BBB Warns: Phony Calls Claim to Be from BBB Asking if Businesses Are Moving

May 05, 2014

Vancouver, BC
– Local businesses are getting phony calls claiming to be from the BBB, asking if the businesses are planning to move. The calls are not from the BBB, and the source and purpose of the calls are unknown. BBB advises businesses to proceed cautiously with any unknown callers.

In one reported case, a business called the BBB to complain about these calls because of the aggressive and frequent nature of these calls.

The phone numbers showing up on call displays for this callers are constantly changing. When BBB has called the number back, the BBB has received an automated message that indicates a problem with the phone number. BBB is reporting these numbers to the appropriate authority for further follow-up.

Similar bogus calls have been reported to BBBs accross North America and, in some cases, have used other names of other organizations including government.

Consumers and businesses should always think twice when giving out any information over the phone even when the caller uses a name you can trust,” says Danielle Primrose, BBB President and CEO. “Scammers want your attention and your trust. So they will use trusted and credible organizations to get you to respond quickly and without thinking.”

BBB wants businesses to know that BBB does not call to ask if businesses are moving, and any calls from BBB are clearly identified. Businesses should check with to verify any calls claiming to be from BBB, or to report any questionable calls.

Businesses can be targeted by a number of different schemes, including wire transfer scams, directory schemes, office supply schemes, and more. For BBB tips on schemes against business, see


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