Limousine Services

April 08, 2014

Before you call a limousine company be prepared to answer the following questions:

-What size of limousine do I need? (6 passenger, 8 passenger, 10 passenger)

-How long do I need the limousine (from the time of pick-up to my last drop-off)?

Information you need to ask the Limousine Company:

Record and keep handy the following information (in the event of a problem):

- Company Name:_______________ 
- Contact:_______________ 
- Do you have Passenger Transportation Authority? (If no, call the Passenger Transportation Branch) 
- If yes, Passenger Transportation Reference Number: 
- What is your tariff rate: cost per hour ____ per package ____? (the company can only charge a rate that is on file with their limousine licence - there are different rates for different companies). 
- What is the TOTAL cost for the limousine? ___________ Get it in writing - request that they send you a written quote, confirming date, time, cost, size and expiry date of the quote. 

After you have the quote in writing, please call the Duty Inspector at the Passenger Transportation Branch to confirm the rates that were given to you by the company. In the Lower Mainland, call (604) 453-4250 or fax (604) 453-4253. Outside the Lower Mainland, call toll free at 1-800-663-7867 and ask to be transferred to (604) 453-4250.

For general passenger transportation inquiries, please call (604) 453-4250 or visit their website at: