Funeral Services

April 08, 2014

On July 5, 2004, responsibility for oversight of business practices and consumer protection in British Columbia was delegated from the Ministry of Public Safety & Solicitor General to the new, independent Consumer Protection BC, or CPBC. 

CPBC is responsible for BC consumer protection activities including investigations and enforcement under a new Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act and Cremation, Interment and Funeral Services Act , regulation of targeted industry groups, and information and mediation services offered through a toll free BC consumer complaint centre. 

Moving consumer protection services to the new CPBC will increase industry and consumer involvement in consumer protection, enhance oversight of regulated industries, provide more emphasis on consumer education, and increase the focus on critical industry and consumer issues. 

Go to to enter the CPBC site. If you do not have access to the internet, you may contact Consumer Protection BC at toll free 1-888-564-9963 or locally at 604-320-1667 and fax at 604-320-1663 .

For your information The Better Business Bureau advises that three categories of funeral providers are recognized under B.C. legislation. Full-service funeral providers have complete facilities for funeral services. Satellite funeral providers are branch offices affiliated with full-service funeral homes. Immediate disposition funeral providers have limited facilities and are primarily involved in basic services such as transporting a deceased person to a place for burial or cremation.

Funeral providers are required to display a current price list of the services and products offered. Protection is increased for consumers involved in prepaid cemetery and funeral services plans. Funeral providers and cemetery operators will be required to transfer consumer deposits into a trust fund within 21 days of receipt instead of 60 days.