fix people's car's.I had to ***************** fix the damage Block Automotive caused to my truck by using a off market water pump. And Why would I bring my truck to you to cause more damage. The statement you made " If it was the water pump" is the reason I contacted The BBB because you won't have just fixed my truck or taken responsibly.

Final Business Response
Like I said we have a year warranty. The part in this case had a lifetime warranty.... Even buying the good stuff we can get a bad part every now and then. If the world was perfect we wouldn't need a warranty. Next time maybe you will take 2 minutes to make a phone call so you don't waste your money. sorry..

05/02/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Dishonest repair shop cost me more money in tows and additonal repairs. More details below.
My family and I have been loyal customers of **** *****'s over the past few years. He advertises in the *********** ****** which is a directory of Christian businesses. This is the MAIN reason we continued to patronize him over the years, because we thought he was an upstanding Christian business owner, but he proved us wrong during our last business transaction.

I had my ***** ******* towed to Block Automotive several months ago on November 15th 2013. I told **** Block the starter was bad, he checked out the starter and told me it checked out OK, but that the alternator was bad. I paid approximately $600 for Block to replace the alternator along with another repair, but a day or so later I noticed the same noises coming from the vehicle that I heard prior to ***** replacing the alternator. The van stopped running while I was out shopping and I had to pay ***** for another tow and an additional $240 to replace the starter that he said tested OK a few days prior. Even though the starter was bad he replaced the alternator instead. I do not believe the alternator needed replacing, but in a recent letter to *****, I asked him to show proof that the alternator was bad if he disagrees with me.

As far as the starter is concerned, ***** was not honest with me about the underlying issues. And based on the conversation I had with him after he replaced the starter, I came to the conclusion that he knew the starter was bad and he knew it did not sound right when he tested it. I am not sure why he FAILED to explain that the starter barely passed the test and that it did not sound right after further testing, but he didn't until after the vehicle stopped which was extremely inconvenient. When I spoke to him over the phone he admitted that he could have handled the situation better than he did by providing a more detailed explanation about the issues with the starter, but he only spoke about what he should have done better, but never acted on anything. ***** did not even offer to cover the second tow to his shop since the starter should have been replaced the first time the vehicle was towed. He made a decision to allow the van to be driven all the way back to ***** ******* without a warning that the starter was bad and I ended up paying a second tow fee of $65 to tow the van back to his shop a day later to get the starter replaced.

I have had concerns about ***** for some time. I never believed that every repair he made to my vehicles were necessary. He would fix one issue on my old car, which was a Gray****** *******, but would always say there were other repairs that needed to be made. Even though I felt a bit uneasy about all of these repairs I never questioned him because his advertisement in the ********'s Guide carried a lot of weight with me. Since I know better now, I believe ***** lied about certain things that he claimed was wrong with the ******* over the past few years. The reason I believe he lied about repairs the ******* needed is because he was not completely honest with me when he replaced the alternator and starter on my****** ******* a few months ago, with that said, it is difficult to believe that he was being honest about any of the work he performed on my vehicles.

I found this negative review at the link below online from someone that did business with ***** within the past 7 months. Please take time to read the review by ****** *****, which can be found at the link provided below. This is just additional proof that ***** has very poor customer service and is not living up to his claims to be a Christian Business Owner.*******************************************************************************************************************************************************

Desired Settlement

Unfortunately, my van stopped again for a second time after Block replaced the starter. After this I no longer believed that Block had me or my vehicle in his best interest and refused to pay for a third tow back to his shop to have the same thing happen again. At that point the level of trust had been greatly diminished and I felt like a second opinion on the vehicle was necessary. I recently found out that the van stopped running the second time after Block replaced the starter because the battery was bad, which I had also mentioned to him as well. But just as Block told us the starter was OK he also said the battery tested out OK too even though acid had begun forming around the connectors. **** Block needs to go back to school to learn the ins and outs of auto mechanics again or he needs to invest in better testing equipment. This should have been a simple repair with Block's expertise, but based on ****** ******** ****** review, Block seems to have serious issues repairing starters correctly.

To make matters worse, Block told me that my vehicle was trash and that****** vehicles in general were no good. Me and my immediate family totaling 4 people all drive****** vehicles and 3 out of those 4 vehicles have been repaired on more than one occasion by **** Block. The repairs on these****** vehicles that he speaks so ill of, have put money in his pockets paid his bills and put food on his table. Block was spiteful and vindictive when I spoke to him about my concerns regarding the repairs. He insulted me because I questioned his claims to be a ********* business owner, which I had every right to do. I explained to Block that I was taking my vehicle to get a second opinion and asked if he would cover any issues that were under warranty and cover the tow back to his shop for repairs, and he told me NO. But once I bought up his advertisement in the ********'s guide he reluctantly told me OK in regards to handling any warranty issues if that was the cause of the vehicle not operating properly. We trusted his expertise when he stated that both the starter and battery were OK. He even confirmed these two parts were OK more than once. But in the end both the starter and battery were bad and I had to invest a lot of money in getting the vehicle towed back and forth because Block missed the mark on both on these simple issues. I am currently unemployed and due to Block assuring me that the battery was OK after he replaced the starter, I trusted him and the vehicle was driven back home a second time and as stated it stopped again. The vehicle sat in front of my house for months because it had become too expensive to continue with all of the repairs and towing. The battery has finally been repaired correctly by the****** Dealership and has been driving fine for several weeks. I am sure Block will call the mechanics at the****** dealership liars too. He seems to hate when people disagree with him or call him out on something he has done wrong. He will be the nicest person you have ever met as long as you do not disagree with him.

Block has lost three loyal customers (me and my two daughters) because of his dishonesty and horrible attitude. I averaged anywhere from $500 to $1500 in repairs during each visit, but I was treated very poorly because he disagreed with me.
Block did decide to call back (3/24/14) to speak with me, but only because he was angry after reading the complaint letter. His attitude was horrible as usual and he was trying to talk over me instead of listening to my concerns.

What we are seeking:

I am requesting a refund for the second tow to Block's shop on November 20th 2013 when he replaced the starter on the van. The tow was $65. The second tow to his shop was unnecessary since he should have replaced the starter the first time the vehicle was towed to his shop on November 15th 2013. I am also requesting proof that the alternator was bad and needed replacing.

Business Response
We have a 12 month unlimited mileage warranty on all repairs unless noted on the ticket. She called me and said that her moms car was at the dealership and they said we had done repairs wrong and it would be $1200 to fix it. I said come by and bring your receipt and I would look at it for NO charge and told her about our warranty. She said no!! and that I was going to pay for it. I said that's not how warranty works. She said that I would hear from her lawyer and the phone call ended. I still haven't heard from her attorney.

If you look at our reviews you will see we have a very good reputation in the community. That being said in business you occasionally run into people that think if they yell loud enough they can get what they want even if that's not what they are due.

We try to help and work with everyone but some people you cant make happy. I stand by my response in this case.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I never called Block from the ***** dealership (actually he was the one that initiated a very rude and unprofessional call to me when he received my complaint letter that was sent via ***** to his shop). I never demanded or told him that I was going to make him pay for anything and never threatened to have an attorney call him. If you review the BBB complaint on ***** back in August of 2013 you will see a pattern of lies that ***** tells. I am sick and tired of this compulsive LIAR and I realize there is no need to continue this dispute since he refused to address any of my complaints in his response. I ALSO stand behind everything I wrote in my complaint. I have been told that he attends ******** ******* ****** in ******* TN. I have alerted the church to his behavior and provided them a copy of this complaint as well as his unprofessional replies to reviews from unsatisfied customers on ******. I DO NOT accept his response.

08/19/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Compressor on truck A/C replaced 3X over 4 yr. period by Block.
Took truck to Block in 2010 for A/C problems. They put on new compressor, it went out week later, replaced with another, it went out a year later. They put another on in May 2011 with a 10% discount. It went out 3 weeks ago resulting in another replacement cost. (went to different shop who gave warranty). Result is $3K in A/C compressors in 4 years. Block professes quality Christian principals but does not stand behind their work, clearly uses inferior parts.

Desired Settlement
Given Block's response with the insignificant discount they awarded on the third compressor, it is improbable to think they will offer any settlement. If I were the owner of Block, I would at a minimum offer to pay for the new compressor($464.32), perhaps the entire repair($927.20).

Business' Initial Response
Hello. I am **** ***** owner of Block Automotive. Had the repairs gone the way **. ***** said it would be completely understandable for him to be mad. The problem is that they didn't. I called **. ***** and reviewed what was said and he didn't disagree with me he just said he would have to check on it with his mechanic.
Here is the way I remember what happened on his Black lifted Chevrolet Avalanche. He brought the truck in and said he had a friend replaced the A/C compressor and that he could not make the system work. (That was the first compressor he referred to in his complaint) We vacuumed down the system and did an A/C check. The truck was over charged by almost a double, (1.8 lbs). Even though the system had too much Freon in it the low side was going into a vacuum and the high pressure shut off switch was turning the system off and on like it was low. We removed the orifice tube and found that it was full of compressor debris. That was from the other compressors before I started working on the truck. The person that had replaced the first compressor had NOT flushed the system out which allowed the metal debris to contaminate the first compressor. We TOLD **. ***** that the chances were not good for the compressor because it was not done right and flushed before the compressor was replaced by his friend and that it wouldn't cost any more to try it because the compressor would have to be replaced to get all the debris out of the system. They left and paid a couple of hundred for the evacuate and charge and cleaning the orifice. NOTHING for the compressor. They bought that. They brought the truck back a week or so later mad cause the A/C wasn't working. I reminded him that there had been a high probability of failure because of the improper initial installation. I agreed to let him get his parts warrantied at NAPA and put them on for only the labor. (the second compressor)I DON"T usually do this but him and his wife are both MPD I try to help out when I can. I did this and told him there was NO WARRANTY on the parts because I didn't sell them to him. They AGREED. I told them about the not cooling good at idle and that the high side pressure was too high because of his body lift on the truck. (The body lift raises the body and leaves the suspension in its stock position so the ride is not compromised. The problem is that it misaligns the fan with the radiator and the shroud lets air in that doesn't flow across the condenser causing low efficiency and higher than stock work load on the compressor.) They left.
They came back a month or two later mad because their ac didn't work swearing it was my fault again. We checked it... it wasn't,,, it needed an A/C control in the car which we put in. It worked again.. as good as it could because the shroud had never been fixed.
They came back a year or so later and said that their A/C didn't work and wanted us to check it out. We did. The compressor was dead again. I told them what it would cost and said that I would knock 10% off to try to help them out as they were police and I try to help. That was about 100 dollars on a job I was already low on in our market. They did pay for this job. The FIRST TIME my NEW parts went on the truck. About (950$) They still hadn't done any thing about the shroud so it cooled about the same. They left. Happy!! ???
I never heard any thing from them until yesterday when I got a letter from the BBB saying how I wasn't what I professed to be.
If they had called they would have found that even though the total job was only covered for a year unlimited mileage, the parts were covered for two years and would have been free.
Also I wish that **. ***** would have checked his facts before complaining to the BBB.
We are a Christian auto shop with the best parts that I can get. His car will break again because he won't fix what is killing the compressor. I'm not going to pay anything toward his repair. I wish good luck to the next mechanic that works on their car in making them happy.

Consumer's Final Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Most every comment Block offered is incorrect. He clearly has me confused with another customer that has a black Avalanche. The facts:

1. The compressor he replace the first time was the factory compressor. Thus, the comments about overcharged with freon, friend replacing, etc. are incorrect.
2. I have no friends who have the skill set to replace an auto compressor.
3. My truck is not "lifted."
4. My wife and I are not MPD employees, never have been.
5. My truck was brought back a week or so later because the first compressor failed. I was not mad at all.
6. All the talk of the overcharging of the compressor is not correct. We did not discuss because this was not the case with my truck. (again, confused with another)
7. Did not disagree with him on the phone the other day because he was speaking "shop talk." Wanted to speak with another mechanic before I responded.
8. Check the facts? The facts are Block installed 3 compressors over the past several months and they all failed. The one short on the facts is **. *****.

In conclusion, while nothing to do directly with the problem, the profession of being a Christian and promoting your business to attract Christian customers is admirable, but operating your business under true Christian principals is the challenge. Since **. ***** chose to profess this in his reply, I will say that I forgive **. ***** for his malpractice, encourage him to examine his faith more closely.

Business' Final Response
Maybe I am confused. The avalanche that I talked about was the only one that I remember having any problem with. I wish that *** had called or come by before he had this last repair done because like I stated earlier ALL the parts would have had a two year warranty. That is half the cost of the repair. Also we would have had a chance to find out what is killing the compressors on this system. We only use new parts and that is why we have such a small percentage of comebacks. We are not perfect but we do have a one year unlimited mileage warranty on repairs. Also we discount if a repair doesn't last as long as I think it should. Next time he should at least let us look at it even if he doesn't want the repair. Maybe then we might be given the opportunity to help.

06/17/2013Problems with Product / Service
04/29/2013Problems with Product / Service

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