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Advanced Muffler & Auto Service

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Customer Complaints Summary

5 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 1 closed in last 12 months
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Problems with Product / Service5
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Total Closed Complaints5

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Complaint Resolution Log (5)
02/08/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Misdiagnosis, misinformation, incomplete reassembly of vehicle, outright incompetence and disrespect toward customer!
December 17, 2015 My family 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee, ran hot while driving East on **********. Vehicle driven less than one mile to *************** store,3619 **********. and advised that problem of running hot had just happened.
Vehicle was left for diagnosis and estimate. The problem stated by repair facility was. 1. defective radiator 2. defective radiator inlet and outlet hoses. Cost to make repairs stated as some $836.00. When we went to pay for repairs and pick up vehicle, we were informed that the problem had not been resolved and to wait while more tests were made. Tests then were said to have been "blown head gasket" with costs to be nearly $1,200.I declined this and elected to have second opinion on the problem. Second opinion found that the thermostat was defective and would not allow heated coolant to pass through causing the overheating.

The Manager and technician stated that my radiator had a hole in it and when coolant was installed, the coolant ran out onto the floor. When I asked to see the old radiator, I was first told that "the recycle man" had picked the defective radiator up. Later, when speaking to the man called *****, there was another story of why the radiator was not available to inspect. There was never any coolant leak on my driveway, no coolant left in the wake of the truck on the street while driving, no steam or any other indication of this having happened between my home some 4 miles away and the junction of ******* and **********. We were given the ultimatum of paying one half of the charge first given for the repair or of giving the OK for head gasket job.

In short, we had to pay $418.00 for a repair which made the vehicle worse off than when we took it in for proper repairs. Parts were left off the vehicle, there was no passage of coolant from the engine to the radiator and I was spoken to as if I were some uninformed old fool with no knowledge of this type problem. After being a driver and consumer of auto repair facilities for over 50 years , I knew enough to call upon a competent mechanic who located the defective thermostat and made the repair within 1 1/2 hour. In short, we were ripped off and were offered the chance to take another ripping by these people.
This is not right and is not acceptable.

Desired Settlement
I feel I should not have to pay a marked up cost for a part which was not defective, nor should I be required to pay for technician labor which was inept and unprofessional.

Outright lying to customers should not be a part of business. Outright disrespect to customers is not good business.

Business Response

******* was not ripped off. The radiator was leaking terribly from the bottom. We did cut the price to try to appease *******. My regrets we didn't properly communicate with *******. Our techs are excellent, but obviously we didn't handle this right. ******* an $816.00 for repair $418.00 in which we lost money on the repair. Everything that was repaired was necessary.

03/30/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Advanced Muffler did not repair my vehicle properly and then caused further damage to it while it was in their possession.
I thought I could let this go, but after researching and seeing that other customers have experienced the same problems I've had, I realize I cannot and should not let this go. Like the other customer complaints, I too have been billed for repeat maintenance issues that have never been resolved. I also incurred new damage to my vehicle that was caused by the employees at Advanced Muffler who do not know how to properly set an emergency brake.
The original maintenance issue with my truck is a check engine light. I have spent over $650.00 and have made 10+ trips back and forth to Advanced Muffler and it has never been fixed properly.
I paid for my most recent "repair" at the end of November 2014, and went back at least 6 times after that because the check engine light would illuminate again and again, sometimes within a few miles or minutes after I left Advanced Muffler.
It was on one of these most recent visits to Advanced Muffler that one of their mechanics used my emergency brake and pulled it so far out of its housing that now it will not fully recede properly. I reminded them several times that you do not pull on an emergency brake until it nearly comes out of its housing. (This should have been my first clue that these people do not know what they are doing.)
Now my emergency brake will not fully and properly recede, so the emergency brake light illuminates with every bump in the road, every time I accelerate, etc. -Along with the on-going and continuous illumination of my check engine light.
On yet another drive (and more wasted time) back to Advanced Muffler on December 9, I called them to let them know I was enroute, bringing my truck back AGAIN and that I wanted some resolution to this. I informed them that I did not intend to keep paying for repairs that never fix the problem. I was tired of the run-around and I wanted my check engine light and now also my emergency brake fixed. I spoke to *****, the manager, and he very rudely told me that they were "declining any further work on the truck" and that I needed to take it elsewhere. I've been paying to have my truck repaired, none of the issues have been resolved, and when I finally start to question everything that has transpired and demand an explanation and/or resolution, I am told to go elsewhere. How is that for customer service? Advanced Muffler will take your money -and when you finally catch on to the fact that your vehicle will never be fixed but they will keep taking your money- and you confront them about it, they will then decline you as a customer. How convenient for them.
I guess it's sometimes true that you get what you pay for, except in the case of Advanced Muffler. You just get to pay and get nothing in return. At Advanced Muffler, I paid and left with nothing repaired and incurred new damage (to my emergency brake) while they were in possession of my truck. CUSTOMERS BEWARE OF THIS BUSINESS!

Desired Settlement
At the very least, Advanced Muffler needs to pay for the repair of my emergency brake that they damaged, and the repairs need to be done at a reputable maintenence shop.

Business Response

Advance Muffler
3619 Summer Ave.
Memphis TN, 38122
The check engine light on a vehicle is not a problem that you repair. It is
notifying the driver that there is a faulty part on the vehicle. Our first repair was
performed on November 5th, 2009. She was notified and it was noted on the
invoice that she also had a cracked manifold; which she repaired on December 4"
2009. These repairs fixed the problems and the check engine light went out.
Apparently the light reappeared in late 2014. Five years later. We scanned the
computer and cleared the light a few times while explaining that the light would
reappear until the problem was fixed. This was all done at no charge. The vehicle
needed a converter and 02 sensor. She elected to replace the sensor only. On the
last visit we were informed that she had a parking brake problem. The manager
personally handled the vehicle. The parking brake was never touched, and
chocked the wheels so the emergency brake was never needed. Enclosed are all
the invoices of any work performed.
Thank you,

****** *******

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
My complaint has the same basis as the other customer complaints.
**Paying for repairs that do not fix the vehicle.

The check engine light was never properly fixed from the 2009 repairs, and that is not difficult to prove since their 2014 repairs left me with the same results: Expensive ********** bills and a check engine light that continues to illuminate minutes after I leave Advanced Muffler.

I gave them another chance to fix this on going problem in 2014, because I had already started this repair with them several years ago and thought they could finally get it resolved. They reset the light a few times and sent me on my way, as if somehow this would repair my truck. When this didn't fix the problem, they advised that I needed a ********** O2 sensor. I wasn't sure why they didn't suggest that at first (instead of just resetting the light) but I reluctantly paid for that repair in November 2014, feeling good about it as I drove away...only to have the light come on again by the time I got home. I returned again and again for more resetting of the check engine light. Of course, that never solved the problem. Advanced Muffler then suggested that I replace the converter. The converter was NEVER mentioned at the time they mentioned and replaced the ********** O2 sensor. I would have never elected to just repair the ********** O2 sensor and not the converter had they been mentioned together. Why would a highly educated person like myself only make a partial repair and then expect my vehicle to be fixed? I wouldn't...and the fact that Advanced Muffler states that I "elected to replace the sensor only" unfortunately confirms my suspicions that they are a dishonest business. Maybe they thought I'd continue to pay for bogus repairs and not question anything.

They are also dishonest about the fact that they damaged my emergency brake. They absolutely did.

As aforementioned in my original complaint, when I started asking intelligent questions and expecting reasonable explanations for repairs that have never actually fixed anything is when I was told by the manager (*****) to not come back. Notice they did not address this inappropriateness this in their response.

Advanced Muffler couldn't explain their repairs or the fact that I keep paying for repair bills that never actually fix anything, so they told me to not return to their shop. That alone speaks volumes about their lack of morale ethics, suggests dishonest business practices and demonstrates downright shady behavior.

06/09/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Not Content with the air condition repair of our limousine for 1431.11 and air is still not cold and they are not qualified to fix on Limousines.
We took our limousine to advance muffler on 5-19-14 for air not blowing cold in the rear.They keep the car for three day and a manager by the name of ***** called me each day saying that the cost will be 500.00 and the next call me back and said it be be a extra 300.00 and the last day said the total would be 1431.11 I get to the shop and the air in back is still not blowing cold,They checked the car out two more different times and AC is still not properly fixed.I have had to refund three different customers their money back due to the fact that is not a comfortable limousine ride if air condition is not working in this ******* heat.I expected to get great service yet the guy who worked on the limo is not ASE certified nor does he know anything about working on a limousine ac unit.The manger keep saying this was wrong and that was wrong why its not working according,yet if you knew all that from the start why would you charge us 1431.00 and the air is still not fixed.This manger ***** is one who like to chump up charges on customers and leave them very unsatisfied.I need at least half our my funds refunded.

Desired Settlement

Business Response
Normally I assume a dispute is just a case of misunderstanding and can be resolved with little communication. This is not so with Mr. *********. The limo in question is an old stretch type. It's extremely rusty and in need of extensive repairs. The limo has about 60 foot of a/c hose running from front to back. We explained to Mr. ********* that there was no way of knowing the extent of the hose damage without a visual inspection. the quote were estimates until we knew what it would take tor repair his rear a/c. He was given a firm price of the rear repair before we began and also that there were probably more repairs required in the engine a/c system. We were given the ok and performed the work. We also repaired two rusted switches at no extra charge. A few days alter Mr. ********* informed us that the a/c was no longer cooling. We apologized and offered to check the work and repair (if any) problems were a result of the work performed. Mr. ********* threatened ***** with the comment "one way or another he was to get his money." he declined to let us inspect the vehicle again, Our limo experience is extensive. Mr. ********* has been writing anonymous degrading letters to the limo fleet that we service. Our offer still stands to check any work performed but I feel like Mr. ********* is just angry because the vehicle has many problems that he doesn't want to address.

Thank You

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The day in which I came to pick up the limousine after they keep it for 3 days,the sir condition in the passanger **** still was not blowing cold,I went back in and explain to **** that the car air was still doing the same thing,so he had one of the guys in the shop drive the car back around to try to repair it again,yet when the car came back around it still was not repaired and I explain to the guys at the desk that I was indeed not satisfied after paying $1431 and they still have not solve or got to the bottom of the issues.Why charge a customer that much money and not fix the problem??? I would like half of the funds in which I paid refunded,due to the fact that I asked ***** over 10 times over and over if they rear air was working before I made to the lot and he said yes in which the repair his guy had done was going to solve that matter.Yet still no AC

11/26/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I initially took my truck there for an exhaust leak repair. It turned into a broken mirror and two more trips to the shop and still an exhaust leak.
I took my 2004 f150 to advance muffler & auto at 3619 summer ave on 10/11/2013 to have an exhaust leak fixed. The service manage called me mid morning and told me that they could make a new flange or replace the catalytic converters to fix the leak. I told him that since there was no issue with the catalytic converters that making the new flange would be fine. He quoted me 238$ and told me that it would be ready to pick it up that afternoon. When I arrived to pick up my truck they informed me that they broke my driver side mirror but they were going to fix it as soon as the mirror they ordered came in. I payed the cashier 238.49 for the repairs they claimed to do and was told that the repairs had a 12000 mile warranty or one year. I left and noticed I could still hear the exhaust leak and also feel the leak around the flange. They also told me they replaced the studs and nuts on the flange and I was also billed for it but the studs and nuts that were in the flange when I inspected it were rusted and appeared to be the exact same as the factory studs and nuts. I called them on my way home and spoke with the cashier and told her the issue with it still leaking and she informed me that I could bring it in that following morning. I returned to the shop on Saturday 10/12/2013 to have the leaking exhaust resolved. The service manager informed me that they snugged up the nuts on the studs and that it was no longer leaking I was not billed for anything on this trip. On my way home I noticed that I could still hear the exhaust leak. When I arrived at home I could also feel the air coming from the flange. The third time my vehicle went to the shop on 10/15/2013 a friend had to take it for me due to already missing days of work to attempt to get the issue resolved. The service manager was informed that the studs were not new and that it was still leaking. At this point they replaced the driver side mirror and the studs and nuts on the flange. I could not pick my vehicle up during business hours so I did not have a chance to speak with them before leaving. Once again I could still hear the exhaust leak on my way home. I also noticed weather stripping from the replacement of my mirror in my driver side door panel. I am truly disappointed with the service I've received. Yes they did fix the mirror that they damaged but if there is weather stripping not replaced then it also is not fixed correctly. Not to mention my exhaust is still leaking. I see no reason to be billed for something that was never fixed.

Desired Settlement
I would like to be reimbursed for the 238.49 due to not having the exhaust leak ever fixed. I will not be returning to have warranty work done due to the three pervious failed attempts on advance muffler & auto service techs. I would like to be reimbursed so I can go to a muffler shop that takes pride in their work and can stand behind the products they sell because advance muffler and auto obviously cannot.

Business Response
*** ****** is correct that he returned three times to quiet the exhaust leak at no charge. What he fails to mention is he was aware that this was a patch job with no warranty. We suggested a lead off pipe, which did include the converters for $519.00. This would have come with a full warranty. We are under no obligation to repair the patch job at no charge. *** ****** has no real complaint because he opted for a patch job instead of a proper repair. We are sorry this is not to his satisfaction but it's the route he chose to take.

Thank You,
**** ******

10/20/2014Problems with Product / Service

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