Eye Tests at retail eyewear stores

November 06, 2013

Here are some tips to help ensure consumers to be informed about computerized eye test offered by eyewear stores.

Computerized eye test or Automated Refraction (sight test) are not eye health examinations. These computerized tests will not identify eye health problems. Only licensed and trained professionals can diagnose eye health problems.

According to the BC College of Opticians, "automated refraction technology is very accurate at measuring an individual's visual clarity and determining the power of corrective lenses, it is not intended to identify underlying eye health problems that may affect vision that are more likely to be found during an eye health exam. Therefore, individuals with underlying health problems or eye-health risk factors need to have an eye health exam, which includes having their eyes dilated to examine the retina, having visual field tests, and eye pressure tests. An Ophthalmologist or Optometrist, not an Optician, conducts an eye health exam."

Automated refraction tests are specifically for healthy clients aged 19 to 65. If consumers are experiencing any health issues or problems related to their new eye glasses, consult with the store first to verify that the prescription is correct, and then consult with a certified optician to complete an eye exam.

BBB advises consumers to get an eye health exam prior to purchasing any eye glasses or other corrective lens. Testing frequency is based on age and health. Consumers should consult with an ophthalmologist understand how often testing should occur.

For more information on automated refraction eye test, please visit BC College of Opticians’ website at: