Catalogue Shopping

February 20, 2013

1. Get a couple of competitive catalogues and DO SOME RESEARCH.

2. KEEP A RECORD of the items ordered, the cost and additional charges for shipping and handling if needed, the method of payment and the date you placed your order. If you order by phone, get the name of the person who took your order.

3. ASK QUESTIONS before you buy.
a) What is their guarantee?
b) What is their policy on returns?
c) What happens if an item is out of stock? Some companies, such as Sears, will automatically substitute an item of equal or better value. If that is agreeable to you, fine. Otherwise, write "NO SUBSTITUTIONS PLEASE" in big bold letters across your order.
d) What is their delivery time? For further information on this subject, contact DIAL-A-LAW at 687-4680.