BBB Alerts Consumers of Local Businesses That File for Bankruptcy

March 20, 2014


Local Vancouver Companies Go Out of Business Leaving Some Customers Frustrated

Vancouver, BC – After recent reports of a couple of home service related businesses filing for bankruptcy, leaving some customers out of pocket for services not rendered, BBB serving the Mainland BC region wants to help remind consumers to take the following actions:

Explore your payment options. If all attempts failed in reaching the merchant, immediately call the credit card company and dispute any charges. If the claim is verified, a refund or credit should be issued.

If a payment was made by cheque, examine the back of the cancelled cheque to see where it was deposited. Contact that bank and have them check to see if the business maintains an active account or if it can locate the company and its principals.

Track down the business. If the company is still operating, visit the last known location of the business. Look for signs or instructions. Ask neighbouring firms if they know the whereabouts of the business. Call directory assistance for a possible new address or phone numbers and check social media sites to see if the company is still advertising.

Understand the bankruptcy process. When a business cannot pay their debts, it may file for Bankruptcy. This can be a lengthy process and is handled by a bankruptcy trustee who is registered with the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy. There professionals will be able to search the bankruptcy records and confirm the status of an individual or business. In this case, someone can then make a claim with the trustee on file.

Start with BBB. BBB receives information daily on a number of changes in business locations and ownerships and may be able to help you. Go to to search through the North American-wide database of BBB Business Reviews. 

Be transparent.  Call or write the company explaining the circumstances and desired resolution. Send letters by certified mail and request a receipt. If the business is not bankrupt, a customer may be able to get their money back. If the owner is unwilling to settle a claim, seek legal advice or consider court action.

For media inquiries, contact:

Simone Lis, Vice President
Better Business Bureau